Make Your Camping Trip Much Convenient with This Basic Amenity! 10 Best Portable Camping Stoves in 2020

Make Your Camping Trip Much Convenient with This Basic Amenity! 10 Best Portable Camping Stoves in 2020

If you are a newbie to the camping arena, then don’t take the plunge without knowing a few important points about a camping stove. This small burner is a must-have during the camping and picnic trips and very helpful to cook those small meals or to make hot beverages in the chilly surroundings. In this post, we bring you 10 such burners along with their types so that you can decide for yourself which one suits you best.

Types of Camping Stoves You Should Know About

A lot of changes have been made, and new models have been introduced since the advent of a camping stove in the 19th century. A wide variety of models and designs are being used for different purposes, and they can be categorized as per the stove design and the nature of the fuel used in them.

Some stoves use a flammable liquid in a pressurized tank connected to the burner, and a knob can regulate the pressure, and then there are unpressurized stoves in which liquid or solid fuel can be used in the burner to light up the ignition. Spirit stoves (which use methylated spirits or alcohol) and bottled gas stoves are examples of these.

Then there are charcoal stoves (read oven), which are a bit broader and mainly used for barbeque and roast but can be folded to fit in a small case. A few more types are standard propane campground stoves, canister backpacking stoves, BioLite camp stoves, and solar stoves.

Different types of camping stoves are used for various activities, e.g., Canister Stove or JetBoil Stove are used for solo backpacking, float camping, kayak camping, etc., but are not useful in places where temperatures dip below zero degrees. Liquid fuel stoves are suitable for mountain camping and winter camping, a portable campground stove is ideal for a campground trip and would easily fit in a small space in your car.

Solar stoves are useful for places where you can easily get an ample amount of sunlight. A solar stove is also helpful as a backup stove for your home if you live in an area where sunlight is not an issue. Biolite stoves are another excellent option for campground or emergency backup stove as they can run on wood, leaves, twigs, and straws, etc.

Few Important Points About Camping Stoves

Before you order that little stove for your next camping trip, BBQ party at your terrace, or a backup stove for your home, do consider a few essential points. First and foremost, the size of the camping stove should be considered according to your convenience and requirement. Do you want a double burner or a single burner would solve the purpose? Do you have enough space in your car to carry the stove, or you want a folding camping stove that can be easily fitted in a backpack?

If you are going solo or as a couple, then a small folding stove is sufficient. The second important part is fuel; think about the carrying part while purchasing the stove; do you want to carry a gallon of fuel along, or would you like to use natural fuel like twigs and dry leaves, etc. And finally, know about the stove’s burn time to gauge if it would burn for a sufficient amount of time to help you make the desired amount of food for you.

Best Camping Stoves You Can Order Online

Generic Camping Steel Stove Gas-powered Butane Propane Burner

The Generic camping steel stove is a perfect companion for camping and adventure enthusiasts. Though the burner looks small, it is capable of producing a power of up to 2600W, and the flames produced are vibrant, which makes the optimum utilization of the liquid, thus helps in saving fuel. The high-quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy can easily withstand high temperatures and doesn’t turn black on high usage.

The stands are sturdy and large enough to take a load of various vessels and big or small pots can easily stand on them. The gas stove can be powered by propane or butane, is portable and can be easily folded in the box provided along with it. This product can be purchased from for Rs. 1,854.

Add Gear Hans Portable Dual Fuel Butane + LPG Gas Burner Camping Picnic Stove with Carry Case

The portable stove can run both on butane as well as the conventional LPG and comes with Piezo ignitor safety lock, which works on a heat conduction system and is an automatic shut-off safety lock. The burner has a knob to adjust the flame and also has a fuel lock button to close the fuel inflow, when not in use.

The stove also has a drip pan below the burner to reduce any kind of spillage into the stove and the long stands can easily sit heavy utensils on them. You also get a brass inlet port, LPG adaptor for gas pipe and a sturdy carrying case for the portable stove. An ideal stove for a camping trip, this item can be purchased from for Rs. 2,499.

Esbit Pocket Stove Large

The pocket stove by Esbit is a portable, light and can be adjusted into two cooking positions depending on the size of the vessel. While you are in the middle of camping, no need to carry liquid fuel as you can use the 20 solid fuel tablets, which can be easily stored inside the stove itself. And once you are out of fuel, just pick a few dry leaves, straws and small pieces of woods, and your pocket stove is ready for use again. Made of electrolytic galvanized steel, the stove doesn’t change shape on heating continuously for a long time. The Esbit pocket stove small can be purchased at for Rs. 812.

