Starting a Home Gym or Want to Learn More About Your Equipment? Here are 8 of the Most Commonly Used Gym Equipment with Names and Prices (2020)

Starting a Home Gym or Want to Learn More About Your Equipment? Here are 8 of the Most Commonly Used Gym Equipment with Names and Prices (2020)

Understanding gym equipment when starting your journey through fitness and putting together exercise equipment can seem pretty daunting in the beginning. But don't worry! We’ve curated a list of exercise equipment’s to set you free from the unknown and expand your fitness limits. This guide will help you put together an effective gym or simply be better versed with the equipment you've been using so far. Read on to find the best for yourself!

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Types of Gym Equipment

Cardio Equipment

Most gyms have equipment that allows you to simulate cycling, rowing, running, kayaking, etc. This equipment could be elliptical trainers, treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines, etc. It provides the necessary activity required to keep your respiratory system and the heart and lungs in good shape. It helps to tone muscles in your body.

Strength Equipment

These equipment use your body weight, a resistive force, or external weights to tone up your body into shape. Hand weights, resistance bands, ankle weights, etc. fall in this category. There are also many weight machines and lifting accessories that can help you gain muscle mass. The equipment can be of different types, depending on the features and size. The portable ones can be used at home.

Free Weight Training

The free weight exercises can be used to chisel up all areas of your body. These equipment include a barbell or a free bar, a dumbbell, a weight plate, a kettlebell, a flat bench, triceps bar, etc. The ones like the pull-up bar, suspension trainer, can also be used as the gymnastics equipment. The ones like the climbing rope can work on specifics about your body. Similarly, the kettlebell can develop the core and stabilisation muscles to a great extent.

Different Types of Gym Equipment with Names

Indoor Rowing Machine

The rowing machine helps to build your fitness and cut down on your extra flab. You can work on your muscles, glutes and the hamstring. And rowing is an excellent exercise for toning your muscles. With this indoor machine, you need not search for a water body. While you need to work on your strength, the cardio section also requires attention, and the rowing machine is one of the best options. Rowers are compact and can be used at home as it does not take up too much space. The equipment also helps you to do upper body exercises like biceps curls and triceps kickbacks.

The Model D RowErg from Concept2 is among the best selling indoor rowers globally. It provides an exhaustive cardiovascular workout to improve your fitness. Competitive rowers also recognise it as their equipment for training indoors.

It is controlled by air resistance which makes it less noisy. There are various online challenges, and it comes with a free app. The machine comes with a two-year warranty and is available at Rs. 1,20,000 at the company website.

Strength Training on the Power Tower


A power trainer is found in most gyms as multi-purpose equipment. It helps you perform several exercises like chin up, pull up, chest dips, triceps dips, ab crunch, etc. These routines work on the upper part of the body, including chest, biceps, triceps, back, abdominal muscles, etc. The equipment allows you to have a complete workout for your upper body along with proper training volume.

The Power Tower from Iris has an adjustable bar and a maximum load of 550 pounds. There is a sitting bench for your various types of exercises. It is made from a sturdy base and reinforced steel frame and has a padded back along with arm cushions. The handles have grips to prevent slipping along with slip-resistant foot grips. It is available at a heavily discounted price of Rs. 14,999 on Amazon.

Leg Press Machine

If you are looking for heavyweight exercises, the leg press is among the best. You may work on your hamstring, quadriceps and the quads as well as the glutes. There are two types of leg press machines, viz. the horizontal leg press and a 45-degree leg press. For the latter, the seat is at an angle when the legs are pressed upward. The machine provides the benefits of barbell squats that also help to develop the calves, thighs and the quadriceps.

You must sit on the machine with the head and the back against the resting support. The feet should be on the footplate, and the heels must be flat. Royal Fitness has numerous machines in this category, with a price range between Rs. 28,000 to Rs. 38,000. The price depends on the machine weight.

Training Bench

It is an adjustable platform that you to do weight exercises. The backrest can be adjusted to an incline if the need arises. The bench allows more options to exercise, and space has more purpose. The bench you need depends on various factors. Based on your exercises, you can choose a normal one or a specialised one with wheels or settings that can be adjusted.

Various brands provide their unique features to rev up your exercise sessions. Some of them have an extra-wide bottom to handle any weight on it when you are doing your exercises. A multi-position bench can be adjusted to a decline or an incline as per your needs. Most of the benches do not require much room in the gym.

A Karrfit flat bench can withstand 200 kilos of weight and has soft padded and cushioned seats. The height can be adjusted quickly. It is available at a discounted price of Rs. 5,500 at the Shopclues website.

Exercise Bikes

Cycling is a good exercise for your legs, but going out for biking may not be possible for many. The exercise bikes are ideal for continuing your exercising at home. It helps to enhance the leg muscles and your stamina. There are various options available, and based on the features offered, the price varies. Some of the bikes have added padding and cushion to keep you comfortable.

Some of the exercise bikes even have a fan and chain design system that is ideal for your workouts. But most of the equipment has a belt drive system as it does not need any maintenance. While buying one, do not forget to check the sturdiness and the material used to manufacture it. Also, check how comfortable it is for you when doing the exercise.

