Looking for Low Cost Gifts? 10 Divine Gifts Under 1000 Rupees (2018)

Looking for Low Cost Gifts? 10 Divine Gifts Under 1000 Rupees (2018)

Gifts should not be expensive to be memorable. Don't believe us? We have compiled a list of awesome gifts for less than Rs.1000. They are not only easy on your purse but also impressive and makes you a star of the party. We also have included a few pointers to help keep you within the budget.

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It is Possible to Give Thoughtful Yet Affordable Gifts Under 1000 Rupees

Gift giving should come from the heart and not something like chore or burden. In the act to show self-gratification and to strengthen the relationship, gifting plays a vital role. You don’t need to expect for any special occasion to gift, it can be given at any time to show how much you care for the person.

Festive or holiday season is the prime time when you do not mind to overspend, but your generosity can lead to trouble paying the bills some time. Buying gifts for your loved ones can make you happy yet if you are on a tight budget, you definitely need to create a gift-buying budget. The affordable amount which does not look expensive nor cheap either is to buy gifts under Rs.1000.

You can sit down with a paper and pencil and make an explicit contribution before you start buying items. There are options for tons of discount offers both for online and offline purchases can keep the shopping mood uplifted. Stick to your budget and choose to buy the best keeping yourself under your budget plan.

Various Ways to Select Gifts Under the Budget

Take a few moments to make a quick plan as to when and how you should buy an affordable and stylish gift. Here in BP Guide, we have compiled some pointers to buy a beautiful gift still keeping your budget steady.

Stick to Your Plan

Gifting can be enjoyable and stressful too, as gifting also means spending. Decide your spending limit and stick to that goal. Determine the amount and look for the options those are only under your budget. But don't compromise on the quality and value of the gift. A simple yet elegant choice can definitely win the situation.

Understand the Gifts are Not About You

If you know the person well enough, then it is easy for you to know about their preferences and you would have an idea of what to buy under your budget. Choose a decent gift that will add value to the moment and the person would feel loved. Try to avoid buying anything big as it would make them uncomfortable and also they take space.

Make the Gift Useful

Along with making the gift affordable, you want it to be helpful too. Before you buy something think about the efficiency of the present. A small gift like a good pen can have various uses, then again a sculpture cannot be as useful but can enhance the aesthetic experience of the place. Check if the person for whom you are buying the gift has some hobbies or is passionate about something. Gifting what the person wants really can be the best solution for you. Every gift must have a purpose behind it.

Wait for The Discount Seasons

Don’t let the opportunity to make a real saving go away. Keep your eyes open for the seasonal and festival discounts. Buy something that you like to gift, a little earlier if you have time for that and use the discount rates. Also, keep in mind that you are looking for the thing you want in discount. Don’t buy something that is on high premium, since you don’t want that. Never get swayed by rebates, always select the gift first.

Buy One Present Not Multiple

When you are gifting someone, it should show your kind thoughts and not the monetary matters. If you buy many gifts under a cheap budget, it will make it clear that you were only targeting for counts and not the present. If for a price of a jacket, which is under your budget, you give cheap bedding, a not so good quality shirt and also a shoe, it is never a good option.

Another point to note is that, don’t go for combo offers, it will lead you to spend more. Choose a single gift which is of good quality, thoughtful, elegant and useful too. Moreover which will keep a good memory of you in the heart of the person whom you are gifting.

10 Beautiful Gift Ideas Under 1000

If you are still confused about what to choose under your budget of Rs.1000 as a gift, here are some gift ideas which will ease your work of search for a perfect gift.

LED Light Cushion

Source www.fnp.com

Nothing makes a person happier than personalising a simple thing for him or her. A cushion which is used just to rest on can be the loveliest gift for someone. Think about a cushion which has a LED light! It can be personalised too with the person’s picture which will make it gorgeous.

