Celebrate 2 Years of Love with a Nice Gift for Boyfriend: 10 Ideas for Gifts and a Whole Many for Romance

Celebrate 2 Years of Love with a Nice Gift for Boyfriend: 10 Ideas for Gifts and a Whole Many for Romance

Two magical years with your boyfriend an equally magical celebration and we have just the gift you need to complete your anniversary. Pick from trendy accessories, give him a smartphone, pr go off on a holiday together. Wondering whether you should even make a big deal of the whole thing and have a quiet dinner at home? We have incredibly sweet and romantic ideas for such an evening too!

Your Relationship Crossing the 2 Year Mark Means Many Things

It is a Long Time

After two long years, you both as a couple have grown with each other in the relationship. The relationship has obviously seen some rough patches but you have managed to sail through. The tough times have made your relationship and its foundation stronger. After spending two long years with each other, you know each other's likes, dislikes, temperaments and joys.

A gift after two long years of being in a relationship sometimes takes the form of essential requirements more than gifts professing your love. You both know how much you love each other. You now also know what the other has been wanting since a very long time. You also know what shirt will look good on your boyfriend, you feel you have the right to decide on his shoes, his wardrobe and his basic essentials. Gifts after two years take the form of more useful gifts.

At the same time, gifting each other even after two years of being in a relationship is also very important as it helps to keep the spark alive in a relationship. You could easily gift your boyfriend a trendy shirt on any day but waiting to gift him on a special occasion helps to make the gift a little more special. Even after two years, it is important to stick to your gifting rituals to make your relationship more exciting.

You Have Survived Through Thick and Thin

A gift to celebrate two years of your love relationship is even more important because it marks your profound love for each other. After two years of being with each other, it is almost as if you both have found your soul mates in each other. You have survived through thick and thin and at times the fights were really bad but yet your love for each other won. A 2 year anniversary of your love is an important occasion which needs to be celebrated with joy. You both need to be thankful to god for being blessed with each other's company and also need to celebrate your love in a special way.

You Know Everything About Each Other

After two long years, you both know almost everything about each other. What makes your partner happy and what makes your partner sad, two years is a long time to know each other in and out. A person can fake himself for a few months in a relationship but in two years, one gets to know everything about the other person. So this is the time to celebrate your love either alone or in the company of friends and family.

Why Make the 2 Year Anniversary Special?

You need to make it special because such an occasion demands a special celebration. After two long years, you have to remind each other how blessed you are, how happy you are and how content you are with life. Make it special to build some special memories which you can always look back at fondly. Celebrations are an important part of good memories. They always bring a smile on your face when you look back. After two years, you become an ideal couple for everyone around you and give 'couple goals' to new couples. All these reasons are enough to make your two year anniversary special.

10 Creative Ideas for 2 Year Gift for Boyfriend

A Photo Collage

A photo collage is a beautiful way of capturing all your precious memories and putting them together in a large frame. Canvaschamp.in makes adorable collage frames for you and delivers them online. They have a huge range of frames and styles to choose from. You can select pics right from the first time you met to your last date together. It is not only a great wall hanging but a constant reminder of your wonderful journey so far. After 2 years, this one is an ideal gift for your love. A 16" x 16" frame will cost you Rs.1,825; order it here.

An Exotic Holiday

An exotic holiday is what you both deserve after spending two years together in love. If your boyfriend loves travelling and you feel that he has been working very hard in the past few months, then now is the time to surprise him with an exotic holiday package. Book yourselves a backpack adventurous trip to an exotic destination. Choose a place that he had always wanted to go and he will be indebted to you forever. This gift is an ideal way of celebrating your 2 year mark and also the beginning of many more wonderful holidays together.

Gold Bracelet

A gold plated bracelet is also a great idea for a 2 year gift for boyfriend. Just like diamonds, gold jewelry is forever. Gifting your boyfriend a gold bracelet will be a very special gesture because you obviously do not gift gold jewelry to anyone who is not that close to you. It will always remain with him and your heart will swell with pride whenever he adorns it. It is also an asset and could be one of his most treasured gifts. You can order one online from bluestone.com. This particular design is very smart and masculine. The stunning design will remain evergreen. Buying from bluestone you can be assured of its quality and value for money. Buy The Lined Up Bracelet from bluestone.com for Rs.1,28,927.

A Lavish Dinner Date

A lavish dinner date sounds special too. You can book yourself a table for two at 5-star hotel and completely surprise your love with your plan. Candlelight dinner, soulful music, delicious food and a wonderful ambience put together sound like a perfect way to celebrate your two years of love. This date should be only for the two of you. When we are so caught up in our daily lives, romance usually takes a back seat but occasions like these re-ignite your love for each other. If you cannot think of a perfect 2 year gift for your boyfriend to celebrate your anniversary then a lavish dinner date would be the perfect way to celebrate your special day.

