Adorn Yourself with Our Latest Recommendations of Chaniya Cholis and Celebrate the Nine Nights of Navratri Festivity(2019) in Style Like a Diva!

Adorn Yourself with Our Latest Recommendations of Chaniya Cholis and Celebrate the Nine Nights of Navratri Festivity(2019) in Style Like a Diva!

India is a land of multitudes of cultures and festivities, occasions to dress traditionally are always around the corner. Whether it is Navratri, Bhai Dooj or a wedding, dressing up in your favourite ethnic couture is always a task to look upon to. And when it comes to the world of ethnic dressing, Lehenga choli is a quintessential part for the women of India. Read the article to find out which one suits you the most!!

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First Know the Difference Between Chaniya Choli and Lehenga

Length of the Skirt

If you think Lehenga Choli and Chaniya Choli are two same things then you probably know nothing about clothing and fashion at all. Women love wearing chaniya choli for Navratri and there is a reason behind it. The length of the skirt in lehenga and chaniya choli is different from one another.

While lehengas are lengthier, almost touching the floor, chaniya is a lot shorter having calf-length only. Having a shorter length helps in dancing freely and allows proper movement too.

Lehenga Is a Lot Heavier

If you will compare the texture and pattern of lehenga and chaniya closely then you will realize that lehengas are quite heavy in terms of fabric used, work and embellishment as compared to lighter chaniyas.

You will mostly find chaniya choli to be in the cotton fabric as it is the most lightweight out of all while lehengas are usually available in silk and jacquard fabric which are quite heavy.

Style of Bottom Wear

You can find hundreds of variety in lehengas. For example, fish cut, flared, A-line, ruffled etc. are some of the most popular patterns of bottom wear in lehengas. However, such styles aren’t available when it comes to buying chaniya. Chaniya is shorter skirts available mostly in flared patterns only as they are designed for dancing purposes mostly.

These Chaniya Choli Designs Will Surely Take your Heart Away

Cotton Digital Print Chaniya Choli


It is the time to ditch the old styles and opt for new chaniya choli style for this Navratri. We managed to find out some unique and colourful designs for you and this digital print chaniya choli is one of them. The off white and blue cotton chaniya choli looks good with a wonderful colour combination too.

You get this product in unstitched form and free size so that the customization can be done accordingly. You are going to love the fully flared lehenga with Garba and dandiya print on it. There is also a colourful tassel lace on the lehenga making it look even quirkier and eye-catching.

However, the blue dupatta is the real deal here with kathiyawadi work on it embellished with mirror detailing and multicoloured thread work. The colours are popping and you are going to love this piece. You can buy it on Saree for Rs 6,150.

Navratri Special Chaniya Choli


A special chaniya choli which is created just for Navratri is something you should totally buy to make an impression in the Navratri Celebration Program. This Bangalori Silk lehenga with georgette blouse and georgette dupatta is perfect for leaving a mark on everyone.

Talking about the lehenga first then it comes in black colour along with silk inner lining. It is studded with Gomti embroidery and colourful threadwork and mirror work all over.

You get the same embroidery on the blouse as well as on the dupatta too. In order to create a contrast effect, they have kept the blouse and dupatta in white colour with minimal border and black print all over. The lehenga is semi-stitched and full flared while the blouse is available in unstitched form. You can buy this chaniya choli and dupatta combo on Amazon for Rs 2,550.

White Embroidered Cotton Chaniya Choli

If you are not into new styles then you are going to love this traditional chaniya choli for Navratri. Available in white colour chaniya and fully embroidered choli, this set looks absolutely beautiful. In fact, even the chaniya has a wide border of embroidery on it.

The multicolour embroidery with various embellishment is enough to make you stand out from the crowd. In this set here, you get one lehenga, one choli and a matching dupatta too.

The combination of maroon dupatta and choli on white lehenga brings out the best effect of contrast in it. The product is available in the stitched form in free size which can be customized as per requirements. This minimal kathiyawadi styled chaniya choli is perfect to brighten up your Navratri this time. You can buy this set on Mirraw for Rs 1,671.

Printed Semi Stitched Chaniya Choli and Dupatta

A chaniya choli in a white colour might seem like a weird idea but when you will take a look at this chaniya choli here then might not have any more doubts. Talking about this set you get a printed lehenga along with a simple white blouse and a red-coloured dupatta here.

While the lehenga and choli are available in silk fabric, the dupatta is provided in net fabric complementing the lehenga well because of its white printed border.

The reason that it matches with the theme of Navratri is because of the digital print on the lehenga where you can see a couple dancing with dandiya in their hands. It is simply quite eye-catching and would totally boost up the festive spirit. You should totally buy this unique semi-stitched chaniya choli now on Flipkart for Rs 899.

Kathiyawadi Chaniya Choli

Sometimes there is a specific theme of Kathiyawadi chaniya choli in the Navratri celebration programs of many clubs and you should have one such set to keep up with this theme. So, here is our perfect suggestion for the same.

We found this traditional Kathiyawadi chaniya choli for you which impersonates the shades of Gujarat very well into its Kathiyawadi appeal. All the garments are made out of cotton while the lehenga has crushed texture and semi-stitched design.

You further get a fully stitched super heavy choli with this lehenga having overall kathiyawadi work. Along with these two, you get red coloured dupatta with it with kathiyawadi border. The blue coloured lehenga also has kathiyawadi border on it matching with the blouse very well. Grab this wonderful Gujarati themed chaniya choli and dupatta set on Shop Clues for Rs 2,200.

