Make a Good Impression & Strengthen Work Relationships Through Simple, Useful and Pocket-Friendly Gifts. 10 Corporate Gifts Under Rs.200

Make a Good Impression & Strengthen Work Relationships Through Simple, Useful and Pocket-Friendly Gifts. 10 Corporate Gifts Under Rs.200

Buying the right corporate gift can become a tricky task sometimes as it can get difficult to find the perfect and apposite present without denting your pocket. We've compiled here a list of some simple yet impression-making corporate gifts under Rs. 200 to be gifted to your employees or clients or even your colleagues.

Corporate Gifts: Building Relationships & Brand Awareness

Gifts are a great medium to convey gratitude and express warmth in any kind of relationships. It may be personal or professional. Just like we are keen on celebrating every special occasion in our personal life, corporate or professional life also requires a similar kind of attention. That is where the concept of corporate gifting comes into play. It is a necessity to maintain the cordial and harmonious relationship between employees, colleagues and clients. This proportional affects the growth of the company or institution. Corporate gifts are a unique way to increase the bonding between co-workers which indeed positively influences the productivity.

How to Choose the Perfect Pocket Friendly Gift

When it comes to corporate gifting in bulk, or gifting individually for your supportive colleague, the primary concern is to find a gift that is pocket friendly. We do not want to shell out thousands of rupees on such situations, especially when the gifting is being done in bulk for a large number of the workforce. We are here to bring you some quick fixes to this problem. These tips are sure to help you find your way around the vast ocean of products and find something unique, useful and of good quality, under Rs. 200.

Scavenge Trusted Websites

Online shopping sites have sprung up all over like mushrooms. There is a great chance to lose money while purchase, if not done properly. Hence it is advised to browse deeply through trusted websites for your purchases. These ensure safety for your money, have better return policies and also have great quality products. Also a few sites have come up exclusively for corporate gifting. You may check out the various websites used in this article to purchase your favourite products and that too from trusted vendors.

Check for Product Description & Reviews

Before making a purchase, make sure to read the product description carefully for any kind of discrepancies. It often happens for lower priced products that, some element in the picture given would only be for the photography purposes. So, make sure to not just go for the picture but also for the entire product description. Similarly, read through the reviews of the products to know if other customers have received faulty, or defective pieces. If the return policy is smooth and so on. Always make sure, the positive reviews outweigh the negative.

Choose Work-Friendly & Useful Products

When it's a corporate or work environment, you cannot go around choosing random things out of the box. More than the personalised touch, each gift must have the essence of it being a corporate gift. Choose things that are compatible for a work environment and are useful for office purposes. Stay away from things that are too personal, and private. Choose things that appeal to a wider range of people.

Opt for Bulk Purchase

If you are looking forward to make purchases for an entire team, or a bunch of colleagues, it is the best option to opt for a bulk purchase. Even such gifts can be bought beforehand and given as small tokens from part of the employer. Bulk purchases get better offers and deals from most of the websites. For getting personalised goodies, from corporate sites, always choose a larger number as they fetch a better deal and price for the company. Instead of going for the point numbers, always leave room to purchase a few extra ones, these will always come handy in a corporate atmosphere.

The Top 10 Corporate Gifts Under Rs. 200

Spending a fortune on buying gifts for employees and colleagues would certainly not suit the finances of an institution. The key is where you keep the budget under control and buy the most feasible, quality products from the allotted budget frame. It is a common misconception that corporate gifts have to be expensive. Here, we bring you ten products, that are under Rs. 200 each and is perfect for corporate gifting. Choose these, or your desired products from the websites given and create the best workplace atmosphere. Let’s get started.

1. Wooden Pen Stand

A pen stand is an inevitable element of every work desk. It is the perfect item that can be gifted universally, and can be given to each employee from management to junior officers. This could also be given as the welcome gift to any employee, or can be added to a bigger welcome or gifting hamper. Also, pen stands, when chosen wisely, can be extremely durable and budget friendly products, making them a unique work gift.