The yellow LED light, and the printed picture looks fantastic in low light. The cushion cover is made with canvas poly duck material, and it is a recron filled cushion. The dimension of the cushion is (L x W) 10 x 11 inches. You will need a battery for this cushion to light up. For switching it on, you have to remove the cover of the cushion to find the battery circuit. You don’t need to remove the entire sheet, just enough to locate the circuit inside the pillow. Plug the battery inside the loop by holding it. Once you are done with the battery, switch on the button. The price for this beautiful item is RS.599 at fnp.com.

Stainless Steel Mold

Source www.amazon.in

Who doesn’t love to eat a beautifully designed food at home? This egg tool can give the egg and the pancake batter different shapes which makes it a craving for young and old. It is made with eco-friendly material and pure stainless steel. The product has four pieces which comprise of one piece egg mould and three parts (star, flower and heart shaped) of pancake moulds. Enjoying food with these fun shaped moulds will definitely make the day happier for the person you are gifting for. The price range is Rs.958 for this item at amazon.com.

USB Study Desk Lamp

Source www.amazon.in

In today’s fast-paced life, it has been a part of life for many people, to use the evening and night time for reading or working. A night lamp can be a handy gift, and if it is with a soft light, then reading can be a bliss. The mild night lamp shade does not affect or hurt the eye. It can be lit up with the USB port of a laptop or desktop too. It has a flexible silicone rod that can be bent up to 73 degrees from a straight upward angle.

The lamp needs 3.9 W SMD LED with an adjustable lighting angle making it convenient for study and office work. It also has 5 VUSB mobile adapters or power bank. The price for this item is Rs.999 at amazon.com.

Sound Bar Speaker System

Source www.amazon.in

Music is life, and when you gift something related to music, it becomes an instant hit making you super happy! F&D E200 soundbar speaker system is a very powerful sound system, which enhances the sound quality and produces a crisp sound. The super bass enhancement, lets you connect your preferred music and enjoy the music with utmost precision. The dual speaker produces superior sound and delivers customised audio. The passive radiator design offers powerful bass. This device has a red LED which let you know about the status of the device at a glance. The soundbar has an ergonomic design for improved sound, and it has a customised structure that helps in effective sound delivery.

The stylish soundbar comes with various connectivity features which let you enjoy music from other external music devices. The dimension of the sound system is 410 x 71 x 67 mm which makes this speaker ideal for travel, presentation or merely using for a small party. You can also share the playlist from other devices through the USB port. It has a 2.0 channel output, and the 3W power output brings music to life. The price for this compact and elegant soundbar is S.978, and you can get it at amazon.com.

Wall Decor Book Shelf with Three Racks

Source www.amazon.in

A practical gift is always welcome in a home and that too if don’t take any space on the floor then it is really an excellent choice of a gift. The Bluewud Phelix wall décor bookshelf with three racks is multifunctional and can be used as display shelves, bookshelves or utility rack. It is suitable for kitchen, living room or corporate office too. This looks elegant, does not take any extra space, as it can be hanged in the wall.

It is made from premium high-grade thick pre lam MDF wood with natural wood grain finish, and the dimension of this product is 20 x 17.7 x 5.5 inches. The product comes with an instruction manual, and it is easy to assemble. It can be decorated according to the style, purpose and need of the place. The price for this item is Rs.899, and you can check it out at amazon.com.

Packing Cubes

Source www.amazon.in

For many people packing a suitcase is the most troublesome part of travelling, for others, it’s a form of art. Whatever it is, packing the luggage with intelligence and proper accessories is an essential part of travel plans. The Amazon Basics packing cubes are helpful in managing the travel items and keeps the belongings neatly stored and conveniently organised. The fabric containers protect garments and don’t allow it to be wrinkled, which reduces the need to iron.

The set includes four set of pouches, which consists of one large (17.5 x 12.75 x 3.25), one medium (13.75 x 9.75 x 3 inches), one small (11 x 6.75 x 3 inches), one slim (2.8 x 14 x 5 inches). It is made out of high-quality fabric with interior seams which make it durable and easy to use. It comes in various colours like black, red, blue, green, grey and sky blue. Check it out at Amazon, and the price for this item is Rs.999 with free shipping.

