In Today's Digital World of Mobile Phones & Tablets, it is Important to Engage Your Kids in Outdoor Games As Well: 10 Fun Outdoor Toys for Your Child's Overall Development (2020)

In Today's Digital World of Mobile Phones & Tablets, it is Important to Engage Your Kids in Outdoor Games As Well: 10 Fun Outdoor Toys for Your Child's Overall Development (2020)

Buying toys can be a daunting task sometimes, just because of the large number of options available, especially for kids aged below five. But don't worry, we have got you covered. The following list will give you some of the best choices in terms of outdoor toys that you can buy for your kids. Read on to find out more.

Points to Consider Before Purchasing Outdoor Toys for Kids

Selecting Age-Appropriate Toys

All outdoor toys come with a particular age limitation. Whenever you buy a toy, you must have seen the age group printed on the box. This shows that the toy might not be suitable for children below the printed age, which is due to several reasons, such as an inflatable pool might be too big for toddlers or a swing not viable for the young one to sit on.

Hence, it is best to follow the printed guidelines. Also, it is up to the parents to ensure that the restriction is not flouted for safety purposes. You wouldn't your child risking his/her well being just for some moments of fun.

They are Safe for Kids

The safety of the child should be of prime concern before buying any outdoor toy. The toy which your child chooses to play with should be safe from all angles and should not cause any harm.

Many outdoor toys come with safety features, which you can see before deciding to buy them. For example, a slide might consist of side railings, which can give the toddlers something to hold on to. A trampoline might come with a safety harness of a net to prevent children from falling.

Additionally, check if the safety features meet the industry standards to ensure protection better.

Learning Curve

Each toy comes with its learning curve. While it might be smaller for indoor toys, the learning curve associated with outdoor toys is a bit larger. This means that the child will take a bit more time to be familiar or wholly acquainted with it.

A toy can be a valuable medium for learning. As we all know, children can be easily moulded at an early age. Hence, an outdoor toy can help develop motor skills in the toddlers besides being a source of fun. Outdoor toys can help the children become aware of their surroundings and situation.

For example, a child can learn how to swim in a kiddie pool. This not only helps in developing his body but also adds a life-saving skill at an early age. Hence, it's better to go for a toy that also has some educational value attached to it. This way, the child can develop a host of skills in the guise of fun.

Keep Budget in Mind Too

Price is perhaps the most significant factor influencing the choice of a toy. While buying an expensive toy might not be on the cards for you, you wouldn't want to compromise the safety of your child by purchasing a substandard product. Hence, finding the right mix of both is important.

Ideally, you would want to go for a toy that is durable and has a longer life. This way, even if it is a bit expensive, it will turn out to be a good investment in the long run. While a cheaper toy might save you the money, it might not always give the best quality or experience. Also, it might be prone to wear and tear.

Best Outdoor Toys for Kids of All Ages

Ehomekart Garden Slide


Children love slides. We all have that one memory associated with our childhood, where we are climbing up some steps to zoom down on a sloping surface and land onto the ground. This slide from Ehomekart is bound to provide a similar experience to your kids.

Coming in various combinations of green, yellow and red, this slide is available for Rs. 2,114 at Flipkart. It is safe even for small children because of its low height and convenient build. The slider is smooth and contains protruding rail like structures on the side. These are also well rounded on smooth to enable the kids to hold onto them.

Made up of high-grade plastic material, it is tough-built. The stairs are good enough to support your kid's weight and not give away easily. Also, the slide is pretty easy to assemble and disassemble, so the fun ride should be ready in no time.

NHR Inflatable 3 feet Kid’s Swimming Pool


There is nothing better than sitting in a pool and splashing some water on a hot summer day. This multicolour inflatable kiddie pool from NHR is ideal for summers.

Made up of high-quality PVC, this inflatable pool is sure to make your kids come running. Due to its small size, you can easily set it up anywhere. Also, the air-filled pool is pool light and easy to carry wherever you want. The high-grade plastic ensures that it is not easily deflated in cases of being poked by a sharp object. It can support weights up to 20kg and can easily be deflated and stored back.

You can buy this pool at Flipkart for Rs. 300 only.

Hi-Fast 14T Single Speed Kids Cycle for 3 to 5 Years

Source Amazon

Cycling is one of the best activities combining fun with some exercise. When it comes to buying the first bike for your child, you would want to make sure that besides being fun, it is also durable and comfortable. This cycle from Hi-Fast combines precisely these.

Available at a price of Rs. 1,989 on Amazon, this bike is ideal for children from 3 to 5 years of age. Much of this bike comes pre-assembled with just a few parts needing assembly. It comes with a set of training wheels to make learning to ride a bike more comfortable for your kids. The seat and handle height can be easily adjusted to provide comfort to your kid.

Safety in any outdoor toy is of prime importance. Keeping this in mind, there is a chain guard provided to protect your child's leg from getting rubbed by the chain. This cycle is also pretty trendy, coming with a basket in the front and a holder at the back so that your kid can keep his belongings and ride to his heart's content.

Baby Gym Mini Trampoline


A trampoline is a product that is quite irresistible, both for children and adults alike — jumping on a trampoline while attempting a trick or two when momentarily in the air never gets old.

