Tired of the Same Old Anniversary Gifts? Exciting Ways of Celebrating and 10 Truly Unique 5 Year Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Tired of the Same Old Anniversary Gifts? Exciting Ways of Celebrating and 10 Truly Unique 5 Year Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Looking for a 5th-anniversary gift for hubby? Why not consider a traditional gift made of wood to celebrate the wood anniversary or a silverware gift to celebrate the silver anniversary according to the modern systems? We are the one-stop solution for all your gift needs. Keep reading for the significance of wood and silverware gifts for 5th-anniversary and 10 gifts for hubby dear.

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Traditional Ways of Celebrating 5 Year Anniversary

Use the 5th Anniversary Symbols

5th anniversary coming up soon? Congratulations to you!

Wood is considered to be the traditional gift for the 5th anniversary but the modern gift for 5 year anniversary is silverware. With wood and silverware in the mix, you will get a stunning amount of options to choose the perfect gift for your husband. It's not necessary that you choose from the choices given, but you can use these as inspiration to find the one that feels just right. If you are feeling particularly sentimental, you can go with a sentimental gift that reminds you of your special moments with him.

The traditional gift for 5th-anniversary wood signifies the strength of a marriage bond indicating a solidified relationship while silverware is considered as a reminder of the connection that you hold together. There are some more symbols which are associated with the 5th anniversary. In gemstones, sapphire or pink tourmaline has a strong connection with the 5th anniversary. Blue, pink, and the turquoise colour are the colours associated with this anniversary. In flowers, daisy symbolises 5th anniversary. It shows loyalty, love, innocence, and purity.

Plant a Tree at the Start of Your Sixth Year

There are many traditional ways to celebrate your 5th anniversary with your spouse. Planting a tree is considered a good start of your 6th wedding year. You can plant a tree in your yard, school, or in any park. You can choose any tree for this purpose. Its growth will represent your love for each other. The way is withstands and stays grounded in heavy rains and storms signifies your bonding in the relationship which continues to grow with time. A couple of choices include the teak tree which represents solidity and eternity and the mango tree which shows the evergreen love between you. It also symbolises love, wealth, fertility, and immortality.

If you don't have access to these trees, then don't worry you can give him a gift which signifies wood. You can also repeat your wedding vows to each other to remind yourselves of your responsibilities. This will improve the sense of understanding and trust between you and your love will continue to grow. You could also plan an outing with him. It could be a long drive, a romantic date, a movie, or a concert; anything as long as you relax and spend the time reminiscing about all the happy moments.

Tips for Buying 5th Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

Choose Gifts That Match His Taste

The most important thing to remember before picking a gift is that you must always consider his taste. Try to buy something different which he would love to have and not those old-fashioned boring products that you already gave him many times. Stocking same product is never a good idea to impress your husband. If you are looking to impress your husband on your fifth anniversary you must come up with something different and unique which also goes with his tastes.

You have quite a lot of options with the latest and in-trend products available on the market now. Do some research and pick the gift that you think will make him happy. It could be any personal gift which will remind him of the moment when you both met for the first time or any gift which could bring both of you even more closer. Keep in mind his taste, and interests and you will be able to find the appropriate gift for the occasion.

Set a Budget and Stick to It

Setting a budget will allow you to buy the ideal gift for your husband on your 5th anniversary without hurting your bank balance. Doing so will help to limit the gift options which enables you to choose one which suits his personality thus saving time and energy. Setting a budget is not unromantic, it shows that you are saving for the family and indicates your long-term plans rather than spending a lot on one gift.

The main reason you are giving a gift to your husband is that he matters to you. It shows your deep emotions and how much you care for him. If you are buying gifts online, then apply the filter to set the price range according to your budget. This will help you to stay within the budget since it shows you products in the pre-set range only. If you are thinking of buying it from a store, then inform the shopkeeper of your budget, and he will show you the gifts that fall under your budget range.

Customised Gifts to Make Him Feel Special

Customising gifts is the best option if you want to make your husband feel even more happy and special. It builds a stronger personal connection because whenever you give something customized, it becomes more than a gift for him. It symbolises the bond and special connection that you have.

A customised gift speaks to him personally. It initiates a connection and makes it even stronger with time. It also shows your extreme love, care, and affection towards him. There are many options available online that provides the facility of customising products. You can give him a clock with his photo on display or any pillow with a picture of you and him together printed on it. Etsy and Uncommongoods are some websites which offer this feature.

