Don't Compromise on An Essential Accessory: 10 Best Water Bottles Options Available Today (2020)

Don't Compromise on An Essential Accessory: 10 Best Water Bottles Options Available Today (2020)

Water Bottle is a part of our daily life and we use it all the time for driving our storing various drinks but have you ever thought about the quality of water bottles you are using daily? Most of us don't think much but actually it's very important since these bottles contain different kind of plastics which reacts with liquid. So before purchasing the bottles, there are several tips to choose the right bottle. BP-Guide already has taken care of that and here are some of the useful tips as well as some good quality water bottles, so that you can choose the best for you without going anywhere.

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Tips on Choosing Best Water Bottles

When it comes to choosing a bottle for them, people actually don't put much effort but people should understand that there are so many things one should consider while selecting a bottle for them. But actually there is confusion between people that what to consider and what not too, so here BP-Guide will give you some tips before going for the right choice for the right person.

Types of Water Bottles


With the different kind of water bottles available in the market, be it metal, glass, plastic and more, it can be quite taxing to know which one to pick, what with each bottle make having its own strengths and cons as well. Whatever your purpose be, a water bottle to carry during a workout would be different from the one you’d carry your tea or coffee in. Besides the purpose, the size of your bottle, capacity, shape also matters a lot.

In order to select the best bottle for your needs, it is essential the use of each category as well. For instance, a Vacuum insulated bottle can keep the liquid super cold or beverages hot for nearly 5 hours, while a Glass water bottle does away with any metallic or plastic taste, presence of chemicals and BPAs. In addition, when you’re able to see how much liquid is left inside the bottle without making an effort, it has its own kick!

A Stainless Steel bottle is a low cost and effective option as its non-reactive, lightweight and BPA free too, although it's good only for a short time. Then, there are the ever-popular plastic water bottles which are not only trendy but also apt for carrying during physical activities, have some cool designs and shapes and most varieties these days are made of Tritan that’s becoming popular owing to it being free of any androgenic, or estrogenic activity or BPAs.

Tips on Safety

Most people wonder if it is safe to reuse their plastic water bottles given the extensive research done on BPA. What can help you is, to follow some basic steps? For instance, if you’re going to refill your plastic bottle, do it just a few times and avoid repeated exposure to excessive temperature/heat changes, as it can leach, avoid washing the bottle with hot water or adding hot liquids inside the bottle.

When you purchase a new bottle, ensure that you’ve checked it for a secure seal below the cap. In terms of reusing the plastic bottle, it is better to wash the bottle with warm and soapy water and not scalding water, rinse it and air dry before using it. This will prevent bacterial growth. Freezing the bottle is although safe, it can lead to deformation, scratches and trapping of bacteria inside the bottle, so avoid freezing the water bottle. Once you’ve finished using the bottle, recycle it.

How to Choose the Best Bottles

The importance of drinking ample water isn’t lost on us and to that effect, investing in a reusable water bottle that can be refilled multiple times is warranted. The best way of choosing a bottle that’s best suited for you is to understand the key benefits it entails.

For instance, a stainless steel water bottle can keep your hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, is comparatively more durable than a plastic or glass bottle in terms of wear and tear or breakage. A glass water bottle keeps any foreign tastes at bay and given its transparency, it is easier to make out when its time to refill the content, while a plastic bottle wins hands down owing to its lightweight character, BPA free composition, and portability factor.

Some other important decisions to help you choose the best bottle is to consider the right size of the bottle which is measured best in litres or ounces, or shape, which is best slender making it convenient to carry around and the presence of a nozzle which prevents the liquid from sloshing out or spilling.

Best Plastic Water Bottles

Although there are plenty of options available in the market and sometimes it's just not easy to pick the right one but here also we will help you. We already have chosen some of the best bottles in the market. You can purchase them in a single click and get them home delivered.


Leakproof and BPA Free, the Cello Water Bottles are break-resistant and made of crystal clear texture, 100% food graded and hygienic. Manufactured with authentic food graded non-toxic plastic, the CELLO Venice Plastic Water Bottles are spill-proof and easy to pour out of, extremely durable and freezer/refrigerator safe as well.

The Cello Venice Plastic Water Bottles come in a set of 5 bottles in same/different colours with a capacity to hold 1 litre of water and each bottle has been designed ergonomically making it compact and lightweight for everyday use.



The Milton Kip Sip is a 100% toxin-free water bottle made of unbreakable material. With a durable plastic body, the bottle can be carried with ease and comes in leak-proof makes with a wide mouth design. Compact and slender, the bottle can be stored in any bag easily and comes with glass to enhance its feature of comfort, style and safety. Elegantly designed and durable for long, the Milton Kip-Sip has been styled keeping in mind the latest trends in the market and is available in red, turquoise and orange colours in a 1-litre bottle.

CamelBak Eddy

The CamelBak Eddy is a spill-proof bottle that comes in a classic style and varied colours, ideal for everyday use. With 25% more flow with each sip, this eddy is leak-proof and easy to carry. Certified BPA, BPS and BPF free and with a universal cap that’s compatible with hot cap vessels and Chute® Mag, the .75 litre sized bottle works well with most cup holders and its loop handle makes it easier to clip it to a pack or conveniently carry it everywhere in your finger crook! The CamelBak Eddy is dishwasher safe and it weighs just 153gm. The CamelBak Eddy is made of Eastman Tritan and Copolyester Tritan.