Ultralight Backpacking Canister Camp Stove with Piezo Ignition

A backpacker's dream, this ultralight backpacking canister stove is a must-have for the camping and trekking trips as it can be folded and put in the box provided along with the stove. It weighs only 110 gm and would take only a small place in your backpack. The backpacking canister camp stove works on the Piezo ignition and uses liquid fuel. This product can be purchased from for Rs. 1,794.

Portable Lightweight Wood Burning Stove

Another portable stove in which natural fuels like twigs, leaves, wood, straws, pinecones, etc. can be used as fuel, which helps you to save money and travel light by not having to carry liquid fuel. The backpacking wood burning stove is designed to get optimum utilization of the fuel used and produces less smoke by clean gasification of the fuel by causing a third combustion process. It can quickly boil about 1 litre of water in 8 – 10 minutes and works well even in light windy conditions. The stainless steel body is sturdy, and the collapsible four units can be easily assembled and uninstalled. The cross bracket provided along with it helps to keep vessels over it firmly. The stove comes in a portable nylon mesh pouch and is available on for Rs. 1,912.

Portable Solar Cooker for Cooking Rice, Dal, Vegetables, Nuts Cake

This solar cooker is not the conventional bulky cooker, but a lightweight, medium-sized and shatterproof solar cooker in which glass is not used to cook food. You can boil lentils, rice, make soup, corn, bake cakes, cook vegetables and roast nuts and flour, etc. in this multipurpose cooker. The compact and portable solar cooker is easy to carry and will be very useful for your camping trips.

There is no hassle to carry fuel or to arrange biofuel and you can use it multiple times without even spending a dime. It’s quite safe with no fear of fire and no monitoring is required as the food will not burn even if kept for hours in the sunlight and the two utensils provide the convenience to cook at slow heat. The portable solar cooker by Twinsun can be purchased from for Rs. 2,990.

Portable Windproof Camping Stove

This windproof camping stove is light, foldable, and works well in windy places as the power is taken from the fuel tank joined below it, and the fuel comes up in the nozzle with pressure, thus giving an intense and powerful flame of 2300 W which helps in cooking faster. The toothed steel brackets can easily withstand a weight of up to 4 kgs and would make sufficient food for several people. The two sealing rings present in the stove prevent leakage, which makes it safer to use, and the stainless steel and brass body are strong enough to handle high degrees of temperature. The foldable windproof camping stove weighs just 72 gm and is available on for Rs. 1,085.

Lixada Camping Stove, Portable Folding Wood Stove

A camping stove so small and compact that it would stand on your palm, and once folded, you can keep it in your pocket. The foldable stove can be assembled in seconds, and the durable stainless steel panels create a sturdy platform for your utensils. The Lixada camping stove is scientifically designed to keep the wood pieces, and the air vents provide proper ventilation resulting in efficient burning. You can use twigs, small branches, and dry leaves for cooking a full meal from this stove without the costly liquid or petrol fuels.

It also includes a tray where you can keep solid alcohol fuel and this portable folding stove is a true friend during camping activities as you don’t have to carry bulky fuel canisters. The portable folding wood stove weighs just 290 gm, dimensions are 8 x 9 x 11 cm and can be purchased from for Rs. 2,589.

Tiny Camping Stove

This camping stove is so tiny that it would hide in your fist and would easily slide in your pocket, but still is capable of providing firepower of up to 3000 W. The tiny camping stove weighs just 45 gm and has a foldable switch to control the flame intensity. This folding camping stove can be mounted on top of a mini butane tank, and the collapsible brackets have an anti-skid design with excellent load-bearing capacity.

The stove is made of stainless steel + aluminum + copper and is strong enough to easily manage the heat produced. This tiny camping stove comes in a pouch to conveniently carry it along and the item can be purchased from for Rs. 1,287.

Galaxy Wilson Classic Chrome 3 L Portable Kerosene Wick/Camping Stove

This camping stove will be quite useful for group camping as the 3 L capacity kerosene tank can provide enough fuel for cooking enough food for few people. It has a multi-wall burner casing and multi-level indicator for added security, and ten wicks are present inside the stove to provide uniform flames across the burner. Also, the wick control lever present on the sidewall allows you to control the height of the wicks smoothly. The dimensions of the Galaxy Wilson Classic Chrome stove are - length: 28 cm, breath: 28 cm, height: 26 cm, and it can be purchased from for Rs. 1,050.

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Save Yourself From the Burden of Carrying Those Heavy Fuel Cans!

Small shopkeepers also use few camping stoves in remote areas where they use natural fuels like wood, straws, and cow dung, etc. to make snacks and tea. Camping stoves are a great respite, especially in remote and far-flung places, as most of them can be assembled quickly and can work on a liquid fuel like kerosene or propane. As mentioned in this post, in few camping stoves, wood, dry grass, and straws can be used as fuel, and they save you from the unnecessary headache of carrying fuel cylinders along.