Are You Looking for Creative Return Gift Ideas for Adults? 10 New Ideas for Return Gift for Adults in India You Should Not Miss (2019)

Are You Looking for Creative Return Gift Ideas for Adults? 10 New Ideas for Return Gift for Adults in India You Should Not Miss (2019)

India appreciates family Period!! It is imbibed in our culture that a guest is always welcomed. While the guest leaves it is customary to give a return gift based on your budget. It can be a simple cloth material to stitch a blouse for the ladies along with coconut and fruits. Times have changed, people are willing to experiment with the return gift options. We have done some research for you to choose the most popular Top 10 return gift ideas for adults who visit your home.

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Party Favours are a Big Part of Any Celebration

When you have a celebration, you will have your guests of all ages. However, elders are considered most important, and they have a special place in any of the celebrations in India. Party favours are gifts given to the guest for thanking their presence at the party or occasion. Though giving party favours is optional, hosts nowadays give them on all times as a token of thanks. It is a must-have when conducting parties. An Indian wedding often is most restless and happiest days in our life where we are surrounded by friends and guests and have a lot of things to do. To the people who have come to your occasion, sacrificing their time, you will need to give them something memorable while return. Party favours are not dull and predictable as it used to be before. People now have a different view of the party favours nowadays, and hosts are continually doing their best to impress the guests.
Easier said than done, it is a bit complicated to plan the right party favours. When choosing return gifts, we should be cautious in choosing the return gifts that carry respect to our elders. You can choose religious idols of god, Pooja items, handicrafts, etc. which get the blessing and happiness of your guests. You can also opt for a range of some personalized gifts. However, personalized gifts will need a lot of work to be done from your part. If you cannot get customized gifts, you can get some cost-effective yet useful gifts. If you have sufficient time, then aim for some DIY gifts.

Tips for Selecting the Best Party Favors

We will give you some tips to choose the best party favours for adults:

  • Customized Chocolates: Everyone has some crazy over chocolates. Chocolates have their fans from children to adults. Customized chocolate makes an excellent return gift for any party. Many sellers in the market can design customized chocolate return gifts. The chocolate boxes can also be customized depending on the celebration.
  • Religious return gifts: In India, where religion plays a predominant role, and when your function has a lot of adults participating, it is good to go with the option of religious return gifts. You can safely choose idols of gods and goddesses, religious symbols. In India, people consider religious gifts as a symbol of prosperity. Return gifts based on a religious base also gives a lot of hope to the participants of your celebration.
  • Avoid fragile: A glass gift piece or porcelain looks good but travel through bumpy roads might break them in the worst situation due to their fragile nature. You don’t let your guests to be disappointed.  When planning for a party, try to avoid fragile items if you need to procure them from long distance. Also, try to have some extra favours. 
  • Household items: This is a popular return gift area. You can choose to procure the return gifts that can be used in the home or office. When your return gift is something that will be used by people in their daily activities may be in the home or office, it is going to please your guests.  Look around for the small gadgets or small household utilities that are being used daily. You can try giving some small gadgets or some aroma diffusers set.
  • Handicraft items: Handicrafts items have their place in society. It can be considered as an important return gift that can impress adults. With India having 29 states and seven union territories, it is very much diversified in culture. Most of the states have completely different cultures and different styles of handicrafts. While thousands of crafts are created each day in India, you can do your research and find the best suitable return gift in the market of handicraft items. There are many options like handicraft handbags, jewelry, home decor, etc. They can be easily procured from online, from emporiums run by the government and from the flea market.

Magnetic Photo Frame


Photo Frames are one of the most common and popular party favours for adults. In fact, this gift can be personalized if you wish to. Otherwise, an empty frame can also be gifted where people can put the photo they want to. The greatest advantage of a magnetic photo frame is that it can be stuck to any metal surface like on the refrigerator etc. These frames come in different sizes, shapes and designs and you can choose the ones you find best. Many of these frames also come with a stand so that they can be placed on a shelf or on a table. You can get this at Rs. 199.

Metal Buddha Face

What can be a better gift than a Metal Buddha Face as a return gift for adults? It is needless to say that the gift is a very thoughtful one and people who receive the same are sure to appreciate it. Hanging this beautiful piece of art in any place imparts a peaceful and serene ambience. The showpiece is made of brass and thus has a lovely aesthetic sense. It is also highly durable and there are no scopes of fading colours etc. The system is such that it can be hung on the wall as well as placed on a table for décor. The measurement of the face is approximately 3” x 1” x 5”. You can get this at Rs. 305.

Engraved Metal Jewelry Box

With measurements of 17.5 x 12.5 x 6.25 cm, this oxidized Silver Box is excellent party favour for adults. Though it is a jewelry box, there are different ways in which the box can be used. Dry fruits can also be stored in the box. Other small items can also be placed in this ornate box. The wooden box is engraved beautifully with a white metal sheet covering. Though the design is traditional, the overall appearance of the box is quite sophisticated. Interestingly, there are different measurements and sizes in which these boxes are available. You can get this at Rs. 199.

