Looking for Good Casuals or Formal Wear? Here are the Top 10 Clothing Brands for Men in 2019

Looking for Good Casuals or Formal Wear? Here are the Top 10 Clothing Brands for Men in 2019

Don't know which brand is best for men's casual or formal wear? Read this article to find out which are the top men's clothing brands and what other things they have to offer!

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Men's Fashion Is on the Rise

Women are the prime gender that comes to our minds when we hear the word ‘Fashion’. How often do you see advertising for the ‘men’s top clothing brands’ or ‘the best apparels for men’? On the other hand, you may have come across advertising related to women on a daily basis! Fashion for women is all over the place, and men’s fashion has also been on the rise, as seen from a recent trend. Who doesn’t want to look good, right? Men want to look great, wear fabulous clothes to stand out among their peers. It is a misconception today that men shop rarely and to break that misconception, we’re here with this piece.

Shopping clothes is not only about getting the trendiest of apparels but also about brands, affordable choices and a lot more things. Men generally look for something comfy and simple with a touch of a fashionable and classy element.

Types of Clothing for Men

There are several types of clothing for different occasions, but broadly considering, two kinds of clothing are used in our day to day lives. Although there’s a third kind, that is only for the rarest occasions such as festivities and other celebrations, and this category may be defined as the ‘Ethnic Wear’. Let us see the two major kinds of clothing:

Casual Wear

Casual attire is something that is a complete reflection of western dress code. Casual wear is the first choice of today’s generation. It gives priority to their comfort, though with a hint of style as well as looks. In the 21st century, Jeans, T-shirts, Shorts, etc., types of clothes come under this category and are all-time favourites. In casual wear, several brands promote their summer collections of casual wear which is comfortable to wear and stylish as per the demands of the new generation. They design their summer collections in soothing colours which go right with the hot summer days.

Formal Wear

Formal wear is equally essential nowadays and people want to be highly professional and prefer proper formal attire. Those days are long gone when a suit and tie used to comprise the formal attire. This earlier look of formals gave hints of typical board meetings and occasions of that sort. Now, people prefer comfort, simplicity, and smart looks along with cutting-edge looks. A new type of formal wear got its existence in the 21st century earlier, the ‘slim fit’, and became everyone’s choice, but now it’s been wholly changed, and people are choosing clothes which are comfortable, trendy and something that complements and goes well with their body.

Top Global Clothing Brands for Men

‘Brand‘ might just be the most trending hype of our century. When it comes to men’s shopping, a lot of brands may already cross your mind. But have you ever thought you may have missed the best ones out there? So, here we are with top international clothing brands for the men who want to look casual, smart and neat.


Source levi.com.my

This brand doesn’t require any introduction. Famous for its authentic casual wear, Levi’s offers a lot of varieties, whether in terms of clothing or men’s accessories. But one casual wear where they’re regarded best of the best is their jeans. More than 160 years old, Levi’s started to gain attention among youth in the decades of 1960s and 70s. The wide range of products that they offer includes jeans, trousers, shorts, shirts, jackets, sweaters, T-shirts and accessories for men. Their most established product, i.e., Jeans, are categorised by fit, skinny, slim, straight, bootcut, and relaxed.

Pepe Jeans

A brand established in the areas of London in 1973, the name itself explains the variety that they offer. They also provide several types of jeans like slim fit, skinny, regular, relaxed, etc. Other than this, they have a wide range of denim wear, including jackets, coats, t-shirts, trousers and everything for your day to day clothing, with a lot of variety of accessories.


Adidas is again a renowned brand with which a huge number of people are highly familiar with. The brand is usually known for attaining the biggest market for sports shoes. Adidas started their work with selling footwear, but at present, the brand sells a variety of clothing ranging from t-shirts and jackets to trousers and other kinds of bottom-wear. Their prime focus has always been on the sportswear. You may have seen their logo around the biggest sportspersons’ jerseys and sweaters and other apparels. Where there are sports, there is Adidas. Adidas, today, has diversified into a lot of other items including backpacks, denim, deodorants and other essential men’s accessories.


Source www.nike.com

Nike is a competitor of Adidas, which is majorly famous for its wide range of footwear. Along with that, they have a variety of clothing also, providing t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, shorts, trousers, tights and many more. They bring a lot of day to day accessories as well, including bags and backpacks, gloves, hats, headbands, etc.

Van Heusen

Formerly known as Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation (PVH), is an American Clothing Company. They offer an exciting range of formal wear along with casuals too. They provide a designer wardrobe with suits, shirts, jackets, jeans and anything and everything you could think of in the segment of men's clothing. Some of their most popular products are footwear, innerwear, vests, joggers, and track pants. They have worldwide acceptance and have a big footprint among the most prominent clothing brands around the world.

Louis Vuitton

Loius Vuitton, an another 150+ years old company, started as a small label, and today have their revenues in multiple billions. Being an international brand, they are a bit on the expensive spectrum, and the quality is accordingly worthwhile. The brand is often called with its initials ‘LV’. LV brings you one of the broadest range of clothing to choose including formals, casuals, backpacks, and a whole lot of men’s accessories.


Source www.vogue.com

Mostly famous for their formals, Hermes also provides many other types of clothing. Their most sought after products include shirts, suits, ties and pocket squares, shoes, bags, belts, watches, and perfumes. Combing smart with fashion, one unique product for which they’ve been in the limelight is their premium collection Apple Hermes SmartWatch which was launched in 2015 after they partnered with Apple. The smartwatch comes in a lot of styles and designs, and if you’re a fashion freak and boast of being a tech-savvy, this is the product you want.


