The Complete Guide to Giving Mugs as Return Gifts, 10 Mugs You Can Buy, and Even Ideas for What to Fill Them With

The Complete Guide to Giving Mugs as Return Gifts, 10 Mugs You Can Buy, and Even Ideas for What to Fill Them With

Return gifts are one of the most looked forward to things at a party, and buying them one of the most difficult. How does one appeal to a motley mix of people, that too on a budget? Mugs are the answer as they make for great return gifts for kids and adults alike and can be adapted to just about any theme. Find here everything you need to know about all sorts of return gift mugs, and how to buy and present them as well.

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Make Return Gifts Memorable: 3 Tips to Follow

Return gifts are traditionally given at all kinds of celebrations - birthday parties, weddings, housewarming parties and other festive occasions. A return gift is a token of appreciation given to guests for taking the time to participate in your celebrations and offering their good wishes. It not only acts as a keepsake of the event but also helps strengthen emotional bonds. No wonder, as a host it may feel stressful to pick out the return gift for your event.

It Must Be Meaningful to Guests

Choosing return gifts that hit the right note takes some work. Small practical items, quirky novelties, ethnic art, toys – the choice nowadays is incredible, but makes the job really difficult. One way to identify the return gift that’s right for you is to focus on something that will be meaningful to your guests - something that connects to you and your celebration but is not frivolous or irrelevant.

Your gift must be something your guests will appreciate getting instead of throwing it aside after reaching home. So look for interesting items that are practical, or unusual or thought-provoking.

Suitable for the Occasion

Every celebratory event has its own significance, and your gift must reflect it.The gifts must befit the sentiment involved, the atmosphere of the event and in case of kids parties, the age of the guests.
Return gifts for a kid’s birthday party will naturally differ a lot from gifts given at a housewarming party. In general, for occasions like weddings and other such grand festivities, ethnic or artistic items, edible gifts are great options, while for casual events like birthday or anniversary parties, simple gifts like mugs are a good idea.

In some cases, return gifts are chosen to reflect the host’s personality. For example a person who believes in being eco-friendly may like to gift such items.

Gift Bags Make it Presentable


As much as the gift itself, the packaging in which a return gift is presented to the guests is also important. Classy packaging adds more charm to the gift and can help it stand out while keeping it safe. It also needs to be such that guests find it handy to carry. One popular environment-friendly option is using gift bags made out of paper. These are convenient, sturdy and come in a variety of eye-catching designs. Try matching the bag design to the theme of the gift for a complete look.

A Guide to Picking the Right Mug for Your Return Gift

Mugs are an evergreen option for return gifts. They are practical, budget friendly and offer flexibility of customization. They are particularly favoured as return gifts for kids’ birthday parties. Mugs are also a good idea for return gifts at casual events for adults like anniversary or birthday celebrations. However they don’t go well at weddings or festivals as they may been seen as too uninteresting and dull. We give you a few tips to find the right mugs for your return gift idea.

Pick a Theme for the Gifts

Kids love using stuff that features their favourite cartoon character. If the party has a theme then take inspiration from it. For example if you are planning a Pokémon-themed party then your return gift could also be a mug with Pokémon characters. Similarly if you had a pirate theme you could look for mugs that fit into it. In case the party is not planned around a specific theme, then opt for one of the latest cartoon characters that have caught the attention of the tiny tots. You could also consider buying separate gifts for boys and girls as they often have different favourite characters.

In case of parties hosted by adults, themes may not be always applicable, but look out for high quality mugs that can be used in daily life.

Customise the Mugs

Personalising gifts is a touch that is sure to be appreciated by all. Today it is not very difficult to add a photo or artwork or a message while ordering online. There are dozens of websites which offer you attractive deals on such services making it very affordable. Mugs in particular are easy to customise.

Personalise your gift by adding the name of the child hosting the party or put in the individual names of the guests. Depending on your budget and preferences you can go with either. If you are gifting to adults then personalise with an inspiring quote along with a photo or simply just an artwork.

Pay Attention to Quality

The variety available in mugs is mind boggling. Designs, material, shape – there is a lot to choose from. Give some thought to the quality of the material of the mug. While ceramic mugs are often the first choice for grown-ups, they might not be suitable for kids. For kids, mugs made of plastic material are a better idea. However be mindful of the fact that some products available in the market particularly the budget ones are not fully food grade as they can’t be used for hot drinks. Your final choice should consider the safety of the kids along with how they may use the mugs.

Stick to a Budget

Choosing return gifts are an essential part of planning parties but people find themselves going over their budgets in this area. Understandably so as hosts want to give a standout gift. But you can avoid this fate by making clear detailed costing for every item you evaluate. Even though you may find awesome stuff, be careful of the price tag and its effect on your budget.

Remember to compare products from various vendors both online and offline at stores near you before finalisng a gift. Another important tip - don't forget to bargain for discounts based on your bulk buying. Try negotiating gift bags within the same price as this will relieve you of having to hunt for gift packaging separately.

