10 Best Return Gift Ideas for First Birthday Party:  Make Your Baby's Special Day Memorable(2020)

10 Best Return Gift Ideas for First Birthday Party: Make Your Baby's Special Day Memorable(2020)

The first ever birthday! Naturally, you want the day to be the best every from the theme to return gift for first birthday party, everything needs to be perfect! BP-Guide India's list has adorable and memorable birthday return gifts for the 1st birthday party.

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What are Good First Birthday Return Gifts?

The first birthday is an important event for both the child and the parent. It’s the first social gathering the child attends. Make sure you make it a happy and memorable event for everyone who attends. Make it a proper birthday party with cake, balloons, party games and lots of little gifts. Invite people with kids in the same age group or slightly older, that way your child can learn to make friends.

Few Pointers To Pick Great Return Gifts

  • Something Small But Thoughtful: Giving return gifts is a birthday party tradition. Children love getting gifts and return gifts or party favors is a way to ensure that all your little guests go home with a happy smile on their face. Return gifts should be fun and cute. It’s a token of your appreciation and a way of giving thanks to the people for attending the party. The presents don’t have to be big or extravagant. Chocolates, customized cookie hampers small soft toys are some of the gifts which are suitable for your little guests.

  • Related to Party Theme: Theme parties are all the rage now, so why not have one for your little boy or girl? Choose a theme which your child will enjoy. The return gift should also reflect the theme. For example, if you have Thomas the Tank Engine theme party, then you could give fun engine shaped cookies, train stickers and plastic train whistles as party favors. For a princess themed birthday party, stuff the goody bags with pink sugar frosted cookies and crown shaped headbands.

  • Memorable And Useful: Customised gifts are always memorable. You can put personalised labels or name tags on each goodie bag or maybe include handwritten party invites with a picture of your little one. Make the packaging interesting and different. Decorate the outside of the bags with funny paper masks that can be cut out and worn later on or fill colorful plastic buckets with candy and cookies. You can fill party hats with candy and marshmallows.

Personalised Return Gift For Baby’s First Birthday

Personalised Theme Gift Box

Personalised gifts are unique and memorable. Kids love chocolates and chocolates, so why not order personalized chocolate boxes from Choco Craft? You can customise these yummy chocolate boxes with the name and picture of your little one and special message. The chocolate itself can be also be decorated with fun art and a message for your little one. We are certain that your young guests will be really happy to receive something so unique as a return gift.

Baby Name Bookmarks

Encouraging children to read from a young age is something which every parent should do and these fun customised bookmarks from prettyurparty.com will make any child enthusiastic about reading. These bookmarks are priced between Rs.120 to Rs.200. You can choose the ones which goes with the theme of your birthday party and get them customised with your child’s name.

Disney Belle Colouring Book

Coloring books are a fun activity for toddlers and little children. They also make great return gifts. What’s great about the Disney Belle coloring book is that it can be customised with your little one’s name on the cover. It’s printed on A4 size card stock paper and has 12 coloring pages with your child’s favorite Disney characters. Buy it for Rs.250 from prettyurparty.com.

Personalised Space Keychain

If you want a gift which will be a memorable and a keepsake for the older kids and adults attending the party then order the personalised space key chain from prettyurparty.com. These key chains come in various shapes and have fun space motifs on them. It makes an ideal return gift for a space themed party. You can purchase them for Rs.115.

Baby Photo Coasters

Coasters are useful little things and these customized ones from prettyurparty.com are perfect as return gifts. You want your baby’s first birthday to be memorable so why not send the guests home with personalised birthday coasters with your child’s photo on them? Buy them for Rs.79 on prettyurparty.com.

Return Gifts For Your Little Guests On Baby’s First Birthday

Looking for some fun interesting goody bag stuffers? We have a few ideas for you. These little gifts are colorful, fun and totally inexpensive.

Colourful Fidget Spinners

Colorful fidget spinners are fun gifts to put into a birthday goody bag. These simple toys are perfect to keep toddlers engaged and has also been shown to help with concentration. If you have a tight budget then consider this Fidget Spinner from Flipkart for Rs.99. If you have a more generous budget then consider the Premsons Fidget Spinner Hand Tri-Spinner Toy for Rs. 199.

