14 Fabulous Return Gifts for Silver Jubilee: Make It a Silver Anniversary Party to Remember (2020)

14 Fabulous Return Gifts for Silver Jubilee: Make It a Silver Anniversary Party to Remember (2020)

Find fantastic ideas for return gifts for silver jubilee wedding anniversary to make your anniversary party as memorable for your guests as it is for you. The 25th year of marriage is a big day and along with planning for the biggest party ever, don't forget to pick out return gifts for 25th wedding anniversary in India.

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Ideas to Celebrate the 25th Wedding Anniversary

Make Arrangements for a Grand Party

Spending a quarter of a century with one person is a feat which deserves to be celebrated. The best way to celebrate the 25th year of your union is to have a big celebration with friends and family. Throw a grand party to commemorate the occasion. You can plan the party yourself or hire a party planner. You could have your party right at home if space is not a problem.

If you have a garden or an open backyard then you could have it there as well. Alternatively book a venue for your party. Always send out invites well in advance. You can email you invites or send out physical ones; but do it at least a month in advance. Plan the menu carefully. If you are hiring someone to plan the party for you then let them know your exact requirements. You could do a small tasting of the menu beforehand to make sure everything tastes good. Last but not the least don’t stress. Get ready to relive the happiest day of your life.

An Intimate Dinner for Two

If your idea of a grand celebration is more about having the day to yourselves then skip the party and go for an intimate dinner. Book a candlelight dinner at a romantic restaurant. Rekindle your love by soaking in each other’s company. Drink some wine, order some good food, and share a plate of delicious dessert. If possible revisit one of the old places which you two frequented when you were young. It would be lovely to revisit old memories and reminisce about how far you two have come together. After all, the best way to celebrate your love is to spend as much time as possible in each other’s company.

Think of Renewing Your Vows

A great idea would be to renew your marriage vows and redoing the ceremony. If possible do it at the same location where you originally got married. A great way to celebrate your 25th anniversary would be to renew your marriage vows and redo the ceremony. If possible do it at the same location where you originally got married. Do everything exactly as you did it the first time. You could wear your wedding attire if it still fits or get a similar one made. Try to recreate the ceremony as closely as possible down to the food and décor. It would be a fun and unique experience to relive your special day once again.

Make Your 25th Wedding Anniversary Special with Symbolic Silver Return Gifts

Silver Currency Note

The 25th anniversary of one’s marriage is known as the silver jubilee. Therefore the perfect return gift to give your party guests would be something to go with the theme. A silver currency note is an appropriate 25th anniversary gift for your guests. Buy one from pngadgil.com. This pure silver note is a unique memento which you can buy for Rs.499.

Silver Bowl Set

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The Silver Colored brass bowl set from Artistic Handicrafts contains a tray along with two bowls and spoons packed into a lush velvet tray. It would make a beautiful 25th anniversary return gift for your party guests. This pretty gift set is priced at Rs.529 and can be purchased from amazon.in

Lakshmi and Ganesha Idols

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Laxmi and Ganesha are both associated with wealth and prosperity. Idols of these two divine figures are supposed to bring good luck and riches to the household. Gift the beautiful Laxmi and Ganesha figurine from RCI Handicrafts to your guests. This artistic oxidized white metal piece has intricate designs on it and is priced at Rs.445 on amazon.in

Quirky and Affordable Silver Jubilee Return Gifts

If you want to move away from the traditional and surprise your guests with some unique gifts then we have got you covered. Refer to our specially curated list for finding the best gifts for your gifts at very affordable prices.

Rajasthani Decorative Kaka Kaki Miniature Heads

This Rajasthani Decorative Kaka Kaki Miniature Heads is a fun take on the ethnic. Dressed in traditional Rajasthani headgear and accessories, these ceramic figurines of a man and woman portray fine craftsmanship and will definitely be a conversation piece for any guests that visit your home. Buy the set for Rs.420 from boontoon.com.

