Why You Must Give Small Just Because Gifts to Husband and 10 Pocket Friendly Gifts He Will Love

Why You Must Give Small Just Because Gifts to Husband and 10 Pocket Friendly Gifts He Will Love

Looking for small gift for husband just because? There is no other reason to give little gifts to your man every now and then than to tell him he is awesome and you love him. Give him cute dumbbell shaped water bottles, a quirky nap pillow, leaning whisky glasses or browse through our cute DIY just because gifts for him.

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Three Reasons to Give Just Because Gifts to Husband

He is Caring

Amazed? But that’s true. There are few (we guess, many) good husbands left on this planet. Every girl or woman desires to have a caring and loving husband and they do get also, but not every man is able to share his feelings easily. Watch his actions and the way he cares for little things, like your desires, when you are ill, and other small gestures. If he tries to keep you happy, pampers you, and tries to help you in various household chores, you are already living with a man who cares for you without expecting much in return.

So, now when you know he cares for you, you should also reciprocate and send some love his way. No, we don’t mean you don’t care for your husband, but the idea is to show a little extra affection to rekindle the spark in your relationship. You know you care for each other but telling him so will do wonders for your relationship. Get a small gift for husband just because he never expected anything in return and would be filled with joy on receiving a surprise gift.

He is Loving

Care is not the only thing that he got in his heart for you. Love that comes directly from the heart and stays for a lifetime is something your husband will not say straight to you or very often, but show it with his actions and efforts. Watch the way he pays attention to small details, how much he knows you (maybe more than you), likes to spend time with you and for you, and do much more. This love can be defined using various terms, like self-sacrificing, redeeming, caring, and committed love.

Feeling loved? Make him feel the same by choosing one from just because I love you gifts to express your affection, care, and feelings towards him.

He is Your Man

You know you can rely on him for anything and everything you need in life. Effective silent communications, his presence is enough to keep you calm and promotes the best version of you, sharing every secret, and an amazing chemistry are a few of the indications that he is the man for you.

And when you have the right man besides you in every phase of your life, don’t lose any chance to show off that he is your real hero. Cute small gifts for boyfriend and hubby are a nice option to display your emotions and make him feel special.

Consider Making Small DIY Gifts for Him

When your husband is doing a lot to keep you happy and fulfil all your desires, he deserves to be rewarded occasionally for his efforts. Though buying gifts for a man is a difficult task, why not make one at home? Take some time to know what surprise will amaze him and start planning your handmade gift for him.

DIY just because gifts for him are a perfect way of expressing how much he means to you, how much you love, adore, and respect him, and bring you both closer. Here are a few ideas for you to choose from, but you can always look for more options across the web.

  • Cooking, something that would most likely be a part of your daily chores or something you like doing. It is also the easiest choice. Prepare a dish he loves to eat, and you can always add some spice and flavour by changing or adding some ingredients. Many women look for YouTube videos to learn and try new cuisines.

  • A love note on a paper airplane is a unique DIY option, wherein the only major effort you will be making is to find and write a lovely note on paper for your husband. Let your emotions go overboard on a plane destined to reach his heart.

  • Got a number of wonderful memories collected in the form of pictures? Connect them all and create a pull-out photo album placed in a wooden box.

  • Wind chimes are a great decorative item as well as a reminder of love. How about gathering a bunch of lovely flowers (you can use synthetic flowers) and create a heart-shaped hanging for your better half.

Small and Just Because Gifts for Your Loving Hubby

Move His Happy Hour to the Shower

Showering is good for health as it keeps the body clean and free from bacteria and germs. Similarly, a beer delivers a number of health benefits by going inside the body. Does your husband like drinking beer? If yes, this can be an amazing, surprising gift for him.

The silicone-made Sudski Shower Beer Holder comes with a suction cup that can be used to attach it to a wall or a mirror. Gift him this life-changing experience by surprising him with a beer holder carrying his favourite beer can when he goes to take a shower. Buy this holder from Fruugo for Rs.1,299 and choose the colour of your choice from navy blue and grey options. Do note that due to the silicone material, the holder should be used with cans only and not with glass bottles.

Gun Shaped Ice Molds

Source www.amazon.in

Since he loves drinking beer or whiskey or any other drink, ice cubes are a vital part of every drinking session. So, you already got a couple of ice trays to meet his needs. How about adding a little fun and uniqueness to the same? Yes, that’s possible.

Fred and Friends Freeze Handgun-Shaped Ice-Cube Tray is a wonderful option of a small gift for husband just because he loves drinking and he will be much more than just happy to receive such a gift. With a flexible silicone construction, you get 6 pockets for gun-shaped ice cubes. The briefcase-shaped, clear, recyclable, dishwasher-safe box makes it easy to carry while cutouts and bends make releasing ice cubes a hassle-free task. Get this quirky gift to add a twist to the next party from Amazon for Rs.1,141.

Dumbell Water Bottle

Is your husband a gym freak? Or does he workout at home? Or goes on exercise daily? Any case, a water bottle is a must to be carried along with, in order to satisfy the thirst during the session. Though he might be carrying his regular water bottle with him every day, get him something special that not only shows off his seriousness to stay fit but also inspires him to workout regularly.

The 550 ml Dumbbell Water Bottle is a perfect, creative match for what you are looking for your fitness enthusiast partner. The dumbbell-shaped, plastic water bottle is a perfect companion for light workouts and is available in multiple colours, red, green, and blue. Get this unique water bottle to amaze your husband for Rs.399 from bigsmall.com. It is 22 cm long including the cap, has a 7 cm handle, and weighs 650 gm when filled with water.