Yellow and Green Stunning Chaniya Choli


Different patterns and solid colours always grab everyone’s attention the most. So, if you are looking for such chaniya choli designs which can make you stand out from the crowd then this green and yellow chaniya choli is the one for you.

Where do we start from? Everything looks too stunning about this set. You get a forest green coloured choli along with popping yellow printed lehenga and a forest green dupatta with it.

The choli has full sleeves with patches of kathiyawadi clothes in between. You get the lehenga and choli in the semi-stitched form here. The lehenga has a digital print of women playing Garba on it along with forest green border to match up with the blouse and dupatta. This set is perfect to showcase your Garba skills this Navratri. You can buy it now on Amazon for Rs 1,899.

Unique Bandhani Print Chaniya Choli

Offbeat clothing items are often missed out but you should totally take a second look at them as you can find a total gem out of them sometimes. We found one such piece in the form of this Bandhani printed ready to wear lehenga and blouse here.

Of course, this is not a traditional form of chaniya choli which is usually worn and you also do not get a dupatta with it as well.

However, this magenta coloured lehenga and blouse is totally unique to look at. You can team it up with matching plain dupatta to complement the whole attire. The lehenga and blouse are in cotton fabric and you get everything stitched here. This outfit looks traditional as well as modern at the same time which is actually such an amazing combo to find. Grab it now on Myntra for Rs 1,649.

Digital Print Chaniya Choli

Take a look at this one more digital printed chaniya choli for Navratri which is a perfect mix of modern and traditional patterns and designs altogether. The stunning off-white lehenga is no less than a sight to behold because despite being so simple, it looks quite elegant.

The skirt, choli as well as the dupatta all three are available in heavy soft silk fabric. The best thing about this whole set is that you get both the lehenga as well as the blouse completely stitched with scope for customization.

While the lehenga and the dupatta both are available in off-white colour with black digital print on them. This is the blouse which brings the pop of colour into it. The black coloured blouse has stunning kathiyawadi details on it in popping colours like orange, green and red. You get quarter length sleeves and sweetheart neckline in the blouse. Grab this chaniya choli now on Jio Fab for Rs 1,449.

Orange Kutch Embroidered Chaniya Choli

Sometimes traditional designs and patterns are the best ones to prefer like this orange kutch embroidered chaniya choli here. It is an apt choice for Navratri because of the solid colours and suitable design of this outfit.

Here, you get an orange lehenga which has a broad border of multicoloured kutch embroidery depicting the traditional kathiyawadi vibes.

Along with this cotton lehenga, you get a fully stitched matching blouse with same embroidery and mirror work and a black dupatta with embroidery too. Instead of making the lehenga fully flared, they kept it in a fish cut form where it is fitted from above and then have flared design. You will totally like this twist in this lehenga and you can buy it on Mirraw for Rs 1,571.

Designer Multicolor Traditional Chaniya Choli

To buy a designer chaniya choli piece, you need to check out this set here. It is comprised of designer look multicoloured chaniya choli which comes with a matching dupatta too. This is one of the most iconic Navratri festival Ghaghra Choli that we came across and you should totally have it in your wardrobe.

The lehenga, blouse and dupatta are available in pure cotton fabric. You get both the blouse and lehenga stitched in free size so that you can customize them.

There is detailed Gamthi work done on the lehenga as well as blouse which looks absolutely stunning. You get the lehenga in pleated pattern with pleats of different colours stitched in it. The fully flared lehenga is going to look absolutely magical when you will twirl in it. So, buy it now on Jio Fab for Rs 3,849.

A Few Chaniya Choli Styling Tips for You

You can find a lot of different types of chaniya choli online apart from the ones we have mentioned in the section right above. Over time, the trend for Chaniya Choli has changed a lot and hence the styling technique has also evolved. If you are for some reason not able to keep up with the trend then here are some chaniya choli styling hacks just for you.

Prefer Flared Lehenga over A-Line

We always recommend you to buy flared lehengas over A-line. The reason is pretty simple behind it and yes it is totally related to flaunting your chaniya/skirt. This is Navratri and you will be dancing a lot. So, a flared lehenga is going to give out a wonderful look as compared to the A-line one. You can also move around a lot freely in flared skirts whereas A-line skirts often restrict the movement.

Right Kind of Jewellery is Very Important

Wearing the right kind of jewellery is important when you are wearing chaniya choli especially for Navratri dance and Garba. Women usually prefer oxidized jewellery for it and it does look way striking and attractive as compared to regular jewellery. You can find a lot of stores nearby you providing this jewellery on rent or you can simply buy it too.

Rent It Out

If you are thinking about buying different types of chaniya choli for Navratri then you should better stop and listen to it out. You should go for renting the outfit rather than buying it. The reason behind it is pretty simple. You will get to wear new chaniya choli on every Navratri and you can stay away from unnecessary hoarding too. To be on a safer side, you should have at least one typical Kathiyawadi Chaniya Choli in your wardrobe for sure.

Change Your Drape Game

Usually, women do not give much importance to draping when it comes to chaniya choli. When you will take a look at lehengas then you will find a lot more versatility in the drapes and this is what you need to change. You can stylize the drapes of your chaniya choli to change your look completely. This factor can help you in looking brand new even when you are repeating an outfit.

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Tips to Win Heart of Many

A perfect lehenga according to your body type won’t only accentuate your personality but will also bring out the best in you. Wear the makeup that complements your wardrobe. A proper juti with the ethnic design is a must. Do your hair right, for it makes you look more appealing. Go for proper fitting, fitting kills the fashionable vibe. Avoid wearing heels as you have to dance your heart out. So follow these tips and beat the usual designs.