Let the Christmas Spirit Flow at the Workplace! An Inclusive List of 10 Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas for 2019

Let the Christmas Spirit Flow at the Workplace! An Inclusive List of 10 Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas for 2019

The perfect corporate gift is not easy to decide upon. When buying a gift for someone at work, you have to make sure the gift is appropriate, not too expensive or too cheap, quality, and personal. There are certainly trends in gifts. Nowadays, those gifts are clichés. For this Christmas, make sure the gift you choose is modern and it will surely be appreciated.

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How Christmas and Corporate Go Hand-in-Hand

Christmas the season of joy is a great occasion for the Corporate world to connect with their business associates. These two go hand in hand. In most of the Multinationals today, Christmas is considered as a festivity of joy & love instead of being judged as a festival which only belongs to a particular religion. People of every faith initiate and celebrate this festival, and this is considered to be the principal reason behind the specific place of this festival in the Corporate world.

Significance of Christmas in Corporate

As everyone knows that Christmas is a festival that gets celebrated worldwide in several MNCs with great enthusiasm, we’ve taken this upon ourselves to present to you how to celebrate this festival in your offices to the fullest. Not only abroad, but the impact of Christmas is quite high in India as well, especially in the metro cities. Here, we all see its massive influence in the corporate world.

There are several other reasons as well behind the acceptance of this festival. One of the main reason is that it brings the hues of New year along with it. The bells start ringing the sounds of New Year chime along with Christmas. The corporate world treats the week as a whole festive week as if Santa Claus himself brings an atmosphere of positive vibes.

How Christmas Binds Corporate

Celebration of Christmas in the corporate world has led to many people partaking in its many fun activities such as gift exchange. Even the practice of Secret Santa has been trending around the Indian offices. It’s the one that adds on to the excitement of people. It is a kind of arrangement in which a colleague gives a gift to another colleague being his/her secret Santa. This arrangement increases the fun, joy, and happiness multiple-folds. This process is a great way to bring people together. This concept is too a reason behind the special bond of Christmas and the Corporate World.

Things to Look for Before Selecting the Most Apposite Corporate Gifts

The selection of an appropriate gift is one of the major things to do. At the time of Christmas, many MNCs conduct fun games for their employees to create a healthy atmosphere for everyone. There arises the requirement of gifts to be distributed to the winners of these games, and from there, the need to think about the appropriate gift arises. Following are a few selected tips to keep in mind before getting to choosing the most relevant offerings for your corporate crowd.

Reason Behind the Gift

It’s obvious that the reason behind the gift is Christmas. But it depends from company to company, that is, in what manner the company is distributing the gifts. As described earlier, either they will provide a gift to those who would be the winners of the games they held or build a relationship with a new client or even to thank an existing client taking the opportunity of Christmas. The reason may vary, but we must be clear with the reason as it helps us choose appropriate products.

Quality: It Matters

Quality, really matters in each and every aspect, as the gift in a way is representative of your company. Poor quality of gift shows that you have failed to pay attention and are just concerned about the cost rather than class. You don't want to leave such an impression on your business associates, do you?


Source stylesage.co

Pricing is another factor that marks its presence, though it comes after quality. People often say that price is something that really doesn’t matter at the time of gifting something, but when it comes in the professional arena – it really does matters.

You may have strict budgets but you need to balance cost and quality. Several MNCs have their own slabs of price when it comes to gifting something to their employees. It has to be made sure that the right type of gift is selected for the right kind of person or designation.


Source www.elgo.si

When it comes to presentation, everyone tries to experiment with something new, something unique. The display is the most essential part that needs to be 100% perfect. It just kind of impresses the receiver to a great extent. There must be happiness on the receivers face while getting the gift, and it could be done only through the presentation. The presentation can be done in several ways like something funny, something unique, something theme-based. And more than this, here you can actually try Christmas packaging like in the shape of a Christmas tree, a Santa, in the form of Christmas candies and what not. 5-Minute Crafts brings you 25 simple methods for the most appealing Christmas Gift packing.

Categorization of Gifts

The classification of the gifts can be done on the below-mentioned basis –

  • If distributing to all the employees – In this scenario, it can be Grade wise, i.e., the higher the grade, the higher will be the amount of the gift.
  • If distributing to valuable clients - Use the length of the relationship as well as the value of the business to get a gift.
  • If distributing on the basis of the winners of events/games organized – In this case, it can be done based on ranks or winning levels regardless of their posts or seniority level.

Keeping these things in mind, we’ve curated down 10 most apposite Christmas gifts under every budget for your corporate staff.

Here Are 5 Corporate Christmas Gifts under 300

This category of gifts can be distributed in general to the people of grade-C, only If the MNC wants to gift to each and every employee but on the other hand if it’s confined to limited employees based on some events or games then it can be categorized to the winners of the 3rd rank.

Stationary Set

This gift pack is a set of 5 items. It is a kind of Stationery set consisting of a Stapler, Paper Punch, Staple Remover, Stapler Pins, and a tape dispenser. These are the things that are mostly required by a working person.