Headphone Beanie

Source www.amazon.in

Does he love listening to music? Or is he in a busy job role and stays on calls for long? Whatever the case may be, he is likely to use earphones or headphones as holding up the phone for a long time is not an easy task. You can get him a new, wireless earphone with good sound quality or you can go creative in this also.

Tooks Classic Headphone Beanie with inbuilt Removable Headphones is a perfect match for all his audio needs. The acrylic material classically knit fits perfectly on any head size and feels comfortable; on cool days it will also keep him warm. The 3.5 mm jack can be used with any device for a superior sound quality. Get him this black-coloured headphone beanie for Rs.3,833 from Amazon.

Nap Head Pillow

Long commutes have become a part of daily lifestyle, be it the travel between home and workplace or any other place. Your husband might also have to go on long journeys from time to time, and this can get really exhausting. And when exhausted, a person looks for nothing more than a peaceful nap, cutting out from the external world for some time.

The Nap Head Pillow available on bigsmall.com is a hat, a collar, and a blindfold – an all in one pillow that lets you take a nap anywhere, anytime. The lightly designed, easy to carry nap pillow comes with micro-polystyrene bead filling and an adjustable strap. Get this pillow for Rs.899 and show him how much you care. You can choose from a number of colour options including red, yellow, black, and blue.

Leaning Glasses of Whiskey

Still thinking of gifting something unique, since your husband already got a lot on his collections? How about a set of whiskey glasses? No, not the normal one but a uniquely designed one that will add fun and amaze to his next party. You can get a customised set of glasses with your favourite pics or a special text on it, but it couldn’t be used everywhere and with everyone.

Leaning tower-inspired Leaning Glasses of Whiskey are sure to bend his head, leaving him surprised and thinking how will he pour into and drink from it. The 280 ml glass is a perfect choice for scotch, bourbon, whiskey, and other liquor types. Add fun to his next party and give him a reason to arrange a get-together with his friends just to show off this amazing gift. Get this differently-designed slant glass-made, transparent, and dishwasher-safe set of 6 whiskey glasses from Big Small for Rs.1,799.

Exploding Love Box

Source www.amazon.in

Expressing love is easy when using words as you only need to say those 3 magical words with some emotions and its done. But, choosing a gift for the display of emotions becomes really difficult at times. After viewing so many suggestions, if you are still reading then you are surely looking for something out-of-the-box to let him know how much you care for him as well as make him feel important and loved.

An explosion love box, another option in just because I love you gifts, could be your go-to choice with multiple layered box walls containing a different message, image, or a card to express your love. You can make one at home or buy the Crack of Dawn Crafts – 3 Layered Romantic Explosion Box – Pink Love from Amazon for Rs.899. The 4 x 4 x 4 inches box looks like an ordinary gift box when closed but opens up to show 3 layers of 12 x 12 inches cards containing photo spaces, pull out message tags, and flaps. Do note that any photo, gift card, or even cash gift that you wish to include should fit into these spaces.

Ideas for Small Handmade Gifts for Hubby Dear

10 Things I Love About You Ring

Till now, we have been talking about how much your husband loves you and cares for you, but that doesn’t mean we doubt the love you have in your heart for him. Here’s a lovely DIY gift option that will help you express your emotions and affection the right way. All you need is a list of reasons why you love him and craft those ideas into a lovely, presentable manner.

Cut out 10 equal small card-sized pieces of paper and write on each a different reason for why you love him. Arrange the cards and put a number each from 1-10 on them and gather them all in a ring. He will love the idea and will be amazed to see how much you love him. He can also use the gift as a keychain if you can write the things on small cards.

The All About YOU Basket

Inspired from the idea of the DIY ring gift mentioned above, this is another creative option to showcase your emotions to your husband. Previously, we talked about writing 10 things you love him for, but there sure are hundreds of little things that you can add to the list. Though you can’t add all to this list, but you can make sure you convey the best love message to your hubby on his special day.

From a number of DIY just because gifts for him, the All About You Basket is a wonderful choice as you don’t only use words here, but support your feelings with a pack of little gifts. Gather small items, goodies, and treats for your better half and add a special message on the top of each. For instance, place a pack of cards and say I love playing games with you, or a light bulb with message saying that you light up my world, and so on. For this, all you need is a basket, a box, or a bucket along with some items to be filled in, and a list of sayings for why you like him, what you like to do with him, and more. Amaze him with not only the list of things and messages but your efforts as well.

Turn Old Into New

There might be some old, well-worn items of your husband at home that he loves to keep but aren’t good enough to be used again. Fixing them for him can do wonders for your relationship without you needing to spend a hefty amount out there to buy a gift for him. Just look into his cupboard, his desk at home, and other places to find his favourite items.

Pick out a torn or broken item and get it renovated, or for a better display of emotions, do it on your own. For instance, his old jacket, his favourite chair, or any other item can be used for the purpose. This is likely to become an awe-striking small gift for husband just because he will get his beloved item in a better manner and condition.

Small Surprises are Essential to Keep the Romance in Your Marriage Alive

Now, you have gone through a list of small, surprising, to-be-bought, and DIY just because gifts for him, you can choose any of the above or look for more ideas online to add the necessary spark to your relationship. Whatever the gift you choose, make sure it is something that your husband will love to receive and expresses your emotions and love for him perfectly.

A small gift for your husband with a just because theme can not only help you convey your feelings with ease, while keeping the spark alive in your marriage. Small gifts cost little to buy and almost nothing if you make them yourself but the warm feeling that a surprise gift creates is unmatched. On birthdays and other special occasions gifts are expected, and while they are nice, they aren't as pleasurable as an unexpected present.

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