10 Amazing Return Gifts for Your 25th Anniversary Party: Send Guests Home with a Reminder That Real Love Stories Don't Have Endings (2019)

10 Amazing Return Gifts for Your 25th Anniversary Party: Send Guests Home with a Reminder That Real Love Stories Don't Have Endings (2019)

Celebrating 25 years together, and indulging in some fun and festivity with a party?! Don't forget send home your guests with something special too, a small return gift as a token of appreciation for their presence on your special 25th anniversary. Here are party favors to encourage your guests to have faith in love!

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The Importance of Return Gifts and Why You Should Always Give One

A Return gift is a wonderful token of appreciation and a way of giving thanks to express your gratitude towards your guests who have graced the occasion with their presence. The gifts also serve as a memento for your event.

The meaning of an anniversary is the date on which an event took place in a previous year. The day is special to the people associated with the said event and is celebrated with much aplomb. Return gifts play an important role in maintaining the nostalgia of the special day. When it's the twenty-fifth year of a wedding which you are celebrating, then the gifts should be meaningful enough to to make your guests remember the happy occasion forever.

As a Keepsake of the Celebration

Return gifts are given to show care and concern to those who have attended your event. It is a way of showcasing your love through returning and giving a touch of emotional attachment. It acts as a memory for them that they visited the event. Memories are like the treasure that is locked deep inside our souls and minds, which keeps our heart warm for a lifetime. Keep one for yourself as one more memory in a lifetime of happy moments.

It Symbolises Love and Bonding Between the Individuals in a Relationship

The history of gift giving shows that it is a tradition that is followed from ancient times. Sometimes in written form, sometimes in Artistic painted form etc. whereas, the sole purpose is to build a strong relationship.

Return gifting is a way of sharing the feelings and emotions associated with the occasion with the invitees. Through gifts, the hosts try to convey their feelings and transfer some of those emotions to their guests.

It Helps in Expressing Gratitude Towards the Guests

Return gift is a good way to say thanks to the person who gives us a gift. It serves as a token of value to those who graced the event with their presence.

Today gift plays an important part in our everyday culture and defines who we are and the message we want to send with our gift. Gifts are exchanged on various occasions and are a means of communicating with each other and expressing ourselves.

10 Best Return Gifts for the 25th Wedding Anniversary

Return gifts are a thoughtful gesture for any occasion we go to or organize, as it gives happiness and a special feeling of being a guest at an event. It is true that everyone loves gifts and the 25th anniversary is one such occasion where couples are showered with them. Irrespective of whether they are their relatives, friends or colleagues, everybody gets lovely presents for the soul mates So, why not reciprocate their gesture by giving them a return gift? Let's explore a few return gifts options which one could opt for to make a party perfect.

Chrome Plated Gift Set (Silver)

Source theoneshop.in

This multipurpose chrome plated bowl gift set has bowls in an appealing shape with a glorious silver tone polishing to ensure that it enhances the beauty of the place it's used. The gift has good depth to contain a good amount of items inside and can be used to serve various things like dry fruits, snacks etc. Its unique look makes presentation elegant and praise worthy.

The designs in the bowl would be assorted. The velvet box should either have a metal hook or Velcro, as the closing mechanism. This item can be purchased for Rs.450 from theoneshop.in.

Saplings-Gift Money Plant for Prosperity

Source www.fnp.com

Saplings can provide us with many benefits necessary for survival like refreshing and clean air. They also give us hope and insight, and courage to persevere in the harshest situation. Plus its a step towards environment conservation.

Surely such green gifts are always remembered as they continue to give joy to whoever has them. Money plants thrive indoors and outdoors and are fairly sturdy plants that need minimal care. Even a cutting of a stem will survive in water for month. And it is pleasing to the eye, all of which makes it an excellent gift. It can also be put inside an aquarium where it purifies and provides nutrients for the fish. The vase can be reused later on for growing small houseplants or for storing your small knick-knacks. This plant can be purchased for Rs.499 from fnp.com.

