Set the Mood for Christmas with the Right Gifts for Your Husband  in 2018: 10 Handpicked Gifts  For You

Set the Mood for Christmas with the Right Gifts for Your Husband in 2018: 10 Handpicked Gifts For You

Christmas is a major winter festival and the perfect time to get cosy with your loved ones. This winter, get into the Christmas mood with the perfect presents for your husband. Find here amazing Christmas gift ideas as well as ideas for celebrating the festival in fun ways with the family.

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Gift Ideas to Make This Christmas Day a Memorable One for Your Husband

Try to Gift Something that You Both Can Enjoy on this Day

Christmas is a festival on which gifts are exchanged with our loved ones. Exchanging gifts is a part of the celebrations. It helps us enjoy the festival to the fullest. While selecting the gifts you can pick something which you both can use and enjoy. Pick gifts with a christmassy feeling to it. You can gift him a box of Christmas cookies, a bottle of wine or a warm woolen blanket.

Gift Him Something that Will Help Him Relive His Childhood Christmas Days

We all cherish our old childhood days at some point in time. Occasions like birthdays, festivals, new year etc. always bring back nostalgic memories from the past. So this Christmas gift your husband something which will instantly remind him of his old days. Gifts Like a collage of old photos with family and friends are things which are priceless due to the memories they evoke. Take him on a short trip to places where he spent his childhood days and listen to all the stories which he associates with those places. Arrange a Christmas get together with his old friends and family members at your house or at a favourite restaurant to make him relive happy childhood memories.

Get Him Tension Free by Giving a Stress Relieving Gift this Christmas

A trip to some exotic destination is always a treat for the stressed soul. To help him relax and get rejuvenated, plan a day outing to a spa resort and celebrate Christmas with him in an exotic and romantic way. Book couple massage therapy sessions and spend relaxing time in each other's company. This one or two-day outing can be a mini vacation from the same daily routine and can provide quality time for you. It will refresh you from the core and bring back interest in life.

10 Beautiful Christmas Gifts for Your Husband

Gifts are the best way to make your husband feel special and to show your love and care for him. We have a few wonderful gift ideas for your husband this Christmas that would fill your upcoming year with joy and love.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera


Cameras are gifts which attract anybody at first look and are very useful for travelling and small family gatherings. The Fujifilm Instax Camera has a plus point that it generates the instant pictures and provide hard film then and there. You can give the hard copy to your friends for a keepsake. It has got a slimmer look and is lightweight enough to make it portable. It provides exposure measurement which is automatic in nature, the device signals the recommended aperture setting with a LED flash, which provides a perfect photo every time we click a picture. It has enabled high-key mode for taking brighter pictures in pale lights and good for portrait mode, plus it has an enabled viewfinder which provides clarity and visibility. This item can be purchased for Rs. 3,699 from

Personalised Sterling Silver Initial Cufflinks for Men


Personalized gifts are always special as it has some sort of connection with our life or past memories. This personalised pair of cufflinks will remind your husband of the dedication and love with which you have secured the gift for him on a special day. This personalized Cufflink is made just for him.

The Cufflink is crafted with Sterling Silver with an 18k gold polish. Anti-tarnish polish is used to prevent the darkening of silver. Store it in airtight bags or boxes and avoid contact with water or perfume to retain the shine and sparkle. This item can be purchased for Rs 2,600 from

Google Home

Google home is very much similar to the Amazon Alexa. Google Home has an inbuilt assistant feature which is activated by voice command. It's a device which responds to our voice and interacts with us. We can use the device to assist us in doing everyday tasks completely handsfree. It supports up to 6 users at a time.

You can ask anything you feel like and it will provide an answer, for example, we can ask it to translate 'Orange' from English to Spanish. We can ask him about the traffic situation on the route we are going to take for work, or you can ask it to set a reminder for an upcoming event and to notify you regarding the same. This device can be purchased for Rs 8,999 from

Bombay Shaving Company Complete Shaving Kit


Shaving kit is a gift which every well groomed man appreciates. Whether a man is clean shaven or sports a full beard, keeping it clean and well groomed is a daily chore. The Bombay Shaving Compan Complete Kit makes this job a little easier. The product contains high quality and precise safety Razor with feather blades to achieve one stroke shave. This kit also contains skincare products which are required while shaving and after shaving like the exfoliating scrub, shaving gel, aftershave gel etc. This kit is especially useful for people who travel frequently as it can be carried with ease. This item can be purchased for Rs 2,432 from

Philips HD7431/20 Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is a must-have for people who can't function without their morning cuppa. The Philips HD7431/20 Coffee Maker gives you rich aromatic brew without fail, whenever you have a craving for a cup of your favourite beverage. This product can be used to make rich espressos, lattes and cappuccinos, thus catering to the need of every type of coffee drinker. It is easy to use and easy to handle. Buy this product to fulfil your coffee cravings and to give you your daily dose of coffee. This item can be purchased for Rs 2,195 from

