Homemade Gifts are Perfect Gifts in Every Way! Slay Everyone with These 10 Inexpensive and Simple Gifts Ideas of Homemade Goodies

Homemade Gifts are Perfect Gifts in Every Way! Slay Everyone with These 10 Inexpensive and Simple Gifts Ideas of Homemade Goodies

Handmade gIfts are the best gifts ever. It has the personal touch needed to make the giftee feel special and appreciated. Not sure! Read our section on benefits of DIY Gifts. But is your clumsy self, scared to do crafts? No worries! we have got you covered. We have curated the 10 best possible inexpensive and easy DIY gifts for you.

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Benefits of Investing in Homemade Gifts

Do you want to gift your loved one, something which has your personal stamp on it? Do you want to gift something which holds a special meaning? If yes, you have only one way to achieve and that would be by making homemade gifts for that person. The homemade gifts are not any less than the expensive gifts that you order online. But in many ways, they are better and unique. Homemade gifts are loaded with numerous benefits and features that no other materialistic gift can offer. If you don’t believe us, then check out the benefits of the homemade gifts for yourself.

They Are Unique

Any gift made at home would never be the same. All the homemade gifts have their own design and layout, even if you have the similar kind of products. For example, if you have created a woollen hat as your gift, then each woven gift would be different from each other. That’s because the yarn and needles used in making the hat are different so every gift will be different. So, if you want to gift something unique and stylish to your friends without spending any extra penny, you can craft the gifts with your own hand.

They Are Personal

When you are planning to add a personal touch to your gift and want to make sure the gift is special, then you have to pick the handmade route only. Handmade gifts hold a special meaning and love that no market-made-gift can offer. You know better what your friends like the most and what their favourite colours are. So, you can keep in mind all the personal favourite things of your friend while designing the gift. For example, if your friend loves to click images, then you can click a few candid shots of your friend and personalize the photo album for him or her.

It’s Fun to Craft Them

It’s always fun to create handmade gifts, you can create a fun event out of it. If you have kids at home, then you have to invest so much in buying birthday gifts for their friends. But, if you encourage your kids to make homemade gifts for their friends, you can save lots of bucks this way and can even create a fun family event out of it. You all can sit together, make a DIY gift and spend some quality time as a family.

They Are Cost Effective

The major benefit of homemade gifts is that they are truly cost-effective. All the elements required to create a good DIY gift are available in your home. You just have to select the right DIY gift ideas and all the related craft supply can be arranged from your junk stuff. For example, if you are planning to make recycled scented candles for your friends on Diwali, then all the raw supply is available at home. Such as old birthday candles, your unused perfume, and a jam jar; Everything is just laying under your nose; You just have to use them properly. So, overall apart from your creativity and out of the box thinking, nothing else is required to make DIY gifts.

They Become A Keepsake

Many of us still have that blanket from our childhood tucked safely somewhere in our home which our grandma has knitted. The blankets are all torn and messy now, but its still something which our grandma made with her hands, so it’s always going to be special. So, if you want to gift something which he or she can cherish all their life and store it like a keepsake from you, go for handmade gifts. Because handcrafted gifts can hold the position of keepsake quite easily.

They Are Environment-Friendly

When a gift item is designed at home with your own hands, the process doesn’t involve any machine work nor any wastage. On the contrary, waste material is being used to create DIY gifts, so in every sense, homemade gifts are highly environment-friendly. Whereas making gifts on a commercial level includes lots of energy and wastage which is not at all environment-friendly. That said if you care for nature and want to save it with your small gestures, start making homemade gifts instead of buying them from the market.

They Are Easy to Make

Well, if you think that making DIY gifts involves lots of effort and thought process, then you are totally wrong fellas. You can easily make homemade gifts with the help of the Internet which is filled with the numerous easy DIY gift ideas. You can get inspiration online from Pinterest where millions of easy homemade gift ideas are available. If you like to watch the video tutorials, then YouTube has thousands of DIY art videos. Moreover, there are plenty of different art and craft blogs and forums present online where you learn the new art. So, overall today making homemade gifts is not all that difficult.

Effortless and Simple Homemade Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

If you are ready to design the gift for your loved ones with your beautiful hands we have got you covered. There are various cool and easy DIY gift ideas are available today, so picking one out of them is a hard task. However, if you are looking for the easiest DIY gift ideas, then we have researched a few ideas on your behalf and listed them below. So, you can try any of the following homemade gifts or use them for inspiration.

Vanilla Body Scrub

If your friend loves all those expensive body washes that are available in the designer store, then you can add your twist to this gift. You can make a body scrub at home for your pal. This homemade scrub will purify your friend’s skin and trust us your friend will again come to you for the new bottle.

How to make?
  • To make sweet vanilla body scrub at home, you just need vanilla extract and brown sugar.
  • Just mix both with some body oil and put it in the glass bottle with the personalized brand label.

