Find 10 Best Gifts Under 150 Rupees: Budget Friendly Return Gifts, Corporate Gifts and More (2020)

Find 10 Best Gifts Under 150 Rupees: Budget Friendly Return Gifts, Corporate Gifts and More (2020)

Looking for fun and trendy yet affordable party favour and return gifts for a function, or perhaps you are browsing for interesting ideas for corporate gifting? Find here the best gifts under 150 rupees. We also have loads of cool ideas for low cost gifts you can give to friends, family, even a boyfriend or girlfriend, all under 150 rupees, because we know money can be tight sometimes but that shouldn't stop you from giving gifts to the people you care for.

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Smart Tips for Getting Low Cost Gifts

We all have friends and dear ones in our little kingdom. Well, there are several times when we have to choose a gift for them. Now the tricky part is we don't always have lots of money to spare and picking nice gifts in a small budget is not at all easy. It is obvious that you would surely want to give the best gift to your dear ones but your pocket does not allow it. If you are facing this issue then fret not! Best Present Guide gives you access to sneaky tips for getting low cost gifts along with striking gifts under Rs.150.

  • Shop around: The foremost thing you should consider is shopping around. Go to the local stores or gift galleries to see if they are offering any discount or not. You can even bargain if you are good at it. Make sure to explore many gift galleries so that you have plenty of gift options under the set price range.

  • Look for quality even in low priced gifts: Well, there are some galleries or malls where you can get great items in discount. But, make sure you do not get lured by these discounts to buy anything cheap or of poor quality. Quality matters and gifts also reflect the personality. You can seek out seasonal sales at the malls of your local area. Another sneaky approach is to go to different stores in order to check prices. This will help you deciding from where to buy the gift.

  • Check out the online market: If you do not want to step outside the home or if you lack time, then you can consider online shopping. In this realm, you can get a plethora of options for quality gift items. Well, you can jump on the sites such as Amazon, Firstcry etc as these sites are known to offer online sales, frequently. Moreover, you can make use of coupons as this will help you in buying gift under the budget. Do not forget to look for clearance sales on prominent sites such as Snapdeal, Flipkart etc.

10 Awesome Return Gifts Ideas that Never Go Out of Trend

Now you have finally landed on the top list of best gift under 150 rupees. These are some of the exceptional gifts that never fade! These gifts always stay on the trend, and you can pick the one that you like the most for the recipient.

Stunning Gifts Ideas for Him and Her Under Rs.150

Here is a fabulous range of great gifts for your near and dear ones. You can give these gifts to your friends, comrades, classmates or colleagues. Dive in to know the list of top four gifts that are sure to make your friend jump with joy.

Designer Handbag


Choosing a gift under 150 rupees becomes a daunting task when you have to buy something for a girl. It is indeed a fact that girls like top-notch gifts but you need not blow your budget in trying to please them. You can get this Canvas Tote bag from Amazon at just Rs.149. It showcases three cute bears in the middle of the bag. This item measures 38.2 x 1 x 39.3 cm in size and and is in a classic tote shape. It is made of the 100% cotton that gives it long-lasting durability and comfort. This is one of the best handbags below 150 rupees that you should surely count on to do the trick.

Table Top Photo Frame


If it’s a wedding or anniversary party of your and you are running low on budget then fear not. You still have aplenty options just like this Monarch Wooden Table Photo Frame. It is a small frame that comes in Rs.149, and it can be purchased from Amazon. It is made of good quality plastic as well as glass, and features a pebbled design effect all over the frame. The frame measures 20 x 16 x 4 cm approx in size, and it can exhibit the photo of size 15 cm x 20 cm. It will certainly be an amazing gift for a married friend or a couple as they can use it to display pictures they love.

Another cool option is this magnetic clear photo holder that can be put over any metal surface. This photo pocket has a clear plastic top and a magnetic back. You can slide a photo into it and put it up anywhere there's a metal surface, whether that a fridge or cabinets or whiteboards. Check it out on Amazon where you can buy a set of two for Rs. 149


Ganesha Keychain


You can even consider giving a keychain to your friend, whether it is he or she. This Radius Metal Silver Ganesha Keychain will not only delight your friend but will also give him or her, a sense of devotion as well as protection. It is made of premium quality metal that makes this keychain highly durable. Featuring the face of Lord Ganesha, this keychain will bestow his mercy on your dear one. It measures 6 cm x 30 mm x 20 mm in size and accented with a great finish. This keychain is one of the spectacular items that you should consider giving your friends on different events. Grab this divine keychain from Amazon at Rs.113 only.

Gold Follow Your Dreams Pillowcase

Another wonderful gift you can pick is this Gold Print Pillowcase. It is made of a high grade polyester and features a glittering gold features motif at white background, featuring the message Follow Your Dreams. This pillowcase measures 45 x 45 cm in size and costs Rs.109 only. It will be the stunning gift that you can give to anyone, viz male or female and he or she will certainly adore this lovely pillowcase. The best part is your friend will love to use this pillowcase on a daily basis. Its highly versatile gift, is not it? Get it from Flipkart right away!

