10 Smart and Casual Jewellery Gifts for Your Husband in 2019 & How to Pick the Right Accessories for Your Man

10 Smart and Casual Jewellery Gifts for Your Husband in 2019 & How to Pick the Right Accessories for Your Man

Your husband is always buying beautiful pieces of jewellery for you and you want to return the favour and buy him an exquisite piece. Whether he wears elegant bracelets, smart ear studs, cool arm bands or a piece of religious jewellery, we have the must buy collection of jewellery gifts for your husband.

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What Kind Of Jewellery Do Indian Men Usually Wear?

Spiritual Ornaments

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It’s absolutely normal for men to wear gold jewellery in India. It’s not an uncommon sight to see men wear gold chains, rings, and bracelets. It’s often considered a symbol of status for both men and women to show how wealthy you are. Jewellery makes a strong and proud statement in the Indian society. Depending on a man’s economic status he can choose anything from gold to silver, stones or no stones and even engraved jewellery. Predominantly most men wear jewellery for spiritual reasons, to honor god, and others might wear jewellery for astrological reasons. For example rudraksha mala, cross pendants, navaratna rings etc.

Family Heirlooms

The definition of heirloom is: “a piece of property that descends to the heir as an inseparable part of an inheritance of real property”. What makes heirloom jewellery valuable is not just its value, and the quality of the piece but the conversations and stories the jewellery has been a part of. Most men wear heirloom pieces because to them it means connection, connection with their ancestors and the million stories it must have witnessed. Men proudly wear heirloom jewellery as a badge of honor to show their roots – where they come from. There are stories of hope, love, dreams, achievement, and sometimes even loss attached to each heirloom that’s passed on from one generation to another.

Funky Fashion Jewellery

In India there are those who love gold and silver jewellery and there are a few others who’d rather be caught dead than wear jewellery. In between this is the metrosexual man who is slowly shedding his inhibitions about wearing jewellery, and is ready to explore with funky fashion jewellery like ear studs, chains, leather bracelets etc.

Accessorizing your look with jewellery need not look gaudy, jewellery is a style statement and it adds a distinctive look to any attire. Opinions about wearing jewellery are slowly changing, and it’s now considered as a fashion statement. Men are slowly starting looking at jewellery as an accessory to enhance their style quotient, and not as something that’s gauche or gaudy.

Jewellery for the Religious Husband

Cross Pendant

Is your husband a devout Christian? If you’re looking for a meaningful gift for your husband, why not buy him this beautiful, diamond Albert Cross Pendant. One of the many reasons why men choose to wear pendants is to express their religious beliefs. The most celebrated symbol and pendant design for Christianity is the Cross, and this exquisite piece of work makes it a perfect gift item for your husband. You can buy this from Bluestone for Rs.27,254.

Sikhi Kadda

The Punjabi Kada, a thick bangle, is the most current fad among men nowadays. Indian jewellery has evolved a lot in the last few years. Fashion trends that we thought were long gone have come back from the yesteryears. Kadas have been worn with great vigor by most Punjabis, but things are changing now and it’s seen as an attractive piece of jewellery to be worn by almost all men. This Hiran Gold Kada is a great blend of modern appeal mixed with traditional appearance. Get this for him from Caratlane for Rs.90,325.

Om Rudraksha Rings

Om is considered to be the first cosmic sound of the absolute truth. This Om Rudraksha Ring can be worn to carry the healing vibration of Om. This classy men’s ring is a perfect gift option and can be worn for any occasion. It’s made of pure 22k yellow gold and weighs approximately 11 grams. You can take it a step further by getting this beautiful ring engraved with a special note. Purchase this magnificent ring from Candere for Rs.46,520.

Trendy Accessories for the Urban Indian Man

If a man’s clothing is cake, then accessories and jewellery are icing! As mentioned earlier, men are just opening up to the idea of wearing jewellery, to accessorise their outfits with trendy jewellery. Your husband can wear a relaxed, laidback, and playful style without feeling overdone or out of place. Be it a classy event or he’s just catching up with his friends for a drink, funky jewellery can lend a sense of distinction allowing him to stand out in a crowd. From a trendy bracelet to ear studs – enhance his style with tasteful jewellery items.

Stylish Wrist Bands

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Keep it simple with this stylish Burberry Tricolor Cord Bracelet. These super trendy bracelets are great for any casual outings. Thinner bracelets are the most versatile jewellery items to wear for any occasion; it’ll look great when paired with watches or any other bracelets like the beaded bracelets. Your husband will look hip and divine with these multicolored bracelets; you can shop the look today from Koovs for Rs.399.