Portronics Litehouse

Source www.amazon.in

Imagine the sudden darkness due to power cut and you don’t have anything to support except your cell phone flash, which is also low in battery. Immediately you will crave for an emergency light. Portronics brings Litehouse, a magnet base LED lamp which can also be used as the emergency power bank for your USB devices. This two-in-one emergency light power bank can light up the home and also charge your mobile phone so that you can be in the comfortable light and also connected to the outside world for emergency purposes, despite the electricity outage.

This is a useful gift, and everyone would love to have it as it is travel-friendly too. It is Litehouse BIS certified, and the battery type is lithium-ion-battery. The manufacturer provides one year warranty from the date of purchase. Check it out at Amazon with a price tag of Rs.799.

Gadget Organiser Bag

Source www.amazon.in

Organising gadgets is a hectic job, and if your gift makes it easier, it becomes a stylish as well as a functional gift. Tizum gadget organiser bag with its built-in strap layer protects the gadgets against minor bumps, scratches, dust, drops and shocks. The sturdy zipper ensures the perfect closure and keeps the contents safe inside. It is one of the most versatile organisation system designed to hold items firmly in its place all the time. It has a high-quality zipper with the best quality rubber zip puller and green zip. The fit and finish are perfect, and it is unbreakable. You can easily slide it in your backpack or briefcase as it is convenient for travel or any business trip.

It has two mesh pockets and built-in eleven elastic loops to hold various small items like data cable, pen drive, pen etc. The mesh pockets are easily accessible and can store GPS, credit cards. Memory cards, sim cards, card reader, SSD cards, cf cards and much more. The product dimension is 18.5 x 13 x 5 (L x W x H cm) and weighs around 19 grams. It has a one-year defect replacement warranty. The price for this item is Rs.869 at amazon.in.

Borosil Diya

Source www.amazon.in

A peaceful ambience always creates magic whether it is at home or office. This is a great gift for housewarming, marriage ceremony or any get-together. The puja room or living room the Borosil Akhand Diya can create a meditative and tranquil atmosphere. Even after long hours of burning this Diya does not get heated up. It is safe to use than the open flame Diyas and efficient enough to emit a brighter light. Borosil Akhand Jyoti Diya keeps burning under the breeze too due to its secure glass chimney. The lamp will stay lit overlight during festivals, and this can be used for extended puja ceremonies, without refilling the oil. It is a beautiful product with a pleasing design.

The product is made of glass and brass, and it is easy to clean with soft cloth and soapy water. It is made of borosilicate glass and brass. The dimensions are 13 cm x 13 cm x 18 cm. It is resistant to thermal shock, cracks and high heat. The product comes with the price tag of Rs.690 plus shipping at Amazon.

Hosley Wall Sconces

Source www.amazon.in

Wall sconces are a beautiful gift which can be set at any wall regardless of colour and texture. The glass cup candle holders have bonus tea light candles with it, and the wall sconces come in a set of two. The measurement of the sconce is 10.24-inch x 2.76-inch x 16.14 inch. The gift includes 2 sets of 4 wall sconces and also eight tea lights. It creates an extraordinary classic ambience with its beautifully detailed design. Hosley wall sconces are statement gift for any occasion. The price for this is Rs.529 at amazon.in.

Gifts Help in Building Bonds

When you are gifting, you are willingly giving something special without any return. Making someone feel special is more important than anything else. The act of gifting brings happiness and create eternal bonding. No matter what the reason is for giving a gift when it comes straight from the heart, it becomes priceless. We had discussed affordable under Rs.1000 gift options which are for any age, gender or occasion. Gifting connects people, creates bonding and a positive aura in the relationship as well as the particular moment.

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Impressive gift within your budget is possible

Just because your budget is small doesn't mean that your gift should also be any less impressive. You have tons of options to make your gift very personal and touch their heart. One way is to personalize it. You can either get it personalized or you can do it yourself. Like monogramming that beautiful floral scarf you got for your best friend or the tie you got for your boyfriend. You have tons of tutorials online that would help you with the art of stitching. a few practice stitches and you would be stitching in no time. Another way is to elevate whatever you bought with little pretty notes and a gift wrap.