Combine it With Another Item

As return gifts, mugs alone can be gifted or you could add another related item to make it a goodie bag. For kids parties you can add sippers, novelty straws, games or even small fun items like stickers, temporary tattoos etc. For adults think about pairing the mugs with small sachets of herbal teas, exotic tea or coffee blends or even related herbs. Such thoughtful combo gifts are appreciated by guests as they show the time and effort taken by you.

10 Interesting and Quirky Ideas for Return Gift Mugs

Rainbow Coloured Mugs


These cute fibreglass mugs light up and flash whenever a liquid is poured in. The mugs have LED inductive lights which are powered by replaceable batteries and which light up automatically when it is filled with any cool liquid. The lights go off by themselves when the mug is empty. Kids in particular will enjoy the thrill of drinking from such a funky mug. The gift can also be given as return gifts by young couples hosting celebratory parties. Buy a set of 6 Parteet Birthday Party Return Gifts Inductive Rainbow Colored Cup for Kids for Rs.820 from Amazon.

Chhota Bheem and Chutki Mug

Chota bheem has been an ever-popular character with kids. This plastic mug embossed with the character is a great option as a reasonably priced return gift for kids’ parties. The mugs can be purchased at for Rs. 199 per mug. Mugs featuring Chota Bheem are available at several other sites as well. So take a look at different websites to choose the one that is the best for your needs.

Personalised Photo Mug

If you have some flexibility with your budget, then go for a customised mug. This mug from for Rs.250 can be personalised with a photo and a message. You can add a photo or an artwork along with individual names. Take the effort to add in guests’ names to the mugs as it will go a long way in making the little ones happy.

Funcart Pokemon Coffee Mugs

Pokémon has been a rage with kids of all ages. This Pokemon themed mug is sure to be a hit with both younger and older kids. You can make it more special by customising it with the guest's name. Priced at Rs.250, the mug can be purchased from

Minion Theme 3D Mug

Kids never tire of minion-themed items. This Rs.99 Minion mug is a basic 3D plastic mug available from But if you have already given out minion themed gifts, there are several other cartoon characters to choose from. For Example, the Sabka Bazaar Hello Kitty Mug for Rs.149 is a mug that will be perfect for girls.

3D Design Sipper Mugs

If you are hosting parties for toddlers, then sipper mugs are suitable options. These 3D design plastic mugs for Rs.49 available in a range of designs make for attractive gifts. They can also be paired with another gift item to make it even more awesome.

Classy 'Taj Mug'


This one is for the grown-ups. This ceramic mug featuring a print of the glorious Taj Mahal is a great option for parties hosted to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries. Priced at Rs.300, this lovely mug can be ordered from

Football Themed Personalised Mug

This mug is sure to be loved by boys who are sports enthusiasts and will be an excellent return gift for birthday parties for older boys. The mug can be personalised with a photo provided by you. Available at the mug is priced at Rs.349.

Elegant Indian Art Expresso Mug

Here is a fabulous mug choice for grown-up parties. This sophisticated coffee mug from India Circus from their collection inspired by Mughal aesthetics is perfect as a memorable return gift. Beautifully designed in brilliant colours, this ceramic mug priced at Rs.299 can be purchased from There are several other options on the website so you can pick out the colours and designs that attract you.

Unique and Interesting Alternatives for Return Gift Mugs

Return gifts are a tough challenge - they need to be something that stands out while remaining reasonably priced. How about gifting offbeat items that make an impression on your guest without burning through your budget. We present a few ideas that you can explore and see if they will suit your needs for commemorating your celebrations.

Saplings of Flowers and Herbs

Any initiative that helps us go green is a welcome one. An interesting return gift idea is giving guests saplings to add a little greenery to their lives. Make it even more special by picking out handmade planters. There is a wide choice in small plants that are suitable for gifting – you can choose pretty flowers or herbs like tulsi or basil. A definitely useful gift that sends a worthy message.

Packets of Seeds

Another eco-friendly gift are seed packets. These seeds can be of plants or those that can be used to feed birds. Create a collection of seeds from different plants and make cute package of them. Add a note giving details of the plants and care instructions for them. You never know, you may be inspiring a small gardener


Kaleidoscopes are novelty items that are usually enjoyed by both adults and tiny tots. Kids especially are amazed by the mesmerising optical patterns that show up. A fun and educative gift that will evoke curiosity and wonder. They are easily available at several websites and you have a lot of choice in terms of designs.

DIY Slime Making Kits


Rather than run-of-the-mill gifts, send back kids with interesting items that stimulate their creativity. DIY Slime has been a craze among children and is something the keeps them happily engaged for hours. This eco-friendly product encourages imaginative thinking and gives them the joy of creating with their hands. A highly useful gift that will be welcomed by the kids and appreciated by their parents.

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Handle Fragile Items With Care

Mugs and sippers for kids may be made of plastic, metal or other strong material but if you are buying mugs made of ceramic, glass or other fragile material, think about how you will deal with them - everything from storage, packing and handing out to guests. If it is passed on to guests with the protective wrapping it came in, find a way to let them know the contents are fragile and should be handled with care.