Designer Multicolor Wooden Embossed Box

If your guests appreciate good artistry and fine workmanship then the Designer Multicolor Wooden Embossed Box from boontoon.com will certainly be to their liking. This box has been carved out of premium quality wood and has brightly colored embossed patterns on the body. It can be used to store a variety of items like jewelry, old letters, and other knick knacks. Buy it for Rs.335 from boontoon.com

Oxidized 6 Piece Glass Set

Serve refreshments in style with the Oxidized 6 Piece Glass Set from boontoon.com. These clear glasses feature intricate metal design work on the bottom which makes it perfect for serving a variety of drinks. Buy it for Rs.500.

Floral Design Wooden Key Holder with Paper Holder

The perfect gifts are often a mix of utility and aesthetics like the Floral Design Wooden Key and Paper Holder from boontoon.com. This pretty piece of home accessory holds bills, letters and magazines and is also useful for organizing your keys. Hang it up on the wall at the entrance to your home. Buy it for Rs.350 on Boontoon

Square Shaped Gemstone Wooden Clock

A generic home accessory like a wall clock gets a fun and unique update with the Square Shaped Gemstone Wooden Clock from boontoon.com. The Clock features a finely designed wooden frame and the square face is divided into four equally sized sections, each filled with gemstones of a different color. The central part of the clock face is pristine white with black hands, which makes telling the time extremely easy. Buy it for Rs.460 on the site

Henna Candles

Candles are great gifts and these candles from craftsvilla.com have beautiful henna decorations on them which elevate them to an object of art. These candles are decorated with brightly colored stones and have a glossy coating of sealant to keep the henna from smudging. Buy them for Rs.2,300 a set on Indiamart

Laughing Buddha

Source www.amazon.in

According to the Chinese tradition of Feng Shui laughing Buddha statues are supposed to bring luck, happiness and wealth to a household. Gift your dear party guests a bit of good luck in the form of the Laughing Buddha statue from Ryme. Buy this artistic golden colored statue for Rs.260 from amazon.in

Wooden Ganesha Keychain

Ganesha is the God of knowledge, wealth and wisdom. He is supposed to bring luck and prosperity to his followers. With the Ganesh key chain you can carry your luck right in your pocket. Although a small gift, this is an ever-popular utility item that they will appreciate. Buy them for your guests at the extremely affordable rate of Rs.20 a piece from indiamart.com. Give these on their own or pair them with another gift in a return gift basket.

Customised T-Shirt

Everyone loves t-shirts and everyone won't mind another one! Give your guests a custom design printed tee-shirt. You can add any image you like or any message that you think will be appreciated such as "Stay Positive" or "Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fears". There are several websites that can help you with this. Some options include inkmonk.com, vistaprint.in, printvenue.in and custprint.com. The starting price for such custom tees is Rs.229.

Bonsai Plant

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Introduce your party guests to the joy of gardening. Being closer to plants is not only beneficial for our mental health but also benefits us physically. While it’s not always possible to maintain a garden in urban areas owing to the small spaces, a bonsai plant is a great alternative. Bonsai is the Japanese art of growing plants in miniature form. Buy the Live Orange Fruit Bonsai plant from Vamsha Nature Care. This tiny plant can grow and survive in a tub. It can be placed on the balcony, terrace, roof or gallery. Buy it for Rs.369 from amazon.in

Box of Nestle Chocolates

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If your guests are an eclectic bunch of people from various age groups then it’s a bit difficult to choose the perfect gift to keep them all happy and satisfied. At times like these the smartest thing to do would be to pick a gift which is universally favored. Absolutely no one can refuse a nice box of sweets or chocolate. Buy this pack of 10 Kit kat Singles Milk and Cocoa Chocolate Bars worth Rs.150 from amazon.in. Your guests will definitely be happy to get their hands on these delicious treats.

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Combine Small Gifts to Make a Goodie Bag

It's always fun to receive several small treats in a return gift bag. If your budget is big enough to buy one significant return gift, go for it, but also add a few pieces of candy or chocolate, perhaps a keychain so that guests are pleased on their way home. Even on a small budget it is possible to have a mix of gifts; use a combination of the ideas given above and some additions of your own to create a fun return gift bag that your guests will enjoy rummaging around in.