Make Your First Christmas Special: 10 Great Gift Ideas for New Boyfriend To Make Him Feel Loved(2018).

Make Your First Christmas Special: 10 Great Gift Ideas for New Boyfriend To Make Him Feel Loved(2018).

A new romance is blossoming in your life and you are looking for perfect gift to give him for Christmas. We've got anything from the sweet and cute to the fun and quirky! Whether you're looking for something incredibly romantic or utterly practical, be sure to keep the romance alive with our gifts and treat him to something he won't ever forget.

What to Get for a New Boyfriend?

Impressive vs. Budgeted Gifting

The starting stage of a new relationship can be tricky, primarily focused on making good impressions and staying away from making any mistakes. And when it comes to gifts in the initial stage of the relationship, it’d get a tad too uncomfortable. Buying a romantic gift for him may be too soon, and buying something meaningless would make you look indifferent! Hence, it is best to get him something that’s not over the top soppy, yet something that is interesting for him. Don’t splurge and get him something expensive, keep your spend limit realistic, something that closely matches perhaps a lunch date.

Research, Compare And Select

Whatever you buy for your boyfriend should be something that he’d like or is interested in. Go back and review on your conversations with him, recall if he’s mentioned his preferences one time or another. Does he seem interested in contemporary art, perhaps he’d enjoy a coffee table book of one of his favorite modern artists then, or if he likes cooking then a new cookbook or a cooking gadget or a gourmet food hamper would be interesting. You’d think ahead and plan a gift that you’d share with him, say tickets to a concert or a comedy show or an exhibition. Try to book tickets for a date-not too far away!

When You Draw a Blank, Always Choose Romance

Gift giving is exhausting anyway, and when it is extra strenuous when it is during the festive season. At the onset of a new relationship, spending too much too early is putting unnecessary pressure on each other, needless to mention, seeming insecure and desperate! While spending less would mean you’re heartless! Further, it doesn’t help the cause when you have to ponder over what to get – something useful and romantic, corny or intimate. There may come a time that even after going through all possible options of interest, you still are nowhere close to deciding a gift. That’s when the best gift is something simple and romantic. A keepsake or souvenir of your relationship, photo on a wood log or a cake, a caricature of him can be some unique options to explore. Some shared experiences like a wine tasting event or an indoor skydiving activity would be classy too.

10 Fantastic Christmas Gift Ideas For Your New Boyfriend

Winter Gloves


Made of high-quality polar fleece material with a stylish, interwoven look, this pair of gloves comes with a unique craftsmanship. The wrist portion of the gloves is designed so, to prevent cold air inside, and makes for an insulated and warm feel. The gloves measure 25cm from middle finger to the wrist in entirety, with the palm width measuring 10.5cm. These gloves can be washed in 30-degree water temperature and should be ironed only at a low temperature (if necessary). They should not be bleached at all. They come in free size and are green in color. These Winter Gloves are priced at Rs. 446.

Holiday Sweater


The geometric pattern on this Sweater and its winter charm is perfect as a Christmas gift for your new boyfriend. Made of 55% acrylic and 45% nylon the sweater is easy to wash in washing machine, comes in a regular and comfortable fit. This sweater is priced at Rs. 1,640.

Combo Gift Set of Smart Backpack And Analog Wrist Watch


A useful and cool backpack that’s lightweight and keeps your man organized through the day, while conveying a style statement, makes for the perfect functional and modern accessory that would not only add to his personality but also be convenient to pack his stuff into. With an anti-theft design, it also has a charging feature when on the move. It has multiple pockets, is waterproof, cut-proof, a smart laptop bag and is fashionable add to his persona. The backpack comes paired with a stylish analog watch in silver dial with a sleek look elegantly designed. It has an urban feel to it with a large and round dial that’s very masculine and looks non-cluttered. The watch is made of stainless steel and is long-lasting, also preventing discoloration and rust. This smart and uber cool combination is priced at Rs. 1,429. You can buy the same from Ubuy.

Soft Flannel Plaid Pajama Pants

Lounging in these comfortable Pajama bottoms made of 100% cotton flannel, these PJs come with an elastic waistband that ensures a snug fit and drawstrings to keep the pants from sagging down. They are soft and extremely comfortable that allows for a good night sleep and can also double up for casual loungewear when all he’d like to do is relax! The PJs measure 8 x 10 x 0.5 inches and are priced at Rs. 1,658.

Personalized Money Clip

Gift him a personalized Money Clip to keep all his notes in a tidy fashion. Money clips have been present for as long as money has been, however they witnessed a decline, thanks to the larger carrying capacity of a wallet. A money clip allows banknotes and credit/debit cards to be securely wedged in between two metal pieces that are folded into half. Made mostly of brass, silver, gold, platinum or stainless steel, these are looked at more like luxury items. This exquisite, engraved leather magnetic money clip from print venue comes with an opulent black leatherette finish. It’s 73x45mm in dimensions with an engrave size of 10x20mm. You can personalize the clip with your boyfriend’s name when placing the order. It is priced at Rs. 999.

Shot Glasses Game Set

Tic-Tac-Toe: 3 in a row is a favorite game, which now comes with a fun twist. Gift your boyfriend this unique drinking game that calls for some critical strategizing, hot shots and big-time entertainment! This 2-player game set includes 8”x8” playing board with etched glass, rubber corned pads and 9 shot glasses with a 1oz capacity. It is priced at Rs. 799. To win the game, one needs to get 3 shot glasses in a row and the loser ends up drinking. This adult party game is good to indulge in between just the two of you, or he can use it with his friends over a weekend party, making for an excellent party addition! Buy this from Shoppers Stop.

