Unique Birthday Gifts for 9 Year Old Girls and the Best Products for Kids in 2018

Unique Birthday Gifts for 9 Year Old Girls and the Best Products for Kids in 2018

Kids seem to be getting smarter by the day and the only way to keep up with them and channel their energy in the right direction is by constantly updating the toys and games they play with. The classics are great but new age kids need new age tools. Hence Best Present Guide has rounded up all the top offerings for 9 year olds which will make great birthday gift for a 9 years old girl. Find the best and latest right here.

What You Need to Know About a 9 Year Old Girl?

There are infinite answers to this question as every 9 year-old is not the same. You need to find out which gift will be suitable for her. At this age, she might look like a little child but hates to be treated like a small girl. 9-year-old children develop an ability to handle conflicts. She might have a strong desire to belong to a group of her friends, but in the end, she wants to be cuddled like a small girl.

At this age, a 9-year-old develops the understanding for various point of views. She is on the cusp of adolescence and capable of expressing her thoughts on different subjects. A 9-year-old could bend towards different creative skills like painting, reading books, crafting etc.

A 9-year-old girl starts developing advanced communication skills, learns to co-operate and can work towards various goals. If you are thinking of presenting a beautiful and useful gift to a 9-year-old girl on her birthday, then it is advised to spend some time with her to know her hobbies and interests. Giving gifts keeping in mind her skills and passion will make her happy.

Unique Ideas for Buying a Perfect Birthday Gift for Her

Things Which Could Sharpen Her Mind

Childhood is the age of learning, and we all know that learning becomes a lot easier when we have a sharp mind. An alert mind not only captures and recalls knowledge but also help us make sense of the world. As a parent, you always try to inspire and motivate your child. A nine-year-old girl has the capability to take action and express her opinions. At this age, she is more than capable of logical thinking and reasoning.

You need to figure out her passions and interests so that you can come up with the perfect gift for her. If she loves to read books, then you must pick an inspirational, and motivational book for her. You can also present her with brain teasers which she can use to enhance her logical and abstract thinking. Gaming is the most advanced and exciting way to sharpen the mind. Memory games and games that involves simple math could develop the motor and mental skills of your child.

Keep in Mind Her Interests and Hobbies

Before getting a gift for your sweet little 9-year-old girl, you must think about her interests and hobbies. If you don't know exactly what they are, you can spend some time with her to take a look at her hobbies and passion. It's obvious that a 9-year-old girl attends school for her education so you can also buy something which could help her in academics.

If she enjoys listening to music, then support her to play a musical instrument. However, if she is more into the tech world, then you can give her a tablet where she could enjoy playing games and reading books. Every small thing she will learn at this age will stay with her forever so choose your present wisely which could impart a positive and useful quality to her life.

Things She Can Enjoy Playing With

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It's not always good to keep your child away from things that they enjoy playing with. Inspirational gifts are good, but the regular gifts like toys and art set are also good presents for a 9-year-old girl. These gifts will not only help her to enjoy herself with friends but also enhance her creativity. Try searching for something which could make her happy and also hold her interest so that it can keep her engaged and interested.

You can buy a craft set to support her to express her artistic dreams which will not only foster her creativity, but she will also have endless fun every day. She can also include her friends in creating something new from the craft material. If she enjoys singing songs, then a karaoke machine is the perfect choice for her birthday present. Such presents will not only keep her engaged but also help her to grow as well. 9 year old girls are intelligent but they enjoy being silly at times too so toys that help her goof off and be a child will be welcome.

10 Best Birthday Gifts for 9 Year Old Girl

Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster

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Why should boys have all the fun? On her ninth birthday, get her something which could take her outdoors so that she can release her excess physical energy practicing a creative sport. Encourage her to be active and engage with nature to keep her away from sticking at one place watching television.

This Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster on Amazon is the best present for your 9-year-old girl. This bow blaster can help her use excess energy playing a productive game. She and her friends will really enjoy this game pretending to be a warrior in their own mythical kingdom. The ends of the plastic arrows are rounded therefore completely safe to play. You can buy this amazing toy on amazon.in for Rs.8,351.

Ribbons Quartz Watch

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As she grows older she must learn to read time so why don't you present her something which could help her to achieve this goal? Watches not only show time but also compliment the overall look of a person, and when she will wear this watch on her wrist, she will look even more beautiful. One cool feature of this amazing present is that it comes with 11 interchangeable strips which she can pair according to her outfits.

Introduce your 9 year old to the world of fashion and technology by giving her this special ribbons quartz watch on her birthday. She can change the watch's straps according to the colour of her outfits and pair it accordingly. The pretty pink box contains one watch and 11 interchangeable straps. Get this watch set for her on Amazon for Rs.6,703.

Complete Set of Harry Potter Books

If your little girl loves to read books and is a huge fan of Harry Potter, then consider giving her this set of Harry Potter Books which will compliment her collection of books. J.K. Rowling has created an immense and fictitious magical world through this series. This present is not only a perfect gift according to her interest but also a long-term gift that she can use over several years.

It's not necessary to gift her these books if she is a book lover but you can give her books according to her interests such as storybooks or riddle books. You can get this complete set of Harry Potter Paperback Books on Amazon for a discounted price of Rs.2,352.

