Why Have a Plain Sprite When You Can Enhance it with Bursts of Flavour? 8 Delicious Mocktail Recipes with Sprite to Try This Summer (2020)

Why Have a Plain Sprite When You Can Enhance it with Bursts of Flavour? 8 Delicious Mocktail Recipes with Sprite to Try This Summer (2020)

Who says you need to have alcohol to make a great drink? If you're abstaining or a teetotaller, arm yourself with a delicious, thirst quenching mocktail instead and you're sure to have a very merry time no matter what the occasion. Here are some yummy mocktails that you can try making at home. These mocktail recipes with Sprite are perfect for summer but are also great all year round. Start mixing!

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Benefits of Mocktails

They Are Very Nutritious, Are Easy to Make, And Do Not Cost Much

Mocktails are the non-alcoholic version of cocktails and are made with various fruits mixed with other ingredients for a fine taste. Because of the many fruits, it is made up of, mocktails contain lots of nutrients which make them very healthy as well. Even though there are some mocktails with unhealthy items as well, it depends completely on you if you want a healthy drink or an unhealthy one.

Mocktails usually contain components like vegetable juices, coconut water, soda, kombucha, and a few other ones which contain a lot of essential minerals and also vitamins which help the one who drinks them in many ways. For instance, they can make his immune system more healthy, or improve his heart conditions, help him lose weight, or make him less lethargic, among other things.

Not only are they healthy, but they are also easy to make and don't cost much as well. It is so, because, to make mocktail all that one needs to do is combine all the ingredients which do not require any specialities.

They are, moreover, inexpensive because, to make mocktails, we do not require all the expensive alcoholic items that are needed to make good cocktails. The fruits and vegetables used in the making process of mocktails are also very cheap.

They Are Very Hydrating, Don't Give You Hangovers, And Are Not Addictive As Well

Other than its cheapness and nutrition, mocktails have many other benefits as well. For instance, they, unlike cocktails, do not cause hangovers. These will, instead, make you feel refreshed, with lots of energy even of you imbibe very less of it. It is so because it contains only healthy components like fruits and vegetables and does not contain any alcoholic contents. For this reason, the pregnant women, the chronically ill, and the children can also drink mocktails.

Furthermore, because they do not contain any types of alcohol, mocktails do not cause addictions as well. Cocktails, on the other hand, have lots of alcohol which releases endorphins into the brain, causing fast addictions. So, you can have mocktails without having to worry about any types of addictions.

Also, mocktails are very hydrating because, unlike cocktails, they do not contain alcohol which is known to have dehydrating effects on its consumer. Mocktails usually contain coconut water which greatly hydrates the one who consumes it and prevents the sallowness of the skin and makes it even more healthy as well. It is also so because they contain a lot of watery fruits and vegetables which help hydrate oneself.

8 Mocktail Recipes with Sprite to Try in 2020

Virgin Mojito Recipe

The cocktail mojito contains some alcohol, mint leaves, sugar, and lime. A virgin mojito, on the other hand, is non-alcoholic and tastes pretty good as well. To make an amazing virgin mojito, you will require about 300 ml of sprite, nearly four to five tablespoons of lemon juice, one-fourth of a cup mint leaves, three tablespoons of sugar syrup, and nine to ten ice cubes. However, you can change their quantities depending on your taste.

To make this particular recipe, you are going to have to prepare some sugar syrup by adding one-fourth cup of water and heating one and a half tablespoons of sugar in it. Once sugar is dissolved, simmer for a minute and cool it. Next, add eight mint leaves, a tablespoon of sugar syrup, and one tablespoon of lime to glass and crush the leaves with a muddled.

Now, chill the sprite for some time before adding it to the glass till the brim. You will, then, need to stir it properly till they have combined properly. This way, you will be easily able to make three glasses of the Virgin Mojito. Lastly, garnish it with mint and lemon and serve chilled.

Raspberry Mojito Mocktail Recipe

In case you are looking for an easy mocktail recipe that you can make for yourself, your family, or friends all year round, this is probably the best choice for you. To get started with this one, you will need only four ingredients; namely three cups of raspberries, some fresh mint leaves, some lime, and some, all depending on the taste that you like.

As mentioned before, this is a very simple recipe and to make the Raspberry Mojito Mocktail Recipe, you first need to put the raspberries and the mint leaves in a big pitcher before using a wooden spoon or a muddle to release the juice from the raspberries and wilt the mint leaves.

If you are using frozen raspberries, you only need to muddle the mint leaves. Once you are done with this part, pour the lime into the pitcher and mix it well. After this part, you will need to add in the sprite and combine them well. Lastly, pour into the glasses, add the ice, and top with a lime and some fresh mint leaves.

Orange Mocktail Recipe

This orange mocktail is an easy recipe and will take about twenty minutes of your time. To make this recipe, you need one cup filled will orange juice, one tablespoon lime juice, one cup filled with sprite some sugar, a few mint leaves, some ice cubes, and some salt, all of them depending on your choice,
Once you have got all the ingredients required to make this amazing recipe, you will first need to add the orange juice and the lemon juice to a middle-sized bowl and mix them well. Next, pick two glasses of your choice and add the ice cubes into each one of them before pouring the mixture in each glass until it is almost half full.

After this, pour the sprite into them and sprinkle some salt and sugar in it if you cant before stirring it well. Once this is done, muddle some mint leaves with a wooden spoon or muddler and put them, along with some of the juice in the mixture, and add some more ice cubes if needed. Lastly, stir it and garnish with some lemons and mint leaves before serving chilled with a dish of your choice.

