14 Trendy, Traditional, Memorable Return Gifts for Anniversary Party and Tips on How to Select Gifts Guests Will Remember(2020)

14 Trendy, Traditional, Memorable Return Gifts for Anniversary Party and Tips on How to Select Gifts Guests Will Remember(2020)

Celebrating your fifth, 10th or silver wedding anniversary and planning a party? Get ideas for return gifts and party favours for your guests here. In addition to traditional gift ideas, we also have personalised return gifts for anniversary which are extremely popular. Read on for a host of exciting return gift ideas that will make your guests love them.

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Criteria to Pick the Ideal Anniversary Return Gifts


Thinking of throwing a party to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary? Well, then why not go a step ahead and make it a more memorable one? Return gifts or favors are a great way to make your special occasion even more so. Anniversary return gifts don’t have to be incredibly expensive, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be unique. After all it’s a milestone in you and your spouse’s life together as a couple so make sure that the gift is something that commemorates that. Useful and thoughtful gifts will help you make the occasion an unforgettable one for you and your guests. Objects which people use on a regular basis like customised coasters, wall plates, luggage tags, key rings or chocolate or cookie boxes are good gift choices.


Whether you have been married for 5 years or 50, your anniversary is an occasion which you probably want people to remember for a long time to come. So get gifts which are durable, well made and long lasting. Gifts should be made of sturdy materials which stay intact for a long time and at the same time is aesthetically pleasing. Order the gifts from reputed places which you trust. If the gifts don’t look good or last then they don’t serve the purpose for which you gave them in the first place and that is to make the occasion a memorable one for the guests.

Age Specificity

Your anniversary party will be attended by all of your family and friends. Therefore your guest list will comprise of people from various age groups. So try to make the gifts age specific. Not all gifts are appropriate for everyone. Something which a 10 year old likes will not be a suitable gift for a 40 year old. Chocolates and other edibles like cookies are universally acceptable presents. Best thing would be to put your guests into age group like 20 to 40 years or 8 to 15 years and pick the gifts accordingly.

The 3 Must Have Anniversary Return Gifts

Customised Chocolate Box

Certain gifts are crowd pleasers and customised chocolate box is number one on that list. Websites like chococraft.in, make chocolate boxes of various sizes customized according to your requirement. You can pick your own text and photograph to put on each box. These special wooden boxes are so pretty that your guests may keep them as memorabilia even after the chocolates are over. Prices start at Rs.3,310 for 10 boxes with 6 customised gourmet chocolates in each box.

Designer Cookies

Cookies are a good alternative to chocolates and these customized cookies from amazeology.co.in will surely be a hit with your guests and ensure that they remember this party for a long time to come. You can get a variety of cookies here ranging from soft chewy square cookies to Chinese fortune cookies and even macaroons. All you have to do is go to their website and upload the picture you want from your PC, Facebook or Instagram, choose your graphics and text and voila! 20 custom printed macarons are priced at about Rs.2,500.

Creative Crockery

Source engrave.in

If you want to give your guests something which is both long lasting and useful then crockery would be a great choice. Customised plates are a great way to make sure that your guests remember your special day forever. You can buy customised ceramic plates from printland.in. Each one costs Rs.425. Engrave.in has personalised coffee and beer mugs, as well as whiskey glasses. The coffee mugs cost Rs.449 a piece and the beer mugs and whiskey glasses come for round Rs.850 a piece.

5 Traditional Return Gifts to Give at an Anniversary Party

Certain gifts are classics and liked by everyone. These gifts are perfect for the anniversary celebration of an older couple aged between 45 to 60 years, say someone who is celebrating their 15th or 25th marriage anniversary. We are assuming that at least fifty percent of the guests will be in that age group as well. Therefore we have curated a list of some awesome traditional stuff that you can send your guests home with.

German Silver Made Twin Bowl Set

Source www.amazon.in

A German silver bowl set makes a pretty return gift for your guests. Get the Richi Rich German Silver bowl, spoon and tray gift set from amazon.in. This beautiful and artistic set comes in a pretty satin lined red velvet box and can be used to serve special treats and desserts. You can buy it for Rs.199.

Metal Bowl Set

Offer your guests this elegant bowl set that comes in oxidised metal and features light engraving. Available for for Rs. 530 on boontoon.com.
Another pretty gift option for your guests is the German Silver Gold and Silver colored Lotus Shaped Bowl with Matching Spoon Set from Indiamart. The dazzling combination of gold and silver and the aesthetically pleasing lotus shape is sure to steal the heart of your party guests. You can buy it for Rs.500.

