9 Absolutely Gorgeous Gift Ideas for Anniversary for Him to Start Singing Your Favorite Love Songs For You! (2019)

9 Absolutely Gorgeous Gift Ideas for Anniversary for Him to Start Singing Your Favorite Love Songs For You! (2019)

Tired of brainstorming without no clue about what your man would actually like? We are here to help you with just that. Search for a gift for you anniversary and present it in fervor to your man. Things need to be done right on your anniversary, and starting off with gifts will set the mood right. So, you need not tire yourself in finding the absolute perfect gift as BP-Guide has got you, with 9 superb gift ideas for anniversary for boyfriend.

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Why Should the Anniversary Mean so Much to Both of You?

To Cherish Another Successful 365 Days of Your Love

Each year, we start with a new vigour, splendour and hopes. We think about the things that have gone past us, how much we’ve grown as people, and how the time which is about to come will prove fruitful for us. The same happens with marriage. Each year we set in new goals, expectations and hopes in our relationship and wish that it continuously grows stronger and stronger with time. The day of your marriage anniversary is both; a beginning of another year of togetherness and a conclusion of the previous 365 days that you two had been sharing. Celebrating your anniversary is nothing short of a milestone, as you and your man have successfully conquered all the odds that life threw at you, while loving each other unconditionally.

To Keep the Fire Ignited Between the Two of You

With passing time and multiplying responsibilities, the fire in a relationship often dulls. Taking charge of your professional life or giving remaining time towards caring for your family and relatives ought to make the spice in the relationship being overlooked. By celebrating anniversaries or cherishing any such little happy moments can bring back to life, the excitement and warmth pertaining to the relationship of a husband and wife.

If you feel this is a duty or routine, you’re surely mistaken. Anniversary celebration can act as a perfect opportunity for a couple to grow in terms of their interaction, intimacy and create the much needed sparks in between them. Surprising your partner with little somethings, and gifting them things that are thoughtful or naughty can re-add the missing care and affection in your spouse.

To Add Another Feather in the Book of Your Memories

Memories are nothing but the moments that you had put efforts in, lived fully and heartily enjoyed. These are moments that you create with the people you really care about and love to be with. These are times you had laughed like never before, cried your heart out, listened to ideas that later influenced you to limits, and were so impactful that they have stuck by your mind throughout the passing years.

Take this anniversary day of yours, as an opportunity to create another beautiful memory that you’ll be able to cherish later on. The way our lives are turning into a complex and rigid routine revolving around only our office, home and our family, we tend to forget about how important it is for a couple to spend time together frequently. Therefore, take a leap forward and plan a breathtaking surprise for your partner. Make him feel special; bring back the excitement you had for each other. Make this anniversary the best day of his life.

9 Gorgeous Anniversary Gifts for Him, to Celebrate Your Never Ending Love

Showing your Better Half How He Completes You with a Personalised Photo Clock

Source www.igp.com

You’ve lived with your husband day in and day out. There have been quite a few times when you felt helpless, sad or just burnt out. Remember how he had tried his level best to cheer you up? Making weird faces, buying you eatables that you absolutely love and taking care of your mood swings like a pro. Things like these are proof enough that he’s the soulmate who completes you. If you were a jigsaw puzzle, he would have been the last piece, which when joined completes the puzzle.

To show him this, gift him with a clock which can be personalized with a beautiful photograph of you two in the background. The table clock comes with a cute heart design along its one side and is the perfect modern and utilizable gift for your hubby. It retails for Rs.600 when bought from IGP.com. Also, if you buy a combo of the same clock and a lucky tree, the price goes up to Rs.1075.

A Mini Wooden Finish Bluetooth Speaker for Your Music Loving Man

Source www.amazon.in

With the passing time and living with each other, you realize all the good, bad and the best about a person. You pick up details about their likes, dislikes and preferences. Most couples also start developing the same kinds of routines and habits. If you both make a couple who absolutely love to play some music and enjoy your time when in the house together; a mini wooden finish Bluetooth speaker will be the best gift possible.

It is modern, sleek and goes with all kinds of home decor themes. Though being of a tiny size with dimensions 3.5in X 2in, it can deliver a powerful sound; good enough to lighten up the room and set a mood to groove on the beats. You can create your own mini date nights using this Bluetooth speaker as a background sound propagator. It retails for Rs.1,032 at IGP.com.

Vintage Motorbike Collectible for Your Bae who Loves Antique Items

Source www.igp.com

Like men who are driven by high tech gadgets, new electronic items in the market and cool devices; there are men who adore and love to collect antiques. They are mesmerized by the intricacy and detailing in artefacts or any creative item in general, and most of the times have a huge collections comprising of the same. If your man is one of these, pick this vintage motorbike collectible and we promise you won’t regret. This small piece of collectible comes in a charismatic black coloured metal and has dimensions 10in X 3in X 6in (l x b x h). It can be bought from the website of IGP.com at a reasonable price of Rs.895.

The Must Have Wine Tool Kit for your Man if He Takes His Wine Seriously

Source www.igp.com

If your man values his taste in wines and other liquor specials a lot, then an elaborate box with cool wine tools will suit his anniversary gift the best. This box of wine and bar accessories comes with a sleek and wooden finish design, which carries 4 distinct wine tools. This gift will make sure that the next time you throw a house party; the guests will be complementing and asking about these quirky accessories, making your man feel like the star of the evening! What else can be better than that? The complete box retails for Rs.750 on the website of IGP.com.