Source www.lyst.com

Prada is the Italian giant of fashion. They mainly provide ready to wear apparel with leather fashion products such as handbags and shoes along with perfumes and other men’s accessories. Prada boasts of having over 618 worldwide boutiques.

Their other range of products include wallets, sneakers, T-Shirts & Polo Shirts, sunglasses, etc. And for all those men who like to follow fashion, Prada is also known to host several men’s fashion shows throughout the year around the globe.


Another French fashion establishment which is famous for its comfortable range of clothing is Chanel. The list of products offered by them is endless, from ready to wear to swimsuits to knitwear to jackets! Some other famous products include shoes, scarves, headwear, belts, and sunglasses.

Top Indian Casual + Formal Clothing Brands for Men

Casual Clothing Brands

Peter England

A renowned Indian brand in men’s wear, Peter England was acquired by Aditya Birla Group in the year 2000. The brand was listed in the top 5 trusted brands in the apparel category for 7 consecutive years by Economic Times Brand Equity Survey. You won’t find the quality and comfort at such a reasonable price anywhere else. Their casual men’s wear includes some incredible collections in denim, linen, festive wear, Indies kurtas, accessories, and much more.

Peter England has over 700+ brand outlets and 3000+ multi-brand outlets as well, so if you’re someone who loves to go offline, then you may just be able to find a store in your town.

Monte Carlo

Were you also under the belief that Monte Carlo is a ‘videshi (foreign) brand’? Let us break it to you that Monte Carlo is purely an Indian brand which was established in 1984 by Oswal Woollen Mills Limited and is owned by their parent company Nahar Group based in Ludhiana, Punjab.

They have more than 1,300 multi-brand outlets across India, and they offer all kinds of quality men’s wear such as shirts, bermudas, shorts, sweatshirts, tracksuits, trousers, denim, shirts, lower sets and a lot more. Monte Carlo still remains one of the top Indian fashion brands providing the latest trends at pocket-friendly prices.

Flying Machine

The brand is owned by Arvind Limited, which is one of the largest denim manufacturers in India as well as around the world. Under their brand name, they provide a vast range denim wear ranging from t-shirts, shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, jeans, trousers, joggers, and boxers along with other men’s accessories. They are most famous for their jeans and casual wear.

Mufti Jeans

The brand is famous only for their casual wear. Mufti has been gaining its presence and expanding aggressively currently having over 1500 combined outlets of large format stores, multi-brand outlets and exclusive brand outlets throughout India. They have an amazing collection of trendiest apparel for shirts, jeans, jackets, blazers, cotton-pants, t-shirts and footwear.

Formal Clothing Brands


Two words come to mind when we hear about Raymond - trust and satisfaction. Based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Raymond is an Indian Branded fabric and fashion retailer. It is highly famous for its formal wear. They only provide a premium range of clothing for men, which includes tailor-made products along with ready to wear formals such as suits, shirts, trousers, formal pants, ties and many more. Many renowned brands are under their names, such as Parx, Park Avenue, Ethnix, and Coloplus. Raymond is one of the most promising Indian brand, trusted by people of all ages.

Louis Philippe

Another brand which sounds like a foreign one but is 100 percent Indian! It’s famous only for Men’s apparel and its parent company, Madura Fashion & Lifestyle is a division of the Aditya Birla Group. Louis Philippe was the largest apparel brand in India as of 2018. Their products include men’s wear formals, luxury wear, casual and semi-formals, and a whole variety of denim collection. After more than 25 years of their inception, Louis Philippe has become one of the premium fashion brands in India as well as around the world.


A leading men’s wear fashion brand offering both formal as well as casual collections. They offer clothes ranging from shirts, blazers, suits and other upper-wears to trousers, pants, denim and night outfits as well. They also offer a range of formal shoes and have over 200 outlets spread across all over the country.


Mayur Suitings, popularly known as Mayur, offers both casuals and formals but are mostly known for their premium fabrics for formal outfits. Their collections include linen, checks, wedding, safari suits, uniforms, and types of casuals. They may not be as popular as other Indian Fashion brands but offer top-notch quality at reasonable prices for the Indian consumers.

Tips & Tricks for Shopping Online + Offline

While looking for the trendiest fashion, do keep in mind the below-mentioned things:


Online or offline, make sure to check the type of fabric used for making the clothing. Although these are some of the premium brands out there, yours may turn out to be an exception. Ensure you’re getting the quality for the price you’re paying.

Always Check Reviews & Ratings

This one is for our online consumers. Many people outlook this factor and buy the product without checking what others have to say about it. More often than not, a product, much different than the mentioned one, may be delivered to you. Make it a habit of going through reviews and ratings before you check out to pay.

Go for Legit & Authentic Online Stores Only

Online fraudsters are on the rise, and so are fake online stores! Be very cautious if you’ve found an amazing online store offering huge discounts, it might as well turn out to be a fake one trying to lure you into looting your money.

Use COD Option

Use Cash on Delivery option as much as you can! Hand over your hard-earned money only when you’ve received the ‘original product’.

Look for Coupons & Offers

There is a plethora of online stores offering multiple discounts in forms of cashbacks or coupons. Look out for these offers and discounts, compare the same product on various platforms and purchase from where you’re getting it at the lowest price.

Put Comfort Before Everything Else

There’s no point in buying the most trendy and fashionable shirt if it makes you sweat throughout the day! Make comfort your first priority while purchasing the fabric. Go stylish, Go relaxed!

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