The Cosco Upright Bike 232D is a double direction magnetic bike. The flywheel weighs 5 Kgs and has a fixed handlebar. It is priced at Rs. 10,050 at the Magnus Fitness World website.


It is standard cardio equipment that you may encounter across all gyms. There are variations in features, and most can allow you to change the incline and speeds. Some of them even allow you to monitor the heart. The horsepower of the motor ensures that the treadmill is of high quality. If you plan to exercise frequently for a long session, you must have a continuous-duty horsepower (CHP) of 2.5 to 3.0. The treadmills with an incline can help you to simulate outdoor conditions.

The belt should be at least 18 inches in width and 48 inches in length, but it will also depend on your height. It must absorb the shock of regular workouts and must not move abruptly while you are exercising. Depending on the space available, you may choose a folding treadmill too.

The PowerMax Fitness TDA-125 treadmill has a 2.0 HP DC motor and an 18 level auto incline. The LCD is capable of showing the distance, time, speed, heart rate and calories. It can withstand a weight of 115 kilos and has speed select hotkeys too. It is available at a highly discounted price of Rs. 39,400 on Flipkart.

Lat Pulldown


If pull-ups form an integral part of your routine, the lat pulldown should be the equipment of choice. With this equipment, you can work on the full posterior. It helps in toning the back muscles, and you can work with adjustable weights. It allows you to work on only the back muscles without involving your triceps or biceps. Building the back muscles make you look taller, prevent pain in the back and make you look taller. Apart from building the muscles, it also helps in improving balance.

This lat pulls down the machine from Jerai has dimensions of 90 mm X 60 mm X 50 mm. The upholstery is of high-density foam, making it comfortable when you are doing your workout sessions. There is a thigh pad adjustment that makes you sit properly, and your posture is correct. There are dual strap grips, and there is a weight stack up to 200 pounds. It is priced at Rs. 1,35,000 and is available on Amazon.

Home Multi-Gym


It may be impractical for some to visit the gym every day. For those people, the home gym is ideal equipment as it does not occupy too much space but is compact and allows you to do multiple workout routines. You need to buy several types of equipment separately, and you can easily do lateral raises, chest press, bicep curl, lat pulldown and many more. You must check the features available before buying one.

If you are looking for a feature-rich home multi-gym, then the Cosco CHG-150R will be suitable for you. It has a unique low pulley design on either side of the mainframe along with an optional safety steel cover, a pulley wheel with bearing, etc. It has a streamlined but straightforward design and has an adjustable seat. It is priced at Rs. 22,400 on Amazon.

How to Choose the Right Gym Equipment for Your Workout

Check Space Limitations

You must always take measurements of the space available to you. Unless you are a gym with lots of space. If you are setting up a gym, keep in mind that lots of real estates will be used for your administration office and reception. Also, keep a list of all equipment you plan to buy. According to the list, optimise the space required by checking the space occupied by each machine. You must also leave ample space between the equipment so that your patrons can move around freely.

If you are buying equipment for use at home, always take the measurements of the space available and leave some area to move around. When you visit the showroom, always inform the salesperson about the amount of space available, and he can help you with the available options.

Weights and Capacities

You need to understand how you plan your workouts. It will again depend on your build. If you are slim and starting, it will be enough if you can improve your cardio endurance. Your requirement for equipment will be different from someone muscular. In case you are planning to lift weights, always choose equipment that is robust and can withstand the wear and tear of your workout routine.

On the other hand, if you are a gym, you must have an assortment of different types of equipment and cater to the tastes of different people. You must be in touch with a gym instructor who can help you with the types of equipment that need to be procured.

Your Goals and Objectives

If you are willing to buy equipment for use at home, you must understand your goals and objectives. If you plan to lose weight, the equipment you will require is different from someone who is a professional bodybuilder. If you are a starter, you can work with portable equipment like bands, bench, dumbbells, etc. The equipment you choose must be personalised according to your immediate needs. As you increase your level of workouts, you may buy newer equipment. But it is meaningless to buy different types of equipment together without using a few of them at all.

The Budget

You must fix an amount of money that you can spend on buying the equipment. It will allow you to select the right type of equipment that you can buy. However, if you are committed to setting up a home gym, then the budget could be a non-issue. In that case, you need to think about whether to buy the equipment or take it on a lease. However, do note that the organisations that may offer the material on lease are very few. If you are buying for a gym, also consider the number of people who would be using a particular type of equipment at any one time.

Maintenance and Support

When you are investing money on procuring new gym equipment, always ensure that the setting up of the material is included in the final cost. Also, consider whether the equipment is durable. Check for the comments and feedback provided by earlier clients for that brand. Also, check the warranty that comes with the equipment. Ensure that there is a proper procedure for after-sales support.

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Having a clear understanding of the equipment that is in your gym, or when building a home gym for yourself, is very important because this will help you to set better bodybuilding and fitness goals. The best thing is, once you learn the names, types and prices of exercise equipment out there, you will be liberated from the initial shock and intimidation. We hope this guide helped you to get well versed in the gym machine lingo and hope you equipped with the best knowledge among the most popular gym types of equipment and accompanying workouts.