Strawberry Mocktail Recipe

This recipe will make one glass of mocktail and will consume no more than ten minutes of your time. To make this particular recipe, all that you are going to need three teaspoons of lime juice, two tablespoons of orange juice, three sliced strawberries, one bottle of sprite, and four teaspoons of powdered sugar.

To make this extremely delicious recipe, you first need to chill the sprite fully and then put the strawberries in a tall glass. Now, muddle them with a muddler or a wooden spoon after adding the sugar, the orange juice, and the lime juice to it. Just before serving it chilled, you will need to add the sprite and stir it well as well. Lastly, garnish it with some lemons and mint leaves and serve right away.

Strawberry Lime Mojito Mocktail Recipe

This is an extremely refreshing summer mocktail which takes very little time to make as well. To make the amazing recipe, all that you will need is strawberries, mint leaves, some lime, some sprite, and some strawberries. The quantity of all the items depends on your taste and the amount of Strawberry Lime Mojito Mocktail you want and need.

To make this particular recipe, you are going to first need to put your strawberries as well as the mint leaves in a proper pitcher of medium size. However, you need to make sure that you remove all the stems from the strawberries and clean all the mint leaves as well before you put them into the pitcher.

Now, you need to muddle the leaves and the strawberries by either using the back of a wooden spoon or a muddler to get all the juice from the strawberries and crack the leaves. After this, you will add the lime to it and mix them thoroughly. Once this is done, add the sprite and again stir everything together before pouring it into the glasses and garnishing with some lemons and mint leaves and serving chilled.

Snacks That Go Best with Mocktails

Crispy Rajma Starter Recipe

Crispy rajma starter is an extremely delicious snack that not only tastes good but has a pleasant smell as well. To make this recipe, you need thirty grams of rajma, four tablespoons plain flour, one-fourth of a teaspoon red chilli powder, half teaspoon of ground black pepper, half teaspoon tandoori masala, one teaspoon oil, some oil for the frying process, and some salt according to your taste.

This recipe will only take 20 minutes, but you first need to soak the rajma in water for at least four to five hours. Once this part is done, you need to move all this rajma into a pressure cooker and cook it till it gets tender. However, you need to keep checking it after every few minutes so that it doesn't get overcooked and become too mushy and soft.

Now, put the tandoori masala, the plain flour, the chilli powder, the black pepper powder, some salt, and a bit of oil in a deep bowl and mix them till they get properly mixed. After this, add some water to soften up the mixture and whisk it to make a thick batter. Next, dip the rajma pieces into this and fry them before serving on a platter and garnishing with some coriander leaves if you want.

Radish Green Dip Recipe

This Radish Green Dip Recipe is very simple and will take very little of your time. For this particular recipe, you are going to require one teaspoon of butter, the half-cup filled will radishes that are finely chopped, the half-cup filled with chopped red onions, one minced garlic clove, one full and one-fourth of a cup filled with chopped reddish greens, 125 grams of cubed and softened cream cheese, three-fourth of a cup filled with divided and grated parmesan cheese, one-fourth of a cup filled with sour cream, and one teaspoon pepper.

To make this extremely delicious dip, first, put the rack in the middle of your oven and preheat the oven to about 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, melt some butter in a frying pan over medium flame and add the garlic, onions, and radishes to it before cooking for about four to six minutes or till they soften. Next, put in the radish greens and stir-fry for nearly two to three minutes before keeping them away in a bowl. After this, pour in the half a cup parmesan cheese, the cream cheese, the sour cream, and the pepper before adding it to a baking dish before sprinkling the rest of the parmesan cheese over it. Lastly, bake it for twelve minutes before removing it and serving it cool with crackers or veggies.

Crunchy Asparagus Fries Recipe

If you are also fed up of your children eating the same foods daily that include fries, mac and cheese, pizza, chicken fries, and hot dogs, you must give this recipe a try. It requires one bunch of cleaned organic asparagus, one-third of a cup spelt flour, one-fourth of a cup panko, half a cup parmesan cheese, half a cup bread crumbs that are multi-grained, half a teaspoon ground garlic, two eggs, some salt, and some black pepper, depending on your taste.

To make this amazing snack, first, spray some cooking spray on a baking sheet or place a parchment paper in it before setting aside and preheating the oven to about 400 degrees. Clean the asparagus and set aside before putting the flour on a platter and whisking the eggs in a wide and shallow bowl. Next, combine the garlic, panko, bread crumbs, and parmesan cheese.

After this, take three to four stalks of asparagus and coat them in the flour before putting them in the egg and lastly into the panko mixture. Once you have coated all the stalks, put them on the baking sheet. However, make sure that there is some space between all or they'll stick together. Lastly, bake them for about twenty minutes or till the stalks are crips and serve them with a tasty dipping sauce.

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Mocktails are always fun, fizzy and so refreshing to drink!

It is one of the most popular alcohol-free drinks of summer. The drinks are designed to give pleasure to the taste buds which are so fresh and incredible in taste. There is a fallacy that tasty foods are not healthy but, it is not true always. Delicious mocktails come with many goodness’s which boosts up your immunity, daunts all harmful properties, low in calories and lot more. You are more likely to opt for a drink that is lower in calories, such as low-calorie fruit and vegetable juices, club soda, carbonated water, sparkling tea, and diet soda.