Looking for an Addition to Your Army of Gadgets? We Present You 10 Cool Gadgets to Buy on Amazon in 2019

Looking for an Addition to Your Army of Gadgets? We Present You 10 Cool Gadgets to Buy on Amazon in 2019

There is no life without gadgets. So if you are a gadget junkie and on a hunt for a cool gadget, you have just come to the right place. We will help you choose from some of the coolest gadgets available on Amazon. So go ahead and take a look!

A Gadget for Every Need! Go Through These Tips Before Making a Final Purchase

We should thank god that we live in an era where there are lots of gadgets around us. New and interesting gadgets make life fun. Are you bored and have nothing to do, lack the excitement to try something new and need something interesting? Well, gadgets can be just the right thing for you, along with making your life easier, gadgets add an interesting value to your home and collection.

You can boast to your friends and show them the latest gadget they have never seen before, and discover new ways to make life easier and interesting, that you never knew even existed. Amazon is a great place to find and buy new gadgets from the comfort of your home. We are providing you tips on how you should select a new gadget, followed by a list of 10 awesome gadgets you can find on amazon.

Defining a Budget

First of all, calculate how much can you spend for a gadget since the market has literally infinite options to choose from, and it can get overwhelming quite easily. Every other gadget seems to be useful and believe us, you would want to buy each one but this will definitely affect your monthly budget. So, take a pen, a notebook and figure out how much can you afford to spend.

Do I Need it?

There are a plethora of gadgets online. While some are beautifully colored, others are intelligently designed. Every other gadget is an eye candy and it becomes hard to choose from such a wide collection, and soon we find ourselves buying every other gadget we see, which is of course, unnecessary. Whichever gadget you choose, for once, think whether you really need it or not. If you already have a gadget which is fulfilling the function, there is no need to spend cash to get the same feature again. So, calculate the need and possibilities before buying.

Following a Trustworthy Information Source

Almost every manufacturer is working hard and fast to gain your attention through advertisements and then sell you their product that you don't actually need. False advertisements and incomplete information are everywhere. You should find a trusted source and then follow along and see what they have to say about the gadget that you are in love with.

Fancy Little Features Can be Overwhelming but, Hold Your Horses!

New age gadgets have made our life easier in every way possible. Day by day, technology upgrades bring us new and practical features which take the already useful gadget to a whole another level but, as they say, there are always two sides to a coin. This trend is being abused by some manufacturers and they keep upgrading their gadgets with little unnecessary features that you don't actually need, not at least in the near future. So, you should be thoughtful and able to see behind that picture. Just think for a moment, what in the world will you do with a phone that has an extra display panel behind its back?

Comparing Helps you Choose Better

This can help you a lot with making the right decisions, there are a lot of gadgets lingering around that you can live without just fine. Also, there are a lot of gadgets which are in fact, practical but offer a lot of the same features as many other gadgets are offering. In such cases, you should go an extra mile and compare the gadgets with each other to ensure the gadget you are buying is the right one and is giving you the best ‘price to value’ ratio .

Comparing can also help you a lot with saving money, as it shows a clearer picture and helps you see that many of the features you actually need from an overpriced gadget are simply available at a lot less price in some other gadget. So, take out some time and prepare a comparing list.

Trending Gadgets Available on Amazon

Finally, here is the list of 10 awesome gadgets from amazon that you have been waiting for.

Panasonic Seekit Loop Smart Tracker

Source www.amazon.in

This is an invention that you and every other person will look at and say, “Yes, this is what we need, Why did it take so long for it to become a reality?” Well folks, it is finally here. Remember how easily you misplace your keys all the time, just to find them an hour later after all kinds of soul-mind-body and room searching, below a Packet of chips you were just eating? At such moments, we all wish if that key had some kind of a GPS tracker fitted, what a relief it would have been, well Panasonic heard your prayers.

