Be a Lovable Host to Your Young Guests with the 10 Best Party Favour Gift Ideas for 8 Year Olds and Cool Party Planning Tips (2019)

Be a Lovable Host to Your Young Guests with the 10 Best Party Favour Gift Ideas for 8 Year Olds and Cool Party Planning Tips (2019)

A party for adults, you don't need to put more effort into how you are going to entertain the guest but for kids' parties, you have to think a lot because kids are full of energy and they want every minute full of surprises. Planning an 8-year kids party is not easier since you have to take care of the starting of invitation to the ending of party favour ideas. So, no need to worry about it, BP-Guide has created a checklist for you as well as some very exciting party favour ideas.

Be a Lovable Host to Your 8-Year-Old Guests with the Best Party Favour Gift Ideas

It’s time. The day to celebrate your little one’s birthday or a big achievement is near. Your task for the big day will be to make your mischievous one feel extremely special and pampered, and not to forget, those who will be attending the do. Yes, the other little ones! For a party that is exciting and the talk of the town, you have to make sure you leave your little guests all happy and impressed. Here’s a little guide on how to earn the title of the best host with memorable party favour ideas for 8-year olds.

Pick the Right Gift in 4 Easy Ways

Before we delve into the best return gift ideas for kids aged 8-10 years, let us first get the art of picking the apt gift right. Since it's not just easy to pick gifts for Kinds. Here are 4 easy ways to do it.

Make It Gender Neutral

The kids coming to your party will comprise of both boys and girls. So, instead of picking gifts according to gender, choose a gift that will be loved by both. Start by deciding on the category, e.g. board games, books, etc. And then search for the best gifts in your chosen category. This way you will save yourself a lot of time.

Always Remember the Age of the Kids while Choosing


This will prevent you from making the blunder of picking gifts that are too childish or advanced for the kids. Online, it is very easy to search for gifts according to age as the websites have smart filters, categorizations and recommendations made by gifting experts along with reviews and ratings provided by customers.

Pick Gifts That You are Sure the Child will Use


This is very very important. You don’t want to give something just for the sake of it. Presenting gifts that are of no use but given just to fulfil a custom is as equal to as not giving anything at all. A simple way to know whether your chosen gift will be useful to the little guests is by asking your kid and taking his or her opinion on it. Or the adults in your family could sit down and put their heads together to decide on a gift that will have something to give to the kids, even if it is pure fun. Choose wisely and you will end up putting a huge smile on the little ones’ faces.

The Gifts Should Appeal to the Kids

Are you too, like other parents, thinking about handing out the standard complex boxes, stationery sets, water bottles and lunch boxes as return gifts? Well, you would be unknowingly ruining the kids’ mood at the end of your party then. These gifts are useful, no doubt about that. But the kids already have loads of these and no one, especially nowadays what with so many options available, fancies getting a stationary set as a gift. You have to make sure the gifts look attractive and hold a promise of loads of excitement and fun to the kids when they uncover them. For more appeal, you could choose either colourful wraps or goodie bags to pack your gifts in.

Top 10 Party Favour Gift Ideas for 8-Year Olds

Based on the above pointers, we have created a list of 10 best return gifts for 8-year-old kids.

Illustrated Books on Indian Mythology

Gone are the days when grandparents would fill the young brains with all the fascinating and moral rich stories about Gods and their epics. Books are playing the new storytellers by imparting the sweet old knowledge to today’s kids with fun illustrations. Online web stores have beautifully illustrated stories on Lord Krishna, Shiva and more and even on epics like the Mahabharata that are made especially for the consumption by the young minds.
Available at-
Price- Rs.95

Experimental Garden Game


With this game, you will be planting a seed of interest and knowledge in botany and gardening in the kids. This is an experimental game that a child can play alone. It includes 20 experiments that offer intriguing, exciting and enriching lessons in garden science. This game is also known to enhance thinking skills in children.
Available at- Amazon
Price- Rs.449


Children can never have enough creativity. They love creating something out of nothing. So, a pack of crayons is a fail-safe yet exciting gift for the young ones. Though there are multiple options available, we recommend this 24 shades pack of long wax crayons. What’s special about them is they are made from non-toxic materials, which makes it completely safe for use by young, carefree hands. They are also shaped in such a way that they are super easy to hold and create with. The pack also includes a watercolour pen. This is the best budget-friendly return gift idea if you have a lot of kids to gift to.
Available at-
Price- Rs.43.20

Piggy Bank


Money-saving is an art that needs to be honed early on. So a cute little piggy bank like this one is a great return gift idea for kids aged 5 years and above. Shaped like a house with adorable designs, this lockable piggy bank is both useful for kids and their parents, who can use it to drop their change in and add to their kid’s savings.
Available at- Amazon
Price- Rs.299

UNO Card Game

If you are looking for a gift that the child can enjoy with his or her whole family, then you should pick this card game. It is not only a fun family game but also skill enhancing. It sharpens the kids' calculation skills and enhances the activity of their brains. This card game includes customizable wild cards.
Available at-
Price- Rs.105.28

