Whether You Have a Reluctant Reader or Budding Bookworm, Check Out These Surefire, Kid-Tested Books Which Will Help Your Child Grow (2019)

Whether You Have a Reluctant Reader or Budding Bookworm, Check Out These Surefire, Kid-Tested Books Which Will Help Your Child Grow (2019)

It is said that a mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone. Without the right sort of books to sharpen your child's mind, he/she runs the risk of falling behind into mediocrity. Here is a curated list of 10 books which are sure to engage and enthrall your kids while nurturing their minds as well.

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Reading: A Great Way to Build the Minds of Your Kids

It is commonly understood that a child who reads is heading for success because his mind is broadened, his imagination is developed, his language skills are built, they learn a wide variety of topics and their understanding of the world is expanded. What you expose your children's minds also determines how strong the muscles of their minds and brains becomes.

A child, who is well fed will grow well, and similarly a child who is taught and guided to read will become a solid teen and an outstanding adult. The more your child reads, the more he/she knows and the more he/she knows, the more knowledgeable he/she becomes and his/her knowledge will stand him/her out among his/her peers. A child, who reads, will definitely lead others in many different ways. Let them begin reading leisurely and for pleasure, and with time, you will discover their interest in learning has been ignited. Your duty is to ensure they have an easy access to books with beautiful designs, colourful illustrations and an easy narration. Create a reading corner in your home for your little ones; it’s your duty to help them develop a reading culture. Avoid books that are boring and void of colourful graphics.

Types of Books Kids Should Read

1. Tales and Fables

Tales are short stories told to children for the purpose of entertainment and laughter while fables are stories with moral lessons. Both tales and fables are passed down from generation to generation. You will find children seated in circles at night with an elderly person under a tree enjoying the light shining down from the stars and moon. Both tales and fables teach life lessons including the importance of forgiveness, family and friendship, and the negative effect and consequences of stealing, lying and disobedience. The moral taught through these stories have a great impact on the lives of children.

2. Information Books

A book that focuses on different spheres of life, for example you can find informational books that tell your children about farming and the terms used, agriculture and its terms or something that talks about the wildlife of an area or books that inform about the environment. These books are not stories but have been presented in a way that will attract your kids or wards. These books give your children a picture of what the world looks like before your kids step into or encounter the words and information gotten from the book.

3. Rhyming Books

Rhymes are good because they help children notice words and their sounds. It also helps them understand that words may sound very similar, especially the ending sound but their spellings differ. As they fall in love with rhymes they get to know more words and the more they will want to read. Aside from learning words and sounds, rhymes also teach your kids how to sing and dance too.

Great Books to Help Build Your Kids' Reading Ability

1. Best of Akbar Birbal

Best of Akbar Birbal is a collection of stories from old times which has been passed down from generation to generation. The stories compiled in this book teaches morals and values to its readers. The Book is for children aged 4-10 years. Although, it has over a hundred pages but the adorable graphics and intriguing stories will motivate your child to finish the book in no time. Place an order at Firstcry.com for just a price of Rs.144.

2. The Gentle Man Who Taught Infinity

The Gentle Man Who Taught Infinity is a great book that has so many beautiful reviews; from the young teens and even people way older. The book neatly tells and shows the long-lasting impact of teachers on their students. It also reflects the joy and ease at which mathematics can be taught and learnt.

For kids who hate maths, reading this book, will ignite an interest in the age long feared subject, mathematics. The book is a mark of respect and tribute by a student to his maths teacher who used history and storytelling to show the beauty and value of mathematics while he taught his students in school. The Gentle Man Who Taught Infinity is a must read and can be bought online at www.pitarakart.in at a price of Rs.160. The book whose title clearly matches the story will be a great read for your kids, with many valuable lessons to learn.

3. The Magic of the Lost Temple

Source www.amazon.in

For every young curious mind, The Magic of the Lost Temple is a book that will keep them glued to the pages until they are done reading. The book tells of a young city girl who for certain reason moves to be with her grandparents in the village. With time she adapted and adjusted to living in the village, made new friends and also learnt to ride a bicycle. Her stay was further made interesting when she came across an ancient stepwell found in the middle of a particular forest. With the help of her dear friends, they begin to unravel secrets linked to the stepwell. At www.amazon.in, this adventure filled book that shows a young girl's desire to discover and dig out information, The Magic of the Lost Temple is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars and can be purchased for just Rs.179 only.

