This Navratri, Surprise All the Women in Your Circle with Gifts They'll Adore! 10 Relevant & Useful Navratri Gifts for Ladies in 2019

This Navratri, Surprise All the Women in Your Circle with Gifts They'll Adore! 10 Relevant & Useful Navratri Gifts for Ladies in 2019

Navratri is around the corner and so are the blessings showered upon by Goddess Durga. Are you planning on to throw a Navratri Garba? You've come to the right place if you were looking for some quirky ideas for Navratri gifts for women. Read on to find out about our top picks.

Navratri Gifts for Ladies You Cannot Resist!

Navratri Pooja Thali

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When it is about a festival whether it is Navratri or Diwali, Indian household is incomplete without a proper Puja thali for the occasion. So, if you are thinking about buying a gift for the women in your life on Navratri, you should consider a Pooja Thali for it.

And as always, we bring the best option for you. This one here is a steel Pooja Thali which is all decked up in the festive theme because of the enamel work done on it.

You can spot beautiful peacock design on it along with all the mythological symbols of Hinduism. Along with this thali, you also get a small bowl for Prasad, incense holder, diya and a small box for storing kumkum in it. The multiple colour work on this thali is definitely a winner here. You can buy it on for Rs. 170 only.

Dry Fruits Gift Combo

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An appropriate gift that you can always go with is a pack of dry fruits on any festival. Dry fruits are one of the most cherished presents, and you can surely consider it as one of the Navratri gifts for ladies.

We bring you the ultimate dry fruit combo pack for the women in your life. And surely the females in your life are no less than Ma Durga for you who keep on supporting, caring, and loving you always.

This pack here consists of Californian Almonds, Cashew Nuts, Cranberries, and Green Raisins. All the items are packed individually in the packaging of 150 grams. All these fresh dry fruits are packed carefully in a lovely gift box which can be handed over directly to your loved ones. You can buy this wholesome dry fruit pack from Flipkar for Rs. 691.

Woodykart Wooden Elephant Jewellery Box


Out of all the things, what a woman would always want is a beautiful jewellery box. And what if the jewellery box is one amazing work of art? We bring you this beautiful wooden jewellery box which any woman would love to have in her closet.

The stunning box is a minimalistic one and has a gorgeous and intricate carving done on it. It is small in size and quite lightweight, but we would not recommend it for travelling.

The metallic elephant carving work gives it an edgy and regal look. This brown box is closed by a latch, and you can even lock it too. There is velvet lining inside to keep the jewellery safe in it, however, you do not get sectioning inside. Buy this jewellery box online on for Rs. 379.

Bronze Hanging T Light Holder


This light holder is an apposite gifting option for any festive occasion. This beautiful bronze-coloured hanging piece provides gorgeous ambient light, and we would highly recommend it for the small temple in your home. It is made out of metal and has a golden finish on it along with beautiful carvings and designs.

There is a big enough hole above the holder, so the metal doesn’t get blackened because of the flame. This beautiful item can be used a home décor piece too as it has a charm of its own. You can buy it right away from for Rs. 459 only.

Durga Mata Showpiece Sculpture

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While looking for Navratri gifts online, we came across this beautiful idol of Ma Durga, and we think that you cannot find a better and fitting gift than this for the occasion of Navratri.

The idol is made out of copper and comes with a beautiful finish. One can establish this idol in their small mandir at home as it is very compact.

The idol has this stand like structure attached which ensures that it remains the way it is without falling. The entire sculpture is handcrafted and has a fine finish with elegant looks. You can see Ma in all her glory with multiple hands representing her power and vastness. You can purchase this copper idol on for Rs. 285.

Ma Durga Wall Sticker


It is the time for some quirky options, and hence we decided to ditch the regular gifts and pick something creative instead. This Ma Durga themed wall sticker turned out to be the best choice we could make for it. The abstract art sticker is minimal but leaves a lasting impression.

The best thing about this sticker is that it is easy to peel and stick on the surface of the wall. But make sure that the surface is smooth enough. Otherwise, it may come out quick.

This Ma Durga Wall Sticker is not too big, so it won’t acquire much space of your wall. It's a simple yet unique gifting option, and this is why we included it in this list. You can buy one on for Rs. 129.

Rangoli Making Kit

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No Indian festival is complete without making a rangoli or two at our homes' entrance. Thinking about the same, we bring one of the most unique but useful Navratri gifts for ladies which they would surely like.

It is a Rangoli Making Kit which is not only perfect for the occasion of Navratri but also for any other Indian festival too. This kit here includes cardboard rangoli stencils, 5 wooden dust colours of 40 gms each and 10 rangoli colour powders of 100 gms each.

You get 4 types of rangoli stencils here which have some of the most elegant designs of rangoli on them. You can get different colours from the available ones. The kit is super useful and quite handy to use too. You can buy it online from Flipkart for Rs. 575.

