Keep Yourself Hydrated & Energy Levels Up All Day! 8 Best Water Bottles with Infuser (2020)

Keep Yourself Hydrated & Energy Levels Up All Day! 8 Best Water Bottles with Infuser (2020)

Are you someone who takes their health very seriously? Even if you're not, keeping up with your hydration levels is absolutely necessary to have a healthy body as well as mind. Water bottles with infusers help you take this to the next level by adding the goodness of mineral-rich fruits, veggies, and other ingredients. Get yourself an infuser water bottle as we bring you our top 8 choices you can go with.

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Why You Should Get a Water Bottle with Infuser

An infuser bottle is unique in the way it allows for the user to infuse essences, typically of fruits into the water, and makes the water flavoured. A great way to pep up and add flavour to your water, infuser bottles have become highly popular these days. Not only does it taste better, but fruit-essence infused water is also healthier with additional energy and other health benefits.

In most cases, these bottles come with a separate chamber which holds the fruits while the rest of the container holds water. All you have to do is cut down the fruit of your choice into smaller pieces to fit in the small chamber that holds the fruits. Besides, the product from this combination is water combined with natural sources of vitamins and minerals.

Choosing the Best Water Bottles with Infuser: Keep These Points in Mind!

It is essential to identify the various components of an infuser water bottle to avoid purchasing one that does not function as anticipated. Here are some things you should always look out for:

  • Is it Bisphenol-A free?
    If you are buying a plastic bottle, then you need to check for the quality of the material used. Excess exposure to inferior quality plastic that is filled with chemicals may result in health issues. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your water bottle with infuser is made of high-grade plastic.

  • Is it light-weight?
    If you are getting a bottle to for carrying around, for instance, to the gym or work, it is important to make sure that it is not heavy. Ensure you get one that is easy to carry and can also fit in your backpack.

  • Does it have a tight seal?
    Ensure that the bottle seals tightly, so the water does not spill, and the lid remains shut regardless of how you carry the bottle.

  • Do you like the design?
    Consider what colours you like and the designs that resonate with your sense of style. Avoid purchasing a water bottle with an infuser that is completely not in line with your style.

Best Water Bottles with Infuser

1. InstaCuppa Thermos Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Made of steel, this water bottle with infuser has a double-walled vacuum, which helps maintain the temperatures of your infused drinks at a constant for a while. Therefore, for those who use water bottles with an infuser to store hot infused drinks, they can last up to 12 hours, and for those who like it cold, it can maintain a cold drink for up to 24 hours. Also, this water bottle with infuser is made out of BPA free material; therefore, your infused drink will not be compromised at all. It is also leak-proof. You can get this bottle at a price range of between Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 2,000 from Amazon.

2. Healthify Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Hydration is key to a healthy body and mind. This water bottle with infuser helps the users so much when it comes to keeping track of how much water they have consumed and what more they should consume within a certain duration of time. This is because this water bottle is not only equipped with an infuser but also a real-time tracker, which makes it very easy for you to monitor your water consumption at proper time intervals. And lastly, it aids in the consumption of flavoured water with the additional infuser. You can buy this water bottle from Flipkart for Rs. 679.

3. Fruitalite Stainless Steel Thermos Flask with Fruit Infuser Rod

It is a thermos flask, equipped with a vacuum insulated wall which has a double-walled design. This is essential for maintaining the temperatures of your infused drink in your water bottle since there is no influence of its temperatures by the environment. Besides, it is also equipped with an infuser to ensure that your drinks are flavoured. You can buy this product from Flipkart for Rs. 1,299.

4. Aquaboost Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Listed among the best water bottles with infuser, Aquaboost fruit infuser water bottle is one of a kind. One of its major characteristics is the fact that it is 100% free of BPA and is equipped with an infuser rod and a cleaning brush to ensure that the user does not face any problem keeping it clean. Although it is made out of plastic, this water bottle achieves its primary function of availing infused water to its user without any problem. It’s available for purchase on Amazon.

5. Quirky Monkey Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

The name might make you think that this water bottle is for kids, but it is not so. Available in various colours to choose from, this quirky monkey fruit infuser water bottle is made out of sturdy material, premium Tritan, that is 100% free of BPA. Therefore, it ensures that all the infused drinks you create are free of any harmful material. It is equipped with a removable infuser rod to ensure that your drink stays infused for long. And like the many other water bottles with infuser, it delivers all the benefits associated with the use of a water bottle with infuser. You can buy this water bottle from for Rs. 1,499.

