Give Him a Romantic Gift or a Practical One on His Birthday? Find Answers to All Your Gifting Woes + 10 Great Gifts for Boyfriend's Birthday (2019)

Give Him a Romantic Gift or a Practical One on His Birthday? Find Answers to All Your Gifting Woes + 10 Great Gifts for Boyfriend's Birthday (2019)

It's the age old conundrum: pour your heart into something which screams your love but which isn't particularly useful, or get him something practical he will use all the time. We help you figure out how to strike a balance and what to get your boyfriend for his birthday. Or you can choose from our carefully selected list of gifts for him.

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When It's His Birthday Give Him Something Unique and Useful

When it comes to gifts, the first thing that should come to our mind is its usefulness for the recipient. No matter who you are buying the gift for if it does not serve any purpose, it is more likely to be forgotten too soon or would be just sitting in a corner without being noticed at all. However, Useful does not mean it has to be boring like a pen, bag or sipper. Let’s just keep those things for your friends and kids. A special birthday gift for your boyfriend has to be a combination of unique, useful, smart and out of the box. It has to be something that can bring a genuine smile on his face immediately.

Romantic vs Practical Gifting

Well, the flowers and candles sound too romantic and they may hint towards a special evening together but that’s more appropriate for a Valentine’s Day rather than a birthday. Birthdays call for a special thoughtful gift that your man can flaunt and use every day. It has to be something more thoughtful and exclusively for him.

Why Romantic May Not Turn Out to Be the Best Gift for Your Guy?

He may be a very romantic guy who loves surprises and he would love to get flowers but flowers would not last for more than two days and candles once burnt can neither be used an accessory nor be used special occasions. Other romantic gift that people generally pick for guys is a photo of them in a heart shaped frame. Well, take our word for it, that is not going to interest him either as that’s just going to hang on wall or sit on his desk. And the worst case scenario would be if he has not disclosed the relationship to people it’s going to be kept wrapped and hidden at a place where no one can find it including him. If you know your man well then gifting him something exclusive should not be a problem, but if you don’t then a better idea is that you ask or try to find out.

How Practical Gifts Can Reflect Your Thoughtfulness?

Gifts like pen, vase, mug, sipper, flowers and cakes is something that is gifted to you by friends and colleagues, so he is more likely to get these gifts from his colleagues or office mates. If you happen to pick any of those gifts it would seem that you have not given it a thought at all and have picked it on the way, or have just arranged something for the sake of formality. That can definitely have a very negative impact on your relationship when the truth may be just that you are not very good with gifting ideas. His birthday has to a special day for you more than him. If you plan in advance and follow our guide you are most likely to win his heart.

Mix of Practical and Romantic isn't Difficult to Achieve

The gift does not just have to practical and useful or just romantic and showy, it has to practically romantic, uniquely distinctive and well thought through and planned. The best way to achieve this is by knowing his interests, likes and dislikes and future plans (somewhat).

For example if he does not know how to swim or have no interest in swimming whatsoever, the swimming gear would be practically useless for him and would not make any sense. But if your man loves adventure and you gift him tickets for hiking or some other adventure sports of his liking, he would be happier than ever.

10 Sure Shot and Fail Safe Gifting Ideas for Your Man's Birthday

For the Car Crazy Man: Car Accessories That Can Make His Life Easy

Men’s love for cars isn’t hidden from us anymore, isn’t it? They love their ride the most. We will forgive them for this on their birthday at least. If your man is a crazy car lover than his birthday gift is sorted. There is nothing better than a car accessory for a car lover. There are many gizmos and gadgets available in the market like car organizers, car perfumes, steering wheel accessory, dashboard accessory and more. If you want to make it large buy a combo, this seat organizer is long lasting and classy. Buy the 3D Car Auto Seat Back Multi Pocket Storage Bag Organizer for Rs.999 only. Tan in colour, it comes as a set of two on

For the Bike Lover: Bike Silencers and More


All bike lovers are not rowdy but the fact is that they all care how their bike sounds. This gift is certainly going to take his breath away and he is going to love you for this, mark our words. Bike silencers are unique, thoughtful and of course a very useful gift. This is a type of gift that will make his heart beat race. This will be a never expected, out of box gift for your loved one. He can flaunt it and will take pride in sharing who the presenter is.

There are plenty of options out there but we recommend this Swagman Shark Ceramic-Wool Exhaust for Royal Enfield Classic in black and chrome. Unlike the glass wool that most silencers have, this one has been insulated with high quality ceramic wool. Why does this make a difference? Ceramic wool can withstand temperatures ranging from 1200 to 1400 degrees Celcius, as opposed to the 350 to 450 degree range on glass wool. Not only is the heat insulation fantastic, it also absorbs sound much better. Buy this for his bike from Amazon at Rs.5,000 approximately.

For the Party Guy: Bar Accessories He Can Flaunt


Is his motto, work hard, party harder? In this busy life we end up focusing on just earning as much as we can. But among us there are few people who understand the real meaning of life and like to enjoy it. If your man is a party lover than you are one lucky woman. Party lovers are full of energy and there is never a dull moment with them. Ir is best To date a party lover. There are many options for party lover like bar tendering combo set or a wine set with flask and glasses but we have brought for you is exclusive- Black Butterfly Portable Leatherette Wood Briefcase Set priced at Rs.2,000 on Encased in a a wooden case, it contains a hip flask,one pair of tongs, 3 glasses and a peg measurer.

