Save Time and Money and Buy Navratri Return Gifts Online: 10 Return Gift Ideas for Adults and Kids (2019)

Save Time and Money and Buy Navratri Return Gifts Online: 10 Return Gift Ideas for Adults and Kids (2019)

Navaratri is a Hindu festival that spans nine nights and is celebrated every year in the autumn. As we all know India is a diverse country and here people celebrate festivals with full enthusiasm. Here we have a trend of giving return gifts to the family members and friends who come. Here we have some list of gifts which you can give it to them without a second thought.

During the nine nights, nine different forms or avatars of the Devi are worshipped –a different form each night.

Navratri Keeps You Really Busy!

Navratri is a really busy time of the year. This joyous festival is celebrated in different ways across India. But what is common everywhere is the worship of Goddess Durga and her nine forms.

While Gujaratis have their dandiya raas and Garba as the most important part of the festival, Bengalis decorate their Devi idols in the most stunning ways and perform a pooja. They go pandal (huge stages set up with the idol of the Goddess) hopping in the evenings to have a look at the various Devi idols decorated across the city.
Jammu celebrates Navratri by worshipping Goddess Durga in the popular Vaishno Devi mandir.

Pooja Preparations

Worshipping the Goddesses during this festival is done with much furore and enthusiasm. They decorate their home alcoves and Goddess idols with the finest of clothes and accessories. They make rangolis, decorate their Garba matki and also chant religious mantras and sing sacred hymns.

Dress Arrangements

Men and women put an effort to look their best, wearing the most colourful traditional Gujarati clothes, dancing the night away to the tunes of folk songs and Bollywood numbers. There are prizes distributed for the best-dressed Garba couples too. This ignites people's’ interest in dressing up well for the function. Women wear chaniya choli along with traditional jewellery. Men to wear traditional Gujarati costumes for their dances. Before the onset of Navratri, a mad rush is seen amongst men and women, all shopping to get beautiful traditional garments.

Garba and Dandiya Practice

Before Navratri begins, many Garba and dandiya practice classes are held all over the town where people form groups to practice their steps. This makes it easier for them to dance in tune with each other during the nine days. They also practice with the hope of bagging the best dancer awards.

Dandiya is a typical Gujarati dance form done in circles and a pair of sticks. This folk dance is done in pairs with men in the outer or inner circle and women on the other side. They move in pairs while beating the sticks in a particular manner. Both the circles move in opposite directions. This cool dance form can be a lot of fun when danced to the tune of popular regional numbers and Bollywood numbers.

Garba and Dandiya are two traditional dance forms that have merged into one in contemporary times. The dance is extremely popular during the Navratri festivities. In Garba, the movement of the dancers in circles symbolizes the circle of life…moving from life to death to rebirth.

Fasting and Food Preparations

If all this is not enough to keep them busy, they also fast. Hindus who fast during Navratri do not consume grains and certain vegetables. The Navratri fasting food is quite different than what is prepared regularly in Hindu homes. People put in great effort to prepare delicious fasting recipes to feed their families and themselves. People abstain from consuming onion and garlic. They also do not eat eggs and non-veg food items.

Some people who fast during Navratri do not consume grains and live on a diet of fruits, vegetables, milk and milk products and flour made from non-grain items like saago, amaranth and such others.

Return Gifts Shopping for Friends and Relatives


Amidst this crazy rush, distributing Navratri gifts to their friends and relatives is also important. But who has the time to go to a store and search for apt gifts for everybody? Online shopping has proved to be a boon in today’s hectic life. There are many trustworthy and reliable online shopping sites selling lovely gifts that can be gifted during Navratri to friends and relatives.

Cool Ideas to Buy Navratri Return Gifts Online

We know that you will be super busy with the preparations and practising dance and other stuff and you will not get enough time to think about perfect gifts for your relatives, friends and other loved once. Even if you can think of some good ideas who has time to go to the market and search for gifts and then buy.

It's a modern techno-world where we can buy anything with just one click. Here are some cool ideas we have selected from various sites to make your task easier. You can browse this BP-Guide list for Navratri return gifts online and finish your job with just a click or a swipe of a finger.

