Are You Tired of Gym Memberships and Want to Create a Gym at Home? Here are the 10 Best Home Gym Equipment That You Must Have (2020)

Are You Tired of Gym Memberships and Want to Create a Gym at Home? Here are the 10 Best Home Gym Equipment That You Must Have (2020)

The home can be a sanctuary, standing strong through life's struggles and challenges, so creating a home gym for your health and fitness within that place can be a valuable tool for the betterment of your life. If you want to set up a gym at your personal space, then you should select that fitness equipment that will accordingly keep you fit and active, and at the same time will offer you several health benefits.

Benefits of Home Gym

Most of us feel lazy to go someplace to workout. Being surrounded by people is not the best place to exercise for everyone. But if you can set up a gym in your place, then it can be a motivating move to make your work on your fitness more.

Open All the Time

Making a schedule to go to a gym can be a difficult task, especially if you are busy with your work. While we realize the importance of making exercises, but yet our busy lifestyle does not allow us to be consistent to make them. You might have to miss your gym hours if something important pops up at that particular time.

A home gym would mean that you don’t have to allocate the specific time of the day to make exercises but can do so at the most feasible time of the day. You can always reschedule your gym hours, whenever it is convenient for you, as it is open 24/7. Furthermore, it saves you the time that you take to go and come back from the gym.

Good Atmosphere

Not everyone enjoys making exercises surrounded by a lot of people or with loud music. You might be too distracted in the gym as such that you don’t make efficient workouts or you don’t feel comfortable being there. Sometimes, you would just like to be with yourself, comfortable with the exercises that you make. A home gym assures a very good atmosphere that motivates you to work harder.

Saves Money on Membership

At first, it may seem that buying equipment can cost a lot in upfront payments. But, if you factor in the membership expenses, which are pretty high for modern gyms, then paying for the equipment that lasts for a lot of years seems the reasonable option. Try making a rough calculation of the expenses for the membership and gas expenses for the next 10 years and you will get the picture yourself.

Set up Equipment That You Want

Not all equipment in the commercial gym will be of use to you. Also, it can be hard to find the right equipment that you need in such gyms. The equipment in the commercial gyms is generally of average quality and they tend to wear out as a lot of people use the same equipment every day. A home gym allows you to purchase the equipment that you specifically need and it is easier to keep it in good condition. You can decide on the quality of the equipment too.

Cleaner than Commercial Gyms

Since commercial gyms are used by a lot of sweaty people throughout the day, it is not the healthiest place to be. Also, the pieces of equipment are not cleaned very regularly. A lot of people will have already used the dumbbells or the yoga mat that you are about to use. But, in case of the home gym, it depends on you, on how much clean you want your space to be or how often you want to clean the pieces of equipment.

No Need to Wait for Turns

In commercial gyms, it can be boring and frustrating to have to wait for your turns to use the equipment all the time. You can have access to the machines whenever you want in your home gym.

Best Home Gym Equipment to Have in Your Gym Space

Hashtag Fitness Home Gym Equipment Combo 50 Kg


Manufactured by Hashtag fitness, Hashtag Fitness Home Gym Equipment Combo is a multipurpose gym set and includes 8 in 1 gym bench, which means that you can perform 8 different types of exercises with the set. Some of them include Incline, Decline, Flat Bench Press, Push-up and Dips, Leg Curl, among others. So, this home gym set is designed to provide you with the capacity to do a full-body workout.

The package includes 50 kg of PVC weights, one 5 feet straight bar, one professional curl bar, two pieces of 14-inch iron dumbbell rods with bolts, one 5 feet straight bar, two 14 inch iron dumbbell rods with bolts, one pair of leather gloves, four spring locks along with one assemble tools and basic exercise guidelines and one skipping rope. You can buy the set for Rs. 5,799.00 at Amazon.

Powermax Fitness GH-450 Multi-Function Home Gym / Multi Gym

This home gym from Power max is a great set to perform overall body workout. This gym set can be a very good option for family use as it is a three-station gym, which allows multiple users to engage in the set at the same time. Some of the exercises that you can carry out in the set includes Abdominal crunch, High Pull ABS Crunch, Leg Extension, Tricep Extension, Lat pulls down, sit-up, Tricep Pushdown, Bicep Curl, Pectoral Fly, Preacher curl, Bench Press, Dip Arm, Leg Kick Back and Standing Shoulder Knee Raise, among many others. The set has a durable powder-coated finish and the steel and PVC used to make the set strong. You can buy this home gym set for Rs. 57,465.00 at Power max Fitness.

Lifeline Hg 002 Square Home Gym


Manufactured by the company Lifeline, which is known for producing quality, fitness products, Lifeline Hg 002 Square Home Gym is suited for people who are looking to build up strength. Some of the exercises that can be performed in this home gym set include Chest Extension, Leg Extension, Rowing, Peck-Deck, High Pull and Low Pull, among others. This gym set is very simple to use and can be easily installed. It can be used both for personal and commercial uses. You can buy Lifeline Hg 002 Square Home Gym for Rs. 13,349.00 at Amazon.

Afton Brute Force 360PT


Afton Brute Force 360PT consists of s band pegs positioned for extra assistance or resistance. Some of the exercises that you can do with the set are squats, bench press, deadlifts, rows, lunges, rotator cuff exercises, shoulder press, chin-ups, bicep/triceps and heaps. The potting arms and j-hooks in the set can be easily adjusted. The set is constructed from high-quality steel and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Afton Brute Force 360PT is available for purchase at Rs.2,80,000 at Amazon.

