11 Awesome Return Gifts for Family on Weddings, Birthdays, and Anniversaries & Useful Ideas to Keep Costs Low

11 Awesome Return Gifts for Family on Weddings, Birthdays, and Anniversaries & Useful Ideas to Keep Costs Low

With family celebrations and festivals are more special. Thank them for their attendance, good wishes and blessings with wonderful return gifts. We have here a fantastic return gift list at all price points for Indian family functions, like birthday parties house warming and any other family events.

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Why to Give Return Gifts to Family?

Gifts are something which are presented to someone without any expectation of getting something in return. But to show that the gift is much liked and to give respect and love for your efforts in preparing the beautiful present return gifts are given. It is a good way of saying thanks to the giver, and a big reason for giving return gifts is to make a relationship stronger.

If you want to appreciate your guests for gracing any family occasion, don't worry return gifts will do the job. It is also a way of showcasing your love through returning and giving a touch of emotional attachment through your return gifts which will serve as a reminder of your event. You are showing concern, respect, and love for them to attend the event.

Criteria for Selecting Return Gifts for the Family

As Per the Occasion

One thing you must keep in your mind while choosing return gifts for the family is whether it's appropriate for the occasion. The gift you selected might be great, but it may not be suited for a specific occasion. Remember, your guest will be expecting something to suit the event you so you must think of the occasion before picking any return gift.

An anniversary is totally different from a wedding, and exactly the return gift would be. Choose practical gift according to the occasion that your guest can use, look at or care for on regular basis. Pick something meaningful which will remind them of the particular event they attended. It doesn't mean return gifts have to be expensive, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be unique. You can choose something like which has a cultural significance. For example, a religious idol or handicraft items are great gifts to give to the family.

Keep the Average Age of the Gathering in Mind

Your anniversary, wedding, or any particular event will be attended by all of your family and friends. There will be many guests of various age groups. You should choose a return gift according to their age. All gifts are not appropriate for all age groups. Something which could be liked by a small child is not something which could be a perfect and useful gift for elder people.

Best thing to do is to put your guests into different age groups like 25 to 40 years and 7 to 18 years and classify gifts accordingly. This will facilitate your job in picking right gifts for right people.

Give Meaningful Return Gifts

Anniversary, wedding, birthday ceremony or any other family event is always a special moment, and you don't want to forget it ever. You must choose something that will remind them of the event every time they use or look at the gift. You want to make the occasion a memorable one for everyone, so you should make sure that the gift you are choosing will commemorate the event and will make the event unforgettable for you as well as your guests.

You can give them customised coasters, wall plates, key rings or chocolate are good gift choices. Choose the gift that adds value to their life and should be meaningful and useful to them.

Unique Wedding Return Gifts for the Family

Minakari Plate

If you want to give your guests something which is both long-lasting and useful, then Minakari plate would be a great choice. This plate is a pretty home decor item that your guests are bound to use, thus a great way to make sure that your guests remember your special event forever. You can buy these Minakari plates from wedtree.in there they cost Rs.445 per piece. Its diameter is about 11 inches and it weighs 300 grams. Gift your guests this special thali and they will cherish it forever.

Skin Safe Travel Pack for Kids

Source Cocomo | Travel kit for kids

How many moms do you reckon are part of your gathering? Many we suppose! And what are some things moms tend to be obsessed with? Keeping their kids safe, healthy and well cared for, of course. Not only will the moms be thrilled with Cocomo’s Travel Gift Pack, the kids themselves will be delighted and feel grown up with their very own travel kit which contains a shampoo and conditioner (50 ml), a 50ml bottle of face and body wash, and a moisturiser with sunscreen (50ml), all neatly packed in a multipurpose travel pouch.

The brand was created by Rashmi Jalan, a mother of two kids, who is passionate about providing natural body care products for children and whose own hunt for safe products for kids proved unfruitful. Carefully formulated with toxin free ingredients, these products care for the sensitive skin of kids while also making sure your active little ones are cleaned of all the grime and dust they’ve collected over the day.

