Festive Corporate Gifting Made Easy: 10 Creative and Inexpensive Ideas for Corporate Gifts for Christmas 2019 and Tips on Choosing the Right One

Festive Corporate Gifting Made Easy: 10 Creative and Inexpensive Ideas for Corporate Gifts for Christmas 2019 and Tips on Choosing the Right One

Greeting your customers with a gift on special occasions like Christmas is a great way to strengthen bonds. However finding the right gift requires you to consider a number of factors including your available budget and expectations of your associates. With BP Guide India you will be able to find gifts that are perfect for your business contacts whether clients, employees, external associates or board members and investors. Don't forget to check out our exhaustive list of tips that'll make the process a breeze for you.

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Your Guide to Corporate Gifting

The holidays are a great time to connect with clients and show your appreciation for their business. Corporate gift giving is on the rise, as more and more discover the benefits of sending a special something to those they work with. From subscription gifting to gift hampers to wine and flowers, how you give to clients says a lot about you as a professional. Choosing the right gift and method of gifting is important.

Keeping that in mind when you look up “Corporate” gifting options, there can be an overwhelming number of results that show up, be it gifts or gifting options in the form of gifting companies. How do you know what you should be getting out of a relationship with a gifting company? The information is crucial if you want your corporate gift experience to be successful. Here are eight tips that might make your selection process easier.

  • Look for discounts
    The more you buy, the larger the discount the gifting company should offer. If you’re going to be spending a lot of money, you want to know the value you as a client by offering volume discounts.

  • Avoid promotional gifts
    The gift you give is not about the gifting company, it is about thanking the people with whom you have a business relationship. Pamphlets advertising the gifting company’s products should not be one of the items they see when the client or associate opens the gift. A simple sticker with their company name on it is enough promotion for a corporate gift.

  • Order on time
    When you order a gift, it is important that the gift comes on time. A perishable gift item coming on a weekend or on a holiday or after the office has closed for the holidays is a strict ‘no no’. So you need to be absolutely sure your gift makes its way to your valuable client or associate on time.

  • Does it come with customer service?
    The vendor should have a good track record of customer service. A quick search on the web for reviews will usually reveal if there are customer service issues. You want your recipients to be treated as well as you treat them if they call your gift provider with an issue.

  • Personalise the gifts
    Personalising a gift shows thought and concern and is always valued by a recipient. A handwritten note along with a gift goes a long way in strengthening the bonds in a relationship be it for a dear one or for a client or associate. If the gifting company is mailing your gifts for you and you are unable to include a handwritten note, the gifting company should offer to take care of the note for you. It can be easy for corporate gifts to come off as gimmicky and impersonal, so ensure that the company adds a note for you.

  • Try samples of edible items
    If you’re sending a food item, you should be tasting it yourself before sending it to your corporate contacts. The gift should be reflective of how much you value the relationship. And if the food item isn’t of the highest quality possible (it arrives stale, broken, its presentation is bad, taste is bad) that ends up reflecting poorly on your company. So is the case with any electronic product. You can check the product first hand by procuring it yourself or by looking for any negative reviews that have been put up on the web by customers regarding the product itself or any customer service issues that they have come across.

  • Maintain a gift list
    For your convenience, having a place to store and manage your gifting list is going to save you time when gifting from the same vendor year after year. Additionally, if their management system is protected, privacy is ensured. Another thing to consider is the sophistication of the database, such as the ability to segment your list, validate addresses, purge duplicates and allow for last-minute additions.

  • Make a pricing contract
    Contract pricing ensures that the price you’re quoted is the price you pay. There are no hidden fees that are tacked on at the end, so you end up paying more. This protects you and your wallet in the long run. All of these tips are not likely to be offered by every gifting vendor you look at. But having your must-haves in mind and making sure the vendor makes more checks off more of these boxes than not is a good start to picking the best gifting vendor for you and your company.

10 Corporate Gifts for Christmas That Everyone Will Be Excited By

Geek Astro Mobile Stand

For an Astro geek, who is always dreaming about the outer space, what better gift than his very own mobile-phone holding astronaut! Here are two things equally important to him- his mobile phone and his life-long passion combined into one, like yin and yang. Made of polyresin, this astronaut phone-stand looks like it has a shock resistance demeanour and a non-slip base to protect your phone and can be bought for Rs. 1,299 at Big Small. The stand can support your phone or tab in both horizontal and vertical positions. When you place the phone on the back side of the astronaut it gives an image of the little guy with an oxygen cylinder on his back. The stand looks like a super cool tabletop figurine.

Dry Fruit Box

Edible gifts are a big favourite with recipients and what better way to gift them than with this ornately decorated Gold Covered Box that spells royalty! It comes in 400 gram packets and is available for Rs 575 It will make eating out of this lovely box feel very kingly and its contents heavenly. And once the contents disappear, the box will remain a prized possession long after.

Foldable Travel Bag

This Foldable Travel Bag is truly a seasoned traveller’s dream come true. It resolves your luggage problem in a go. This foldable travel bag, made of polyester is something that enlarges big enough with a capacity of 32 litres equivalent to a 26-inch suitcase as well as folds to nearly the size of an average mobile phone. Therefore, it transforms itself into a travel/overnight bag and stores all your stuff properly.

It can be easily attached to the trolley which makes it easier to carry during your trips. When not in use, it folds itself into a tiny size and saves you a lot of storing space. Foldable travel bag, thus, is a creative gift to give for travellers. Available in four colours (green, orange, blue and pink) for Rs.1,500, it is a combination of stylish look and desired utility.

