Cut Down on Plastic Bottles By Using a Filter Water Bottle When Travelling. 10 Best Water Bottles with Filter in India (2020) - Buy One and You're Good to Go!

Cut Down on Plastic Bottles By Using a Filter Water Bottle When Travelling. 10 Best Water Bottles with Filter in India (2020) - Buy One and You're Good to Go!


No need to worry about clean drinking water while travelling anymore. No matter where you plan to go, you can make sure you can always hydrate yourself without any risk of consuming contaminated water. Just invest in a good filter bottle once and you won't have to buy bottled water ever again. Keep refilling your bottle from river, streams or even springs, without any risk of potential health hazards!

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Water - the Elixir of life

Water is considered to be the elixir of life and is used for a variety of purposes such as drinking, cooking, bathing etc. It is crucial for hydrating the body and also allows the cells and organs of the body to function well. Water is used for lubricating joints, transportation of oxygen, thinking and reasoning capabilities, regulating the body temperature, regulating digestion, flushing the waste from the body and also for maintaining the blood pressure. Thus, there are numerous benefits one can get just by drinking water But of course, the fundamental rule for drinking water is that we must drink water that is clean and safe!

Do Water Bottles with Filters Really Work?

Have you been thinking recently about investing in a filter water bottle? Do you want to discover if it works? Read on to know the benefits of these bottles. Filter bottles come in handy when you are traveling or trekking and do not have access to safe drinking water. It is not always possible to carry water cans with you.

To facilitate the travellers with safe water, these filter water bottles were discovered. These bottles are certified to be safe for use and are efficient in filtering liters of water in a single-use. Moreover, they are also capable of filtering water for prolonged use and have a longer shelf life.

However, before, choosing a bottle there are few things one should keep in mind. Look for their shelf-life, ensure they are environmental friendly and BPA-free. And of course, be sure to check the customer reviews.

What Does a Filter Water Bottle Do?

A filter water bottle has an inbuilt filtration system that is capable of removing impurities and contaminants from the water. Here is a list of the filtering elements that are used in these water bottles. 

  • Step 1 - Activated carbon: also known as activated charcoal, which is treated with oxygen and it assists with the adsorption process. This is because the compound is highly porous.

  • Step - 2: Adsorption process: this involves attachment of atoms, ions, and molecules. Those ions bond to the pollutants and removes the impurities from the water. It also facilitates and increases the bonding process that imparts effective filtration.

  • Step 3 - Filtration: there are two types of filters - neutral and non-polar filters which are to remove the impurities. During the process, the bottle with just activated carbon is not enough for filtration. It further needs to be completed with patented filtration systems.

  • Step 4 - Ionization: many bottles are further enhanced with ionization technology such as infusing the water with hydrogen ions or alkalinity to improve the taste of water and also to enrich with essential nutrients and minerals.

Here are a few steps by which you can use a filtered water bottle:

  • Fill the bottle with water from a natural source such as taps, streams, lakes and other water bodies. 

  • Allow the water to rest for some time such that the impurities and contamination present in the water are removed.

  • The bottles fitted with filters are capable of filtering one liter of water for each use.

  • Always check the filter for an indication of blockage so that it can be replaced to improve its efficiency.

Benefits of Using a Filter Water Bottle

When we are thirsty and on the go, we always tend to prefer to use water bottles that are discarded after every use. This, in turn, reduces the amount of waste that is discarded and increases carbon footprint.

  • Removes bacteria and viruses at every use.
  • Removes bad odor from water.
  • Removes chemical contaminants such as chlorine, lead, chromium, mercury and other compounds from the water.
  • Reduce plastic wastage and chemical leaching into the water.
  • Offers portability.
  • Easy to use and can be used for activities such as sporting, trekking, cycling, etc.
  • Saves time and cost.
  • Improved health benefits.

Best Filter Bottles Available In India

Tata Swach 740 ml Water Purifier Bottle

This is a purifying water bottle developed by the makers from TATA. The bottle is perfect for purifying the water from its original source and making it safe for human consumption. Nowadays, due to increasing pollution, it is difficult to find clean drinking water. However, you can be at peace because this purifier is the perfect answer to all your woes.

