10 Gift for My Husband on Our 25th Anniversary: Celebrate 25 years of Togetherness with the Most Beautiful Gifts (2018)

10 Gift for My Husband on Our 25th Anniversary: Celebrate 25 years of Togetherness with the Most Beautiful Gifts (2018)

Twenty five years is an era and if you have managed to spend that with a special someone then that feat requires to be celebrated. Celebrate your 25th by rewarding your special someone with the best gifts money can buy. We are here to guide you!

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Celebrating 25 Years of Joy

Twenty-five years of joy, happiness, tears, laughter and, most of all, dreams and failures – it is a long time and certainly a big milestone in any couple’s life. It is fortunate that you two have reached here and look forward to what the future holds for you with joy in your hearts. Don’t leave any stone unturned in celebrating this occasion because it deserves your all. Whatever the two of you like, do that. It could be a party or an intimate dinner or just going away on a holiday – do whatever makes the two of you happy; because you have both reached here and you deserve some time to yourself!

A Time to Reflect and Look Back

It has been 25 long years; that is a whole lot of time and you should take a breath and reflect over the happenings of the past years. This day is probably the best opportunity to do so. You can sit together and talk, discuss and understand a lot of things. Your twenty-five years at marriage means a lot of things and it is nice to think about them.

Cherish the Bond You Two Share

The 25th anniversary of your marriage is a day when you both should simply cherish the beautiful bond you both share because that is certainly what has kept you both together for all these years. There might surely have been testing times on more than one occasion but the fact that you have both sailed through it is a testimony to the strength of your bond, the understanding and the love that you both have for each other.

A Celebration for the Past and Present

Sit and look back at the past; all the things that have led to where you are, the way your relationship has transformed over the years and all about the times when you both laughed, loved and lived. It is a good time to sit and talk about old memories and renew them again. It is also an even better time to look at the future and discuss what you both want in the coming years. It will help set a direction.

Look Forward to the Future

Everything apart, just relax and look towards the future with joy. Whatever has happened has happened and you can only plan the future but not expect it to be exactly the same. Instead just be happy for the future and look forward to it. Whatever it might bring, it will surely bring you happiness!

Top 10 Gifts for Husband on 25th Wedding Anniversary

Exchanging gifts is one of the norms of any occasion nowadays and surely you must have also been wondering what you can get your husband on this beautiful occasion. In case, you are confused or overwhelmed by the thousands of choices that the internet throws up at every search, you could glance at this list below which has the top 10 gifting ideas for husbands on twenty years of marriage. We are sure that you will find something that he would instantly fall for!

Special Flower Hamper

Source www.fnp.com

Over the years you might have both gifted each other some certainly grand things, however, if you are one of those people that believe that simplicity is the best thing ever then you should consider gifting a token thing on this occasion. Gift something that will truly express your emotions and love, something like this special flower hamper from Ferns and Petals. Priced at Rs.1,549 only, this spells romance and love in the best possible way. The hamper contains roses, chocolates, and even a truffle cake; all packed with a cute little teddy bear!

Love Epitomized Gift Set

If you are someone who likes to give every gift a personal touch of creativity then you would like this one. This gift includes a cushion, a keychain and a ceramic mug. Buy it from Floweraura at Rs. 849 only. The best part about this is that you can even personalise the gift by adding a picture of the two of you on all three things. The picture looks amazing on the black base cushion and ceramic mug with a black background. This could be a memorable and an useful gift.

Love Times Today

Do you sometimes feel so much love for your husband that you want to simply tell the whole world? Well, that is technically not possible but the closest you can get is by getting it splashed across the ‘Love Times’. This is a very creative and fun gift option from Floweraura where you get a newspaper print style thing with an article declaring the bets couple. You can also add your names and photo to the article to make it personalised. You can get this for Rs.425.

Cholena Diamond Ring

If you don’t want to settle for something simple but want to go the grand way then maybe you would love this beautiful diamond ring from PC Jewellers. Called the Cholena Diamond Ring, this great piece is designed especially for men and the 0.031Ct diamond is set in 14K of yellow gold. The design is very elegant with two bands and a diamond encrusted in the centre. Priced at Rs.11,062, it surely is on the higher end of the price range but it is worth every rupee spent.