Cerasus Premium Wooden Chess Board Game Set


Board games can come in handy on a family vacation or a trip with friends. Chess is an intelligent way to while away time and a welcome break from mobiles and social media sites. It challenges the mind twister and the memory power. The Cerasus premium Chess Board is big in size with a high gloss finish and has beautifully handcrafted chess pieces with a magnetic base. Therefore enabling you to while away the time on long train or bus journeys without the pieces tipping over. This game is suitable for kids and adults, providing fun and entertainment for the entire family. The board comes in two different colours, rosewood and walnut. This item can be purchased for Rs 4,999 from

La Corsa 13 - Piece Bar Set (Wooden, Stainless Steel)

A minibar is high up on the wishlist of any man who enjoys his drinks and likes his alcohol and bar accessories to be neatly organised. This beautiful mini-bar from la Corsa is made of pure Italian imported leather on the outside with premium velvet lining on the inside. It has an adjustable handle with high weight lifting capability and an unbreakable and scratch resistant surface. It comes with 4 premium whiskey glasses, 2 shot glasses, 1 hip flask of 8 oz capacity, 1 playing card set, 1 ice Picker, 1 peg measure and 1 bottle opener. It's a perfect balance of quality and price. This item can be purchased for Rs.3699 from

Futaba 16 in 1 Kit MTB Bicycle Repair Stand Cycling Tool kit

Every person who is interested in cycling should have basic knowledge on how to repair its when stuck in the emergency. It has got many practical benefits like every time we do not need to visit a mechanic for small little issues and moreover it can save time and on the economy side save money. As a repairing kit, it will have complete tools which we can take use in repairing some household stuff some or the other time. For example, screwdrivers, bike stand, the different type of wrenches, few lubrication tubes and cleaning tools etc. Its a smarter selection to present as a gift to your husband and explore him his bike or cycle on his own. This item can be purchased for Rs.699 from

Brooklyn Brew Shop Bruxelles Blonde Beer Making Kit


This Brooklyn Brewery is perfect for beginners and makes a satisfying hobby for beer lovers. A personal beer making kit can be used to produce beer at home cheaply without compromising on taste or quality. This is not a one-time beer making kit and could be used several times to make smooth fresh beer for you and your friends. The kit includes Bruxelles Blonde Making Mix (grain, hops and yeast), 1-gallon reusable glass fermenter, glass spirit-filled thermometer, vinyl tubing, racking cane and tip, chambered airlock, cleanser, and screw-cap stopper. Not included: strainer, funnel, pot and bottles. It makes brewing beer at home simple and fun with easy-to-follow videos and step-by-step instructions. It produces perfect, smooth and satisfying beer at all times. This item can be purchased for Rs 6,538 from

Real Madrid C.F. Mini Hanging Scarf HS


Every sports team has their signature sports memorabilia. Baseball fans have their team cap. Football fans have their jerseys. And soccer fans? Well, soccer fans have their scarves! When your husband is a soccer fan or is himself a soccer player then you can gift him this Real Madrid C.F. Mini Hanging Scarf HS as part of his game accessory. This item can be purchased for Rs.499 from Amazon.

More Amazing Ways to Brighten Up Your Husband's Christmas

Its festival of Christmas and the icon that we most asociate with christmas from our childhood days is the one and only Santa Claus, who leaves gifts for us on the eve of christmas when we are fast asleep in our beds. Santa may be a myth, but there is no reason why you cant take on the role of your husband's secret Santa and shower him with gifts.

Support His Fitness Goals by Gifting Him Workout Gadgets and Clothes

It is important to stay fit in this hectic and busy life. It's important that we dedicate some time daily to look after our health by indulging in exercise, running, jogging etc. You can motivate your husband by giving him health-conscious gadgets to track his daily fitness goals. A Fitbit or a fitness tracker would be a good gift for this purpose. Another great gift would be a pair of gym shoes or some nice sportswear. These kind of gifts are super useful and helps motivate a person to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Gift Him a Card or a Board Game so that He can Have Fun Family Time

Board games are old fashioned and wholesome fun for the whole family. In the age of smartphones and PlayStations, we have forgotten how much joy simple indoor games can bring to people. Old fashioned board games like Scrabble, Monopoly, Uno cards etc. is a lot of fun to play and is enjoyed by both adults and children. After all, a family who play together, stay together.

Plan a Movie Date with Him

A cosy way to spend Christmas would be to skip the party and have an intimate movie date at the theatre or right at the comfort of your home with fresh warm popcorn, and some hot chocolate or even better, some good wine. Watch classic Christmas movies or some of your personal favourite movies.

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Christmas is the perfect occasion to give your husband some classic gifts

This Christmas let's use gifts as a way to reach out to your husband. Thoughtful gifts which help him look and feel his best will always be welcomed by him. You can also get him gifts which help him get into the Christmas spirit. It's the season to spread after all.