Single Ear Stud

Did you know that the existence of men’s earrings is more ancient than that of women’s in India? It’s true that men started wearing earrings way before women making it exclusively theirs for a period of time. With funky and edgy fashion coming back into trend, studs and earrings are making its way back into fashion. Up your husband’s style quotient with Tanishq Aveer 18KT White Gold Single Stud Earring. This stud is absolutely classy and is perfect for your husband to make a style statement wherever he goes. It’s made out of 18k white gold, and has a square-shaped sparkling diamond. Get it from Tanishq for Rs.21,832.

Gold Plated Watches

Gold-plated Watch? We know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking gold watch, isn’t it a bit gaudy? It used to be the epitome of 1980s Wall Street professional. The world is starting to reconsider gold timepieces and it’s seen a huge resurgence in popularity. With the right watch your husband will look chic and sophisticated, and that watch might be – Men's Dress Watch Quartz / Casual Watch Rose Gold Plated Alloy Band Casual Gold. It’s priced at just Rs.670, and you can buy it from Lightinthebox.

Akhil Bracelet

When we talk about men’s jewellery, bracelet is the game changer. If you’re looking for a fashionable jewellery item for your husband, bracelets are a must have. Stylish and chic, bracelets are an ideal jewellery item that men can wear without feeling overdone, especially this Akhil Bracelet. This graceful bracelet is made out of 18k gold with diamond setting in the middle. You can purchase this amazing bracelet on Caratlane for Rs.35,041.

Jewellery and Accessories That Work for Every Man

When it comes to jewellery, most men seem interested in only wearing a watch, a ring or a chain maybe – and that’s all right. If your husband is not interested in adding statement pieces but just likes wearing nondescript jewellery items, we’ve got you covered for that eventuality too. We’ve also spoken about simple jewellery items that you can buy for your husband in this article. If you’re not convinced about buying funky jewellery pieces for your husband, you can choose to buy him something simple like a beautiful ring with his birthstone or a simple gold chain to express your love for him.

Simple Gold or Platinum Band

Rings are a good gift choice for your husband. But you’re worried you’ll find the same old design, either something religious or a plain band? When you think of gifting your husband something unique the choices have always been limited. But all that’s changing now. We’re now seeing more and more unique designs for chains, rings and bracelets. The beautiful Tanishq Aveer 18KT Yellow & White Gold Finger Ring should be proof enough for you that there are wonderful and unique designs from which you can choose from. This one-of-a-kind yellow gold band has a layer of white gold in a geometric design over it giving the ring a very contemporary appearance. You can buy this beautiful statement piece from Titan for Rs.19,049.

Gold Chain

Men’s gold chains have been an important style statement for ages in India. Although this fad has been here for ages, it continues to be one of the favourite choices for most men and this fashion choice is here to stay. Chains make an awesome evening wear item as well as a smart every day wear option. You’ll be spoilt for choice when you’re picking a chain for your husband because there are always new designs coming out every day as the demand increases day by day. Power up his personality and style statement with the Wide Box Gold Chain made out of 22k yellow gold. Buy this from Caratlane for Rs.17,613.

Birth Stone Ring

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When we think of rings, we picture men only wearing an engagement ring or their wedding rings and nothing more. You can pick out something different and show him that wearing rings other than engagement / wedding ring is fashionable too. If your husband is not afraid to try on something different, and is ready to try on something more glitzy and colouful – the birthstone ring from Etsy is a wonderful choice. You can get this Bezel Set 0.07ct Men's Titanium Ring for just Rs.5961. It’s simple yet elegant, and has the ability to add an oomph factor to any outfit he wears.

Bonus Tip: For a Special Touch Personalise with an Engraved Message

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Add a special touch to the gift you’ve bought by engraving a special message or his initials on the jewellery. You can show him how much you love him and care about him with beautifully engraved jewellery. Engraved bracelets or watches are classic jewellery gift items that he can wear every day and will treasure for the rest of his life.

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Pick Things He Will Wear

Unlike women who adore all sorts of jewellery, men are a lot more picky when it comes to personal items. Not all men are comfortable wearing jewellery and even when they do they have specific tastes so buy something he normally wears; if he favours things on the wrist, chains, rings or ear studs. The metal, stones and design are also important and base your selection on his choice. It will be a shame if you buy an expensive piece that he is reluctant to wear.