Customised Gifts with the Memories of the Event

Customized gifts are perfect as return gifts for the occasion of the 25th-anniversary. Whatever the occasion is, customized gifts are those which are monogrammed with initials of the couple's names, engraved with photo or text, and embroidered with a logo to help. In a world where hundreds of options are available, all vying for the “best gift” title, it’s not hard to find a quick gift for someone.

Contrary to the unique mass produced products flooding the market, personalized gifts and services are getting more and more popular. This keychain can be customised according to your needs and is available for Rs.349 on printland.in.

Amazon Gift Card

Gift vouchers as return gifts are a smart choice when your guest list is very varied and one kind of party favor is unlikely to appease all. There are multiple benefits of giving gift vouchers as gifts. Firstly, they work for everyone. Secondly, they help build stronger personal connections. Thirdly, they make the perfect gift for any occasion and lastly you can choose any amount you would have wished to spend on buying return gifts.

Vouchers offer the gift of choice and guests can use it to buy anything they like. Pick a gift card from a store or e-commerce site that offers plenty of choice for everyone, which is why we chose Amazon. Gift vouchers of various denominations can be purchased on Amazon. We suggest one for Rs.500.

Scented Candle in Mosaic Lamp

What better to encourage your guests to spend romantic evenings with their loved ones than with a beautiful, scented candle. Candles prove to be thoughtful gifts, provide good value to money, are easy to send and store. In addition, they offer mood-boosting properties, fancy appeal and, relaxing qualities. If you are unsure about which scented candle to give, why not choose a gift set with various scents included? They can even be used as a home decor item. In today's creative world we have a plethora of options to choose from.

There are scented candles aplenty but this one fashioned as an artsy lamp caught our eye. The pot of vanilla caramel scented candle is topped by a mosaic artwork lampshade to achieve this look, giving the lit candle a softer, more sensuous appeal. It looks good by day and at night when lit and is going to make most of your guests very happy. This candle can be purchased for Rs.449 from lighthauscandle.com.

Mason Jars with Nuts and Candy

Source www.amazon.in

Have a lot of elderly and health conscious people coming over, or are a bit of a fitness nut yourself? Pass on the healthy mantra to your guests by gifting them boxes of dry fruit and nuts! This is an age old gift but you can put a new spin on it by presenting them in reusable glass jars.

The jars can be used again and you will be doing your bit for the environment as well. Buy a set of 6 Cloudsell Picasso Glass Jars for Rs.345 on amazon.in. They have a capacity of 400 ml and are fitted with gold airtight lids. You can also buy a set of 12 for Rs.729.

Fill them with nuts and pieces of candy, desserts, just candy and chocolate for the kids, or with anything else that comes to mind. Add finishing touches with stickers, ribbons and labels to make pretty return gifts.

Lindberg Assorted Gift Box - Pure Belgium Chocolate Truffles

There are few who do not like chocolate. It's everybody's favourite indulgence and chocolates are joyful gifts which make people happy. Don’t think twice about giving chocolate as presents. Your loved ones will adore you for providing them with such a treat for their taste buds. It is an ideal gift for any and every occasion. Make sure to try and buy good quality chocolate that is made with a high grade cocoa and real cocoa butter. The ones made with compound chocolate replace cocoa butter with vegetable oil and the stuff will not taste the same.

We suggest a box of Lindberg Pure Belgian Chocolate Truffles Assorted Box. The box contains 12of their most exotic varieties—roasted almond, hazelnut, fruit and nut, blueberry, coffee, pure milk, cranberry, salted caramel, white chocolate and chilli hearts, orange filled milk chocolate, 60 per cent dark chocolate and the most intense, 70 per cent dark chocolate. These scrumptious treats are perfect to give as a parting gift to your guests. A box of these chocolates is priced at Rs.299 on bigbasket.com.

An Idol of Radha Krishna

Source kraftly.com

On the occasion of you silver jubilee, you can gift spiritual presents, like this Radha Krishna idol to represent soul mates. This handcrafted antique idol of Lord Krishna and Radha on a durable metals stand is a timeless gift that guests will appreciate. It depicts Radha and Krishna gracefully standing under an arch and has beautifully detailed engravings and has been given a silver polish.

