Preparing for Competitive Exams or Entrance Exams? 8 Best Books on General Knowledge That You Should Read in 2022.

Preparing for Competitive Exams or Entrance Exams? 8 Best Books on General Knowledge That You Should Read in 2022.

If you are preparing for competitive exams and want to improve your GK, you need to refer to the best books to get all the information in one go. Here is a list of the most popular books that will help you with this. By reading all these books, you will get the knowledge of more than half the world. So you must read these books once and top your upcoming paper.

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Keep Yourself in the Know!

Our world is vast and keeps changing. There is a lot to know about history, geography, economics, politics, and various other aspects that influence our lives in different ways.

Gathering knowledge about several aspects can help us have a meaningful discussion with others. You will come across as knowledgeable, and the people around you will view you in great regard.

Are you also aware that competitive examinations have a specific section about general knowledge? Students must know various aspects around them. But it isn't easy to have information about multiple sections together. It will help if there are books that would collate the information. You may have to go through several such books to have comprehensive knowledge to pass the competitive examinations. But what are the best options for you? We will discuss some of the best General Knowledge (GK) books for you.

Best General Knowledge Books in 2022


There are several GK books available both online and offline. The sheer number of books makes it difficult to ascertain the best options for you. The book you choose must be comprehensive in the number of sections covered. It must also have short summaries to help students grasp the crux faster. Some of the best GK books are discussed below.

General Knowledge 2021


Arihant Publications is among the premier publications for general knowledge books. Their books can also help in the preparations for several competitive examinations. The book also covers geography, history, Indian economics, politics, current affairs, etc. It contains updated information and a compact version of the significant incidents in the year. It ensures complete and accurate coverage of all facts, and the entire book is divided into five main sections.

The paperback edition is available at Rs. 185 on Amazon.

Lucent General Knowledge Book


The Lucent general knowledge book is another option for you and is among the premier options for competitive examinations. The book has several topics that are useful for you. It has sections for basic and advanced levels too. There is a short explanation and tabular form of various aspects. It caters to biology, geography, history, computer, chemistry, economics, politics, etc. The context is indexed, user-friendly, and has good quality printing and cover.

The paperback edition is available at Rs. 335 on Amazon.

One Liner Approach General Knowledge


This GK book provides a one-liner approach for several aspects of knowledge. You can use it as the base for increasing your current affairs knowledge and other elements. It can also help in preparation for competitive examinations. The essential sections are the Indian Constitution, geography, history, computers, arts, movies, economics, politics, arts, movies, etc. The keywords are highlighted, and there are pictures too.

The paperback is available at Rs. 175 on Amazon.

R.S. Aggarwal’s S. Chand’s Advanced Objective General Knowledge


R. S. Aggarwal is a renowned publisher for books on GK. They are well-known in the education field, and their books are ideal for all competitive examinations. There are various sections in the book like geography, general awareness, economics, sciences, etc. They provide a holistic approach to their content and offer easier memorising facilities.

The paperback edition is available for Rs. 334 on Amazon.

The Pearson Concise General Knowledge Manual


This book from Pearson has been popular for more than a decade. The content and the quality of the information in the book are brilliant. The topics are covered in detail, and the readers don't miss the required portions. The readers can quickly grasp the data and the concepts, and the summaries can help memorize the facts.

The paperback edition is available at Rs. 230 on Amazon.

General Knowledge Capsule with Current Affairs Update


This book was first released in 2018, and there have been many editions till now. It shows the popularity among students. The latest edition contains updated information from the country and the world. There is short and crisp information about all the sections that help students pass the examinations with flying colours. The sections covered include geography, politics, science, sports, technology, history, economics, etc.

The paperback edition is priced at Rs. 169 on Amazon.

Rapid General Knowledge 2020 for Competitive Exams 2nd Edition


If you wish to brush up on your general knowledge for competitive exams, this book can be one of the options. They are updated with the types of questions usually asked in various entrance tests. The multiple sections included in the book are history, geography, politics, economics, arts, sports, culture, etc. There are charts, infographics, tables, maps, etc., that can help remember effectively.

The paperback edition is priced at Rs. 1,430 on Amazon.

General Knowledge 2020 Paperback by R.K. Saxena

The GK book from R K Saxena is another brilliant option to help you pass competitive examinations. This book has around 600 pages, and it is worth going through the information provided. The topics have a short description that helps grasp them faster. It helps students as the explanation for the topics helps provide complete knowledge about various sections.

The paperback edition is available at Rs. 280 on Flipkart.

Know Why General Knowledge is Important in Our Lives

General knowledge plays an essential part in our lives. Knowing about current affairs and various other aspects can help improve our self-esteem. It can help make better decisions in life, and you will have the confidence in starting a conversation when among a group of people. You can also interact correctly with people from different cultures and nationalities.

Knowing about economic and fiscal aspects can help you make better financial decisions. It can help you better understand various sections of our lives. It can help you have the required confidence during public speeches. You can gain knowledge by going through newspapers, magazines, news websites, etc. There are also specialized books that collate most of the information you will need. These books are updated periodically, and you can leverage them too. Students also use these books to prepare for competitive exams.

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Reading newspapers daily is the best way to stay updated on current events. Interacting with friends and peers also increases the scope of general knowledge. You can use websites also to get current affairs in a fun and easy manner.

This article is the well-researched collection of Best General Knowledge books for any Competitive Exams that you must know. As GK section can help you score good marks in the exam and give you the chance to Top it.