Workload? Stress? Hypertension? You Need a Break and a Vacation! Check Out These 10 Best Places to Go on Vacation in 2019

Workload? Stress? Hypertension? You Need a Break and a Vacation! Check Out These 10 Best Places to Go on Vacation in 2019

Increasingly robotic lifestyles are indeed taking a toll on our health as well as our relationships. The spark is simply not there. So if you think you are in need to ignite that spark, we've got you covered. Check out these amazing Vacation sites to choose from.

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Not Sure Whether to Take a Vacation or Not? Here Are Some Reasons Backed by Science

With vacation season just around the corner, are you still deciding whether you should take a vacation or not in 2019? Well, here are some reasons which say that you should, indeed! Read on to find out more about it--

Reduced Stress = Happier Relations


We all know how harmful stress can be for our health. It can lead to many chronic diseases. Hence, it is best to take a vacation because moving away from a life of constant stress, even if it is for just a few days, brings peace back into our lives. New people, new places and new experiences will help us refocus on our lives.

Better Heart Health = Longer Life

A major contributor to blood pressure and heart diseases is stress. Studies have proven that for those taking vacations, there is a decreased chance of getting heart attack in their lifetimes. 32% of all men surveyed, did not get a heart attack. For women, the number was far more -- it was 50%. Framingham Heart Study concluded that by taking vacations, people lower their risk of heart attack as they reduce overall stress.

Enhanced productivity = Faster Promotions

Contrary to the popular belief, studies have shown that the more days a person takes a vacation, the more is his/her productivity. It was also noted that the number of sick leaves are less. Vacation policies which are liberal have increased life quality of employees. This directly translates to improved work quality. Most people report that they feel very creative after vacations and more than 70% claimed that work satisfaction levels have increased due to longer vacation times.

Better Sleep = All of The Above


Did you know that by taking vacations, there is also an added benefit of having better sleep? Well, it is the truth. Studies show that people who either take vacations or who travel regularly experience an enhanced quality of sleep, almost up to 20% better. Some other studies have also proven that most people sleep about an hour more during vacation which continues even after the vacation has ended.

Here are The Best Vacationing Spots for This Holiday Season

Rome - The City of Seven Hills

Rome has a mystic beginning to it. Most travelers would say that Rome is magical. Regardless of whether it is Vatican city or the Colosseum, Rome is sure to enchant you. The capital city of Italy, has many things to die for. It has structures like Pantheon, Churches and Gems. There is something for everyone in Rome. The foodies get to taste the delectable dishes, the shoppers can shop in the high-end stores and the history geeks can ponder over the things they've learnt. There are innumerable hotels available in Rome, so you will not find it hard to find one as per your budget.

The best things to do in Rome include visiting the Trevi fountain, the Pantheon, the St. Peter's Basilica, Colosseum etc. The best months to travel to Rome are from October to April. At this time, the hotel rates go down and the temperatures are a little chilly, but not freezing. However, you must carry a coat. While vacationing in Rome, don't miss out on the delicacies it offers. Eat from all kinds of stores, right from family run bakeries to high-end restaurants. To save money in Rome, you can use the Roman pass and also visit the Colosseum on the first Sunday of a month because it is free.

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London - The Old Smoke

Another place to visit for vacationing is London. Most travelers agree that one trip to this amazing place is not enough. People always want to come back to this invigorating place for all that it has to offer. This city is quite old and there's so much history to be explored. But it is also the epitome of a modern city. London's culture makes it a place worth vacationing because it always has something new to offer. It is wonderful mix of modern and old style.

The best places to visit in London are the Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, and the Tower of London. The best time to visit this old city is from March to May when the temperatures are mild and the parks in the city are green and blooming . You should always carry an umbrella regardless of which month you are travelling. The best ways to save money in London is by visiting the Hyde Park, the National Gallery and the British Museum, all of which are absolutely free. You can also consider getting a London pass. London is a foodie's paradise and make sure you taste everything you get your hands on because the food tastes heavenly.

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Phuket - For Any Taste and Budget

White sand, water and cliffs await people who travel to Phuket, a southwestern Island in Thailand. It is surrounded by the Andaman sea and is an hour away from Bangkok. It is relatively cheap in everything, right from accommodation to food. It has a very good cuisine and also is very rich in culture. Make sure you visit this paradise on earth if you are considering traveling on a budget.

You can visit the Nai Harn beach, the Big Buddha and the Promthep Cape while in Phuket. The best months to visit Phuket are from November to April when the conditions are just right to do all the activities that this wonderful place has to offer. You can savor the culinary delights as they are heavenly and rich with their culinary taste.

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Dubai - City of Gold

Dubai is shopper's paradise. It has a vast desert land and people from all over the world flock to this larger than life vacationing spot every year to experience its grandeur. It is a city which has the world's largest tower, the biggest shopping malls, the largest man-made marina etc. The best part about this city is that even though it looks very much futuristic, it is attached to the roots.

The best places to visit in Dubai are the Jumeirah Beach, The Burj Al Arab and the Dubai mall. This city is best visited from November to March. During the winter season also, this place is very hot. Mak sure that you will always have company in the Jumeirah beach at all times. The best ways to save money in Dubai is by skipping alcohol completely and also visiting it during the summer months. Emirati food, the cuisine of Dubai, is a must-have if you visit this wonderful city.

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New York City - The Big Apple

New York is a city that never sleeps. It is constantly evolving but this big city has always kept its small town charm intact. There is vibrant culture and it is the most populous city in the US. It is the face of latest fashion, food and arts. NYC requires a person to be prepared to explore all of its hidden gems. The life in NYC is fast paced and you might just be caught up in it if you don't have a proper plan for the city! You will begin to love and embrace the city in just a few hours.