Acoustic Guitar

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Not every child is the same; some love to dance while some love to play a musical instrument, and if your little girl is musically inclined, then consider giving her something which could help her to realise her hidden talent is something which she will cherish forever. Start with the smaller size of Guitar which is basically made for children.

Hohner HAG250P 1/2 Sized Classical Guitar on Amazon is the best choice for your little girl. Its sturdy design makes it strong, and nylon strings allow her to play it smoothly without getting hurt. If she doesn't know how to play the guitar, then either you can help her at home, or you can just enrol her for classes where she could learn to play it. Moreover, it will also make her social circle strong. Get this amazing guitar for Rs.9,837 on Amazon.

Deluxe Art Set

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Do you think your little girl is an art lover? If yes, then why don't you gift her this amazing deluxe art set which she can use to express her artistic dreams. High-quality artistic tools will bring colours to her world. She can use this set with her friends in creating unique art thus improves the creativity and foster the social relationships.

Inside a strong and portable case, you will get 24 markers, crayons, 24 coloured pencils, two clips, one white watercolour tube, a palette, paintbrush, drawing pencil, sharpener, and many more things. The case is light, and hence she can take it with her anywhere she wants. On her 9th birthday surprise her with this really cool present which you can buy on Amazon for Rs.2,208.

LED Finger Gloves

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Has your 9-year-old girl ever despised wearing gloves in winters just because of discomfort? Your girl is not the only one instead there are many children who don't wear gloves because of the uncomfortable caused by the material of the gloves. It might be possible that the gloves you brought for her allow no breathability which makes it uncomfortable to wear.

You don't have to worry as we have brought something cool for her. These Luwint LED Finger gloves are completely made of synthetic wool which allows air to pass inside and creates optimal comfort. A small battery is fitted inside an interior pocket of the glove which remains untouched by the temperature and weather outside. The glove features 7 LED colours with 6 different modes. The only con of these gloves is that these can't be used in rain and snow as they are not waterproof. Isn't it an interesting gift for her? Get this for Rs.2,267 on amazon.in.

Brain Teaser

Childhood is considered as the learning age, and you always wanted her to be the best among her classmates. If she loves to solve puzzles, then you should consider buying a brain teaser book for her and present it to her on her birthday. Brainteasers help boost brain activity, improve concentration, build strong memory power and reduces boredom. A sharp brain is the most essential vehicle of your career and future thus you must keep her brain engaged doing the creative job. This Brain Teaser on firstcry.com has 64 pages and will be good for your 9-year-old girl. Improve her creativity and help her to build strong memory with the help of this book. Get Junior Brain Teaser book on First Cry for Rs.187.

Maze Money Bank

Why don't you induce the quality of money saving and cognitive skills in her? You can achieve this by teaching her orally, or you can choose something interesting which could help her grow and also sharps her mind. We have brought Maze Money Bank for your 9-year-old girl which you can give to her on birthday. This is not a simple money bank instead it has some specific technical structure which makes it interesting. Once she put the money in the bank, it can only be retrieved after solving a 3D maze.

Saving money in this maze will teach her how to spend wisely, and its maze will sharpen her mind when she will try to solve it. This transparent box is completely made of plastic thus light in weight. You can purchase this unique money bank on Giveter for Rs.549 and surprise her on her 9th birthday.

Solar System Fairy Lights

Is she a science geek? Does she want to become an astronaut one day? If she takes interest in science stuff, then these solar system fairy lights are made for her. You can present her these amazing lights on her birthday which can be used as a great learning tool for our universe. Every planet is arranged in a proper order from the sun to other planets.

These lights can be string anywhere on the wall and enjoy the cosmic vista which reflects a mesmerizing view of our universe. The pack contains 10 LED in the shape of planets and 2-meter long wire to provide power to each LED. These lights are powered by 2 AA batteries. You can buy this on Prezzybox for Rs.2,120.

Karaoke Machine

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If she loves to sing her favourite song then why don't you plan to gift her a karaoke machine on her 9th birthday? Let her channel inner her inner little pop star with confidence. She can use it in her free time or whenever she feels boredom. This machine is the perfect option to increase her productivity and extracurricular activities.

This Karaoke machine on Amazon comes with an adjustable stand and an inbuilt microphone. You can also connect the mobile device to play her favourite music on the machine. What could be the best option available other than this for your music lover little girl? You can get this machine for Rs.7,493 on Amazon.

Decorate and Fill Her Room with Balloons

Make your little girl's birthday special and memorable by decorating her room with balloons and coloured ribbons. You can buy helium-filled balloons from the shop and decorate her room. You can choose any theme you know would make your little doll happy. You should not stick to one particular colour, you must include each and every colour to the collection which will enhance the decorations, and it will look sober too.

When she will wake up in the morning, these decorations will definitely make her happy. You could write a special message to her with the help of coloured ribbons on the wall. It's definitely the best thing you could do for your little child. Make her favourite breakfast, and you could also organise a small birthday party for her friends and family. Doing these things will make her birthday a memorable and special one.

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Customise the gifts to her abilities

While age is a good reference point when buying gifts for anyone, it should not be a restriction. Children of the same age do display similar skill sets, interests and abilities but if your little one is advanced for her age and can solve puzzles or read books recommended for a higher age, look for things that will challenge her mind. Just like clothes and shoes marked for a certain age don't necessarily fit everyone the same, why should things for the mind.