Aromatic Candles

One of the best return gifts for adults is Aromatic Candles. There are different aromas in which the candles are available. Moreover, the sizes and the designs of the candles vary from one another. While some candles are available as single pieces in small attractive pouches, others are available in sets of two or four or more. Depending on the guest, you can choose the volume of the candles which can be given. Some of the candles also come with holders. These are perfect return gifts for weddings, anniversaries etc. You can get this at Rs. 125

Bangle Box


Women often host various kinds of parties and functions, which are exclusively for women only. On such occasions, providing a suitable return gift is very important. A Bangle Box serves the purpose really well in this regard. Available in different sizes and designs, these boxes serve highly on the utility factor as well. The numbers of bangles that the box can hold will depend on the size of the box. These boxes are available in different colours and you can choose one each for your friends. They are sure to appreciate such a gift. You can get this at Rs. 99.

Personalized Key Chains


Personalized Key Chains make excellent return gifts for adults in all age-groups. With names engraved on the key chains, these gifts become all the more special as individual attention is paid while making these gifts. The key chains vary in designs and patterns greatly. In fact, along with personalizing with names, personalization can also be done with hobbies and interests. For instance, for a soccer lover, the keychain can contain a small football, for music enthusiast a miniature sign of musical instrument etc. Your guests will surely love this idea when they will see that their interests have been kept in mind while gifting. You can get this at Rs. 299

Decorative Bowls

Decorative Bowls can be seen in almost all houses. These bowls are not only used as decorative items in the house, but they can actually be used for keeping various things. Along with keeping small trinkets and other necessary items like keys etc. these bowls can also be used for keeping fruits, dry fruits etc. When placed on a tabletop, the bowl looks elegant and stylish enhancing the beauty of the place significantly. There are different materials in which these bowls are made – plastic, metals like aluminum, brass, ceramic, wood etc. and so on. The one mentioned here is an aluminum one with meenakari work. You can get this at Rs. 130.

Wooden Coasters Handcrafted


The numbers and varieties of coasters that you have are never enough. Hence, these items serve as excellent return gifts for all adults. Check out these elegant and highly sophisticated Wooden Coasters which you are surely going to love. Moreover, your guests will also appreciate these gifts for sure. The prints on these coasters are inspired by traditional Sanjhi art of Mathura. The coasters come in a set of 4 pieces and are crafted by the rural artists of UP. The measurement of each coaster is about 3.25 x 3.25 x 0.25 inches. You can get this at Rs. 275

Ganesha Idol


Ganesha is one of the most revered and most popular Gods in Indian mythology. In fact, no auspicious occasion or function in India is begun without seeking blessings from Lord Ganesha. Hence, when you think of Ganesha Idol as a return gift for your guests, you have passed the test with élan. There are different sizes in which the idol of Ganesha is available. For gifting, choosing a small size is always preferable. This particular figurine measures 5.6 x 4.6 inches and weighs around 360 grams. The multicolour Ganesha is sculpted out of resin powder by artisans. You can get this at Rs. 272.

Diary and Pen Set

One of the safest and popular return gifts for adults is a Diary and Pen Set. These two things are required in almost all homes by both men and women. The diary mentioned here contains 100 pages with the option of a daily planner. With compact and smart binding, the diary looks stylish and elegant. Can be easily carried to a corporate meeting or to office. The pen in the set is also of good company and offers smooth writing. On the whole, it is an excellent set to be given to people in all age groups.

Don't Give the Same Old Boring Things as Return Gifts

Birthdays and weddings in India are celebrated with a lot of money involved, but the party favours have been the same all the time. Return gifts, a subtle way of thanking guests for their presence normally happens on every special occasion in India. It has almost become a traditional method on every occasion. This tradition was once given to the closest relatives, but now it extends to friends and even business or office colleagues. The once predictive and boring party favours have been changed now to a great extent. Thanks to the people who wanted something different and online companies who have brought us a variety of party favours ideas. The best party favour given should be equivalent to the work and time they have put into coming to the party. These party favours are available starting at low prices as well.

In Indian tradition, it is deemed disrespectful to return the party favour even if you do not want it or if you already have the very same item with you. Also, regifting is not as prevalent and not preferred in Indian party occasions though it is prevalent in western countries — finally, a few points to remember when gifting. Indian tradition doesn’t believe in gifting leather related items. Price tags should be removed before handing over the gifts. The wrapping paper for the return gift if any should be in bright colours, it is not a common practice to use black and white paper to wrap the gift. While planning for return gifts to senior people, don’t just stick to giving clothes, plan something different and useful to them. All you require to do is to outline first on the theme of the celebration. Once done check online for creative ideas and go through some online sites for the return gifts available. Go ahead and choose it as soon as possible as you may be stuck in other works at the last minute.

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Long Lasting

You must first decide the occasion when you will present these gifts to your guests. Since these will need to be bought in bulk, do not make the mistake of buying cheap gifts of low quality. Though they may seem easy to purchase, cheap gifts are a reflection of your taste and personality. You definitely want those gifts to stay longer with the guests. The return gifts should work as a reminder to the adults that they had a great time at the party. The mantra to follow is simple. DON’T GIVE IT IF YOU’D NOT LIKE TO RECEIVE IT!