The best places to visit in this city is the Rockefeller center,the Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty the American Museum of Natural History and of course the iconic Central Park. The best time to visit NYC is anytime before the winter months. It is always a fun and adventurous to visit NYC. The best ways to save money while vacationing here is by eating food from the street vendors. Definitely try out the New York Pizza once you're here.

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Santorini - The Most Beautiful One

Santorini is a mythological metropolis in Greek Islands. It consists of two inhabited islands and several islets. Thira, Palea Kameni and Nea Kameni are places you've got to visit while you're in Santorini. The first thing you have to do is to hit the beaches and enjoy soaking in the water. The black and red sands in the beach will never make you forget this trip. This city has a lot to offer, for which you need at least a week to explore.

The best things to do in Santorini is to hike from Fira to the beautiful village Oia and to visit the Amoudi Bay and Kamari beach. The best months to visit Santorini are September, October, April and May. The best way to save money in Santorini is by staying in the east coast. Try all the fresh Greek food while you're vacationing on the island.

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Sydney - The Harbor City

Sydney is both a town and a city. It is a metropolis which thrives on its surfs, landmarks and activities. Sydney has something to offer for everyone. It has a coastal vibe and it gets a lot of visitors too! There are many things to do in Sydney apart from visiting the beaches and the restaurants. There are lots of adventure sports but you can also have a relaxing day while overlooking the harbor. It will keep you entertained regardless of where you are.

The best places to visit in Sydney are the Opera House, the Harbour and the Harbour bridge. The best months to travel to Sydney are September, October, November, March, April and May. The best ways to save money is by avoiding the summer and also buying an i-venture card. Its cuisine is a mix of European and Asian cuisines. Make sure to taste them all!

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Costa Rica - For All The Nature Lovers

The rainforests, the wildlife and the unspoiled beaches, all add to the charm of Costa Rica, the poster city for Eco-tourism. It has breathtaking landscapes and also a myriad of animals. It is a place where you can hike to active volcanoes and also surf in the warm waters. It is truly a paradise for pure nature lovers. In a small Latin American country, there is so much to do.

The best places to visit in Costa Rica are the Nicoya Peninsula, the Arenal Volcano and the Guanacaste. The best months to visit Costa Rica are mid December to April. The best ways to save money is by checking that the meter is running and by exchanging at the airport. Make sure to taste the exotic fruits and vegetables in this nature's paradise.

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The Great Barrier Reef

This place is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. This place has a spot in every traveler's bucket list and contains an abundance of coral reefs. Apart from the reefs, there are also many other tourist attractions here. The possibilities of exploring this place are truly limitless.

The best places to visit in the Great Barrier Reef are the Cairns and the Whitehaven beach. This is the perfect place to do diving and snorkeling. The best months to visit this tourist dreamland is from June to October. The best ways to save money on this trip is by exploring on your own and choosing to stay at local places instead of the hotels. Enjoy the staple seafood when here.

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Maldives - An Exotic Island

Maldives is a place of scenic beauty. It has striking waters and white sand beaches and perfect sunsets. It is roughly 500 miles southwest of Sri Lanka and it is a popular honeymoon destination.

The best things to do in Maldives is to visit the beaches and do scuba diving and snorkeling. The best months to travel to Maldives are from November to April. The best ways to save money in Maldives is by choosing the flights and the accommodations wisely. Sea food in the Maldives is known to be amazing. So, make sure to taste it all during your trip to the Maldives!

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Factors To Consider While Choosing a Travel Destination

Everyone loves vacationing. However, there are certain aspects which you must consider if you want to make your vacation a successful one and one which is not filled with stress and worry. Here they are.

Interest Matters


This is the foremost thing you must consider before choosing your travel destination. You must choose one based on your interests. It is of no use if you don't like beaches and you end up going to a place full of beaches. You are definitely not going to enjoy. Therefore, always choose a place based on your interests. Think of whether you want to be adventurous during this vacation or if you want the vacation to be a relaxed one. Also think about whether you prefer countryside or the cities to vacation in. By answering all these questions, you will get a fair idea of which place might be perfect for you!

How Do The Finances Look Like?

It is always better to note down how much you want to spend on a vacation and choose a place which would allow you to stick to it. People usually underestimate their travel expenses and end up paying a lot more than they expect. This will result in dampening of your travel experience and you don't want that to happen. Therefore, have a fair estimate of your budget and choose a place where you can comfortably vacation within that budget.

A T20, ODI, or A Test?

Duration of the trip also plays a major role. Suppose you only have 4-5 days of vacation time, you don't want to spend most of it in travel. You can then choose a nearby destination which will not eat up too much time in traveling. In this way, you have to choose your destination based on the duration of your vacation.

Good Company For a Great Vacation

Considering whom you're traveling with is very important. We can't stress enough on this factor. Suppose you choose a destination where you can do a lot of adventure sports in, it is quite useless if you travel there with your grandparents. Not only will they be bored, but you will also be bored and the trip will turn out to be a disaster. If you're travelling with children, make sure there are things where kids can play and have fun. All of these are very important and can make or break a trip.

Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter?

It is of no use if travelling to a summer country in winter season. Though the prices might be less, you won't be able to enjoy it completely. Every place looks best in a particular season and it is important that you visit it during that season only.

Keep all these things in mind before choosing a travel destination and you will have one amazing trip which you wouldn't forget in your lifetime!

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We believe you've chosen your pick. So where's it going to be? This vacation will surely rejuvenate you and you will be making new memories with your loved ones. Wish you a safe and happy journey!