Great Return Gifts for Parties and Functions Under Rs.150

Fanciful Bottle with Bag

When you have to give a gift to a kid, lots of questions come to the mind. You would surely agree that kids are very choosy, they do not like everything. Therefore, you have to look for extraordinary things that will catch their attention. Well, you can give them this Puppy Bottle with Jute Bag. It is made of the finest quality plastic, which makes it unbreakable and highly durable. This bottle has a 500 ml capacity, a filter inside and comes with a semi-jute bag, which protects it from any kind of scratches. Exhibiting charming puppy print, it will surely delight the recipient. You can get it from Return Gift Wala at Rs.144 only.

Disney Stationary Set

This Disney Finding Dory Stationary Set is another amazing gift for kids. Well, kids love fanciful gift, and this product will be perfect for them. This 13 pieces stationery set contains coloring sheets, bright crayons and sticker sheets. It is great for enhancing the creative skills of kids. This set is the best gift for the kids from 3 to 6 years of age. It costs Rs.132 and can be purchased from

Birds and Trees Wall Decal


If there is a housewarming party and you want to give a useful gift to your dear one, then how about this wall sticker. This Decals Design Tree with Birds and Cages' Wall Sticker features a matte finish. It is made of top quality PVC vinyl that lends it good durability. This sticker measures 50 x 70 cm in size, and it will instantly enhance any wall of the home. You can buy it from Amazon India at Rs.139 only. There is no doubt that this item will be a fabulous gift at the housewarming occasion.

Exceptional Corporate Gifts Under 150 Rupees

This is the list for those who are working professionals or who owns an office or a corporate company. The best part is, each of these gift under 150 rupees are outstanding and will showcase your great choice.

Flame-less LED Candle with Stand


If you are looking for an elegant corporate gift, then nothing can be better than this Flame-less LED night lamp that looks like a clutch of mushrooms. This three-lamp set featuring LED lights is heat-free, flame-free, and smoke-free. It works on being plugged in. It comes with a sturdy stand, which will not let it topple over the table. It is extremely easy to use as one just has to push it down to the stand to glow the candle. While two lights are warm, one is multicolour. Its flickering light which starts automatically at night will offer a luxurious, glowing and calming ambience to any space. You might be wondering its price! Well, it costs Rs.149 only, and you can get it from A great deal, indeed!

Classic Keychain with Torch and Pen Combo

If you wish to build rapport with your client, then you can count on this amazing combo. The pack has a classic keychain with a torch and a pen, which is adorned with a metal accent. It is a striking corporate gift under Rs 100, and you can get it from at Rs.89 only. This combo comes in a royal red case that makes it a perfect corporate gift set.

Buddha Head Figurine


This Buddha Head Figurine by Om Arts is the perfect item that you can present to your dearest client. It is composed of the finest quality polyresin that lends this figurine lasting durability. This piece is accented with a black and gold hue, which makes it one of the amazing spiritual items. It measures 10.5 x 7 x 13 cm in size and features excellent craftsmanship. It cost Rs.154, just a bit below your budget, and it can be purchased from Amazon. Your business associate can keep this Lord Buddha head statue on his table or on the altar. A very divine gift that your client!

Bonus Tips to Make the Gift Special

Apart from giving a gift, you must make sure to add a touch a charm to it. This will not only make you feel great but will also make the receipt feel special. Sounds interesting! Here you go!

Use Exquisite Gift Wrap

Once you are done with selecting the best gift, it’s a time to make the gift more special. You can enhance the appearance of the gift by adorning it with an exquisite gift wrap. There is a plethora of gift wraps available in the market, and you can pick the one that matches the theme of your gift. Make sure not to consider glittery paper wraps; instead choose funky designs, beautiful colours or muted and elegant patterns. Choose classy gift wraps to add a little pizzazz to the gifts. Also, wrap the gift paper nicely so that the recipient can open it without any trouble. Do not forget to embellish it with a satin ribbon as it will incredibly accentuate the appeal of the gift.

Pair it with a DIY Card

In case of personal relationships, a gift is often enough, but it would be great if you could add a bit of yourself to it. Why not make a card, which you can present to your friend along with the gift! To start off, gather supplies such as small decorations, ribbon, glue, sparkling pen, paper cutter, etc. Now you have to show your creativity. Design the card as you like, either by drawing or by decorating it with ornaments. If you do not have any great idea, then you can look for DIY card making videos on YouTube. Your point is to make the best card so grab wonderful ideas from the internet.

Make Gift Giving and Receiving an Interesting Experience

Giving a gift to a loved one? Make the process more interesting! How about a scavenger hunt where you plan clues that lead to another and at last to the gift. Make sure you keep this process to three to four clues only otherwise your friend will not appreciate it. Another exciting thing you can do is to ask a kid to present your gift to your friend. You can even attach the gift to the collar of your friend’s pet and let the pet be a delivery person. Make sure in both the cases, you follow the delivery person.

So, now you are geared up with top-notch tactics and best gift under 150 rupees. This is the time when you can add a dose to the gift by adding it a personal touch and making it an extraordinary. Now, you are ready to set off! Good luck.

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Give small but quality presents

Now 150 rupees is not a big sum and there are limitations to what you can buy. But use your creativity to overcome the restrictions of a small budget. A good way to do so is think outside the box, consider everything you can buy for this much and then sift to pick out the things that will make good presents. Focus on smaller tings that are of good quality rather than a big but cheap looking item. Stationary, keychains, fridge magnets, books, curios and even handmade things are good places to begin.