Thamboola Bag


Thamboolam bags are essential ingredients given as favours to the guests who grace your Navratri celebration. A typical thamboolam bag must blend with the exact theme of the event as it boosts the traditional quotient. Thamboolam bags contain ingredients such as betel leaf, betel nut, coconut and fruits. Some people also put in their return gifts meant to be given to the guests. Ladies typically give makeup items like a lipstick, sindoor, kajal or a henna cone.

These items have a traditional belief in the Hindu society wishing the lady a happy married life. Some people also add a thanking note for gracing their presence at the function.

So if a thamboolam bag is what you are looking for as a fancy return gift, then do check this red embroidered thamboolam bag featuring a pretty little shape and colourful thread work. Grab this one for just Rs. 75 for bulk order from Giri. The petite bag had a small handle for easy holding and a thread loop at the mouth to tighten it.

Floating Floral Candle Holder

A candle holder can be used as a decorative item on tabletops, dining tables, side tables and even for house entrances. A floating candle is generally placed in a huge vessel or decorative urli containing water. These urlis are placed at the door entrances during festive occasions.

The pretty floating candle is coloured in myriad hues of red, green and blue meenakari. It has a foam base and a metal candle holder cup in the centre. You can gift these holders to everyone who attends your Navratri function or even as a good gesture to all the ladies in your family during the Navratri festival. You can grab it from Nandi Gifts and this pretty floral candle holder is priced at Rs. 95 only. and you can save more on placing bulk orders.

Crystal Kamal Diya


A Diya is used to light the Akhand Jyot during Navratri puja ceremonies. An Akhand Jyot is a continuously burning Diya in front of the idol. Hindus believe that worshipping their Devi during Navratri by lighting an Akhand Jyot will bring prosperity and happiness in the house. The family members ensure that the wick in the Diya is properly placed and the Diya holder has enough oil to light it continuously.

This Navratri, if you are looking for a special gift for your family members and relatives, then what could be better than gifting them this pretty crystal kamal Diya. Featuring pretty crystal stones set in the lotus-shaped petals, this metal Diya looks lovely and will enchant the recipient. Grab it from for Rs. 445 each.

Brass Agarbatti Stand

An agarbatti stand is used by Hindus for their pooja purposes. The main aim of having an agarbatti stand is that you can light many agarbattis inside this holder and the holes allow the incense and fragrance to spread outside. The burnt dust is retained inside the holder and this prevents your surfaces from getting dirty.

This will be the perfect agarbatti stand, you are looking for. The stand features pretty floral designs and cutwork that makes it a perfect buy. It makes the perfect gift for Navratri celebrations. Shop this stunning brass agarbatti stand from for Rs.141.

Radha Krishnan Keychains

If you are looking for something small and yet apt to gift everyone who graces your Navratri celebration, then these cute little Radha Krishna keychains are just perfect. They keychains feature Lord Krishan playing the flute along with Radha by his side, carved in brass metal. These are available at Grab them for Rs. 180 for a set of 12 keychains.

Chocolate Hamper

If you have all age groups gracing your occasion and do not want to go through the task of buying separate gifts for everyone, then chocolate gifts are often the best. This almond chocolate box is shaped in an appealing heart-shape. The chocolates are very delicious and have the crunch of almond in every bite. The product is 100% vegetarian, which makes it an apt gift during Navratri. The box contains 160 gm almond chocolates each. These are available at Archies online for Rs. 350 each.

Ganesha Bell Hanging

This pretty Ganesha bell hanging will be adored by all. The cute little hanging décor features Ganesha sitting on a circular wheel-like swing hung from a bell. It is a unique gift that will excite everyone. You need to place a bulk order of 10 pieces minimum for this item. This décor piece can be hung from the ceiling in your pooja rooms or at the door entrances. It features a size of 15 cm and is crafted from fibre material. The multi-coloured décor item will bring a colourful and happy vibe in your home interiors. Buy it online from for Rs. 110 each.

