Drinking Vodka Tonic or Cosmopolitan Again? Why Stick to the Regulars When There's So Much More to Do with Vodka: 10 Recipes of Cocktails with Vodka That Will Blow Your Mind!

Drinking Vodka Tonic or Cosmopolitan Again? Why Stick to the Regulars When There's So Much More to Do with Vodka: 10 Recipes of Cocktails with Vodka That Will Blow Your Mind!

Vodka is one of the most popular drinks around the globe when we talk about happy hours. But little do people know that vodka has a lot more than just that 'happy high' to offer you. Read on to know more about this unique spirit, followed by some recipes of cocktails with vodka for your personal 'happy hour'!

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Vodka Cocktails for Sophisticated Indulgence

Alcohol is usually associated with a working man’s refuge after an exhausting day at work. It serves to help forget the rigours, injustices and overall difficult life of a labourer. Vodka is almost always associated with such a definition because of its history and popularity in Eastern Europe( Smirnov, socialism and Russia). But like every man made object on this planet, there is a finer, elite and sophisticated side of vodka which can be experienced through the many vodka based cocktails. Plain vodka is to be guzzled down in a noisy bar while vodka cocktails are to be sipped and savoured surrounded by a refined atmosphere. Let us look at this drink in more detail.

5 Interesting Facts About Vodka

Vodka is interesting even before it becomes an elite cocktail. This drink’s history and characteristics are very engaging. You will be amazed to know how versatile vodka is (it can be used as an aftershave) and will be awed by some of the facts regarding it. Hence, vodka not only entertain a party but also those who like to know interesting trivia about things, events and people. Here are 5 interesting facts about vodka:

Most Vodka is Not Made from Potatoes

Contrary to popular belief, potatoes are not the only ingredient with which you can make vodka. In fact most vodka is not made from potatoes. Vodka originated in Eastern Europe and potatoes weren’t introduced there until the 16th century when Spanish Conquistadors brought it from Peru. Most vodka nowadays is made from grains while some are made from grapes or milk whey. The base ingredient required for making vodka is any sugar source or it can be sugar itself. Potatoes are a viable source but not the only one.

Vodka has Medical Use

The medical uses of vodka are numerous. To begin with, it is a cure-all product. It is a potent natural antiseptic and disinfectant and is effective on many maladies ranging from toothache to disinfecting wounds. Vodka can relax your senses and make you stress free. It also increases blood circulation in our body which prevent strokes, clots and other heart diseases. Besides, it can be used to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis and reduce blood sugar levels to tackle diabetes.

Vodka is Gluten Free

This will come as a pleasurable surprise for people who are a fan of the gluten free diet. Vodka is gluten free even when it is made from rye, wheat or barley. The reason lies in the distillation process. Distillation strips away all those harmful gluten proteins from vodka. So your gluten free dinner can include most of the amazing vodka cocktails.

Vodka has an Expiry Date

It will sound odd to many that an alcohol has an expiry date. After all alcohol is made by fermenting fruits, vegetables and grains. But fact is fact and it says that vodka has an expiry date. Technically, vodka can last for an eternity provided the bottle is never opened and kept in a cool place away from the sunlight. So the only way to keep vodka forever is to buy a bottle of it and forget about its existence. In reality, once the bottle is opened, it is best to consume it within 12 months as the alcohol gradually starts evaporating which affects the quality of the spirit.

Vodka can be Used as an Aftershave

This is perhaps the greatest proof of the versatility of vodka. Vodka is anyways known as the most versatile drink for its suitability in a wide variety of cocktails. That you can use it as an aftershave too, gives its versatile characteristic a potent boost. Aftershave contains ethanol which kills bacteria, soothes the skin from the irritation that occurs after shaving and gives the skin a fresh look. Ethanol is present in vodka as well and so it will work very well as an aftershave.

10 Popular Vodka Cocktails

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Vodka cocktails are as interesting as they are delicious. They are mostly made with fruit juices and it would not be wrong to consider them as adult summer beverages. What more they are so easy to prepare.The best characteristic of vodka is that it has a neutral flavour and hence can be combined with a variety of ingredients ranging from savoury to sweet. That’s what makes vodka the best cocktail alcohol. Moreover, vodka cocktails have low percentage of alcohol and hence they are perfect for parties and social drinking. So without further delay, follow this BP Guide for the recipes of 10 vodka cocktails that you can make at home:

Bloody Mary

Don’t be put off by the name. This cocktail not only looks beautiful but also has an interesting taste. The rich red tomato color of the drink is well complemented by the green colored celery sticks used in garnishing. This cocktail is essentially a fusion of spicy ingredients balanced by the acidity of the tomato juice to create a riot of flavors in the mouth. This drink is the best drink to have with a group of your close friends in the brunch hours of a lazy Sunday.


  • 100 ml of vodka
  • 500 ml of tomato juice
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
  • Few shakes of Worcestershire sauce
  • Few shakes of smoked Tabasco sauce
  • A pinch of salt
  • A pinch of black pepper powder
  • 2 sticks of celery
  • 2 lemon slices
  • Ice cubes


  • Put ice in a jug and add the vodka, tomato juice and lemon juice directly into it.
  • Add shakes of Worcestershire and Tabasco sauce according to your heat tolerance.
  • Sprinkle the salt and pepper and give it a good stir until the jug feels cold.
  • Pour the cocktail in the glass and garnish it with the celery sticks, lemon slices and crushed ice.