Additionally, it comes from the house of international stationery producers, Kangaro, the brand name adds on some weight in the gift’s value. This gift pack is like a five in one set for the employees and will be of great use to them as these things are the necessary ones in the day to day lives of the people of the corporate world. Buy this Kangaro gift set from Flipkart for Rs. 300.

Jute Bag

Source www.amazon.in

Nowadays, people have started to prefer Jute bags instead of your clichéd cloth bags as they look great and are perfect for carrying the day to day essentials such as a lunch box and other stationery items. Other than this, these bags are of multiple uses, easy to carry and are reusable. These bags are highly convenient & these bags have a zip top closure. The best thing about these bags is that they are eco-friendly too.

Such gifts look great and are not too costly, either. They come in dimensions of 10” (Length) x 12" (Height) x 4" (width) in inches having approx. 150 g weight. They come in multiple packs with different quantities and with increasing quantity, the per-piece cost decreases. On Amazon, the pack of two is available for Rs. 229, pack of three is priced at Rs. 299, pack of 5 at Rs. 489 and pack of 10 at Rs. 949.

If you’re looking to buy a product in bulk, this comes for a great value of money when you get 10 pieces.

Coffee Mug

This gift is the best one in terms of motivating your employees on a daily basis. Everyone likes to have a cup of tea or coffee on a routine basis, and after having this gift, they will have a cup of motivation too along with their everyday beverages. In this way, you may choose any kind of mug with a beautiful inspirational cum motivational quote for your employees.

This Satyam Kraft Ceramic Black Cup comes with the quote “Team work means more we and less me”. Perfect to spark some motivation through your team, this cup is available for Rs. 249 a piece on Flipkart.

4 in 1 Pen

Source www.amazon.in

A really impressive gift for all the employees. It consists of a Stylus pen that actually looks like the ordinary writing pen, and they are provided with an extra curve to provide easy handling. This set brings with it a phone stand holder for a hands-free stand along with a screen wiper for the cleaning of the screen. The Stylus pen is for both Android & Smart Phones. Thus, results in a highly impressive gift in terms of digitalization. Get this stylish pen cum smartphone holder from Amazon for Rs. 199.

Card cum Pen Holder

Source www.amazon.in

This one again is a perfect match for all the people working out in an office. It is a three in one piece. It consists of a Pen Holder and Phone Holder cum Business Card Holder. It can be treated as a multi-functional holder for the office table. It is great for the desk décor too. In terms of quality, it has been made from high-grade materials. It looks like an antique piece that gives the perfect sense of décor to your table.

This Orchid Engineer Multi-purpose Holder is available on Amazon for Rs. 299 a piece

3 Corporate Christmas Gifts under 500

Casual Set

It is a casual set that looks like a smart piece for your employees. It seems official too as it consists of a necktie, cufflinks & a pocket square wrapped in a proper gift box that gives it an incredible look. There are several options for this product in terms of colour or brands in the same range. This will give an official look to your employees’ personalities. This casual gift set can be purchased from Snapdeal for Rs. 449.

Power Bank

One of the essentials for today's day-to-day! Everyone desires for this product as at present people are highly dependent on their mobile phones, and from there only the need for the power bank arises. This product is of great help for all. This power bank by King New comes with a battery capacity of 15,000 mAh and can be purchased for Rs. 494 apiece from Snapdeal.

Writing Tablet

This product is of great use for employees. It is environment-friendly as well as economically an alternative to traditional paper. Easy to carry and is easy to use. This product has several options in-build like to-do lists recorder, messages reminder, and many more. This one fits conveniently in a backpack too.

A stylus is also attached to this product. Thus this one is the best in-budget gift for the employees. This tablet comes with a massive screen of 8.5 inches, and the touch is as smooth as it can be. It doesn’t cost you thousands! All it costs is Rs. 499 apiece on Snapdeal.

2 Gifts under 1000

Stationary Organiser

Source www.amazon.in

An excellent product for the people who have a lot of work on their tables. This one is a desk organiser cum mobile stand. Again, this one also gives a decent look to your desk decor. It additionally consists of an individual wire slot to keep it away from any wiring tangles. It really is a cost-effective product and keeps your desk wholly organized. It is a beautiful black colored wooden organizer to store your things neatly in place. This Tied Ribbons multipurpose desk organizer is priced at Rs. 797 on Amazon.

4 in 1 Leather Gift Set

Source www.amazon.in

This is one product that could be considered as casual cum official. It is a leather gift set consisting of 4 items viz., a planner diary, a pen, a card holder, and a key chain. It looks premium and can be used to gift to your high-end clients, as well. Get this from Amazon for Rs. 799

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Thinking from the Receiver’s Perspective

The best way to select a corporate gift would be to put yourself in the shoes of the receiver and think from his perspective. Whether it is a client, a business partner or an employee you are selecting the gift for, think whether if you were any one of them, would you have loved the gift or not; this should simplify the decision manifold for you. If you have a feeling that you are short of time and that you are buying something which is completely futile and cheesy, then stop right there before going ahead with the purchase! It is very likely, that the employee you are buying the cheesy fluff of a gift for would look at the gift the same way too!