This non-electric purifier is perfect to filter upto 1000 liters and has a warranty of one year. Additionally, using this bottle can eliminate the usage of 1000 one-liter plastic water bottles, thus proving to be beneficial for the environment as well. It has a capacity of holding 740 ml water and is very easy to use. Just fill the bottle with water and it is ready for consumption. The bottle can be purchased at an attractive rate of Rs.575/- from Flipkart.

NKD POD+ Water Filter Bottle 585ml


This bottle is designed and manufactured by the British company NKD. It provides the functionality of water purification and filtration using cutting design. Chemical leaching in water bottles is averted by using environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.

The bottle comes with a purification pod and filtering systems that not only purifies the water but also re energizes it with essential minerals. When compared to other such bottles that just come with a filter, this can prove to be more beneficial for you. By opting for this filter bottle, you can eliminate the usage of nearly 1200 bottles per year.

The NKD filter system comprises the following – antibacterial technology capable of eliminating 99.9 percent germs. Activated carbon to remove odor. Lastly, natural minerals to add essential nutrients for the body to be absorbed. This advanced bottle can be purchased for Rs.1,999/- from Croma.

Nirveli Water Purifier Bottle 700 ml


This bottle is the perfect commodity for providing hydration on the go. The Nirveli purifier bottle is made from high-quality PET. It comprises of a CLEANFLO Filtration technology, that contains activated charcoal and silver ions. The activated charcoal is efficient in removing any unpleasant odors from the water. While the silver ions are efficient in purifying the water from impurities.

The filter comes with a warranty of one year. Moreover, it also comprises a high-flow rate that controls the water flow thus preventing any water leaks. The filter is capable of filtering nearly 1000 liters of water and removes 99.9 percent germs from the water. This chic and stylish water bottle can be purchased for Rs.999/- from Naaptol.

Hial 500 ml Water Purifier Bottle

Fill your bottle and get hydrogen-rich water in a few minutes just by opting for this water-purifying bottle. The bottle comes in a stylish design that is sleek and easy to carry around. The purifier filters the water by removing odor and infuses the water with ions. This is the first purifier bottle that comprises of hydrogen ions. These hydrogen ions are infused into the purified water and act as an antioxidant.

The hydrogen ions are beneficial for reducing free radicals. It also improves digestion, promotes good sleep, aids in weight loss and much more. The exterior of the bottle is designed as a touch interface that is used for ion diffusion. It has a visualized electrolyzation meter that shows the statistics and an intelligent shutdown mechanism. The bottle can be charged via USB. The smart water bottle can be purchased for Rs.9,500/- from Flipkart

Lifestraw Go 2 Stage Filtration 650ml

This is an advanced water bottle that is equipped with a two-stage filter process. The bottle filters bacteria, viruses, microplastics, chemicals, etc. The lifestraw can remove 99.9 percent microbes present in your water making it safe for consumption. Just fill your bottle with water from lakes or streams and you are all set to go. The bad odor is eliminated from water by using activated charcoal. Moreover, the straw consists of microbiological and carbon filters.

The hollow fiber allows water to pass seamlessly but if it becomes fully clogged then the straw has to be replaced. It is capable of filtering upto 4000 liters of water. The lightweight bottle is made from BPA-free material that is durable and easy to carry. This advanced bottle can be purchased for Rs.3,374/- from Trekkin.

P-ZONE Borosilicate Glass Antioxidant Alkaline Water Bottle


A water bottle that imparts alkaline properties to your drinking water. The water bottle cum filter comprises an alkaline diffuser that replenishes your water and neutralizes the acidity in your body. The bottle is made of borosilicate and inbuilt with an alkaline diffuser that enhances the taste of the water, increase the pH levels up to 9.5 and makes it alkaline. This is also the point at which the hydrogen level in the water is enhanced and the Oxygen Reduction Potential is reduced that removes free radicals. Moreover, the taste if the water is enhanced by adding essential minerals and nutrients in the water. Moreover, the growth of harmful bacteria and viruses are restricted. Consumption of alkaline water provides hydration, weight loss, strengthens joints, body detox, increases energy, enhances digestion and gives healthy skin. The bottle can be purchased for Rs.999/- from Amazon.

Grayl Ultralight Water Purifier [+ filter] Bottle


Get pure water with a touch of a button with this ultralight purifier cum filter bottle. It makes 710 ml of safe and clean drinking water. The bottle comes with a OnePress™ that provides clean drinking water quickly with the touch of a single button. The purifier cum filter is efficient in removing pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, rotavirus, e.coli, cholera, salmonella typhi, and other disease causing pathogens.