Navratri Book

Most of the younger generation is unaware of the significance of this festival. People only personify Navratri with dandiya and Garba. But if you want the younger generation of your family to know about this lovely festival, then we have just the right gift for you.

This ‘All about Navratri’ book contains important information about the festival. This compilation is written in simple language and is apt for the young and old alike. It answers all the questions related to ‘When’, ‘how’ and ‘Why’ about Navratri. It also includes a brief pujan vidhi and some sacred hymns, bhajans and mantras recited during this festival. You can buy these books from Each book is priced at Rs. 85.

Oxidized jewellery

Women love to adorn themselves with pretty oxidized jewellery and traditional Garba costumes for Daandiya and Garba. This Navratri, when you are looking for the apt return gifts for your daughters, sisters and friends, we have the perfect gift for them that will have them jumping with joy.

Women love jewellery and so to spread happiness during Navratri, gift this oxidized metal colourful necklace and matching earrings. Featuring a metallic work, this stunning set has a pendant with lovely meenakari work and also matching meenakari danglers. The necklace comes with a fabric cord of an adjustable length. The pendant length is 11.5 cm and the width is 8cm. Grab this set from for Rs. 646.

Flower Matka Candle Stand


These pretty flower Matka candles from Amazon also make a great buy. The Matka candle features a candle stand with a designer pearl metallic finish. This gift is used for decoration purposes on your side tables, centre tables and home entrances. The tea light candle is included in the pack. This eye-captivating candle creates vibrant illumination and soothing look in your interiors. It is a great return gift for Navratri and such other traditional festivals. It features dimensions of 8 x 6.5 cm. Buy these from Amazon for Rs. 199 each.

Make Your Return Gifts Even More Exciting

So now that you have selected your gift, it is also important to gift wrap it well to show your effort to the recipient. How about attaching a pair of pretty dandiya sticks to your gift? To make your gift resonate with the spirit of the festival, dandiya sticks would be most suitable.

Wrap Dandiya Sticks Along with Your Gift - Buy Online


If you do not have the time to decorate your own dandiya sticks, then you can buy them online. We have selected this pair from Amazon. This Tiranga Dance Garba sticks for Navratri comes in a pair of two sticks, measuring 14.4 inches each. The tri-coloured sticks have a heavy lace decoration and golden ribbon all over. You can buy these sticks online and wrap them along with your other gift. Grab them from Amazon for just Rs. 95.

Decorate Your Own Idea Sticks - Easy DIY Activity

If you want to do something creative on your gift, then decorating dandiya sticks yourself will be a great idea. Self-decorated dandiya sticks showcase your effort in giving the best gift to your loved ones.


  • Plain dandiya sticks
  • Fevicol and scissors
  • Coloured tapes
  • Satin ribbons
  • Sequins or beads
  • Peacock Feather
  • Flower wire


  • Hang the decorative latkan to your dandiya stick using the flower wire.
  • Using a colour tape, wrap the sticks neatly without leaving any empty gaps.
  • Wrap only one third of the stick with colour tape and then use a satin ribbon for the other half.
  • Secure the ribbon with coloured tape ensuring that it is very tight.
  • Use ribbons and tapes in different colourful combinations.
  • Attach a peacock feather at the end of the stick with a help of a coloured tape.
  • Decorate the stick next with sequins and beads for an enhanced look.

Navratri is a festival of merry-making and enjoyment. Gifts form an important part of such happy occasions. They make the giver and the receiver both very happy. So, this Navratri, focus on your other preparations without having to worry about your gifts as you can easily finish this task with online shopping. Happy Navratri!

From our editorial team

Celebrate Navratri with Less Fortunate Too

Celebrating, Dancing gifting and having fun is fine but this festival is not only about this, but it's also about being together and celebrating togetherness. Festivals mean new clothes, gifts and decorations, which costs us wholesome. Navratri would feel great if you could contribute to the less fortunate. Charity is an explicit way to show devotion to God. Small things make a huge difference too. Give away whatever you can with an open heart, the less privileged people will enjoy the gift and get something to cherish on. This will make you also feel good. Happy Navaratri.