Multi-Function Clip Holder

In this age, where jobs are very demanding and desk jobs are on the rise, time, as well as space, is a constraint. Getting up from your work desk or table for a drink of water or taking a coffee break are luxuries that are not easy to come by. Also, when the desk has too many gadgets or there is too much stationery on the table, space for anything else takes a back seat. So, overcrowding in the form of wires or too much stationery can lead to accidents in the form of spills and stains that come with the food or drink we bring to our work table or desk. These problems have been looked into and voila!

The Multi-Function Clip Holder available for Rs.450, the answer to our work desk problems. On the side of the table or clipped to any furniture, the cup & drink holder is a smart accessory to have with you. Apart from the usual coffee and drinks, the holder can be used for your mobile, keys, stationery item, etc. The holder has an opening that can be used for charging cables to pass through. Simply clip the holder conveniently onto a table and use the holder any way you wish. It can also prevent accidentally spilled beverages and help you keep your desk clean and stain-free.

Visiting Card holder

With some many contacts and connections made over businesses, the need to keep track of these valuable contacts is an integral part of an organized and successful business. Many a time, new contacts or existing clients or associates hand us their business card and we take them in the hopes of reaching out to them when we need to. But how to keep a track of these cards becomes a big problem and they might end up getting pushed to the back of our drawers or some, unfortunately, might even find their way into our trash cans. This elegant Visiting Cardholder is a brilliant way to organize our contacts and aesthetically appealing - they are there when we need them and are put away neatly knowing when they are not needed. This can hold a place on our work desk or in our drawers without taking up too much room. This is the ideal gift for a businessman with a lot of contacts. It can be bought at a bulk price of Rs. 63/piece.

365 Daily Planner

Daily planning could not look lovelier! This daily planner is just what you need to set your life in order. Available for Rs. 499 at Big Small, this organiser is not only adorable to look at, but it will also help you keep track of every day of the year! Just the perfect way to make work chaos a little more systematic. No more stressing over what to do, what we have missed doing today or when to do what. This is a perfect tool for a peacefully organised life.

Wall Clock

Source www.fnp.com

A beautiful and dreamy way to know the time, with the look of the woods and butterflies flying out of the timepiece! There are three butterfly cut-outs on the wooden clock with the three butterflies on the side in different positions of flight. Fnp offers this wall clock at Rs. 599.

Ultimate Pocket Tool

Imagine you were sent on a mission ‘impossible’ out into the wild, or you got stuck in the middle of nowhere with no living being in view within a thousand-mile radius or you simply decided to take a hike away from all humanity. Or maybe the weather is so hot, you have a cold beer bottle, but you do not have a bottle opener and no way are your teeth obliging you. You want to watch a video you have saved on your phone, but your hands are so full you can hold it neither can you find someone or something to hold it for you, so you end up dropping the phone thereby breaking the screen. Or you need your toolbox but it’s nowhere to be found. How frustrating can these scenarios be, for want of We have found you the “Ultimate Pocket Tool” that costs just Rs. 299. Thinner than a credit card but way stronger is a smart carry on tackling those daily hassles. Made from stainless steel, it will blend perfectly with those credit cards in your wallet or your purse.

Wireless Skipping Rope

In this age where fitness is the mantra of the day, here is a new and innovative way to a fitter you. All excuses with regard to a workout like ‘cold weather outside’ or a small apartment with no room for a skipping workout, (skipping is considered a very good way to get fit and stay that way), will all find their way out the door. This wireless skipping rope is just what you need to get that sweat on, at any time or place. And the best part? You need no coordination to keep it going. No more worries about tripping on the Rope. Now, skip your way to fitness! Available for Rs 1,799.

Why Is It Important to Gift Your Clients This Christmas?

Successful client relationships can include numerous factors, but one of the often-overlooked methods of showing your preferred clients that you care is to send them a gift – a present you know will mean something to them. The choice to proactively seek out your client’s preferences and make a friendly gesture in the form of something nice for them to have that reminds them you value the business relationship they share with you. What better time to start than the holidays when the whole world celebrates Christmas together.

Building Bridges

Regardless of where you are geographically speaking, you can send gifts to clients that make them feel close even when you may be on separate continents.

Market Your Brand Or Company

If you value your brand, show those who choose to do business with you that your brand stands for relationships, thoughtfulness, and going the extra mile. Many corporate gifting services allow for customisable branding, which means your business logo accompanies the warmth felt by the recipient.

Build Relationships with Clients And Customers

When your gift arrives, it opens the lines of contact. The client will most likely reply, providing you with the opportunity to discuss ongoing business needs and solutions. Perhaps you sent your client a gift hamper for Christmas, but that hamper will likely sit on her desk for days, keeping you and your business in the front of her mind.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Chances are, you aren’t the only business your client works with, but gifting may help you be their favourite. People do business with those they know and like. Sending a thoughtful gift is the perfect way to distinguish your business as a preferred partner.

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Make Your Gift Count

Corporate gifting like regular gifting is an art. For your gift to make the right impact, you must pick out something that your associates will enjoy receiving. Prioritise quality over quantity and ensure your gift matches the esteem of the recipient.. After all you are expressing your appreciation for their contribution so your gift must reflect the value you place on the relationship. So plan out your gifting with care and in advance to get it right.