Keep Yourself Hydrated While You're on the Move! 10 Best Sports Water Bottles to Carry Around (2020)

Keep Yourself Hydrated While You're on the Move! 10 Best Sports Water Bottles to Carry Around (2020)

Water bottles are an important accessory to have around when you are playing a sport or exercising. Wondering what would be the ideal choice? In this guide, we bring you the best of sports water bottles - affordable yet well designed - that you can order online!

How to Choose a Good Sports Water Bottle?

Did you know that water forms 50 to 60% of the human body? It is an indicator of how important it is to provide the right amount of water to our bodies! Keeping hydrated is very crucial when it comes to maintaining a healthy body and mind. So, next time before heading out for your workout, don’t forget to carry the most suitable sports water bottle with you!

But with the numerous options of sports water bottles available in the market today, how to choose the right one for you? Fret not, as we have it covered up for you. We suggest you keep these points in mind and consider the tips while purchasing a sports water bottle for yourself.

Consider the Usage of the Bottle

Earlier, a water bottle was nothing more than any container that could hold your water for the day. But times have changed, and a sports water bottle has now become an activity-specific accessory. So, depending on the choice of your activity and the corresponding need, you can identify and narrow down to a particular type of sports water bottle. For example, a water bottle to take while running could differ from the one that you would prefer to carry to your yoga class!

Choose the Right Material

Sports water bottle these days comes in a variety of materials that offer to benefit different activities. The most commonly used ones are made from plastic, which turns out to be the most durable and convenient to carry. Plastic bottles nowadays are free from harmful chemicals like Nalgene and BPA. Also, stainless steel water bottles and glass sports water bottles have made it to the list of the preferred type of water bottles.

Hot or Cold Liquid

If it’s a cold winter day or you are out trekking with friends, you may want to carry hot liquids with you. Also, certain sports water bottles are designed specifically to hold cold drinks like juices, smoothies, and ice water. Insulated water bottles are designed to perfectly transport hot and cold liquids with ease and convenience.

Wide or Narrow Mouth

While drinking directly from the bottle, narrow mouths are easy to use. So, while you are on the move and want to keep hydrated without having to stop, then having a sports water bottle with a narrow mouth is the right choice. On the contrary, if you want to take it slow, then go for one with a wider mouth.

Choose the Right Size

Depending on the need, we suggest you decide on the capacity of the water that the bottle can hold. Also, you must decide on whether you need a sleek and slender bottle, or a wider shaped one.

Top 10 Sports Water Bottle Recommendations

Now that you know what kind of bottle you need to look for, here a few recommendations for sports water bottles that could help!

Unisex White & Gold-Toned Striped Training Real Sipper


The brand name Adidas is synonymous with working out, a costly one at it! The first water sports bottle that we recommend is one from this brand and yet is very affordable and will fit well within your budget! Now make your training sessions more stylish with this white and gold-toned striped sipper. The bottle has a pop-up top, and hence, is easy to sip from while on the move. This water sports bottle is made from BPA free polyethylene material, and so is very safe to drink from. This 750 ml sports water bottle is an ideal size for you to carry around while working out. It is available on for only Rs. 479.

Fitkit Classic Bottle Shaker


Now, here is a sports bottle that is fit for anybody serious about their protein shakes! This classic shaker bottle is multipurpose and can also store water like any other sports water bottle. The advanced design allows you to open the lid only with the push of a button. The highlight of the bottle is the mixer ball wire whisk, which whips around inside the bottle when you shake it. This mixes the drink to the right consistency, every time you use it! Also, the bottle is made from 100% food-grade, eco-friendly, and BPA free material. It is also leak-proof and keeps your water intact even while on the go. The drinking nozzle is wide enough to drink comfortably from the bottle. This water sports bottle is dishwasher safe and very easy to clean. Check out this bottle on for Rs. 179.

Insulated Flask 0.35L Stainless Steel


Are you looking to buy a bottle that keeps liquids hot or cold for longer hours? This insulated flask from Quechua ought to help you then. This stainless-steel sports bottle is designed in such a way that you can enjoy your hot or cold drinks directly from the rim. This water sports bottle has a wide opening and is best suitable for outdoor activities like trekking, as it is very easy to use.

The double stainless-steel walls maintain the isothermal feature of this sports water bottle. It is very durable and convenient to clean. The screw lid also features a removable filter that strains tea or tea bags, inserted into the bottle. The plastic casing in the lid allows you to drink hot liquids directly from the mug without burning your lips! The product material meets best food standards and are 100% BPA free. You can purchase it from for Rs. 899.