Tattva Handloom Striped Cotton Full-Sleeve Short Kurta

Source www.ajio.com

If you are looking to make some additions to his wardrobe on this occasion then one of the things you should surely consider is this smart handloom striped full-sleeve short kurta from Tattva. Made of 100 per cent cotton, it is available on AJIO for a discounted price of just Rs.832 only and has side-pockets as well for greater utility. The beautiful bold orange colour kurta paired with earthy-brown buttons and a smart rounded collar gives a very chic look. This could also be gifted along with other gifts.

Memories in Spotlight

Are you the couple that has never strayed away from a camera all these years? Either one of you is always ready with a camera to capture every moment? Well, if yes, then you could really consider gifting this wooden frame, called the Memories in Spotlight, from Oye Happy. Priced at Rs.2,150 only, it is a wooden frame with an LED light strip in the back and you can have 12 different photos aesthetically clipped with wooden clips to in front of it. The frame is 11 X 15 inches which are ideal to be hung up anywhere in your house and would completely liven up the room as well.

Mosaic Art

Mosaic is the trendy art of putting small pieces or fragments of different things together to make one big picture; and, you can get a beautiful mosaic portrait of the two of you by putting together fragments and pieces of 25 different photos (of memories that you have both shared) into one big romantic image. It is also put together in a chic and classy white frame so that you can put it on display on your bedside table or hang it somewhere.

You can order this from Oye Happy for just Rs.1,590 only, however, be quick though as it takes some time to get it made and delivered.

Personalised Multi Photo Frame Wooden Wall Clock

We love this gift because it combines the element of personalisation so beautifully with something that can be used for a long time to come and can also be placed anywhere in the house. You can get this beautiful wooden wall clock from Regalo Casilla for just Rs.1,283 only and you can add about 8 different photographs of you two on the different frames of the clock. This can be hung up in your bedroom or in your living room and would look really nice as part of the decor.

Makemytrip Wayanad Getaway

A holiday is something that would truly set you both free and make you enjoy and revel in each other’s presence. Most couples need a trip every now and then because of the hectic times we live in nowadays. Most of us do not get to spend enough time with our loved ones. You can consider this package to Wayanad in the South which is a calm, peaceful and relaxing place in the lap of nature; you can simply just explore the place together or just relax.

Priced at Rs.7,078 per person, you get a stay of 2 nights and 3 days along with transfers and other inclusions. Book it from Makemytrip.

Westside Gift Card

Source www.amazon.in

If you both don’t see eye to eye on his fashion choices then getting him a gift card could be the best (and most harmonious option). You can get him a gift card from Amazon India for the multi-brand store chain, Westside, for a discounted price of Rs.1,860 only which will give him a credit of Rs.2,000 to shop with. The card can be used on all stores across the country and is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. This is a nice gift idea as it also gives him the power to choose whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

3 Steps to Truly Celebrate the Day

Apart from exchanging gifts or throwing lavish parties and doing stuff that you have been dreaming of for a long time, there are some little things that you can do to make the day extra special and to actually celebrate the occasion for what it is. These are little things that do not need a lot of money or effort, but, they will be the true ingredient of celebration on this occasion and will help you make it memorable for the two of you.

Take Time Out for Each Other

We often get so busy in life that we forget to give time to our loved ones. Sure, we do our best to meet their needs and make sure they are happy but the most important thing is to give them time. If you and your husband have also not been able to spend much time together in the past few weeks or months or maybe even years, then this is a good time to do so.

The main aim is to spend time together, it could be doing anything from going on a long drive to just sitting at home. When you spend time together you will realise that there is still such a long way to go in this relationship, so much to explore, together.

Spend the Night at Home

Spending the entire day or even the evening at home is more than just to spend time together. The home is what binds you two together in a way that no other place can. It is a beautiful testimony to your relationship and has seen all the moments in your life, up close. Even you will feel more comfortable and connected at home than any other place. Stay at home, relax and enjoy doing mundane routine things that you probably stopped doing together, long back.

Do Something Together, Just the Two of You

This day is most importantly about the two of you than anything else. Sure, your family and friends would be really and would love to celebrate it with you two; it is nice to throw a party for everyone and enjoy the day but make sure that you take out some time your yourself as well. Maybe throw them a party a day before or later or on a weekend. Or you can take everyone out for lunch and go for a candlelight dinner later, just the two of you or spend the day at home.

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