Nalgene Silo

Larger than most other Nalgene bottles, the Nalgene Silo holds 5-litre water capacity. Nalgene Silo Water Bottle is made of Eastman Tritan Copolyester, is BPA free and top-rack dishwasher safe. With a superior impact resistance that’s apt for both cold and warm beverages, the Nalgene Tritan Silo has a Wide Mouth Water Bottle and can withstand any weather condition. Its convenient loop-top style makes it safe to hold onto the lid and the snap opening adapts to most water filters. Absolutely leakproof Nalgene bottle is easy to carry around to the gym, camping, office and everywhere in between. A proud member of the Thermo Fisher Scientific, for over 70 years the brand has been associated in manufacturing BPS and BPA free reusable water bottles.


Elegantly designed, Tupperware’s Aquasafe Fliptop Bottle range offers spill-proof bottles that are eco-friendly and portable in addition to being BPA free and made of 100% food-grade material. They have been designed keeping in mind the convenience of putting them in backpacks, have them for use during travel or in different parts of the house. The bottle’s shape makes it easier to store it in the refrigerator door. With a litre’s capacity, the bottle is tapered and contoured for easy hold and has a screw cap. It can fit well in most car cup holders, however, it is best not to store any other liquids except water including sodas or carbonated beverages or hot liquids. Aquasafe bottles are best cleaned with Tupperware Bottle Brush. Weighing over 11.4 ounces, Tupperware’s Aquasafe Fliptop Bottles measure 13.5 x 10.9 x 3.6 inches in dimensions.



A multipurpose and practically liquid-tight range of bottles that makes it easier to store cold drinks at home or carry outdoors, Nirlon’s unbreakable Ocean Water Bottles have been designed ergonomically, and lightweight and compact. Made of PET material they are strong and long-lasting and fit snugly in the door pocket of any refrigerator. With a unique design, this range of bottles from Nirlon are spill-proof and come with a tight cap and a comfortable grip. Ideal for both fridge and freezer use, and with a translucent body, you can keep track of how much water you’ve used. A 4 piece bottle set can hold 1000ML of water and the hygiene component of the bottles are quite high. Nirlon Water Bottles are available in a clear range of different colours including orange, grey, blue and green, you can store other liquids like squashes or soft beverages as well.


The Signoraware Aquasafe Fresh PP Water Bottle is made of premium food-grade material in a unique and stylish design that enables easy storage and convenient handling. Available in a set of 4, each bottle from the Signoraware Aquasafe Fresh range is sturdy and durable thanks to its polypropylene make which doesn’t react with the contents inside the bottles. With a shelf life longer than most other bottles, the bottle can hold 1000ml water, making it for easy storage and can also hold other liquids. The bottle lid fits tight and resists spillage despite constant movement whilst travelling. The upkeep of the Signoraware Aquasafe Fresh range is quite easy as well and is best done with a bottle cleaner/scrub and some mild detergent. It should be aired well after wash to rid the bottle of any odour and you should avoid pouring any hot liquids to prevent warping.


The Reebok Tritan Infuser Water Bottle comes with a wide neck design and is built for complete hydration. With a built-in filter and infuser that retains the flavour in your water, the bottle has a screw cap and loop for convenient handling. It is both BPA free and dishwasher safe, while the Tritan material is extremely durable, impact and break-resistant. The Reebok Tritan Infuser Water Bottle is available in colour combinations of black & pink or black & blue in a 650ml capacity, which is ideal for both cold and hot liquids and comes with ML and OZ measurement marks.



Puma’s range of water bottles is ideal for fashion-conscious consumers who prefer being hydrated while on the go. Its unique design matches the varying user preferences for stylish to sporty to durable use bottles. Its screw top with large opening prevents leakage and design makes it easy for the bottle to be carried around with ease. With a 1000ml capacity, the Puma plastic water bottle is a sipper bottle with a click spill-proof closure and transparent swing lid that opens easy at the push of a button. Puma’s unisex Sportstyle TR Bottle comes with water level marks on the body, is branded and made of BPF free material,



Now you can have hydration on the go with Nike’s TR HyperCharge Twist water bottle. The TR Hypercharge Twist Water Bottle an approximate 473ml water capacity, is made of durable and impact-resistant plastic material with an ergonomic handle and twist-off lid. Available in a cool grey, white or anthracite colour, the textured top makes it easier to grip the bottle for easy carrying and it is both BPA free and dishwasher safe. Nike’s TR Hypercharge Twist Water Bottle is made of varying contents of Tritan, polypropylene, thermoplastic elastomer and silicone. It is best to wash the water bottle with a mild detergent before use. With a unique design, the bottle looks really classy.

Bonus Tips: Reusing Plastic Water Bottles

You can use plastic water bottles without any reservations as with the quality of these bottles has only improved with time and have led to extensive financial and environmental benefits as well.

  • Reuse – makes it worthy to focus more on efficiency and less on wastage. Considering the efforts involved to create, fill, ship and recycle or eliminate plastic bottles, it is best to save all the trouble, reduce wastage, minimize pollution and conserve energy.
  • Benefits – with more than 60 million plastic water bottles discarded, all the waste tends to litter, clog and pollute the landfills, taking nearly 700 years to decompose! The reuse of plastic bottles can have far-reaching environmental benefits, not to forget financial gains in the long run.
  • Different Reuses– of a plastic water bottle can include, using it as a container to store craft or stationery items, once you cut off the top, using it as a piggy bank, using it as an ice pack by freezing water halfway, using the top half of the bottle as a funnel and the latter as a planter for plants, etc.
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Health Should Come First

Although many people don't give much importance to a water bottle. People should have a general awareness of bottles they are using for drinking hot or cold liquid. Many bottle material reacts with hot liquid and makes some compounds in it that will be harmful to health. What's the use of drinking such liquid which is meant to be healthy but because of choosing the wrong bottle, it becomes unhealthy. So its always advisable to use some good quality material for drinking, especially hot liquid. Because health comes first.