This Seekit Loop Smart Tracker from Panasonic is made for the exact purpose, so that you never lose your keys ever again, you can use it with wallets, pets, documents or with anything you like. This is a separation indicator with voice alert that you can easily connect with your smartphone and trace the location. It comes with proximity guidance, bi-directional tracking, SOS alert, selfie button and with a battery of 12 months or 18 months to choose from. The battery is replaceable so, no worries there. It is splash proof and also has Bluetooth, the range is up to a 100ft, it can also help you when something is stolen with Crowd GPS. You can connect with apps on play store and App Store. It comes at a great price of Rs.1,299 with one year of warranty.

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Noise ColorFit Pro Fitness Watch/Smartwatch/ FitnessBand

Source www.amazon.in

Modern age has a lot of obstacles to prevent a person from living a healthy life - the busy schedule, junk food, artificial ingredients in vegetable and fruits et al. But on the flip side, it also gives you some great tools and appliances to tackle these problems. Running and working out can help you a lot in leading a healthy lifestyle and fitness tools like smartwatches, fitness bands and tracker apps prove to be a great help.

This gadget is a smartwatch, that works as a fitness band too. It comes with Bluetooth technology for seamless and easy integration with smartphones, detachable traps, a big screen, waterproofing, sports and activity tracker. Along with these, it also has camera and music control for entertainment purposes. The watch is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, so no issues of connectivity. It has one-year warranty and is priced at Rs.2,999.

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Tarkan' Dual Fan Cooling Pad

Source www.amazon.in

The extreme heating of laptops while performing performance heavy tasks is a common phenomenon, it can have adverse effects on both the performance of the laptop and the user. The processor works less efficiently when the temperature crosses an optimum limit. Well the ‘Tarkan dual fan cooling pad’ is here for the rescue.

This is a cooling fan pad for 15.6-inch laptops that will help the inbuilt cooling system of laptop with its external push. It has a fashionable and robust design with metal mesh surface and has built in LED lights for extra cool look. It has dual fans which come with a fan control switch. It supports USB 2.0 so that you can connect it to your laptop without any hassle. It also has multi angle stand to suit your needs, the weight is just 639 gm and you can carry it around with ease. It comes with one-year warranty for a price tag of Rs 999.

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Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa

Source www.amazon.in

Are you obsessed with Iron-man and want a personal assistant like Jarvis too? Or maybe you just want to turn your home into a smart home? The ‘echo-dot’ by amazon is what you should aim for. The echo dot series is here to make your life a lot easier and this is the 3rd generation of echo dot, the assistant herself is named ‘Alexa’.

You just have to plug the echo dot into a power source, then connect to Wi-Fi and register using the Alexa app and you are ready to go. You can have fresh news updates, weather reports, even traffic updates, set alarms and much more. Other than that, you can control your other smart home devices with Alexa and you can instruct her to play the music you want to listen, any time, it can stream from Amazon prime music, saavn and tunein. It has 4 far-field microphones, so it can hear you amidst noise too. You can connect the echo dot to other stereo systems to play music too, using Bluetooth and 3.5 mm audio cable. Try cracking some jokes with her. The echo dot is available for Rs.4,499

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Cosmic Byte Interstellar Gamepad for PC/PS3/Android

Source www.amazon.in

Designed for people who live their life on the edge playing games, and can not compromise on the best gaming experience, whatsoever. Cosmic byte has launched this interstellar gamepad, that is compatible with PC on windows XP/7/8/10, PS3 and with android too! Time to talk about versatility!

The controller itself is rubberised to give the best feel while gaming and to prevent the surface from becoming slippery after long hours of use, it comes in both wired’ and wireless versions. To attach android phones, it comes with a phone bracket too. It has LED indicators and Dual vibration motors to make your experience as thrilling as possible. The sticks are analogue with ultra-precise eight-way D cross and the weight is just 223gm. So, your hands won't get tired even after a long session of competitive gaming. The wired version costs Rs.849 while the wireless one is Rs.1,299 and the bracket for phone comes for an additional Rs.399.

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ThisAndThat Wireless Charging Stand Pad

Source www.amazon.in

One look at this beauty and you won't be able to tell if this really is a wireless charger or not. This product is elegantly designed keeping the ‘simplicity is beauty' tagline in mind. This attractive looking wireless charger supports almost all wireless charging devices from iPhone x, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, Samsung galaxy note 8, s8, s8 plus, s7, s7 edge, note 5, s6 edge plus and many more.