Lifeline Home Gym Deluxe with Cover & Preacher Curl


Lifeline Home Gym Deluxe with Cover & Preacher Curl can be used for 15 exercise functions which include, Knee Raise, Low Pulley Row, Preacher Curls, Bicep Curl, Wrist Curl, Leg Curl, Leg Extensions, Crunches, Lat Pull Front, Butterfly, Vertical Bench Press, among others. The 2.5 inches round heavy-duty steel tube construction helps in building strength and endurance. This set provides total body conditioning. This set takes up a small space in the room and can be used by people belonging to different age groups. However, the company does not provide an installation service. You can buy this home gym set for Rs. 19,950.00 at Amazon.

Cosco CTM-510 Multi-Functional Treadmill


There are a lot of advantages to having a treadmill. One of them is that it will help you make regular exercises and protect you from numerous potential conditions. As it is very simple to use, having a treadmill in your home will encourage you to use it often. It gets even better if the treadmill performs multiple functions. One of such treadmill is Cosco CTM-510 Multi-Functional Treadmill. This treadmill has a push-up bar, twister, jogger and stepper, along with a roller deck and three-level manually adjustable incline. You can buy Cosco CTM-510 Multi-Functional Treadmill for Rs. 15,100.00 at Amazon.

Cosco Exercise Bike – CEB – 609 C


Just as a treadmill, another wonderful equipment to have for regular exercises is an exercise bike. Such a bike can boost your cardio fitness, helps you to lose weight and fat, and strengthen your lower body muscles. Cosco Exercise Bike – CEB – 609 C is one of the best exercise bikes available for cardiovascular workouts. It has comfortable handles, 470 mm flywheel, adjustable seat and elliptical cycle. You can keep track of duration, pace, calories burnt, and the distance you have to cycle with this multifunctional bike. You can buy Cosco Exercise Bike – CEB – 609 C for Rs. 11,200.00 at Amazon.

Domyos Dumbbell Set


Having a dumbbell set is a good way to keep your fitness at a good level. Not only dumbbells help you in burning your fat, but they also provide you with full-body exercise and increase the overall strength of your body. You can perform the exercise of the chest, Lats, shoulder, back, biceps, triceps, and legs with the use of the set.

Domyos Dumbbell Set is very convenient and easy to use. This adjustable set is 20 kilograms in total. You can adjust the weight depending upon the exercise that you want to do. Domyos Dumbbell Set is currently unavailable at Amazon.

Magic Home Gym Super Bench


Magic Home Gym Super Bench is a bench that allows you to perform 4 workouts. It has shoulder press, ABS board, leg curls and bench press. You can perform a whole body workout with this one equipment. Along with the bench comes a DVD that contains 15-plus high-intensity workout techniques. With just two square foot length, it doesn’t take up too much space at your place. You can use it for strength training by adding weight plates to the bench. The bench contains long-lasting synthetic padding and it has comfortable foam rollers for leg support. Magic Home Gym Super Bench is currently unavailable at Amazon.

Co-Fit Anti-Burst Gym Ball


The best thing about using a gym ball is that you can exercise with the ball on your own and don’t need a trainer for it. Co-Fit Anti-Burst Gym Ball is one of the best gym balls that you can find. You can use the ball to strengthen and tone your arms, chest, abdomen and legs. This gym ball is also an excellent way to perform cardio workouts. You can buy Co-Fit Anti-Burst Gym Ball for Rs. 665.00 at Amazon.

How to Set up A Home Gym?

Find the Right Space

Look for a proper space in your home where you can workout. If you have a spare room then it would be the ideal space for you to put your equipment. The amount of space depends upon the equipment that you want to install in it. If you have plenty of space, then you can install a variety of equipment. Otherwise, you can make use of other space in your home to accommodate the most necessary equipment.

Set the Budget

You have to set the budget aside to buy the equipment. However, you don’t necessarily have to be extravagant in buying a lot of expensive equipment in your home gym. Or, you don’t have to buy many pieces of equipment at once. Your guy can evolve with time. First, focus on the basic equipment that you need. And then, you can expand your home gym slowly.

Buy the Right Equipment

You need to be specific about what are the types of equipment that you need before buying them. When you have decided on it, look for the equipment at different online stores and department stores. If you need expensive equipment, you should also consider looking for them in the second-hand stores.

Create a Good Atmosphere

The atmosphere is very important to your commitment to your exercises. The most important thing is to be comfortable in the space. So, install the things that make a good working atmosphere. Install the lights and music if you want. It should be created in such a way that your body is energized to do the exercises.

Put a Mirror in the Gym

There is a reason that commercial gyms have a lot of mirrors. It helps you to do the exercises correctly and also minimize injury. A mirror is more important when you are working alone as there might be no one to correct you. So, installing a full-size mirror in your home gym can be very beneficial.

From our editorial team

Is Home Gym Best Than the Commercial Gym?

Yes definitely!!!
*First, the total time it takes to travel to and from the gym can be as much as 30-45 min depending upon your location and the traffic conditions. During rush hour traffic, this time can be extended considerably.

*Second, the costs of these gyms can get expensive. If you have children, then childcare at the gym is also an additional expense.

*Third, depending upon your schedule, it could be very crowded at every gym. Also, in early mornings and late afternoons are usually very busy on those times at most gyms.

If none of these issues bother you, then the gym is maybe a good option for you. However, if you have a busy schedule during the day and have trouble making it to the gym, then maybe you should consider working out in your home gym.
Having a gym at home not only it makes you more dedicated, but you also don't ego lift to impress. You tend to be less shy about whatever exercises you do.