The baby gym mini trampoline from Decathlon comes at a price of Rs. 2,799. It has a compact design to help children develop their psychomotor skills and be more independent. It also helps in the development of legs and associated limbs.

The trampoline comes covered with 20 mm thick foam for safety. This ensures that the children can jump safely without the fear of fall or injury.

Playhood Tent House - Blue


A playhouse is a kid's first own home. Kids are generally profoundly attached to these toys as they can build their little world in them. Also, since there is a sense of propriety attached to it, kids value a playhouse a lot.

Coming from the house of Playhood, is this beautiful tent house adorned with some bright colours. It can attract the kids in a matter of minutes and keep them inside for hours. Made up of non-woven material, it is quite easy to set up. A roll down door facilitates smooth movement of the kids in and out of the house. It also contains net windows for proper ventilation, so that the kid might not feel stuffed inside.

Playhouses can bring out the creative side of the kids. Decorating the house and planning activities in it boosts their imagination and helps them develop various skills. You can buy it from First Cry for Rs. 950.

Kidz Zone Little Naughty Swing - Pink


Swings are fun to laze on, especially for the kids. The Kidz Zone swing is designed for children from the age of 8 months to 3 years. Made up of Polyester, this swing comes with a bright printed pattern and a safety harness all around to prevent the kid from falling.

The material is not harsh on a child's skin and ensures comfortable seating with the help of extra padding. Since it is compact and foldable, it requires much lesser space than traditional swing sets and is very easy to set up.

The swing comes with a rope attached to a hook that can be easily installed anywhere. It is available on First Cry for Rs. 345.

Best Outdoor Toys And Games for Kids Under 3 Years

Trespass Click Clack Catch Ball


Kids love to play catch and ball. Balls are generally easy to grasp for toddlers, and they can easily handle them due to their simple shape. To add some more excitement to the game of catch, you can give your kids throwing and catching the ball set.

Manufactured by US1984, this set comes with two handheld launchers and the same number of balls. The launchers are lightweight, making it easier for the kids to hold and play with them. The game is simple; you hold the launcher in one hand and keep the ball inside it. Then you need to press the trigger provided on the launcher to catapult the ball in the air. The other kid has to catch the ball in his launcher, and the game goes on.

Besides keeping the kids running, it can also come in handy for developing hand to eye coordination. It is available on Swim Inn for Rs. 305.

Fastdeal Jumbo Size Laddoo Shop Tent House


If your kid watches a lot of cartoons, chances are he would be in love with the Indian version of Popeye, our very own Chhota Bheem. This cartoon featuring Bheem and his friends living in the village of Dholakpur is undoubtedly the most famous Indian cartoon right now.

A prominent feature of the cartoon is the laddoos made by Tun Tun Mausi, which are Bheem's favourite and his ultimate source of strength. So if your child is in love with this show, why not let him have his sweet shop.

The Jumbo Size Laddoo Shop Tent House is a fantastic toy for kids who are a fan of Chhota Bheem. Modelled after Tun Tun Mausi's sweet shop, this tent house can be an amazing play area for kids. A kid can go inside and act as the shopkeeper while others can don the roles of various other characters from the cartoon.

It is made up of non-toxic plastic and is easy to set up and fold. It comes with a window with a door, which can be lifted easily to allow the child inside. The inside and outside are supported by sturdy poles, which can prevent the house from collapsing at any cost. The product is available on Snapdeal for Rs. 1,375.

Best Outdoor Toys for Kids Between 3-6 Years

Kids Basketball Hoop Stand


Basketball is undoubtedly a trendy sport. Almost every school and college has its basketball team. You need to get your child to start playing early if you want your child to grow in this sport. And this basketball stand from Karma Products is ideal for development.

It has an adjustable height, meaning that it can cater to all types of kids, irrespective of their height. It also helps in setting up various difficulty levels for the kids to practice on. You can start from the lower rung and gradually move up. This helps develop their skills in the game right from the lowest level.

It can easily be set up and is made keeping the safety of kids in mind. This basketball hoop stand is available for Rs. 4,518 on Ubuy.

FunBlast Airplane Toy Set


There is hardly any child who is not fascinated by aeroplanes. Just a sight of those flying marvels is enough to put anyone in awe. While giving a remote-controlled plane might not be the safest option for your kids, you can always provide them with a foam plane to play with.

Manufactured by FunBlast, this model aeroplane is made up of thermocol. It is modelled just like an actual glider and is exceptionally lightweight. Your child can easily take it outdoors and be in command of his airlines. Since it is made up entirely out of eco-friendly foam, it contains no hard or sharp parts and is hence safe to handle. You can easily buy it on Amazon for Rs. 290.

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Spend Quality Time with Kids in Their Initial Years

In their initial years of development, kids pick everything going around them, from your words to your every little action you do around them. Hence, it is important that you engage in some quality and developing activities with your little one. Try to maintain a balance between the time they spent outdoor and indoor. Indoor activities are as important as outdoor ones. You can get them involved in some mind-developing games such as solving a Rubix cube or chess and get them to play a musical instrument. You will be able to see the result of these seeds you plough in the upcoming years!