The colourful floral-patterned Pen Holder from is an excellent corporate gift piece. The product is solid, with a wooden finish with abstract multi-coloured floral patterns. The dimensions are (2.5 x 2.5 x 4) inches. The Pen holder can also be used to arrange random knick-knacks and are also big enough to hold highlighters. The design makes a colourful poppy addition to the boring work desk and office atmosphere. The product code is CGP-2003 and the website also addresses all kinds of customised gifting requirements. This lovely pen-holder is priced at Rs.182 only.

2. Leather Headphone Pouch

Source Flipkart

Let’s walk out of the office and also look into the commute towards the workplace. Listening to a podcast or some good music is everyone’s go-to relief from the long tiring travel. However, it turns out that before every hurdle of the day, one has to sort the messy and tangled headphones. There is a very simple yet effective solution for the same. Headphone pouches!

The Retrack Leather Zipper Headphone Pouch from would relieve all your headphone woes and much more. The pouch is a hard case made of leather in a very convenient sizing. Perfect for travel and handbags. The pouch has an almost 360 degree opening, making it convenient for use. The pouch can also be used for safe keeping of pen drives, aux cords, coins, small valuables and much more. Thus, this is a unique buy that would make a perfect gift for work spaces. The pouch is extremely useful, and the red lining makes it an attractive piece. It is priced at just Rs.149.

3. Steel Insulated Lunch box


Food is not just for sustenance, but is also required for a healthy mind and for the ability to work in full capacity. And the greatest way to bring people together is by food. Giving delicious food every day is not the wisest idea for the pocket, however we can always invest in the containers that carry the delicacies. A proper work lunch box is a great gift for everyone out there. These can be gifted individually, or else be bought in bulk.

The Maruti Stainless Steel Lunch Box from is the perfect pick for you. The pack has three containers, one container with a rectangular shape with curved sides and separation towards one corner, and two round steel containers. The three pieces comes with airtight and leak proof lids, thus making travel an easy experience. The containers come with an insulated carry bag that keep food fresher and hot for long so that one enjoys the goodness of every meal packed in it. The lids are so secure that it does not soil the jacket covering it. The cover also has a sling making it the easiest lunch bag to carry around. The containers are also freezer and dishwasher friendly. Thus, this would make an excellent buy for the price of just Rs.196.

4. Paper-Weight

Source Shopclues

No office table is complete without a paper-weight holding down stacks of files and paper. Even if not being used, these are an essential part of the office stationery. Paper weights of different designs have always been deemed as a gift, especially among corporate setups and hence this time as a perfect corporate gift, let's find the most budget friendly, subtle and elegant piece.

The Crystal World Globe Paperweight Gold Stand Showpiece from is the perfect showpiece cum paper weight cum curio. Globes are one of the most sought-after show pieces all over, especially in work places, libraries and studious environments. This showpiece is a vaastu approved paperweight with a crystal globe, propped up on a beautiful golden stand. The crystal has intricate detailing of a map making it the perfect table top accessory for you. The website also has easy return policies and cash on delivery. This small, but magnificent piece is priced at Rs.149.

5. Business Card Holder

A business card holder is a must have for one and all. Say goodbye to the age-old way of holding your business cards tied together with a band, and stuffing your credit cards in your purse. All of these methods render your cards bend and broken. How about gifting a handy piece of accessory that holds all your important cards in one place, both safe and secure. And wouldn't it be great if the same business holder can be customised to your liking?

The business card holder from is one of the best options available to you. The design of the product is brand new and is of great class. It is made of premium aluminium alloy, making this useful piece of purchase into a sturdy durable one as well. Depending on the size of the cards, it holds up to ten cards, including credit and identity cards. The sleek design is perfect to be kept in a pocket, or to slide into a small purse. It is available in an array of attractive colours, from black, golden, silver, red and blue to pink. The top of the holder can be customised to your liking, which makes a perfect product-based advertisement too. The individual card holder is priced at Rs.199, but this website supports bulk orders, at a much lower percentage of pricing.

6. Monthly Planner


Planning ahead always improves efficiency. It helps prioritise the tasks ahead resulting in maximised output in stipulated time. It is always one of the brightest things to do, to gift a colleague or employee a monthly planner. It is also an indication of how time and planning is valued and dealt seriously. It is an attribute that is very much appreciated. A planner is a unique and much needed gift. These can be bought in bulk and used as needed. Books are always a great idea. They will always be in demand and very much needed around an office.

