Encourage Your Kids to Stay Hydrated in School, and Send Them off with the Right Water Bottle. Check out Our Top 10 Picks!

Encourage Your Kids to Stay Hydrated in School, and Send Them off with the Right Water Bottle. Check out Our Top 10 Picks!

Parents should always keep a water bottle in their kids' school bags. Moreover, it is also recommended that schools should keep water bottles in classrooms. To find the best of the bunch, we quizzed a selection of well-versed mums and teachers for their pick of the best school water bottles that will see your child through the next academic year intact - despite all the bumps and scuffs, it’ll face at the bottom of their school bag.

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Never Let Your Child Dehydrate, either in School or at Home

One big reason for the rising obesity problem is kids guzzling sodas, juices, and other high-calorie drinks. Though water offers just the right hydration without adding the unwanted sugar and other stuff, it becomes equally difficult at times to get cool water to quench the thirst, and a cold sugary drink is not only easily available, it is a tastier option too.

That's why for kids you need something that they will love to keep along with while the purpose is being solved. Confused about what to choose? Here’s a guide to the best water bottles for school. Choose one from these and gift your kid a perfectly hydrating summer season. But before we proceed to the products, let’s see how to choose the right one.

Tips to Choose the Best Water Bottles

  • Durability
    The durability of a water bottle matters a lot especially if you are looking for one for your kid. While most of the flimsy plastic ones are meant for single use only, you don’t need to spend again and again on buying a new one. And, wash them in a dishwasher and the plastic ones are prone to melt out. Agree? This means you need something strong and durable. Those made of stainless steel easily pass the tests of time. Their durability and versatility allow them to be easily used in almost all conditions.
  • Spout
    The spout is the nozzle of the bottle that your kid is gonna use to drink water. Now when you have the idea, you must understand that it should be as soft as possible. A perfect one is made of soft straw as it does not hurt their growing teeth. And, if your child has the habit of walking around while drinking, this one’s good for him/her as well. And, kids are prone to hurt themselves with anything they got. Even in this case, the soft spout causes little to no harm to their gums or the mouth.
  • Capacity
    Do you know how much water your child drinks a day? That’s exactly where the next factor comes in. When your kid is going to stay in school for a major part of the day, the bottle should be able to carry enough water to meet all-day thirst needs. And, if your kid is going on multiple road trips or staying outside most of the time and sweating up a storm, higher capacity is recommended.
  • Weight
    With the capacity increases the size and then the weight as well. And, if the bottle is gonna feel bulkier, your kid is getting back to the juice, cold drinks, or others don’t know what thirst-quenching options available outside. Thus, weight is also vital in deciding the best water bottles for school. Plastics are lighter but steel ones have their own benefits. Here, you need to strike the right balance of material, weight, and your child’s lifting capacity
  • Design
    And, even if you choose a little bulkier or a lighter bottle, your child won’t carry it unless it’s appealing enough. Plus, an attractive design is gonna compel him/her to use it more often and stay hydrated. Get one designed as his/her favourite cartoon or any movie character. Younger ones might not be attracted to those babyish cartoons anymore, so choose what attracts them the most.

10 Best Water Bottles for School

And, here’s what you were waiting for. Our pick of top 10 water bottles for schools. Go through the list to make the decision easily.

Nalgene Tritan Grip-N-Gulp Bottle

Source www.amazon.in

With a 12 ounce (around 350ml) capacity and an assortment of colour options available, Nalgene Tritan Grip-N-Gulp Bottle is sure to be your child’s Mr. Hydrator. Doesn’t sound appealing enough? There are some fun designs too.

The plastic water bottle is free from industrial chemicals like BPA and carries a smooth mouthpiece for your child to drink comfortably. Safe, affordable, and easy to wash, this bottle from Nalgene is small enough even for your toddler to hold right. And, the material is tough enough to not break easily even if your kid throws it accidentally or on purpose.

Another feature that makes it attractive enough is it being spill-proof, so your child doesn’t lose water to the ground or his/her clothes and drinks it only. You can buy this water bottle from Amazon and the price of Rs. 2,585.

Gatorade Squeeze Bottle

Source www.amazon.in

If 350ml seems a bit low on the capacity for your grown-up child, this one with 1-litre cap is gonna serve the purpose very well. Gatorade Squeeze water bottle with a squeeze top lid is a favourite for quickly dispensing the water and hydrating your child without him touching the lid. Further, the dispensed only when squeezed also prevents your child from spilling it over. And, drinking water out of it is quite simple, even for a 2-year-old to drink water without any hassle. This water bottle deserves a place in the school kit of your young, fun-lover child. Get this one on Amazon for Rs. 1,299.

Thermos Funtainer 12 Ounce Bottle-Pink

Source www.amazon.in

Is your child prone to getting dirty regularly while playing with friends at some unhygienic place? Tried stopping that? You probably did and failed many times. But there’s one thing you can do for sure. And, that’s ensuring your kid isn’t consuming germs with water.

Yes! The Thermos Funtainer bottle is a hygienic one being made of stainless steel with a capacity of 12 ounces and keeps water cool for up to 12 hours. Your kid gonna love its special pop-up straw feature that stays hidden under the cap until open, preventing any exposure to dust, dirt, or germy hands. Simply press open, get the straw popped up and start drinking. The integrated carry handle makes it easy for your child to carry it without losing the grip. The bottle is available for Rs. 2,469 on Amazon.

Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Source www.amazon.in

Don’t give your child just any other water bottle as many aren’t made to keep the water of drinkable quality always. This one has a food-grade stainless steel construction with the drinking valve made of silicon. Plus, it keeps the content free from lead, phthalates, BPA, and other toxin materials. Also, a wide spout allows your kid to gulp in a decent volume of water with ease. And, in these scorching summers, your kid will have a supply of cold water for long.

Want to give him something more than just water? Fill the bottle with Rasna, Tang, or any other energizing drink occasionally and put ice cubes to keep it cool and enjoy the day long. And, if your kid’s used to playing with his/her bottle, there isn’t a thing to worry about. The strong, sturdy bottle is leak-proof as well, preventing spillage of liquid on the child’s clothes. The Klean Kanteen stainless steel water bottle is available on Amazon for Rs. 4,457.

Zulu Torque Kids Water Bottle

Source www.amazon.in

Want some modern style? Here’s the perfect choice for you. The Zulu Torque with a capacity of 16 ounces is something your child will love to carry and boast around. A silicon sleeve above the plastic material gives it a premium and sporty look, and a locked flip lid on the top has a soft straw underneath for easy drinking without hurting your kid’s lips, teeth, or mouth.

Plastic doesn’t mean this bottle’s not a quality grade material, it’s PVC, phthalate, and BPA free. And, if you don’t have time to put the bottle in the freezer for cooling the water, there’s nothing to worry about. You can easily put in some ice cubes through the wide mouth and let the liquid stay cool for long. Get your child the perfect summer sipper from Amazon by paying just Rs. 1,333.

Camel Bak Eddy Insulated Water Bottle

Source www.amazon.in

A compulsory add-on to your kid’s daily school trip, Camel Bak Eddy insulated water bottle can carry 400ml of water. Featuring leak protection, spill-proof, and superb design, the bottle is sure to be your child’s best friend in summers. This bottle is available in 14 different designs and is BPA free.

While kids love its stunning designs and love to keep it along with, keeping them hydrated becomes easier for parents. Ergonomic handle adds some style and comfort carrying the bottle and the liquid flows out only when the consumer bites the straw. Though this bottle is suitable only for a child of up to eight years. This water bottle is available on Amazon with a price tag of Rs. 2,299.

Contigo Auto Seal Trekker Kids Water Bottles

Source www.amazon.in

The Contigo Auto seal is the perfect on-the-go water bottle for school kids. Because it serves two major purposes, keep your child hydrated and prevent spills through the specially sealed lid. And, the design makes it fit easily into your car’s cup holder as well.

Have you ever observed your child how he drinks through a bottle? If he uses only one hand to hold the bottle, this one’s a perfect match with the one-handed drinking system feature. This comes in handy when your child needs to drink while playing outdoor or walking around. Get him this amazing auto seal trekker water bottle for Rs. 2,513 for 2 bottles from Amazon.

Contigo Autospout Water Bottle

Source www.amazon.in

Spark your child’s curiosity in carrying a distinct water bottle with the transparent Contigo Auto Spout. For clumsy children, this bottle comes with a leak or spill-proof valve, protecting them from getting their clothes wet/dirty. And, the integrated handle can be used to suspend it on the backpack or attached to the belt.

With BPA free material, the bottle takes care of your child’s health too. Did your kid lose water bottles on a trip before? Don’t worry as this one with easy to attach design will prevent him/her from losing it while the wide spout makes drinking water easy. Another special feature is the one-button touch that makes it one of the best water bottles for schools. You can buy this water bottle at the price of Rs.1,499 from Amazon.

Contigo Jackson Reusable Water Bottle, 24oz

Source www.amazon.in

Another water bottle that your kid can drink water from using a single hand and while walking too. Contigo Jackson Reusable water bottle has a 24-ounce of liquid capacity and is best known for its leak-proof feature. Also, it has no fussy part that your kid would lose or break and it’s easy to wash as well while the carry handle makes it more convenient than others.

Drinking water from this bottle isn’t difficult either as your child only needs to press the button to drink. You must add this leak-proof, durable, and freeze-friendly water bottle to your kid’s school belongings. Get it from Amazon for Rs. 1,298.

Pogo Tritan Water Bottle, 40 Oz.

Source www.amazon.in

Does your child watch cartoons on the Pogo channel? Ask him if he would like a pogo water bottle and he will jump with joy. Though that’s not the official one from the cartoon channel, Pogo Tritan water bottle with a flip-top lid offers a 32-ounce of liquid capacity and fits perfectly into your car’s cup holder.

We know children’s hands are small and that’s why we suggested this one with a shape that perfectly fits those tiny limbs. And, the spout is a little large as compared to the coke bottle. A flip-top ensures your child’s safety from germs while drinking as it keeps the water safe from dirt, dust, and spills. A chug lid makes this bottle’s opening similar to that of a disposable water bottle. Get this hydrating companion for your child in school by paying just Rs. 1,221 on Amazon.

Bonus Tip: Stainless Steel Bottles Last Longer than Others

If you are still confused about choosing the right material, consider this fact that stainless steel ones are known to last longer than those made of plastic or glass. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant and doesn’t leak any chemical when exposed to heat or sun. Though steel makes them more expensive, they are 100% recyclable too. And, if you are getting a food-grade material, you shouldn’t look further.

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Can a Bottled Water Bottle be Reused?

Reusing a water bottle is safe if the bottle is thoroughly washed. Since the necks of many bottles are thin, they are often difficult to clean, which is how germs can find their way into your water. If you plan on reusing a bottle, it is best to wash it in warm, soapy water with a thin brush to disinfect the entire inside surface. Make sure to dry thoroughly to prevent the growth of bacteria.