Available in three themes and fragrances - Moon Sparkle, Minty Sea and Earth Shine, each pack is priced at Rs.600. Buy the gift pack on cocomo.in

Rashmi Jalan

Founder, CEO & Director of Cocomo Rashmi Jalan

I realized the importance of natural care for children after the birth of my own. Unable to find genuinely natural products for them, I used to get almonds and coconuts pressed for pure oil. As they grew, so did my search for products that could effectively clean and protect their sensitive skin. I searched worldwide for more natural skin and hair care products for kids aged 4 to 15 years and found a glaring gap.

On one end were infant care products while the other end was adult products, filled will nasty chemicals, or which didn’t smell nice to the kids! Disappointed, I enlisted the expertise of an expert cosmetologist and support of my trusted circle of moms. After several years of hard work and extensive research, Cocomo was born.

Cocomo combines Ayurvedic wisdom with contemporary research to create healthy and kid-friendly products. Our products are infused with engaging colours and fragrances that add fun to their personal hygiene, keeping moms and kiddos equally happy.

Jewellery Pouch

Jewellery boxes are popular items among Indian families for the simple reason that a lot of importance is attached to jewellery and Indian woman will have a collection of precious and semi precious jewellery. You can choose this Floral Jewellery Pouch as a return gift for them as well. It measures 9-inches in length, 6-inches in width, height of 2-inches and weighs around 110 gms. Buy this beautiful Jewellery pouch for Rs.180on wedtree.in.

Personalised Family Mugs

Get all your coffee lover guests a personalised coffee mug from prestogifts.com. It will cost you around Rs.349 to Rs. 403 per piece and comes with 4 different styles. You can choose between a white mug, inner surfaced coloured mug, fringe coloured mug, and Magic mug. In a magic mug, your images and text will appear when hot liquid is poured into it.

You can personalise these mugs with your picture with your better half or you could customise it with your and your spouse name. This will remind your guests of your wedding whenever they will use it. Another option is the Gravity of Love mug at fnp.com for Rs.259. This too can be customised with your names.

Best Return Gifts for a Child's Birthday Party

Magic Folding Water Cup

Who wouldn't want these foldable, easy to carry water glass with them if they are travelling. These glasses can be expanded and collapsed easily. Each Magic Folding Water Cup measures 6 cm in length and 2 cm in breadth. They are available at giftoo.in in many beautiful themes and colours for a discounted price of Rs.40 per pc. Gifting these leakage proof, a durable pack of foldable glasses made of non-toxic plastic to your guests will show concern and care for them. They can take it with them if they are going for a trekking trip, fishing, hiking, or even just general travelling.

The collapsible foldable design makes it a perfect gift for them as it occupies very less space allowing them to keep it in a small place. These glasses are very easy to use, just pull out the cap and it becomes a glass and when you press it and close the lid, it is a just flat lid piece. It is ideal for kids and adults alike.

Tumbler Photo Frames

Photo frames are the best option available if you want to gift it to your guests as a memorabilia of the moments spent together. Take out the print of some of your favourite event photos and insert them in the photo frame.

This 3D Photo Frame With Tumbler will never let them forget that special event. Photo frame with a tumbler is an excellent idea as it could hold other specific things like pens, pencils, flowers or something else along with a photo holder. Buy this for Rs.166 on businessgifts.in.

Return Gifts for Family on Anniversary

Chocolates Personalised with Photo

There are many gifts present in the market that are crowd pleasures and, you can get a photo chocolate return gift box for the same. Customise these chocolate boxes with your photo and text to remind them of your anniversary.

Customised chocolates can make fantastic first-anniversary return gift ideas for a variety of reasons. You can get these chocolate photo box from chococraft.in at prices starting from Rs.1,450 for 10 boxes. These boxes are so pretty that your guests will keep them as a memorabilia.

Silver and Gold Bowl Set

A Jaipur Ace Occasion Gifts Silver Gold Plated Unique Bowl Set makes a beautiful return gift for your guests. Get this bowl set from amazon.in. You will get this pretty set in a red velvet box which can also be used to serve desserts and treats. The set comprises of 2 bowls, 2 spoons, and 1 tray. Buy this elegant set for Rs.329 on Amazon.