6. Instalite Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Equipped with an infuser rod, the Instalite fruit infuser water bottle will ensure that your drink is infused to the last bit of the fruits. It comes in various capacities, therefore based on your needs and what you want to achieve, you have some options to choose from. It is also known for its lightweight characteristic; therefore, it is portable, and you can enjoy your infused drink anywhere you want, at work, or even at the gym. Buy this from Amazon for Rs. 845 only.

7. Nutri Flask Infuser Bottle

Another affordable and useful water bottle with infuser is this Nutri Flask infuser bottle. At Rs. 750, this water bottle with infuser has various advantages that make it one of the best. One of its characteristics is that it is BPA free, which makes it healthy to use for storing drinking water. It is also equipped with a full-length infuser rod that ensures that your water is infused to the last drop of the fruits used. Besides, it is equipped with an additional cleaning brush to help you clean it. You can buy this product from Amazon.

8. Imago Fruit Infuser

Imago fruit infuser is known for its multipurpose function. Equipped with a fruit basket holder, this water bottle does not limit the type of infused drink you want to consume, as the fruit basket holder allows the user even to hold tea bags of all sorts of flavours for anyone interested in enjoying iced tea. Therefore, with this water bottle, you can use various things to ensure your water is infused based on your tastes and preferences.

Besides, it allows the user to drink directly from the water bottle without having to remove the infuser. This is very convenient since you can use it as a regular water bottle without having to remove the additional infuser. Besides, it is portable due to its lightweight characteristics. You can purchase this water bottle from Flipkart for Rs. 349 only.

Benefits of Using Water Bottles with Infuser

  • Ease of Storage: When trying to flavour your drinking water naturally, storage is a huge problem since the main aim is to keep it fresh for a long time. With a water bottle with an infuser, this becomes very easy. All you need to do is just cut down fruits into pieces, then fill up your water bottle infuser and insert the fuser in your water bottle. This can be stored up to a week through refrigeration without having to prepare afresh again. You can, therefore, enjoy your water up until the flavours are exhausted. Then you can refill your infuser with new pieces of fruits again.

  • It Boosts the Body Energy Levels: Depending on the combo you use on your water bottle with infuser, your energy levels will definitely be increased. Through the use of a water bottle with infuser, you do not just drink regular water; instead, you enjoy naturally flavoured water. A right combination of infused flavours has a positive impact on your body energy levels as you drink water with natural fruit juice, which enriches your drink with beneficial nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

  • Boosts Healthy Body Weight: Obesity is a global epidemic that should be approached with effective measures to reduce the adverse effects associated with it. With the consumption of infused water, there is a boost in your metabolism, and as a result, those with unhealthy body weight, start experiencing weight loss. Metabolism involves the body’s ability to breakdown the consumed food into substances that can be easily absorbed by the body without storing excess fat. An excellent, effective combo consists of the incorporation of lemons in the infusion, as it has metabolism boost effects.

  • Time-saving: Preparing a fruit drink, one at a time, can be time-consuming. With the use of water bottles with infuser, you save a lot of time as you only need to carry out one process, and you get something to serve you for a while. The preparation process only involves cutting down fruits and vegetables of choice into pieces and use them to fill the infuser of the water bottle. Allow them to settle for some time, and then your flavoured water is ready for drinking.

Fun Flavour Ideas for Your New Infuser Water Bottle

Many people often prefer to use oranges or lemons for their infuser bottles because of their vitamin C benefits and detoxification effects. However, once you have your new water bottle with infuser, there are various combos that you could try and gain even more benefits health-wise. Trying out fun flavours will not compromise anything regarding the functioning of the water bottle; however, you will end up with some tasty flavours. The following are some of the fun flavour ideas for your water bottle with infuser:

  • Lemon and thyme
  • Orange, cinnamon, and cloves
  • Orange, basil, and blueberry
  • Lemon, honey, and basil
  • Watermelon, honeydew, and mint
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In this piece, we saw some of the best infuser bottles you can buy online, along with how beneficial they are, helping you keep hydrated throughout the day, along with providing you with the richness of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. If you're making a change towards a healthy lifestyle, getting yourself an infuser water bottle could be your next step towards achieving your goal of achieving a completely healthy lifestyle!