Help His Fitness Goals by Giving Him Assorted Health Bars and Green Tea

With a new year comes around, we take resolutions of making our lives better than what it is today, keeping true to our goals, be it professional goals, personal goals or fitness goals. When in a relationship, if your partner takes up any such fitness resolutions, make sure that you show your support and solidarity to his decisions. Try and be his strength, and put in efforts to help him slay his targets. On the day of the anniversary, go unconventional and gift him a hamper containing various flavourful health bars and a pack of delicious mint green tea. The hamper contains Twining's green tea and mint. Eat anytime health bars in the flavors listed below. This hamper retails for a price of Rs.1,050 on the website of IGP.com.

Eat anytime health bars in the flavors

  • Chawanprash with Dates and Almonds
  • Butterscotch with Oats and Almonds
  • Berry blast with Oats and Almonds
  • PeaButter & Choco with Oats and Almonds
  • Orange With Dates and Almond
  • Mango Ginger With Dates and Almond
  • Mango Ginger With Dates and Almond
  • Beautiful Wooden Tray (medium size)

A Dice & Spice Set to Turn on the Heat

When you start living together and spend more and more time with each other, there is a great possibility that the relationship has lost some spark and needs polishing. The hectic office schedule, staying on track with meeting family and friends, and just managing the newly set up household is a tough task at hand and takes up majority of your attention. If you feel that such a situation is taking down the essence of your bonding, then light up the fire by gifting him a naughty and personal dice and spice game this anniversary.

The night can very well be made unforgettable with this down and dirty board game which comes with a set of cards each coloured differently. Every time you roll the dice, there are a set of corresponding instructions that you need to follow. The cards are called the cards of ‘Truths’, ‘Dares’, ‘7-Second Challenge’ and ‘Redeemable Coupons’. This fun and sexy board game retails for a price of Rs.1,990 on the website of Oyehappy.com.

The "All About You" Portrait as a Proof that You Understand Him Inside Out

If someone asks you whether you know your husband in and out and you actually scream “obviously!” at the top of your voice, then this gift is apt for you. The “All about you” gift is truly based on the exceptionally complementing hubby knowledge that you’ve stored in your head for the longest of times.

Based on all the itsy bitsy things that you understand about him as a person, answer a bunch of questions to get an A4 size framed piece of quirky art which will contain all the secrets that you had spilled about him earlier. It includes various questions pertaining to his nicknames, favourite thing to munch on, most used dialogue and so on. This creative present can be bought from the website of Oyehappy.com for a price of Rs.1,390.

Carve Your Names Together on an Exclusive Pencil Art

Remember the days when we were little and played silly games like FLAMES or LOVE PERCENTAGE CALCULATOR! Writing the name of your beloved alongside your name, somehow gives out a different kind of feeling of affection and endearment. From the days of the silly games to the point of printing your wedding cards, you can’t imagine your name associated with anyone other than him now. To revive all those mushy childish feelings and create an artwork with your name alongside his, gift him a pencil art from the website of Oyehappy.com. The pencil artwork comes in a frame of size 6 inches X 4 inches. The gift retails for a price of Rs.3,950.

A Treat for Your Chai Fanatic Boo

Indians are known to be extremely serious about their spices and their tea. There are numerous different types and flavours of teas flourishing throughout the whole country. For a tea fanatic, there cannot be a better gift than a platter decorated with various kinds of teas, which are prepared in the nooks and corners of the country. If your husband identifies himself to be a part of this fun, chai loving group, you can easily pick this tea hamper for his anniversary gift with a blindfold on!

This hamper called “Tea Tales 2.0” is a package handpicked from the coveted organic tea estate, Abali, situated in Arunachal Pradesh, at the foothills of Himalayas. The package is thoughtfully created and carries, five flavourful types of teas namely, Jasmine Blossom, Organic Rose Green Tea, Lady In Red, Royal Kashmiri Kahwa, and Chamomile Tea. To make the perfect organic cup of tea for you, the hamper also contains a strainer and a jar filled with organic honey. This amazingly chai-holic hamper retails for a price of Rs.2,500, and can be purchased from the website of Oyehappy.com.

Bonus Tip: Write Him a Letter Telling Him What the Last Year with Him Have Taught You

Howsoever fantastic or expensive your gift might be, it will seem out of place if it fails to voice your actual feelings. With the help of your anniversary surprise you want to tell him how lucky and happy you feel, with him being around you. You want to showcase how he has made the past 365 days alongside you, the best possible.

To stream out all of these emotions and feelings from your heart to his, there’s nothing better than writing him a letter the old fashioned style! We all agree that even with all kinds of fast paced technologies at our hands, the deepest and the most meaningful transfer of emotions happens through writing which is carved with ink in our loved one’s handwriting, in the form of a letter.

Write a letter to him sharing your most memorable moments that you two had spent together. Make the letter fun by adding anecdotes or funny instances that went down when either one of you two was acting a bit silly or clumsy. Don’t hold back on anything that you would like him to do better. Just open your heart out and make a slideshow of memories for him through you writing. Help him relive the good, bad, and the best times that you shared and make him fall for you all over again!

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Anecdotal Gifts To Make It A Fabulous Anniversary And One To Remember

Verve into the moment by presenting him with gifts that have been carefully chosen and that will also lift him in high spirits. One way to make it a touching experience and a memorable day is by presenting him a handwritten letter. You will need to express your feelings and make it a hearfelt letter, that he falls in love with you all over again. Also, some gifts such as the Dice & Spice set can be used to spice up things on your anniversary. So, be a bit ingenious, know how to present the gifts and put make an effort to make it a remarkable day.