Bamboo Sound Amplifier

Made from eco-friendly and 100% sustainable bamboo, incredibly long-lasting and handcrafted, this unique Bamboo Speaker amplifier works as a stylish docking station too. It comes in handy for hands-free calling and video chats and can be used without any electricity. In addition, according to spiritual beliefs, the bamboo speaker will also increase the good and positive vibrations of your boyfriend’s living space or wherever he places it! The speaker measures 10.5 inches in length x 2.5 inches diameter and can be simply wiped clean with a soft, dry cloth. It is priced at Rs. 399.

Live-Love Wall Word Hooks

These lovely, colorful and creatively styled Wired Wall Hooks come all twisted and turned to spell out two very important words: Love and Live. No matter, how life fairs, giving it all you have and responding in love is what these hooks would remind your boyfriend to do every day. Available in different color variants, these hooks would not only be useful for him but also offer gentle cues to live life to the fullest and with love! The wall hooks are priced at Rs. 375 each and measure 32L cm x 2W cm x 10H cm in dimensions.

Davidoff-Cool Water Body Spray


Like a rush of pure adrenaline, this mesmerizing scent takes one straight into the crashing swells of the ocean, a refreshing encounter with the exhilaration of catching the perfect wave. Recommended for daily use, the Cool Water Body Spray is built with a blend of sweet and salty notes of the seawater with shades of the sun’s warmth on the skin. Made of premium material, it is considered a mild deodorant spray – 2.5oz in capacity. It is priced at Rs. 1,620.

Homemade Christmas Cookies

What better to win his heart but through his stomach! Festivities come with their fair share of cheer, love, and enjoyment, giving and receiving gifts, love and more. They become extra special when coupled with homemade goodies. Christmas is incomplete without some delectable and freshly baked cookies. You can gift your boyfriend some by making it yourself, making it a thoughtfully sweet, inexpensive and affectionate gesture.


  • 175gm of flour, ½ tsp of baking soda, 1½ tbsp. of ground ginger, 3½ tbsp. butter and 2 tbsp. honey. For the main dish, you’d require an egg and 5½ tbsp. brown sugar with a tsp of icing sugar and a tbsp. of lemon juice for topping.
  • Recipe

  • Preheat your oven to 180 degrees C, sift the flour, ground ginger, and baking soda together in a large bowl.
  • Add butter to the mix and rub it all till it starts looking like breadcrumbs. Now, add the brown sugar and stir gently.
  • In a separate bowl, beat the egg and honey together and pour it into the flour mix, kneading it all to a perfect and smooth dough.
  • Then, roll the dough on a lightly floured surface and cut into desired shapes, place the pieces on a baking tray lined with butter paper.
  • Keep the tray in the oven for 10mins or until they turn golden brown, remove the tray and then let the cookies cool down.
  • In a small bowl mix the icing sugar and lemon juice till they turn smooth, put them in a piping cone with a fine nozzle and spread the icing on each cookie, keeping it aside to set for at least an hour or hour and a ½ .
  • Once set, pack the cookies in a pretty gift box or bag, tie a ribbon around it and present it to your beloved.

Bonus Tip: How to Deal with the Awkwardness of a New Relationship at Christmas

A new relationship, and with the festivities staring right at you, calls for something special for that special someone in your life! With your relationship still in the testing stage and your thoughts of taking it a bit further to understand how far you can go with him, it’s only natural to have cold feet in deciding what to buy for your new love! The last thing you’d want to do is spend exorbitantly on a gift, he may not like or would feel uncomfortable with.

  • How does he like spending Christmas - you really need to find out how he’s been spending his holidays. Questions like what are his best memories of Christmas, or his expectations of an ideal Christmas will not only allow you two to bond with each other but also offer valuable hints to what you can get for him as a gift.
  • How do you decide what’s the right spend for a Christmas gift? At the cost of seeming like a cling-on by going and getting an expensive gift or being a complete pinchpenny and getting him something insignificant, it is important to find out if he’s someone who loves the cards, the gifts and all the accouterments that come along with the festivities or steer clear of the unnecessary and expensive frenzy.
  • Thoughtfulness goes an extra mile – Irrespective of how long you both have been with each other, you’d have a fair share of happy moments together. Take some time out and think back of them, go through pictures (if any) and use them to style a personalized gift that he’ll instantly relate to. It could be a photo book, a canvas print, a poem or even a handmade card. Use this time to show him how much you care and the size of your gift won't matter as much!
  • Throw pretense out of the window - Don’t lose your identity in trying to be someone perfect and different from who you truly are for your beloved. If your pocket doesn’t allow buying him something and is stressing you out, cramping your mind, it’s best to let it all out in the open and discuss it with him. As you open up to him with your thoughts and share your feelings, you’d pave the way for a more meaningful and trustworthy relationship, which would any day be more precious than a store-bought gift.
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    Don't be monotonous on this Christmas.

    We all know the usual suspects “ those standard gift choices that every girl goes to as soon as a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas rolls around “ clothes, cologne, DVDs, gift cards. God, and we complain that their gift giving is lame? Step up your game ladies and bring uniqueness this Christmas Eve, with our top ten picks.