Rice Bag Warmer

Well, if you are making a gift for someone who hates being cold or has the problem of sore muscles, then he/she is going to love your homemade rice bag. This can be used to keep warm in the cold winter night or to soothe aching muscles.

How to make?
  • You can use the cotton fabric to make a cushion.
  • Instead of filling it up with the cotton, use rice grains. This is because rice grains can be easily warmed up in the microwave and can stay warm for a long time.

Monogrammed Soap Bottles

Now, this one is a bit technical homemade gift which can be easily crafted in two steps. You can make the bottles in different sizes and shapes so that you can present it as a whole set of personalized storage bottles.

How to make?
  • Get a old sanitizer or detail bottles from your garage and throughly clean them with hot water.
  • Design the personalized monogram signs and print them out .
  • Paste the labels on the empty bottles, and just like that your monogrammed soap bottles are ready.

Pillow Covers

Have you ever checked the price of designer pillow covers online? You would know how ridiculously expensive they are. There really is no need to spend thousands on pillow covers when you can stitch them at home. If you do not know how to stitch pillow covers, here is a quick solution.

How to make?
  • Measure the length and width of the pillow and cut two pieces of fabrics.
  • Just stitch the three sides of pillow cover and leave the fourth one open to insert pillow.
  • Use your creativity and decorate the pillow covers according to your taste.

Rock Photo Holder

The rock photo frame is quite easy and can be designed in numerous different ways. Here is a quick DIY idea for you. Follow the simple steps and your quick rock photo holder is ready to gift your dear ones on their special occasion.

How to make?
  • Get the different sizes of rocks and paint them with the acrylic colors.
  • Once the paint is dry, wrap a piece of wire around a pen or marker a few times to make some loops. Wrap the rest of the wire around the stone.

Chapstick Keychain

If your friend always carries chapstick with him or her, then make it easier for them to carry it around. Just use your stitching talent to make a keychain chapstick holder. So, just using an old fabric and keychain ring, you can create a unique gift which you will get nowhere else. Now, how cool is this?

How to make?
  • Stitch a loop from a fabric scrap which can easily hold the chapstick in it.
  • On the one side of the fabric attach old keychain ring where your friend can add the keys.

Cord Tacos

Managing the loose cords of the earphones is an irritating task. You can make it easier for your friend with the cool cord tacos holder for your friend. All you need is some old leather pieces and acrylic felts.

How to make?
  • Just fold circular leather piece like a taco and stitch one button on top to hold the shape.
  • Now, with the acrylic felt, you create the look of real tacos and your cord tacos are ready to store the earphone.

iPad Holder

If you are good at woodwork, then you can make a wooden iPad holder as your homemade gift. And, just by pasting two things, your cool iPad holder is ready to gift.

How to make?
  • Take the old wooden chopping board out of your garage. and clean it up
  • cut a triangle wooden piece and stick it behind the chopping board.
  • If you have any old scrabble letter holder, stick it on the chopping board at the bottom to hold the ipad.


Okay, so if you are making a gift for your sister or girlfriend or maybe your mother, try this cool clutch for them.

How to make?
  • If you have an beautiful patterned fabric laying around cut it to the size of a clutch.
  • Fold one side to about quarter and stitch the two open sides.
  • On one plain side add one button and just like this your simple homemade clutch to gift is ready.

Embroidered Headphone

Those black and white plain wire headphones are not very cool to look at. How about some vibrant cover for the dreary headphones? If you are designing a gift for the person who is into music, then take any old earphones and convert them into colourful headphones.

How to make?
  • Cut embroidery threads into lengths of 70 cms.
  • Wrap the threads around the wires of the headphone.
  • Repeat the colours until you cover the headphone wires completely.

The Perfect Homemade Gift: Home Cooked Food

All the above mentioned homemade gift ideas are truly amazing and special, but if you are looking for the perfect homemade gift suggestion which never fails, then that would be cooking. Cook a delicious meal at home for your loved ones and they will never forget your gift. You can elevate the level of home cooked meal by turning it into an event. Like, if it’s your bestie's birthday, then you can call up your whole gang and cook dinner for them all. And, if it’s your boyfriend’s birthday or your anniversary, then you can set a romantic ambience with your home cooking. Well, home cooking is a sure short gift which can be easily used on any occasion.

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Handmade Gifts Are Special

Why go for a store bought gift when you can make a DIY gift yourselves. Instead of being mass produced, these are one-of-kind and very precious. When you make a gift for a person, it shows him/her how much they mean to you. It shows them that they are special to you and that you value them in your life. It makes your relationship more meaningful and important. Homemade gifts are also inexpensive and have your personal touch. No matter if you are crafty or not, there is always something for you. But make sure you do a neat job. You should love the gift; The gift should be enough that you give yourselves a pat on the back.