Coin Bank

Kids love collecting coins and having their own little stash to buy candy with. Coin banks are therefore perfect return gifts. These house-shaped coin banks are shaped like your child’s favorite animals giraffes. It has a removable lid at the bottom for taking out the coins. This costs per piece Rs.99 on bulkhunt.com.

Slime Kits

Slime kits are great return gifts because they encourage the child to create play with their hands. Suitable for all ages, this slime box comes with a small animal toy inside. The little ones can play around with the slime and also have the thrill of getting a small toy from the tub. Available on Amazon for Rs. 80 each (plus shipping).

Fancy Kids Goggles

A birthday party is not complete unless you have some fun photos. Add the Sandbox Star-Shape Party goggles to your child’s birthday goodie bag and watch the kids pose like movie stars. These fun shaped goggles come in various bright colors. A pack of 12 goggles will cost you Rs.350 on amazon.in.

Cute Luggage Tags for Kids

A fun way to personalize each goodie bag that you give at your child’s birthday party would be to attach a cute name tag to it. The Minions Luggage Tag from partyone.in cost Rs.89, and can be used to keep the children’s luggage or backpack from getting misplaced. These cute tags are made from soft plastic and come with assorted designs.

Small Themed Toys

Small toys which go with the theme of the party would make wonderful return gifts. For example if your party has a superhero theme then the fancy Steps superhero masks from Amazon.in would be perfect. These are made of soft felt and a pack of 12 costs Rs.399. You can get the Gift Mart minion toys for a minion themed party. A pack of 12 costs Rs.999. Buy all of these from amazon.in.

Play Dough

Playdoh is a hit among toddlers and we can assure they will be absolutely thrilled to find it in their party goody bag. The Funskool Playdoh value pack contains four 1 ounce tubs of different colored Playdoh. Playdoh is non-toxic and easily moldable. It brings out the creativity in children and keeps them engaged for hours. You can buy it from amazon.in for Rs.133.

Stationery Kits

Your child’s birthday party will constitute of kid’s from various age groups. For the slightly older kids joining the party, why not give them something that will of use to them during their day. This Peppa Pig Stationary Kit is a cool option for just Rs. 140.

Yet another option for older kids is the The Pidilite DIY Art Craft Photo Frame Combo kit. With this kit the kid’s can make their own beautiful photo frames. It’s an activity which they can do with the help of their parents or older siblings. Buy a set of three frames for Rs.297 on amazon.in

DIY Return Gift Ideas For 1st Birthday

If you are looking for budget return gift ideas then DIY gifts are the way to go. There are lots of ideas that you can find online on sites like Pinterest or YouTube tutorial videos. We are providing a few fun easy to make options here.

Plastic Water Bottles Tied To Balloons

Buy cheap colorful plastic water bottles and fill it up with candy. Tie a pretty balloon to the neck of the bottle. The whole combination will look fun and attractive to the kids. But you will hardly spend any money or energy on the whole thing. If you are willing to put in a bit more effort then you can decorate the outside of the bottle with paint, shiny stickers or paper cutouts.

Jar of Surprise

Mason jars filled with goodies are rapidly replacing traditional goodie bags. Fill a pretty mason jar with chocolates, candies, and little toys. Tie a ribbon around the lid of the jar. The kids will be thrilled with the little gifts and the mason jars can be reused by the parents for storage.

In a Nutshell: Return Gifts Have to Be Small Yet Memorable

When it comes to return gifts for your child’s birthday then make sure you keep within the budget. Don’t overspend on gifts. Fun, cute and small gifts are perfecto keep children happy and satisfied. Make sure everyone has an enjoyable time and leaves with a smile on their face. Most importantly it should be a memorable experience in your child’s life.

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Gifts Should Be Enjoyable for Kids

Since the gifts are meant for kids ensure it appeals to them. Brightly coloured toys, fun games, interesting bags, bottles and personal items which they will enjoy using are all good ideas. Make the gift wrapping and return gift bags also attractive. But be mindful of your budget. There are plenty of cute yet cheap return gifts available so you need not spend a great deal. Children move on to the next game or toy rather quickly so look for return gifts that are appealing and fun yet priced well.