For the Bearded Man: Trimmer and Styling Kit

If you are looking for a gift for your boyfriend’s birthday in 2018, then this may be your most suitable gift. The month of Movember is about to get over. Movember is an event that occurs during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health. In this month men show their participation by growing beard. Men who like beard do not look for a reason to grow it and style it according to their taste. This 6-in-one Multi Grooming Kit MGK3020 from Braun comes with a styling kit priced at Rs.1,767 on Myntra.

For Music Lovers: Bluetooth Speakers and Earplugs


If you look around yourself you will see many youngsters carrying headphones and ear phones with them, and when it comes to headphones and earphones JBL is a trusted name. If your man is a music lover than headphones and earphones can come in handy. Music relaxes the mind, it is said that if we you listen to and grove on three songs a day, your life expectancy increases. We are not going to debate about how true is that but when it comes to gifting a music lover, the headphones and Bluetooth speaker stand next to none. Get him these JBL Free X. These mini earphones are truly wireless and petite that it makes life easy for men. He will get 4 hours of playback and a 20 hour backup from the charging case, a truly liberating and wireless experience, all at Rs.9,951 from Amazon.

For an Avid Reader: A Book or Subscription to an E-Library


You would have known by now if your partner is a reader and enjoys reading in his past time or not. If you know the kind of books he reads, buy it for him. You can also buy subscriptions to a good online libraries, trust me he would not be able to thank you enough for this gesture. A reader always makes a good boyfriend no matter what because they know how to invest time wisely; and for sure they will never indulge in something that they don’t value. It also indicates that they do not get bored or distracted easily and have the stability to sustain the relationship. A reader is usually only in to books then other things and books as a gift will show how well you know him. If you want to make it large buy more than one book for him.

Your selection will depend on what genre he enjoys most, but if you're looking for ideas, try Bhupen Hazarika: As I Knew Him by Kalpana Lajmi. It is an interesting biography of the poet, composer and singer. The paperback is priced at Rs.397 on Amazon

For the Stylish Man: A Sleek Accessory or Bracelet


If your man is more into fashion accessories, then you have a gazillion products to choose from in the market. You can go for a customised mobile cover or one with a catchy quote. Men’s watches are much in rage too these days. What we find most attractive in men’s fashion accessories is bracelets. So here we are going to bring that to you. Multiple layers wrist band is what gives bracelets its hippie look that men adore. Like this Moneekar Jewels Men’s Genuine Leather Bracelet with stainless steel magnetic buckle and a multi-layer braided detailing. The price of this multilayer leather cuff is Rs.700 on

The Photography Enthusiast: Camera Lenses or His First DSLR


The trend of photography is one the rise. In the recent years we saw the birth of selfies and groupfies. A lot of people took up photography as freelancing business and every other person wanted to own a DSLR because of its clarity. Photography helps to capture the memories for lifetime. If he is already into photography then we would suggest that you seek guidance and help him get the lens that he has be wanting for months because buying lenses can get tricky and nasty.

But if he is till new to photography or is planning to learn it then buying a beginners camera can help him. This can get a whole lot more expensive as compared to other gifts but if it is a DSLR then it is ought to be worth it. The Nikon D3500 has been rated as the best camera for beginners by Techradars and is priced at Rs.34,990 on

For the Fitness Freak: A Fitbit


We are not going to forget to include our fitness geeks for sure. There are different interests of people that interested in different type of sports. But there is one common thing that will be useful to anyone is Fitbit. The ultimate aim of all the fitness freaks is to maintain their health and monitor it regularly and Fitbit allows them to do so. Fitbit comes in many colours and is very stylish and trendy. The battery backup of this product is up to 7 days. It can measure your heart rate, track your steps and let you know how many calories you have burnt and helps you to get fit.

Get him a Fitbit Alta HR. The cost of this watch is around Rs.18,000 on Amazon but it is once in a lifetime investment.

What Do Men Enjoy Most?

Apart from gifting an exclusive and well thoughtful gift to your man, you can also do few things that will make relationship strong and will go a long way. Because be it a mini bar, a car accessory or a DSLR if he is unable to use to his liking it will all be in vain. Yes, you got the idea let him be who he is (for a day) and not dictate how he should be. We have looked at numerous different gifting ideas for your boyfriend but there are few things that money can’t buy.

Gift Him a Nagging Free Day and Some Me Time

Give this guy a break! If he is not in the mood to get ready and go out for a party then let it be, maybe he has been hoping to do that from a long time. Try to just go with the flow and not plan anything that takes up the whole day. He is your boyfriend but he has other relationships to maintain as well.

Make This Day Extra Special for Your Man

Dress up for your man and try to do things he likes. After all it is his big day.

  • Visit the place that he took you on your first date: the place where he took you on your first date is special place for both of you, reminiscing about the day will increase the charm of your relationship.

  • Let him order: let him be the boss at least for this day. Let him feel that attention and eat what he prefers. but if he wants you to order do not insist too much may be he does not really want to take the hassle

  • Do things together that he likes: romance is not just about movies and dates. If he prefers to play a video game and order in, let him. There is a different kind of satisfaction in doing that too.
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