Send prosperity and happiness to the living space of your guests by gifting this to them. We suggest you order one extra piece for yourself as a token of this landmark day in your lives. Buy this idol for Rs.749 from kraftly.com.

Cast Silver Coins or Pens (Representing Silver Jubilee)

Gifts of silver have an important place in our culture and your silver jubilee celebrations presents the ideal occasion to give such gifts. Although it is a precious metal, the return gifts need not be very expensive and you can select something small. However, if you're feeling generous and have a lavish party in mind, go ahead and look for an ornate silver gift that anyone will be thrilled to receive.

Silver coins are perfect for a mid range gift as you can buy one for as little Rs.664. The Radhakrishna 10 gram coin which features Radha Krishna in a loving embrace is most suited to your needs, although there are other options if you prefer. The coin is made of 24K silver and can be bought at 99jewels.in.

Madhubani Hand-Painted Table Lamp

Source www.amazon.in

A simple but eye-catching table lamp can be a good option. A creative gift like this will always be appreciated and remind users of the memories attached to the day of your anniversary.

Delicately handcrafted in liptis wood and intricately hand-painted by craftspeople from the interiors of India, the jute-shade log is an artistic table lampshade with a wooden log for the base holder. The artwork has been inspired by the historic Madhubani from Bihar.

In Madhubani painting traditions, the elephant is considered to be an auspicious aspect of nature and that it brings luck, power, and tranquillity. The compact design and the addition of simple embellishments of raw Dori and traditional Indian metal ghunghrus are magically complimented with the beautiful jute shade. The falling of soft light diffusing through the shade and the native folktales handcrafted with love into this elegant table lampshade. Buy this lamp for Rs.1,168 from amazon.in.

Throwing a Party for Someone Else? Ideas to Plan an Event to Remember for the Lovely Couple

When we are throwing a party for our guest, we want to make sure that they have a great time. In order to make the event lively, we should plan an epic party and have a blast with your friends. Here are a few ways in which you can rock the party. Cheers!

Anniversary Celebrations at an Exotic Destination

Throwing a destination party at an exotic land or one some stunning beach can be a wonderfully relaxing and soothing respite for everyone - from the happy couple to the delighted guests. This also ensures that everyone returns stress-free and refreshed after a few days of celebrations.

Moreover, site visits are really fun. To have a perfect party, you should at least plan one or two trips to your chosen location to check out the spaces, meet with the coordinator, attend a menu tasting, and take various meetings with vendors. While it's a lot of work for a two or three-day trip, site visits can be a blast, especially if you're able to schedule in adventure time.

Have a Retro Theme for the Event

People expect a party to be lively and fun. To announce a theme for a party is always fun loving, rocking and different from just simple parties which emphasize cake cutting, games, and food. Benefits of theme parties. Retro parties are fun to arrange. The correct decor and costumes set the mood of the party. The decoration part becomes easy as its related to the theme we choose. It's a changeover for the guest from regular parties. It makes the party memorable and creative.

A Musical or Ghazal Evening for Guests Over 40

Such events are good options to entertain or engage the huge list of guest, plus ghazals or slow music are liked by people of the target audience. We can simultaneously ask the guest to rock the dance floor and can organise a few games associated with that, like a couple games and song dedication to their spouses.

Give a Thoughtful Return Gift to the Guests

Return gift imparts happiness from host to guest, and the one which contains all our hard work and heart will always be liked by the guest. It only requires our dedication and thought about the interest of your guest. Return gifts will always bring life back to the past memories we were part of. So it is always right to invest some time in choosing the right one keeping in mind the type of people who are to grace the occasion. The perfect gift is thoughtful, and it fills oneself with joy to give and receive plus, the perfect gift brings two people closer together.

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Celebrate the 25th anniversary of your marriage, because it's a day which comes once in a lifetime

The 25th wedding anniversary, also known as the silver anniversary is an occasion which few couples have the good fortune to celebrate. If you have managed to spend 25 long years together, then it's a cause for celebration indeed. Make sure that you celebrate this special occasion with friends and family because happiness is always multiplied by sharing.