Religious Ganesh With Chowki

Bid your guest’s adieu on a sacred note by gifting them something auspicious. The orange colored resin made Ganesha in chowki from boontoon.com will add a touch of spirituality to your celebration. This artistic piece has been meticulously handcrafted by gifted artisans. It’s both a symbol of goodwill and a piece of art. You can buy it for Rs.470.

Gold Dhyan Pose Buddha Statue

Lord Buddha is a symbol of peace and goodwill. The Dreaming Buddha Statue from boontoon.com therefore is the perfect spiritual gift for your guests. This artistic peace will not only be an adornment for the corner of the house but also be successful in bringing positive vibes into the home. It’s constructed from lightweight polyresin and has an exquisite golden color. Buy it for Rs.770

Oxidized Swan Shaped Spoon Stand

If you are looking for a gift which is both extremely useful and at the same time artistic, then go for the Oxidized Swan Shaped Spoon Stand with 6 Spoons from boontoon.com. This functional piece will add a touch of whimsy and elegance to any dinner table. Buy it for Rs.985. You can have a name etched into the side of the swan, and when ordered in bulk the website will also attach thank you cards and gift wrap it for you.

5 Trendy Anniversary Return Gifts for Guests

If traditional is not your style then not to worry. A couple celebrating their first or second anniversary will have guests who are in their thirties or early forties. In that case you may be looking for gifts which are a bit more up-to-the-minute. We have an awesome list of totally trendy and stylish gifts for all you fashionable people out there.

Stylish Handbags

With trendy gifts it is better to segregate the gathering into men and women or by age and give each group a different gift. It may require a little more work but the guests will go home very pleased. For example, a stylish handbag will make a great return gift for all the ladies on your guest list. The Shoetopia Gold-Toned Shimmery Clutch from myntra.com is a pretty stylish piece of accessory. This sequined sling bag has a detachable chain strap and will add a touch of glamour to any party look. It’s priced at Rs.249. Slip a few pieces of candy or chocolate inside with a thank you note. The pretty bag can also be given on its own without additional packaging.

Love Photo Mug

For your coffee loving guests, get a personalised photo collage mug from vistaprint.com. It’s at the same time a useful utility piece, a souvenir and a mini photo album. They cost Rs.350 a mug and come with a variety of layouts and fonts. Your guests can use it to drink tea or coffee, keep it on their desk or use it as a pen stand. Make a few for yourself as well, as a nice reminder of the lovely anniversary party you had.

Personalised Keychains

If you are on a shoestring budget but still want to give something memorable to your guests then get them customised key chains from printland.in. Each one costs Rs.149, but you will get a hefty discount with bulk orders. Keychains are a popular return gift item and can be a very useful item as well. If you feel the gift looks too small then get creative with the wrapping.

Cookie Bouquet

Source conaffetto.in

Flower bouquets are well and fine, but for people with a sweet tooth and a big heart it’s cookie bouquets which creates more of an impression. Order them from conaffetto.in. These bouquets look as good as they taste. There will be no complaints or unhappiness with a return gift this sweet. There are bouquets for different occasions and well as an option to make a bespoke version of your own. Prices start from Rs.1,500 though for bulk orders place an inquiry for corporate orders. For now though, deliveries are limited to Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon on this site.

Personalised Fridge Magnets

A Fridge Magnet is a simple and unconventional return gift. Create your own artwork with a photo and message and create a fun memento of the party. You can order it from regalocasila.com/ for Rs.149 per piece. This gift works for all occasions and all guests!

Return Gift Cards Can Make Your Life Hassle Free

Source www.woohoo.in

If you want to simplify the return gifting process then a good option would be to go for return gift cards. It is the equivalent of stuffing cash in an envelope and giving to your guests but this is an idea which is becoming increasingly popular. With an ever widening choice of products and very specific tastes, it's best people can decide on their own gift. It also avoids wastage in the form of gifts that never get used and get passed around.

Websites like wohoo.in has gift cards from various online and offline retailers as well as restaurants and movie theatres. They come in various denominations and are a hassle free way to thank your guests for taking the time out to share your special moment. This way you don’t have to make the decisions and everyone leaves the party happy and satisfied.

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The Attention is in the Detail

No matter how big or small the gift, what is important is that it has been selected with care. Details like personalising return gifts, taking care of the age dynamics within the guests and giving them suitable gifts, and also how it has been wrapped and presented can make all the difference. An expensive but badly chosen gift will leave your guests unimpressed, however, a small gift that has been elegantly presented will stay in their memory.