10 Amazing Gifts for My Husband on Christmas and 3 Wonderful Ways to Make Him Feel Loved (2018)

10 Amazing Gifts for My Husband on Christmas and 3 Wonderful Ways to Make Him Feel Loved (2018)

Buying a gift is stressful especially if it is around Christmas. Shouldn't we buy better Christmas gifts than our husbands? We do realize that you have been thinking about it for the past couple of months or so. And for that reason, we have curated an awesome list of gifts that are sure to make your husband feel special and loved.

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Things to Look Out for When Buying Christmas Gift for Your Husband

Make Sure that the Gift Serves a Specific Purpose

The idea behind giving a gift is to express your love and affection to your husband on the occasion of Christmas. But most importantly your gift needs to hold a lot of meaning as well! If you gift him something vague that has no specific purpose then it will be a waste of money as well as your efforts. Therefore, while looking for gifts, choose something that holds a meaning. It should either turn out to be useful for your husband or should make him feel special. There are surely a lot of gifts out there that can be quite vague. So, instead of impulsively buying something that just looks nice, you should give a thought whether that gift will be helpful in some way.

It Must Reflect the Unique Bond between You and Your Husband

Christmas is the time when you get to show your loved ones how much you appreciate and admire them. On this festive occasion, you can very well gift your husband with something that signifies the special bond that the two of you share. As a couple, you are sure to have some cute traditions of your own that are unique to the both of you. Let’s say you both enjoy going hiking together regularly or both are into travelling. You can gift him something that reinforces your love for travel such as a good-quality travel gear, a sturdy pair of shoes that he can wear while going for a hike and the like. Let your gift reflect the bond that you and your husband have. This will definitely bring you both closer.

Something He Can Enjoy with the Entire Family

With Christmas being around the corner, celebrations are a must and it will be really helpful if you gift something that the entire family can enjoy together. Festivals are the time when you can spend some quality time with your family and a gift given with the same idea can come in handy. Look for things that can be used at home and during vacations like a popcorn maker, a monopoly game set, waffle maker, and karaoke pack to name a few! You can also buy a badminton set for your entire family so that you can chill with your husband and family members during the Christmas holidays.

Splurge on Long Lasting Gifts

While you are looking for purposeful gifts, you need not cut down on the budget. After all, a special festival like Christmas counts for a celebration. You can spend as much on the gift as you want as long as it is meaningful and serves a purpose. Christmas definitely means that there are other expenses to cater to like family outings, preparation for celebration and get together so be mindful while spending on the gift. It is best to go for something that will be reusable and will last for a long period of time. For example, a coffee machine will last you longer than a fondant cake of the same cost.

10 Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Husband

Reindeer Lamp

What can be a better gift than a reindeer lamp for the event of Christmas? It is a handcrafted lamp that has a frame which covers the periphery of the bottle. It can be charged via a USB cable and imparts a pleasant as well as attractive look to any room that it is kept in. With the beautiful stand in place, the bottle can be placed easily on the shelves and tables. The lights used inside the lamp are LED. The gift contains 1 body, 2 legs stands and 1 set of horns. It makes for an awesome Christmas gift for your husband. You can shop this from bigsmall.in for Rs 2,999.

Double Leather Textured Handmade Notebook with Lock Closure

Source www.igp.com

Gift this ultra classy and elegant handmade notebook to your husband this Christmas! It is a handmade double leather textured notebook in red and brown colour. It has a lock closure in the middle for a stylish look. The paper type is handmade and the cover of the book is leather. Your husband can write down all the special and important details in this high-quality handmade notebook. You can shop this amazing gift from igp.com for Rs. 785 and gift it to your hubby on Christmas.

Beard Hat

Wearing beanies and fur coats during winters is simply too mainstream. Welcome winter with a way more fashionable hat to keep the winter blues at bay. This yarn hat comes in different styles like Roman Knight, Caveman, and Viking. Wear the hat and get into your favourite character. It can also be used to give your friends a scare along with keeping the cold at bay. It is an easy to detach beard protector and can be carried anywhere with utmost ease. The durable hat is hand knit and is perfect for all adults. You can shop this from bigsmall.in for Rs. 999. Your husband will completely love this gift and will truly cherish it.

Cartoon Superhero Socks

If you are looking for a gift that is both funky and useful, then this could be your choice! These cartoon superhero socks come in a set of 5 with Batman, Captain America, Superman, Ironman, and Spiderman socks. The cotton socks are of ankle length and have superhero print on it. With winter being around the corner, this makes for an ideal gift for your husband. Surprise him with this really cute and adorable cartoon superhero socks and he will be really glad to receive the gift. You can shop this from bigsmall.in for Rs.1,299.

