Have You Ever Thought of Incorporating Rice Water in Your Skincare Routine(2021)? Here's Our List of 5 Key Benefits that Rice Water Has for Skin, Hair, and Body.

Have You Ever Thought of Incorporating Rice Water in Your Skincare Routine(2021)? Here's Our List of 5 Key Benefits that Rice Water Has for Skin, Hair, and Body.

Rice water has been used for generations in Asian beauty rituals; it is the key behind the skin that is clear and glowing. Rice water is gentle, full of nutrients that make skin, and hair healthy and amazingly easy to DIY at home. Read on to find the great benefits of rice water that works wonders on your skin and hair.

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What Is Rice Water Good for?

A beauty secret that comes to the ancient Asian cultures is that of rice water, which is essentially the water that remains after the rice is boiled fully. Rice water has been in use for centuries by women across several countries for treating their hair, skin and is even ingested for a variety of health benefits.

How Is Rice Water Made?

Rice water comes from the starch that rice grains, a carb contains. When rice is boiled for 20-30 minutes without any additive like salt or butter, it becomes a milky white liquid which is called rice water. An alternate way of getting this solution is to soak the rice for ½ hour. However, there’s one line of thought that boiling draws more starch than the soaking.

Regardless of how the water is generated, once done, the rice should be removed and the remaining solution can be used in many different ways including recipes like soup, sushi or just discarded. The rice water can be stored in a glass jar with a lid after cooling and refrigerated for up to 4 days.

Benefits of Rice Water and How to Use It

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Often discarded, the cloudy water that gets left behind after boiling rice is a little more than a waste product! It has traditionally been something that can be enjoyed with a pinch of salt and pepper as it comes with its fair share of benefits such as aid in digestion. It can further be used for skin treatments and more! We capture here some of its most renowned benefits and ways you can use rice water.

Skin Benefits

An inexpensive, effective beauty balm, rice water is good for cleansing, toning and also lightening hyperpigmentation, age spots and repair sun damage. Rice water’s known to illuminate, firm and tighten the skin, giving it a refreshed charm, reduce pores and leave behind a powdery soft texture. It is thought that rice water works just as well as any skin lightening cream or serum! This remedy is additionally considered apt for treating acne, as rice water reduces redness, clear blemishes and soothe inflammation caused by eczema. Enriched with natural antioxidants like Vitamins A, C, phenolic and flavonoid compounds, rice water minimizes free radical damage as well.

Hair Benefits

In terms of hair treatment, rice water conditions deeply and softens the hair making it healthier and more manageable. Rice water also helps detangle and improve hair elasticity. After extensive research conducted by the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, significant benefits of improved elasticity and reduced surface friction of the hair were established. The rice water can be used to rinse the hair after a normal shampoo and conditioning for a final finish and can be followed once or twice a week for best results.

Health Benefits

The water reserved after soaking or boiling rice is considered as nutritious as the rice and is believed to result in a variety of health benefits in many cultures. It is known to provide energy, protect from sun damage, regulate body temperature and help with stomach issues like constipation, bloating or diarrhoea. Rice water’s also known to help prevent dehydration and is as effective as an electrolyte solution. Some people highly recommend consuming rice water in case of food poisoning.

Energy Boost

Rice water has a carbohydrate content which can significantly contribute to boosting your energy. The body easily absorbs the water and converts it into energy and hence can be easily replaced with the unhealthy aerated drinks that most people need to boost their energy levels! Since rice water’s packed with a healthy dose of minerals as well, drinking a glass of rice water every morning can give you enough energy to stay active through the day!

How to Use Rice Water for Skin

Nearly 16% of rice water’s nutritious value contains proteins which are considered the building blocks to cell health and while the lipids & triglycerides make for 10% of the rice water composition with starch at 9%, all this and the combination of carbs, inositol, phytic acid and other inorganic substances are best derived after boiling a handful of white rice in 2 cups of hot water and then strained.

You can use a small amount of the rice water on a cotton ball and gently apply it all over the face and neck as a skin toner, massage it into the skin for cleaning or use it as a face mask with a thick sheet of tissue paper. You can grate a natural soap bar and add it with some Vitamin E to the rice water for a soothing bath soak or add some sea salt, some essential oil and citrus for a natural exfoliating rub.

How to Use Rice Water for Hair

Since rice water helps keep your hair’s natural oils intact and balances the pH levels as well, it acts like a chemical-free cleanser, which though may not be as convenient as a store-bought shampoo, but using it can mean that you won't have to follow the hair wash with a conditioner for a smooth finish. You can use a few drops of your preferred essential oils with rice water and use it instead of your regular shampoo.

By using rice water as a conditioner you can improve your hair texture by enhancing its volume, tame frizziness and restore smoothness, while the presence of amino acids in the water can regenerate hair and aid in its faster growth. Further, using fermented rice water (which has been sitting for more than a day) gives you added benefits and is no less a youth elixir! Inclusive of pitera – a natural byproduct that boosts cell regeneration and is enriched with minerals, amino acids and vitamins, the fermented rice water can be miraculous in restoring youthful skin texture as also cure dandruff and eliminate it for good. Just wash your hair with the required amount of rice water after shampooing and rinse once.

Using Rice Water for Health

Rice water can also help prevent muscular degeneration, while its use as a home remedy can prevent water loss that’s experienced during a fever or vomiting during an infection. Rice water helps replenish lost nutrients, improve immunity, and boost metabolism. Since rice water’s easy to digest and is nutritious, it can be used for babies older than 5 months and is the perfect starter to wean a baby from breastfeeding. Enriched in vitamins like Niacin, Thiamine, Vitamin B6 and Riboflavin, rice water also aids in the development of the nervous system, vision and case of infants, keep their energy levels intact through the day.

Other Uses for Rice Water

Aside from the personal health benefits that rice water offers, you can use it as a replacement for your regular dishwashing soap to remove heavy grease, use it as a fertilizer for your plants, eliminate foul smell in your plastic containers by filling them with rice water for ½ hour and then rinsing them and also use it for washing or wiping your glass windows, doors and mirrors and then wiping them dry with a clean cloth.

Can Rice Water Go Bad?

Since rice water is all-natural with no added preservatives it can go bad. If refrigerated, rice water can last up to a week, but will go bad if left at room temperature. You should store the rice water after straining it in an air-tight container or jar and place it in the fridge after every use.

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Enjoy the Wonderful Beauty Benefits of Rice Water!

Stop throwing rice water away, use it to get the most benefit it has. The ancient Asian mystery of rice water's goodness has soothing effects for your skin as well as your wellness. For the skin, rice water is said to be an affordable, efficient beauty balm for toning and lightening acne scars, sunshine and age spots. Many say you can see and feel results after a single-use.

Now that you know more about the benefits of rice water for your hair, and skin, you may be wondering what other trendy ingredients can benefit your skin and strands. Check out our articles, for another hair and skincare lesson.