Nike Sport Water Bottle


Here is a sleek, slender, and attractive sports water bottle from Nike that is also very affordable. This 570 ml bottle is small in size and is ideal to be used as a sipper. The nozzle and the body of the bottle are made from high-quality BPA free plastic and rubber material that is also dishwasher safe.

Nike resonates with sports enthusiasts and maintains highest standards in all their products. This water sports bottle is no different. So, keep yourself hydrated while working out without compromising on style at all! This sports water bottle comes in a variety of colours and so, choosing one of your choice wouldn’t be difficult. You can find this water sports bottle from Nike on for Rs. 850.

Squeeze Water Bottle


This squeeze shaker bottle from vinex could turn out to be your perfect gym partner! This sports bottle is multipurpose and can be used either as a shaker or as a water sports bottle. The bottle features a screw top for easy refilling and cleaning. The flip cap enables ease of use. The bottle also has a detachable cup on the bottom that can store the powder or can be used for drinking.

The bottle is lightweight and hence, is portable. So, now you can enjoy your shakes and drinks from anywhere you want! The bottle can however hold only up to 450 ml, which is comparatively a lesser quantity compared to the other bottles in our list. You can buy this water sports bottle from for only Rs. 229.

H2O SB 104 Stainless-Steel Water Bottle

H2O is a famous brand in India that offers water bottles and sippers of various types. In this stainless-steel sports water bottle, you can carry water, juice or other fluids in this bottle without the fear of spillage or leaks. It has a very attractive design and is the perfect combination of utility and style! These bottles are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. It has a broad base and hence, is sturdy in design. This water sports bottle is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned easily by removing the screw lid. Check out this product from for Rs. 329.

4 Options That are Worth The Price

Yes, we said that our recommended list includes only super affordable products. However, the products mentioned below have outstanding features that we couldn’t help but include them on the list, although a tad bit expensive than the rest!

Brita Premium Filtering Water Bottle


At Rs. 1,785, this premium water sports bottle from Brita, gives you the benefits of having your portable water filter! The built-in filter reduces chlorine in the water and improves the taste and odor from even tap water! The BPA free, hard-sided plastic bottle has an integrated carry loop and a one-handed push-button lid that makes it a super-efficient and portable sports water bottle. The bottle is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned with ease. Also, for best results, the filter needs to be replaced every 40 gallons of water or after every two months. The 26 oz bottle is available on

Camelbak Eddy Sports Water Bottle

This eddy water bottle is redesigned with certain features that make it one of the best water sports bottles! The bite valve ensures 25% more water flow and, when opened, can be sipped from with ease. This improved design now allows you to flip, bite, and sip even more without the fear of spilling or leakage. The universal cap is leak-proof and spill-proof even when opened! The bottle has an easy carry handle and is lightweight, making it best for use on the go! This water sports bottle is dishwasher safe and convenient to clean. Also, since made from BPA, BPS, and BPF free material, the bottle is safe to drink from and very durable too. It is available on for Rs. 1,399.

Nalgene BPA Free Tritan Wide Mouth Water Bottle


Nalgene is an American brand that offers the best water sports bottles. This bottle is made from Tritan polyester and is super sturdy and durable. The wide-mouthed design helps you to refill and clean It easily. The bottle is guaranteed to be leakproof and so can be used to transport liquids conveniently. The tethered cap prevents spill and accounts for ease of use too. This water sports bottle is BPA free and very safe to drink from. Besides, it is dishwasher safe also. The measurement markings on the bottle enables you to keep track of the quantity of water that you consume. This handy 16 oz bottle is available on for Rs. 1,752, including shipping charges.

Zulu Glass Water Bottle


Glass water bottles aren’t a ubiquitous sight among water sports bottles, but this bottle from Zulu is too good to be ignored. This water sports bottle is specifically engineered for athletes who are particular about choosing eco-friendly options to stay hydrated. This glass bottle has a silicone sleeve provided with it that provides for impact protection and anti-slip grip.

The one-touch push button lid with the lock keeps the bottle leak proof at all times. All parts of the bottle including the silicon sleeve are BPA free and also dishwasher safe. At a price of Rs. 2,299, it may seem expensive but with the company’s lifetime guarantee protection, it all sounds worth it! You can purchase this water sports bottle from

Bonus Idea: Get a Hydration Pack


Well, if you are more of a serious athlete and looking to purchase something far from a simple water bottle, then here is an option. This advanced hydration system consists of a TPU bladder that keeps water intact without the need for a bottle. The high-quality nylon bag holds not only the bladder but also other essentials while on the go. This bag is easy to carry and best as gear for outdoor activities like hiking, trekking or cycling. This bag from Trek n ride is available on for Rs. 1,899.

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