Unique Gifts for Your Husband on 5th Anniversary

Where It All Began Throw Pillow

If you want to reminisce all those past memories with him, then this pillow is the best option. It will take him back to the time when you both fell in love. The throw pillow will remind him of the journey together until now. Take help of this pillow to express all those feelings that you have always wanted to voice.

This pillow is made of polyester fiberfill, and its case is made of pure cotton. Its cover has a zip at the back which allows you to pair it with other pillows of its specific size. You can choose from red, blue, and natural colour according to his favourite colour. You can even personalise it with 25 characters personal message for him along with "where it all began" text. You will get an option for picking one pillow from 12 x 18 or 18 x 18 square inches measurements. Get 12 x 18 inches for Rs.3,156 and 18 x 18 inches for Rs.3,567 on personalcreations.com.

Willow Tree Promise Figurine

Source www.amazon.in

Give your husband this beautiful figurine from Amazon which shows two partners in love. He can relate this sculpture to his own life where the women carved in willow tree signifies you and the man behind it indicates him. This amazing carving on the willow wood is a good way to heal, comfort, protect, and inspire. The sculpture will remind him to hold the promise of love that he had made on the wedding day.

A round stand below the sculpture holds it strong, and you can even personalise it with any personal message that you want to convey him in 25 characters long. This figurine measures 8.5 inches in height and stands measures 0.7 inches in height and 4 inches in width. Buy this for Rs.3,163 on amazon.in.

The Delightful Gift Combo

Flowers enlighten the moment when given on anniversary. You can also give him a bouquet of flowers along with his favourite chocolate. He will always remember this moment for the rest of his life. You can also make a romantic card for him, adding the reasons why you love him. This is the best gift you can give him on the special occasion of your 5th anniversary which will make it even more memorable and special.

This set from giftalove.com includes 1 flower bouquet consisting of 8 different coloured roses. Along with this, you will get a 250 gms delicious Chocolate cake which will make the occasion sweetest, and your dear husband is sure to be surprised. Buy this amazing combo for Rs.799 on giftalove.com.

Customised Photo Frame

Source www.igp.com

Want to invoke those past romantic moments? Then a wall photo frame customised with those special pictures of you both together is the perfect gift for your fifth anniversary. A glance at it will take you to those precious moments. It is a perfect gift to keep the love always fresh and romantic.

This frame on igp.com will serve the purpose for you. You have to upload your favourite pictures of you both together. To get a high-quality work on your picture frame the picture should be of resolution of 300 dpi. The frame measures 14 inches in length and 10 inches in width completely made of fibre thus more durable and strong. Buy it for Rs.950 on igp.com.

A Men's Complete Look

If you want your husband to look the best while he is going for any corporate meeting or the like, this is the perfect gift to achieve the same. Fragrance adds a luxury touch to the overall look which makes him even more smart and attractive. To elevate his look and make him look more very classy and elegant, you must consider giving this combo from Giftalove.com on this 5th anniversary.

This combo includes 2 golden stone studded cufflinks along with a cool and beautiful tie pin. The set also includes 1 classy professional tie, 1 trendy belt, 3 handkerchiefs, 1 awesome tray, and a 130 ml of Park Avenue Deo which completes his classy look. Get this amazing combo for Rs.2,145 on giftalove.com.

Custom Wood Lamp

Source www.etsy.com

Add a cool and beautiful decor to your room on this 5th anniversary. This wood lamp on Etsy.com looks attractive, and your husband will definitely love to have it in the room. During the night, you can use it as a night lamp to keep a small amount of light in the room, and it adds to the aesthetic of your room as well. This box has some star-shaped holes in all the side whose projection can be seen on the wall.

The box holds an LED lamp which projects the specific shapes onto the wall. You can also use it to convey your message that you always wanted to tell him. Customise it with an "I love you" message and your personal message will be projected on the wall the moment you turn on the lamp. He will be surprised and will appreciate you for your love and care. Seal the deal for Rs.2,414 on etsy.com.

Special Coffee Mugs for Two

Source www.etsy.com

Every wife wishes to spend some special time with her husband whether it is a social occasion or a cup of coffee. Everyone loves a cup of coffee or tea at breakfast or any time of the day. He will love to be with you in his coffee time when you present him with this special pair of romantic mugs on the anniversary.

Get this amazing pair of 10 oz coffee mugs for both of you which can be customised according to your needs. You can personalise these with your names, however, you want it, or you could just use cute nicknames that you gave each other. This will definitely boost the trust, understanding, and strengthen the love bond in your married life. Buy it for Rs.986 on etsy.com.