The filter comes with various stage filters such as particulates, sediments, microplastics, chemicals, and pesticides. It is considered to be the fastest purifier in the world as it can dispatch clean water in 8 seconds for 5 liters of water. It also comprises of a SimpleVent™ drink cap that is capable of providing three functions - air vents, prevents cross-contamination and hydration.

Moreover, it also comprises of a non-slip grip and is made of eco-friendly sustainable material. The water purifier is capable of filtering water for 350 cycles with a cartridge life of 10 years. The water purifier can be purchased for Rs.13,720/- from Kiron.

Oko h2o Level-2 Advanced Filtration Water Bottle


A water bottle that comes with a replaceable filter that removes contaminants on the go. It is developed with cutting-edge technology that is FDA compliant. Also, it is capable of filtering nearly 100 gallons of water and has been lab-tested to provided 99.97% purification. It is equipped with an Oko level-2 filter. The level-1 filter is comprised of activated carbon that removes chlorine, taste, and odor. The level-2 filter was designed for the International Space Station that contains electro-adsorption to trap the harmful agents. Additionally, it consists of a semi-soft nozzle equipped with a washer that dispatches water at a steady rate. There is a clip attached on top of the water cap that can be easily clipped onto your bag for easy portability. The filter can be easily replaced when it is not required. The Oko bottle is lightweight and is easily portable and can be purchased for Rs.5,035/- from Kiron.

Quantum Alkaline Filtered Water Cup

A metal water bottle that comes with a quantum alkaline filtered water cup can be a perfect choice for you. The alkaline filter can help dissolve acidity in the body. Also, the water cup quickly neutralizes the toxins in the water and maintains a balance to enhance the purity of the water and also the body. The water cup is made of stainless steel and has a water capacity of 400 ml. It weighs approximately 355 grams.

This bottles also comes with two attachments - filter tip and water dispenser bush that is very classy. The main functionality of the water cup is that it comes with a balanced bioenergy nano ionizer. In addition to purifying the water, it also charges the water and also infuses it with positive ions to eliminate free radicals from the body. It can be purchased for Rs.1,569/- from Banggood

Seychelle Extreme Water Filter Bottle

Last we have a filter bottle that is equipped with ionic adsorption micro-filtration technology and is capable of removing 99.9% contaminants. Its advanced filter is capable of addressing five problem areas such as aesthetics, microbiological, chemical, dissolved solids, and radiological pollutants. It is equipped with BPA-free microfilter that is infused with granulated activated coconut carbon and patented absorption media.

The water is forced through the filter to remove all traces of contaminants thus making it capable of removing odor, harmful pathogens, toxic chemicals, dissolved solids, and others. The most unique feature of the bottle is that the filter is patented and laboratory tested according to all protocols and standards. The bottle can be purchased for Rs.3000/- from Ubuy.

DIY: How to Make Water Filter From Water Bottle?

Not keen to buy a separate filter bottle? You can easily make a filter water bottle at home with things that are easily available at home.

Things needed:
  • Plastic water bottle
  • Water bottle caps
  • Plastic pipe
  • Pipe cutter
  • Glue gun
  • Glue gun
  • Driller

  • Step - 1: With the help of a hand drill, poke a hole in the center of the water bottle cap.
  • Step - 2: With the help of a glue gun, stick both the water bottle cap with the smooth side upwards.
  • Step - 3:Insert a plastic pipe into the hole of the water bottle cap that is capable of being inserted into the end of the water bottle.
  • Step - 4: Place the pipe into the bottle that holds the dirty water.
  • Step - 5: On the other bottle cap, screw in empty water on the other end.
  • Step - 6: Allow the water bottles to rest for more than 2 hours. The evaporation of water enables the dirty water to evaporate from the dirty water and to pass into the empty bottle.
  • Step - 7: Remove the bottle with clean water carefully. Now it is ready for use.
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How To Keep Your Filter Water Bottle Clean?

Like any other bottle, it is important to keep this bottle clean at all times, as well. Infact, you need to take more care of it, as you wouldn't want its filter to get clogged. Some basic rules to maintain its hygiene includes washing it daily at least once. Use a mild dish detergent and rinse it thoroughly with soap water and then regular water. Another rule is to never "top it off" so as to mix new water with old one. Always empty it completely before re-filling it with fresh water.