Smart Phone

Source www.amazon.in

If you have been searching for something useful and significant to gift your boyfriend then a smart phone is a great choice too. Everyone today uses a smart phone and with the phone models continuously upgrading, you can always surprise your love with the latest model of the smart phone brand he loves. Of course this is going to be a costly affair but we are sure the look of gratitude and happiness on your boyfriend's face will be all worth it in the end. For the ultimate gift, buy him an Apple iPhone X, priced at Rs.1,00,900 on Amazon.

Biker Jacket

After two years of dating, you kind of have all the rights to dress up your boyfriend and choose his clothes for him. This tan coloured biker jacket will raise the style quotient and add oodles of charm to your boyfriend's persona. The leather quality and the fit are both superb. When teamed with casual jeans and boots, you boyfriend will look dapper and smart. Coming from Roadster, this one is a great deal! At Rs.2,399, this Men Brown Solid Asymmetric Closure Biker Jacket is a must buy! Get it from Myntra.

Vintage Wall Clock

This smart Cream Wood Wall Clock from Random will raise the aesthetics of your boyfriend's home. It is grand, masculine and very classy. At Rs.1,439 from Jabong, this one will be quickly delivered to your home. Surprise your boyfriend with this useful gift which he is sure to love. Measuring 15 inches in diameter it's easy to read from anywhere in the room. Now he better not be late for your dates!

Leather Belt

Source www.ajio.com

Quality accessories are always great gifts and you know his wardrobe inside out, and that your boyfriend needs a new belt. But don't get him just anything. Get this Textured Genuine Leather Belt from Roadies, retailing at Ajio at Rs 699 only. Smart and stylish in a tan brown shade, this accessory will match with any attire. Your boyfriend will love this casual belt.

Quirky Water Bottle

Spread a smile by gifting this quirky and unique water bottle to your fitness fanatic boyfriend. This dumbbell shaped water bottle priced at Rs.399 on bigsmall.com is a great gift which is not only useful but also very stylish. A great accessory for your boyfriend's gym bag, this one will always remind him of you.

Coffee Mug

If you are looking for a funny gift to give your boyfriend on your 2 year anniversary, then this coffee mug will be a great idea. Priced at Rs.799, this 'flunked anger management' will be a gentle reminder to your boyfriend who seems to have a hot temper. It will always make him smile and forget his anger. Buy it from Big Small.

Add Your Personal Touch to the Gift

Along with buying a gift online and getting it to your boyfriend, there are a few essential things which add a personal touch to the gift. To make the gift special and unique, it has to have your touch. A gift should have the giver's mark and you can always do that.

Invite Him Over for a Home-Cooked Meal

While gifting anything from the above mentioned list, you can always call your boyfriend home for a home-cooked meal. This will make the occasion more endearing and special than just getting the gift alone. The time that you both spend in each other's company is the most special gift for both of you and you should never miss an opportunity to spend some precious moments with your boyfriend.

Surprise Him with a Homemade Cake

A hand-baked cake is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to any gift. You can either just make a hand-baked cake or add a gift with it. A hand-baked cake speaks volumes of your love and care for him. Anything done personally has a special value to it and this anniversary do not miss the opportunity of baking a cake for your beloved.

Sneak in Love Notes

Why not play a game of clues to get the gift! Sneak in some clues everywhere in your house to finally get to the gift you have bought for your boyfriend. Let your boyfriend think and search for the next clue until he finds his treasured gift. Sweet little games like these add your own special touch in a relationship. You can also sneak in some love notes inside your boyfriend's house just the day before your anniversary. Just think of his expressions when he finds a sweet love note tugging onto his toothbrush and then in his underwear. These little gestures also help to keep the romance alive in your relationship.

Make the Anniversary Unforgettable

While men are great in planning some other things, women are great in creative things. These creative add-ons in a relationship are very necessary to keep the romance alive, to keep the excitement on and to add your own special and caring touch. Choose from any of the above mentioned gifting ideas for your 2 year anniversary for boyfriend and do not forget to add your own personal touch.

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It takes effort to be romantic!

Sometimes, just sometimes the mood is just right and you'll find yourself gazing into his eyes or take a long walk wistfully holding each others' hand. But you cannot wait around expecting it to always happen on it's own. After two years you're very comfortable around each other, perhaps a little too much. Make some effort, get dolled up, take time out, light those scented candles which are tucked somewhere at the back of the shelf, and don't settle into yet another night of lazy binge television watching. Romance isn't always going to waltz in on it's own, often you need to make it happen.