Clay Kit

Another great creative gift for kids aged 5 years and above. This Modelling Clay Kit by Kores Toolz features clays in 12 different colours plus 4 cute shapes and a roller and cutter. The qualities that make this clay kit a must-pick are that it is non-toxic, non-hardening and non-drying, scented and reusable. Thus it is extremely safe, comfortable and easy to play and be creative with.
Available at-
Price- Rs.64

Play Passport Kit


This one is a unique birthday party favour gift ideas for kids. This interesting and interactive game introduces the kids to different countries of the world. It helps them learn about languages, capitals and more of 12 countries through a passport, 60 stickers of flags, capitals, languages, visas and monuments. The kids don’t need a playmate to enjoy this game as it can be played alone.
Available at- Amazon
Price- Rs. 175

Glow in the Dark Stars

This gift will inspire the young ones to dive into their deepest imaginations. The stickers, shaped like stars, moon, planets and more inhabitants of the sky, can be easily attached to the ceiling. The fun part is, they glow when it’s dark. Under the glowing stars, the children can have their elders telling them stories or weave some fresh ones on their own where they can get lost till sleep finds them.
Available at-
Price- Rs.64.99

Elephant Shaped Night Lamp

Being a parent, you know how difficult it is to have a good night’s rest and sleep when you have a kid of 5 to 10 years of age at home. Get this cute and quirky night lamp for the kids so they can play and work at night without disturbing their parents. It’s an LED lamp, with light saving properties, that only needs to be attached to a socket for use.
Available at-
Price- Rs. 114

Unbreakable Ruler


Every child will love you for this! The ruler is the most useful tool for students but also the most prone to breakage. This ruler can be folded, bent and twisted without fearing breakage and is, therefore, rightfully named 'Unbreakable' Ruler. A single pack includes 2 rulers along with a quirky sharpener.
Available at- Amazon.
Price- Rs. 275 for 2


The most difficult part of throwing a party for your child is its management. Without a proper plan in place, it may all seem impossible. But there are ways to manage it well. Here's one- some points about important things to keep in mind and how to plan for the day seamlessly.

Create a List of Guests and the Things Required

First things first. Create a list of people attending your party and the things you will require for all the preparations. The lists you prepare will help you get a clear idea about various things like the kind of food to be prepared and in what quantity, number of return gifts to pick, the size of the cake to order, etc.

Send Creative Invitations for the Party

You can create some innovative invitations that are not difficult to make. The key is to keep it simple yet creative. Some colourful papers, attractive drawings and a beautiful handwriting is all you need. If you don't have time, let your kid do it.


Though decorations are something that gives life to a party, you don’t really need to worry over it too much. You can create something amazing with the usuals like balloons, colourful paper decoratives, happy birthday banner, etc. You could also perk up the scene by decorating your house according to a theme. What’s your kid’s favourite cartoon, movie or comic series? You don’t need a party planner to create a fabulous theme-based decoration. It can be done without much effort, time and money spending. For e.g., If your child wants Mickey Mouse theme decorations, choose your balloons and other decoratives in Mickey’s colours, which are black, red and white. Then get a cake that is shaped like Mickey. Get Micky Mouse masks for the kids to wear at the party. You could also make the invitations resemble the party theme.



Food is the most important part of the party! And it’s the most challenging, too. But with proper planning, you can make it seem effortless.

  • First, Make a List of Snacks or Meals You Wish To Serve Decide on the drinks and dishes you wish to serve the little and older guests. Creating a list beforehand will help you plan the day’s menu without a glitch. Here are some of our party menu recommendations.
  • Welcome drinks- fresh fruit juices Starters or snacks- baked idli fry, vegetable cutlet, dholka, potato chips and sandwiches Main course- Pav bhaji, pasta, masala dosa Dessert- None other than the cake! But you could also have other sweet dishes like kheer, ice cream or mithais for your guests.
  • Keep the Food Coming Don’t keep your guests waiting too long for a snack or drink. Whether it’s welcoming the kids or giving them a break from games, keep the food coming their way.
  • Don’t Compromise on Health Don’t let your and other parents’ countless lectures about healthy eating imparted to the kids go waste on this day. Go for healthy food, especially as the main indulgent treat is going to be rich in cream and sugar. Prepare or order food that is healthy and tasty. Skip fried, oily and junk food and caffeinated drinks. Instead go for salads, fresh fruit juices, sandwiches, etc.


The quality of a good host is to keep his or her guests entertained along with keeping their stomachs full and happy. Plan activities for the big day to engage the young and even the old, if possible, to make it a lot more fun. Games are the best way to keep the party rocking. You could come up with games based on the theme of your party or go for the traditional ones like musical chairs, pin the donkey’s tail, etc. You could also plan gift unwrapping at the end of the party.

From our editorial team

Always Keep a List of Stories and Events Ready

Stories are the best things what you can tell to the kids. By some moral stories, you will be giving them some knowledge and good habits as well as some extra part of entertains. Just have some list of stories in your mind and put them at the right place during the party. Always have a set of events ready so that when one gets over other will start. Be a good DJ and always keep your playlist ready. These are small-small things which keeps the 8 years old kids busy and let then entertain their time. Happy Partying.