The Notebook with metal clip from is the perfect planner for your colleagues and employees. The hard cover has a rugged leather finish with metal clip giving the notebook a more professional and earthy look. The elastic band around the book, holds it shut and can also be used as a makeshift bookmark. The books can be used as a planner and for various other uses across an office. It is versatile as per usage, thus making it the perfect corporate gift. This aesthetically appealing book, or the makeshift planner and register is priced at just Rs.200. This product can also be customised as per requirement.

7. Metal Pen


Plastic pens look out of place in an office atmosphere. They look shabby, unwanted and cheap. Offices and workplaces demand certain aesthetic that can only be achieved by choosing products of right aesthetic. Even if it is something as small as a pen. It is not needed that a fortune is spend of some pens, but these could make the best token of appreciation, during meetings and other official purposes. So, investing in some great pens is not an idea that should be ignored delicately.

The Hansa metal pen from is the perfect pen, to be gifted in a corporate set up. The pen has a premium feel and finish with the perfect blend of rose gold hue and black. The pen has wavy grooves made by laser. It gives the pen a unique regal vibe. This pen could be the go-to gift, when run out of ideas. Stock a few, and gift as tokens from the company to clients or employees. These gestures help maintain a healthy client, employee relationships. Make sure to engrave logos or names as per requirement using the customisation option. This pen is priced at Rs.190 per piece. As the numbers of quantity increases, the same pens are priced at a much lower range. Choose wisely.

8. Desk Photo frame


Photos always capture memories. These remind us of moments and people who are dear and near to us. Having a picture of your loved ones nearby, during a hectic day would lower your stress on so many levels. A happy picture might help greatly to calm a hectic and stressful situation. In recent days, photo frames have found a place of its own on the work table or cubicle. It is the personalised happy corner. Thus, photo frames would make a lovely corporate gift. Just make sure to keep the designs simple, elegant and in sober colours.

The deep photo frame from is such a unique minimalist photo frame. It comes in three colours, white, brown and black, and has a deep-set design for effect. It is the perfect desk photo frame, simple and elegant. The website also provides an option for customisation of the same. The dimensions are 22.2 cm x 17.7 cm x 4.4 cm and it weighs around 353 grams. The product code is GF00661. It is priced at Rs.149 only. These can be bought in bulk and gifted as required.

9. Desk Clock


Time and tide wait for none. To keep the tabs of the time passing by, and be on time every time, one would always need a clock by the side. A phone would sound much more convenient to some, but taking into the unnecessary scrolling through social media that takes place after the time-check needs to be put on halt. The perfect companion to keep time, has always been and will be a clock. And a desk clock makes up to be a great corporate gift.

The Sapphire India Cute Mini Alarm Clock from is a quirky choice. It is battery operated with a traditional design. This cute little alarm clock is an attractive showpiece for your table. This clock comes without a snooze button, that helps drop the habit of procrastination. The clock also helps steer clear of radiation and other time-consuming habits. This clock would be the perfect gift for anyone from a corporate set up to a student. It is priced at Rs.180 only. Don't let this opportunity pass.

10. Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Say goodbye to Monday blues and groggy afternoons with a hot sip of coffee. We need not say that a sip of any hot beverage makes everything pleasant. Keeping this in mind, how about gift your fellow colleagues, a cup to flaunt and carry around with a hot brew. This would not just be a friendly caring gesture, but also a great corporate advertisement with others who get to use their little mugs. Subtle and effective.

The elegant design mug from is the perfect cup that can hold 400 ml of liquid in it. It is ideal for both hot and cold beverages, and retains temperature for a very long time. It comes with a spill proof cap and is easy to use. This cup comes with a steel drum inside and has an excellent branding space on its surface. Customise with your designs and logos and gift away. The product code is PGM 305 and is priced at Rs.199 only. Find your most suitable pick and order away.

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Appreciate Your Co-workers

The value of a gift can't be put into numbers. Everyone loves getting a gift! With these gifts which are usable in day to day lives, your coworkers are only going to appreciate them. Moreover, you're strengthening your relations with them which in corporate world is very important. Choose your preferred item from this pocket-friendly items and gift away!