Navratri Puja Samagri

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If you take a look at all Indian festivals, then you will get to know that you require individual items for the puja on each of these festivals. The thing is that one of the most complicated rituals is of Navratri where you need a lot of details, and the chances of missing out on some are quite common.

So, we decided to help your lady a bit, and you can consider this wholesome pack of all the Navratri Puja Samagri as a gift to the lady in your life whether it is your mom or your wife.

This package here comprises of 36 all-natural items. Some of them are Roli, Moli, Haldi, Chandan, a small piece of clothing to offer to Ma Durga, Itra, and Gangajal. You can get it all through this package here and hence a lot of her time will be saved. Buy this Puja Samagri pack now on for Rs. 1,000.

Ma Durga Pendant Locket

If silver gifts are out of budget for you, you then you can prefer this brass gift instead. This one here is a pendant locket of Ma Durga which would be an excellent fit for the theme of Navratri. It contains a stunning glass dome inside it, showcasing the image of Ma Durga.

For someone who is a true devotee of Ma Durga, this pendant would come as a perfect blessing for them. It comes packed in a nice box, ideal for gifting purpose. There's only one catch with this, that is, no separate chain is provided with this so you will be to buy it on your own. This beautiful locket is available on for Rs. 500.

Brass Copper Designer Fruit Bowl

And for our final option in this list, we have got this slightly antique as well as super gorgeous item. This one is a brass copper handmade fruit bowl which is perfect to showcase during Navratri fasting. One can keep fruits and other such items in it for the fast.

Women undoubtedly have a thing for such items and giving this as a gift would be a great choice indeed; after all, this is no ordinary bowl. With carvings and unique shape, it looks so regal that you can’t take your eyes off it. This bowl is also available in two sizes, and both of them are heavy. You can buy the smaller size of this bowl on for Rs. 899.

Navratri Clothing Themes for Women

Seedha Pallu Style

Navratri is not only about fasting and gifts but also about exciting Garba nights and how you can make a statement out of it. So, before you proceed to take a look at the Navratri gifts for ladies, you should get to know about the various clothing themes you can try this time. Our first one being 'seedha pallu' style, which is an absolute favourite for many. You just need to wear a fancy saree with heavy border in this style and you are good to rock the Garba night!

Proper Garba Outfit

We always try to bring such ideas to you where you can save a little money. So, instead of buying a proper Garba dress, you should better rent one. This way, you can not only save some money, but also you won’t be repeating the same outfit on every other Navratri program. Make sure to rent some silver jewellery with it too as it goes amazingly with the traditional Garba Kathiyavadi dress.

Lehenga Choli

It is the time to use all your old attires and make something amazing out of them. You can rock even your old Lehenga Choli for Garba and look gorgeous in the Dandiya Program. Get ready in the traditional way and twirl your lehenga to make a statement. This is the best way you can use your old traditional attires.

Some Interesting Navratri Themed Games


Now that you know about all the amazing Navratri gifts for women, you should get to know about Navratri themed games as well. Make your Garba event even more happening by playing some fun games with all the ladies out there. The gifts mentioned above can be given out as prizes too.

Garba Dance Competition

The most fun and appropriate theme game you can organize is a Garba Dance Competition. This is going to be for the groups where they would have to perform Garba Dance in a limited time. You can give marks for different factors like expressions, dress-up, dance style, etc. This group game is perfect for breaking the ice between people too, and you can reward the winner(s) with any of the gifts mentioned above.

Navratri Tambola

Navratri Style Tambola can be different from your regular Tambola game. Here, you need to distribute Navratri themed tickets to all the contestants. The prizes will be given for Early Five, Full House, Dandiya Queen (Numbers on Woman’s outfit), Dandiya King (Numbers on Man’s Outfit) and Dandiya. The gifts mentioned above can be given out for the same.

Dandiya Decoration Competition

If you are planning to give out Navratri gifts for ladies, then you should better give out them for the relevant competition. One such game that you can organize is Dandiya Decoration Competition, where a pair of two participants would have to decorate the Dandiya with innovative items like laces, stones, pearls, Gotta, etc. You can set a time limit for the same.

Navratri Quiz

This game is as simple as its name. So, Navratri Quiz is all about answering the questions related to Navratri, its origin, and its culture. You need to mention all the items on a paper and then get it photocopied for all. Do not forget to set a time limit for the questions. The one who answers most questions correctly will be the winner of the quiz.

From our editorial team

This Navratri, Give Back to Society!

On the last day of this auspicious festival of Navratri, little girls are worshipped as 'kanjaks' and are showered with gifts such as clothes and money. This time, go out and find some not-so-privileged kanjaks and shower Goddess Durga's blessings upon them. You can donate directly to a nearby orphanage. Your littlest of gesture will make their day!