Vodka Martini

This cocktail is elegance and sophistication personified. It is simple and minimalist, like every good thing in life. It is also the most popular vodka cocktail. The preparation is very simple and requires just two ingredients. This cocktail is the perfect partner for you when you are relaxing in the bathtub after a busy day.


  • 60 ml of vodka
  • 1 tablespoon of dry vermouth
  • A strip of lemon peel or an olive
  • Ice


  • Put the vodka, dry vermouth and ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake until combined.
  • Then pour the cocktail in a chilled martini glass (or any chilled glass) and garnish it with the lemon peel or olive on a stick.

Moscow Mule

This is the best party cocktail. Most parties are awash with some fruit punch or jungle juice but once you give Moscow Mule a try, you won’t go back to the stereotypical party cocktails. Next time you are giving a summer party, serve this cocktail and you won’t regret it.


  • 4 cups of ice cubes
  • 4 cups of ginger beer
  • 3 cups of vodka
  • 1 cup of fresh lime juice
  • 1 cup of mint leaves
  • Slices of lemon


  • Take a large punch bowl and put all the ingredients in the following order- ice cubes, ginger beer, vodka, lime juice.
  • Give this a light stir with a ladle.
  • Then garnish the cocktail with lemon slices and mint leaves and give another stir to combine.
  • Ladle this cocktail in copper glasses and you can add further garnishing if you prefer.

Vodka Tonic

This is another simple cocktail that is a breeze to make. Vodka Tonic is a timeless cocktail that is great on a hot day for you to enjoy with some friends or by yourself. Lie on an armchair, read a book while sipping this amazing cocktail and watch stress evaporate.


  • 60 ml of vodka
  • 150 ml of tonic water
  • 2 lemon wedges
  • Ice cubes


  • Take a glass and fill it with ice cubes.
  • Pour the vodka over the ice then top it off with tonic water.
  • Give it a stir to combine.
  • Garnish with the lemon wedges.

Espresso Martini

If this cocktail is the usual morning coffee, you would jump out of bed even on a Monday morning. This cocktail combines two of the best ingredients on the planet, vodka and coffee and that should be enough to try it as soon as possible.


  • 45 ml of vodka
  • 30 ml of espresso
  • 10 ml of coffee liqueur
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • A dash of salted dark chocolate powder


  • Put the vodka, espresso, coffee liqueur and salt in a cocktail shaker and shake until combined.
  • Pour the cocktail in a glass and garnish it with a dash of chocolate powder.

Watermelon-Cucumber Mojito

The cocktail to be savored on a hot day, this mojito has everything to beat the heat. Consequently, this cocktail can be your regular summer lemonade.


  • 60 ml of cucumber flavored vodka
  • 2 watermelon chunks
  • 1 cucumber slice (peeled and seeds removed)
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • Mint leaves
  • 10 ml of ginger ale
  • Crushed ice


  • Lightly crush the watermelon and cucumber chunks and put it in a glass.
  • Add the lime juice and sugar to it.
  • Put the crushed ice and then pour the vodka over it.
  • Give the cocktail a stir then add the mint leaves before stirring again.
  • Top the drink with more crushed ice and ginger ale.

Black Russian

This is a winter cocktail that will help you survive cold temperatures with elegance. Another simple cocktail, it requires just two ingredients and is the best companion for night owls on a cold, windy night.


  • 60 ml of vodka
  • 30 ml of Kahlua
  • Crushed ice


  • Add the vodka and Kahlua in a mixing glass and give them a good stir.
  • Put crushed ice in another glass and pour the cocktail on it.
  • If you want a sweeter cocktail then add more Kahlua.


This drink is pretty as it is delicious. It has a citrus flavour and packs quite a punch. This is a good drink to come home to and savour with dinner.


  • 120 ml of citrus flavored vodka
  • 60 ml of orange liqueur
  • 60 ml of cranberry juice
  • Juice of half a lime
  • Crushed ice
  • Lime wedges
  • Cranberries


  • Put the vodka, orange liqueur, ice, cranberry juice and lime juice in a cocktail shaker and shake until combined and chilled.
  • Strain the cocktail in a glass and garnish it with lemon wedges and cranberries.

Moscato Lemonade

This is a strawberry lemonade cocktail that will spice up your pool party. Choose a clear, sultry day, arrange a pool party, invite some friends and sip this cocktail to have an unforgettable day.


  • 750 ml of pink Moscato
  • 6 cups of strawberry lemonade
  • Half a cup of vodka
  • Lemon slices
  • Ice cubes


  • Take a large jug and put in the Moscato, strawberry lemonade, vodka and lemon slices.
  • Give it a good stir before serving it over ice cubes in a glass.

Long Island Iced Tea

Long Island goes a long way in making you feel relaxed. This cocktail is a mix of many popular liquors that will leave you relaxed and stress free.


  • 50 ml of vanilla flavored vodka
  • 50 ml of dry gin
  • 50 ml of reposado tequila
  • 50 ml of rum
  • 50 ml of triple sec
  • 100 ml of fresh lime juice
  • 500 ml of cola
  • Ice cubes
  • Lime wedges


  • Pour the vodka, rum, tequila, gin and triple sec in a large jug.
  • Follow it up with the lime juice and give it a light stir.
  • Put ice cubes in the jug till its half full and stir until the jug feels cold.
  • Add the cola and stir till it is combined.
  • Pour the drink over ice cubes in a glass and garnish with lime wedges.
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Sip these Vodka Cocktails in Style in 2020

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