Thinking Man Clock

This clock can instantly add a creative and quirky look to any wall! It is ideal for anyone who has a knack for science and technology. It shows a side view of the human brain and gives an appearance as if the brain is working with its gear mechanism. It is made of ABS resin material plates and is non-toxic in nature. The clock has a Quartz movement and is very accurate. It is sure to be a perfect fit for your study room. This brain gear wall clock is perfect for home decor and you can absolutely gift this to your husband on Christmas. You can shop this from bigsmall.in for Rs.3,499.

Name a Star

If you are looking for a romantic gift that your husband will adore then this is it. Get a real star in the sky named after your hubby. It is perhaps the best way of telling him that he the centre of your universe. This is a gift that is imported from the UK and uses the intergalactic star database to assign the name that you choose to a unique star in the sky. You are given a gift pack that has all the registration details. Just write down the details of the person and complete your order. It is indeed a sentimental gift and you can give it to your husband on the occasion of Christmas. The gift comes with a star chart that helps you locate your star in the night sky. You can shop this from excitinglives.com for Rs.2,150.

Teak Wood Liquor Decanter

Get party ready with this teak wood decanter. It is styled on real wine barrels. It has a corked top and a tap that helps you pour your favourite drink in style. The decanter is really unique and different from any ordinary decanter. It depicts metallic men holding the barrel. Give it to your husband and gear up for parties and get-togethers. Keep it in your living room or near your mini bar and invite some friends and family over for fun. It is perfect for the party animal in you! Shop this amazing decanter from excitinglives.com for Rs.1,499.

Message in a Bottle

Are you looking for a romantic gesture that will make your love swoon this Christmas? Then send him a message in a bottle. This gift comes with a corked bottle that looks like it has travelled a thousand miles just to get to you. It contains some shells, sand and your message on the rolled paper. You can slip in a personalized message of your choice in the bottle. The gift comes in a wooden box and is delivered to you. Give this awesome gift to your husband and make his day special! This is indeed a very romantic gift that you can give to your dearest husband. Shop it from excitinglives.com for Rs.1,490.

Personal Care Products

Give this set of three personal care products to your husband on the occasion of Christmas. It has a Base Camp Cologne spray that has a fragrance of cool mountain air. The Strong Hold Hair Gel helps in styling the hair exactly how you want to and makes it stay for a long time. The corn-based holding agent does the trick and keeps your hair well set. It is also free from any harmful chemicals. Rebel-the cologne soap has witch hazel extracts, English oak extracts, and walnut extracts. It is an anti-bacterial soap that has a long-lasting fragrance to it. You can buy this from happilyunmarried.com for Rs.948.

Winter Care Pack

Give this awesome gift to your husband and help him stay protected in the winter. It is a complete winter care kit which has contents that can help you prevent the dryness caused due to cold weather. It has a Base Camp Cologne Spray, a daily use hair cream, body lotion, moisturizing cream, lip balm and face scrub. It is indeed a complete set that helps your husband fight winter while maintaining a healthy and soft skin. You can buy this from happilyunmarried.com for Rs.1,799.

Fun Ways to Make Your Husband Feel Loved this Christmas

Dedicate a Song on His Favourite Radio Channel

You must have heard about this plenty of times but you can actually try it out! Find out which radio channel he listens to regularly and request the RJ to dedicate a song to your husband on the occasion of Christmas. Request the RJ to play his favourite song or you can even dedicate a romantic song to your husband! It is indeed an old-school way showing him how much you love him. So make a call and set this plan in motion! Your husband will definitely be touched with this special gesture of yours.

Plan to Make Christmas Treats Together as a Couple

Baking together as a couple can be quite special. Bring the aprons back and indulge in a baking spree with your husband. Make Christmas treats together and spend some time enjoying this activity. You can make cookies, cakes, brownies and even homemade chocolates together. Just take the recipe off the internet and start baking your favourite dessert. Play some music in the background to make the entire experience even more fun. Enjoy a glass wine and turn it into a baking date with your husband.

Invite Friends and Family to Celebrate the Spirit of Christmas

Christmas is all about the joy of celebration and the joy multiplies when shared with others! Invite your family and friends and have a get together with them. You can have dinner together or go on a mini getaway just to enjoy the festival! Make some good food and celebrate Christmas with great enthusiasm!

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Give Him a Silly Gift

Christmas is all about celebrating love and forgiving. Attesting to that, we give gifts to our friends and family. All year round, we give meaningful and practical gifts. How about being silly for one day? If it is your tradition to place gifts by the tree add a silly gift for your immediate family including your husband and kids. You could have a competition about whose gift is the silliest. This adds an element of fun and surprise to the festivities. If this is loved by your family you can make it your new Christmas tradition unique to your family. But, make sure that you don't spend too much on your silly gift.