Game of Thrones Gift Music Wooden Box

Source www.etsy.com

If your husband is a die-hard fan of Game Of Thrones then giving him something related to his favourite TV series would be a better choice to make this anniversary even more special for him. You are the one who always cared for his needs, likings, and interests. So you do realize that this gift is ideal for your Game of Thrones Fan.

This wooden box is based on the theme "Winter is Coming" from Game of Thrones. This box plays theme song of Game of Thrones when the handle is winded up. The box is available in two variants - light and black. Box measures 7.2 cms in length, 6 cms in width, and 4.7 cms in height. Your husband is sure to love it and appreciate you for this stylish music box. Buy this box for Rs.1,917 on etsy.com.

Photo on Wood

Source www.etsy.com

It is been said that wood brings balance to space and life. Thinking of giving something unique to him on your 5th anniversary, then consider getting this photo on a wood. As wood is a traditional symbol for the 5th anniversary, this gift will also fulfill the traditional way of celebrating this anniversary. You can customise it with your favourite picture. The picture is engraved on a round basswood which is smooth without any gaps or margins. The woody texture makes it even more attractive and beautiful than any other normal photo frame. You will get the option to order it with and without the stand. The rustic effect looks attractive, and he will love it. Buy this for Rs.1,538 on Etsy.

Wooden Map

Source www.etsy.com

Is your husband a travel enthusiast then giving him a wooden map of his favourite city or country will show your love, care, and affection towards him. You can contact Etsy for the wooden framed map of his favourite country or city. Tell them exactly what you want, and they will deliver what you are expecting just as you needed. The map is made of strong wood and is already framed so that he wouldn't have any difficulty in hanging it on the wall. This special gift from a special person is sure to warm his heart. He will never forget that moment ever in his life and will feel happy whenever he sees it. Buy this awesome gift for him for Rs.6,470 on etsy.com.

Special Things You Can Do on Your 5th Anniversary

Plan A Romantic Vacation

A romantic vacation on the occasion of the 5th anniversary is the perfect unique idea to explore. Celebrate this anniversary away from the hustle and bustle of the busy and noisy town. An anniversary is the best time to feel like a newlywed couple. Escape to a new place and spend some cosy time together.

Gulmarg is the best choice for a getaway on the anniversary. It is also called as 'Meadows Of Flowers'. This place is surrounded by the enthralling beauty of lush greenery and beautiful flowers. During winters it is covered by white blankets of snow. It is a perfect destination for those couples who love romance amidst nature. If you and your husband are a nature lover, then don't miss this place for your coming 5th anniversary. You can also go for many adventurous activities there with your husband, like skiing and cable ride. Don't miss out and reserve your tickets to there right now.

Decorate Your Room With Photos of Special Moments

Collect as many photos of you and him together on any occasion. It could be on your first date, birthday, previous anniversary, wedding photos, or any special moment that you spent with him. Select photos you love the most and get it framed from any photo studio. It's not necessary that photo should be romantic, you can choose any picture that has special significance in your life.

You can think of a particular theme and paste the photo frames on the wall accordingly to give a specific shape that signifies something important. It could be in the shape of up arrow or a heart. Hold the pictures carefully on the wall. You can start from the initial stage of your relationship until now and arrange them in a proper way to show how much love, care, and affection you both have for each other. It will remind him of those special moments that he had spent with you.

Write A Romantic Love Letter for Him

On this special occasion, why don't you write a love letter to him revisiting the old days when you both were dating each other. This way you both can make those past moments alive once again. You can write a romantic love letter to him and hide it where he is sure to find it. You can write down all your feelings and emotions you felt for him and how days changed and your feelings too.

Start from the early days and talk about everything till now. There are many things you can include such as how much your life changed after he became part of your life, how he helped you in every difficult phase of life, and how much you love and care about him. He will definitely fall in love with you once again. This will increase the trust and understanding between both of you and also strengthen the bond of married love. He will be impressed by your surprise and touched by your genius thoughtfulness.

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Add A Personal Touch with A Video Message

If you are looking for a more personal touch for your 5th-anniversary gift, consider a video message to go along with your gift. Gifts of any sort have an expiration period, and unless it is DIY it is not completely yours. If you don't have a deft hand at DIY, it is going to be very difficult. A video message is something that will come to your help. Even the most technically challenged can create a video message with one of those editing softwares. You can add important pictures from your dating period to your wedding until now. You can also add messages and wishes from family especially elders; cheeky messages from friends is also a good option. Don't forget to add pictures from the momentous incident in your life like the birth of your child if any. You might be tempted to add all the pictures, but restrain yourself and add only the most important. Don't forget to add in captions and little love messages. If you are not much of an orator, just add quotes from famous authors to give it a personal touch.