4. The Essential Collection for Young Readers

The Essential Collection for Young Readers by Ruskin Bond is a compilation of heartwarming stories with so many take home lessons for your children. The Essential Collection for Young Readers is a collection of some of his best loved stories that tells of friendship, love and the future. Stories in this collection include; ‘The Girl on the Train’, ‘The Room of Many Colours’ ‘Coming Home to Debra’ and ‘The Blue Umbrella’ among others. Get a copy for your children at www.snapdeal.com where it is priced at Rs. 195.

5. The Jungle Book (First Stories)

Source www.amazon.in

With an amazing set of characters and a unique story line, The Jungle Book is a book any child will fall in love with as they flip through the pages. A very unique fairy tale, yet there are so many lessons to learn from this beautiful book. Jungle book tells the story of a boy who was raised in the midst of wolves, tigers and panthers in the forest. As the name implies, this book will give your children an insight into the animal kingdom and life in the forest. The graphics, illustrations and colours designs are exceptional and captivating. The Jungle Book is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars on www.amazon.in and can be purchased at a price of Rs.227.

6. 'Krishna' by Sunita Pant Bansal

Krishna is a book with great graphics and beautiful illustrations. It is a highly recommended book for kids aged 6-8 years. The book is a very informative and is a great way to teach children about the Hindu tradition. The story is about Krishna, an avatar of Vishnu who is well thought of as a supreme being in the Hindu Tradition. To make a purchase on an online platform, check out www.madrasshoppe.com where it has a price tag of Rs. 250.

7. The Vedas and Upanishads for Children

Source www.amazon.in

The Vedas and Upanishads for Children is a book that has been written to explain the Hindu faith in a way children would understand. The book teaches the basic beliefs of the Hindu faith that every child raised by Hindu parents should know. There is nothing more important than letting children learn the fundamentals of their heritage. This book will give your children a great foundation for their faith and also endow them with wisdom and intelligence. Get ready to be asked a lot of questions. You might consider reading it before you present the book to your kids, so you can be well prepared to answer the questions that will be thrown at you. Visit www.amazon.in to make an online purchase at a price of Rs. 235.

8. Geronimo Stilton the Super Scam

The Super Scam is a book that tells about Geronimo Stilton, a hero with amazing capabilities. But one day, he had to go shopping and something strange happens to him and the other people in the shop. Noticing something was off; Geronimo sweeps into action to resolve the mystery. This book will give your children an insight into critical thinking, problem solving and time management. For a price of Rs. 90, get the Super Scam at www.flipkart.com.

9. Peppa Pig: Marvellous Magnet Book

Source www.amazon.in

Peppa Pig remains the favourite pig of most kids. The Marvellous Magnet tells one of the adventures that Peppa and her brother had. The book is an interactive one and comes along with magnets that your kids can use to help Peppa and her brother to finish up their beautiful and intriguing adventure. The Marvellous Magnet Book is a book that your kids will love greatly, because of the privilege of figuring out how the story should be completed. At www.amazon.in the Marvellous Magnet Book can be gotten at a cost of Rs. 227.

10. 365 Panchatantra Stories

Source www.amazon.in

With the 365 Panchatantra Stories, your kids have a classic tale to read daily. A story per day is a great way to help them read daily and also learn new words, not forgetting the fact that the also get to learn important morals and values from the book. It is a great way to help your kids excel in life. The stories are a good blend of long aged Indian tales with amazing and clever animal characters that your kids will be drawn to. The 365 Panchatantra Stories is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars at www.amazon.in and it is sold for just a price of Rs. 228.

Why Should Kids Read?

They Learn New Words (Vocabulary)

A book is a compilation of different words put together. So, reading is one major way that kids can get to see and learn new words. Ensure you get books that are appropriate for their age range, and they grow, you get higher books for them, this way, they keep meeting new words, and as they learn the pronunciation of these words and their meanings, their vocabulary archive will keep expanding. Those little minds are still fresh and fertile and can take as much information as you it, so help them build and stretch their minds capacity. With more words, your kids can compose and make understandable sentences or statements.

It Increases Their Reading Speed

The more a child reads the more words he learns and with time they will have a good command of words, such that they are no longer slowed down by words they do not know. One other thing that can also help is to know and understand the kind of books your children love. You will soon come to realize that with continuous reading of books they love, they will become pros at reading at a faster pace.

To Recognize the Link Between the Letters and the Sounds they Make

The link between letters and sounds are crucial for a child who is learning how to read. Knowing letters or words without knowing how they sound will always affect a child, in fact a child will never be able to read if he or she cannot link words and how they sound. Picking up a book to read is a way to assist them with this vital part of their development. Of what use is knowing how to sound or pronounce the word “Cat” without being able to recognize the word or it’s letter when it seen? Make it easier for your kids by making books available to them to read and be better at linking letters, words and their sounds.

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