Other than that, it is also couples with LED lightning to give a cool cherry on the top effect, to the already cool wireless charging pad from ‘This and That’. It is made up of crystal acryl and the base is non-slip silicone rubber, so it gives you the maximum stability while charging. You can buy this at a price of just Rs.499

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Magideal 2-in-1 Camera Lens Kit for Smartphones

Source www.amazon.in

This is a tiny looking but powerful tool for photography enthusiasts. If you want to click amazing Macro and wide angle shots but don't have the budget right now to get a professional DSLR camera, then this can become the perfect companion for you. Costing just Rs. 600, this small 2 in 1 lens from ‘Magideal’ sits on the top of your camera lens with the help of the clamper provided along with it.

The lens itself is made up of high-quality glass and has anti-glare properties to reduce glass flare and ghosting by reflections. It has a 0.45X super wide-angle lens and a 12.5X macro lens using which, you can capture images at a distance of 1.2:1.6 inch. Using both the lens together gives dramatic and rounded images; they offer the best performance in this price range.

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Gadget Hero's Wallet Ninja 18-in-1 Survival Tool Kit

Source www.amazon.in

Do you always find yourself in situations where you badly need some basic tools like screwdriver, can opener, peeler, cell phone stand etc but never have them handy? This little tool can do wonders for you. Made by ‘Gadget hero’, this wallet ninja multi function survival tool kit is cunningly designed to be as slim and trim as a credit card in your wallet, but still cramps up the functionalities of 18 tools in it.

Along with the ones mentioned earlier, it has tools like ruler, letter opener, eyeglass screwdriver, 7 kind of Hex, box opener etc. the metal is extremely strong, durable and rust-free and the product comes with a lifetime guarantee. It is thin like a credit card and can easily fit into a wallet, buy it on Amazon for a price of just Rs.199.

10 in 1 Combo of Offices Toolkit

Source www.amazon.in

After a great and handy survival toolkit, now it is time to reveal this one, which is a toolkit that is far more practical and handier for office people. It has 10 unique everyday office gadgets packed into it, efficiently. Design wise, it looks like a swiss army knife but has tools like stapler, scissors, carton opener, staple pin remover, retractable measuring tape of 1 meter, pencil sharpener, paper punch, key ring, storage basket and waste bin, all compactly close packed in one tool. The tool is offered by manufacturer ‘Unique gadget at a price range of Rs.494.

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Portronics Portable Ruff Pad E-Writer

Source www.amazon.in

Portronics has a offered a great alternative to pen and paper in the form of this ‘POR 628 Portable Ruffpad E-Writer’, you never know when the next spark of creativity will bring in a new world-changing idea, and at such crucial times, there must be something around to record it. Pen and paper are not that feasible to carry everywhere and typing in phones can not capture the same essence of the idea as pen and paper can, so this E-writer was invented.

This has a screen of 8.5 inches that is LCD, the device is lightweight and slim for ease of carrying and also comes with a stylus, it is simple to use with one touch erase button, pressure sensitive screen and is eco-friendly too, it comes with an easily replaceable battery. The device has 4 magnets in its base to attach it with any metal surface. It is available for Rs 568.

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Bonus Tips to Save More on Your Purchase

Pay Via Amazon Pay to Get Great Cashbacks

Source www.amazon.in

When shopping with amazon, using amazon pay can save you a lot of money as Amazon often showers amazon pay users different kinds of cashback offers, these cashbacks can be again used for shopping next time and for recharges too, so keep that in mind.

Shopping from Amazon app will Bring you Additional Discounts!

Source www.amazon.in

Along with amazon pay, it is far more beneficial to use the amazon app than the traditional website, along with the benefits like easy surfing and simplified interface, you can grab some additional discounts when using the app. These little tips can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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Allow your Friends a Hint of Envy by Showing off These Gadgets in 2019

This list is so tempting ( Even the writers of this post couldn't resist checking out some of the products). Do remember to make a wise decision and follow the tips we have provided here. So, go ahead and spice up your life with your new gadget!