Another simpler option is this elegant floral design silver bowl with a spoon from the same brand also available on Amazon. This multicolour bowl is made of brass and has a capacity of 100 ml. Buy it for Rs.299 on amazon.in.

Designer Multicolor Wooden Embossed Box

Every guest expects good piece of return gift from you so why don't you gift them a piece of good artistry and fine workmanship. This Designer Multicolor Wooden Embossed Box from boontoon.com is a perfect choice for you to give them as a return gift which they will not only appreciate but will love to have it. Embossed pattern on the body of the box carved out of quality wood is a piece of attraction and can be used to store small items and jewellery. Buy this box for Rs.335 on Boontoon.

Popular Return Gifts to Give to Family

Moroccon Glass Candle Holder

Beautifying the home with beautiful home decor is the most satisfying thing to do. A candle holder is a necessary accessory at home that holds a candle until it burns completely. Moroccan glass mosaic candle holder is a good choice for this purpose.

Due to its beautiful design and attractive look, it can also be used as a decorative material in the house. This is a perfect return gift to the family to scintillate their home in a very unique way. This beautiful candle stand is made of glass with hand-coated crackle work to give it an amazing look. The product measures 12 cm in length, 12 cm in width and 10 cm in height. Get this product for Rs.449 on homesake.in.

Personalised Key Chains

If you want to give something memorable to the family as a return gift then you could try giving a personalised key ring with a memory of the occasion attached to it. Buy these amazing keyrings for Rs.149 on printland.in and you can avail of an additional discount when ordered in bulk. Your guests will always remember the event whenever they look at the keyring.

Religious Idols

Bid your guest’s adieu on a divine note by gifting them something auspicious. This is the best return gift for guests on behalf of the religious context. You can buy god idols as a gift for the family under Rs.500. People receiving this present take them as a form of prayers or blessings to their family.

If you are considering to giving an idol to the guests then this Crown Base Appu Ganesh from nandigifts.com is a wonderful option. The 5 cm x 6.5 cm idol which stands 8.5 cm high and weighs approximately 155 gm, is made of polystone. Buy this for Rs.199 on nandigifts.com.

Tips on How to Keep The Cost Of Return Gifts Low

Return gifts are a norm nowadays as a way to appreciate and show your gratitude towards family members that attended your function. Return gifts for them should be meaningful, not expensive as you have to give it to many guests. But, don't worry as we are here to guide you to keep the cost as much as low without compromising the quality of the gift.

Browse Through Many Online Stores to Compare Price

Today you don't need to roam anywhere in search for a perfect gift, take out your phone and browse online stores which offer return gifts. You should check out as many online stores as you can, then accordingly select a gift which you find most suitable after looking at reviews, quality and price. Compare their price on different sites, read reviews from each website and find the best deal.

Many sites often provide offers on their products so you must check that if any one is around there which could serve the purpose. Search for gifts according to your budget and you will get many options for the same. Choose a gift which you find most suitable and that's how you will make your guests happy with a return gift at a low price for everyone.

Purchase Items in Bulk Quantity

Remember the occasion, it's not about giving a gift to one or two people, you have to give gifts to as many guests. You must search for sites which could deliver products in a bulk amount. Wholesale sites would be of great help if you could get your desired gift from there. Moreover, the effective price during checkout when purchased in bulk goes low. Follow this approach and you will get perfect return gifts for your guests at a low cost.

Have similar functions or parties lined up soon after each other? Shop for all the return gifts you will need at one go. Unless they are consumable items which will spoil, stock up on the return gifts and gift bags to avail of further discounts. Most return gift stores and e commerce retailers list their contact details on the website. If you have enough items in your cart, you can reach out to them and inquire for additional discounts.

From our editorial team

Match Gifts to Tastes

The advantage of buying return gifts for family is you have a fairly good idea about their taste which makes it easier to pick out things they will like. If you can manage the numbers, select individual gift items according to age group, different things for the men and the women so everyone is pleased. However, stick to the same budget for different groups and avoid too much variety; it will be harder to manage it all and you will have to watch carefully that you don't give the wrong gift to anyone. Also, too much variety increases chances of gifts being compared and egos being hurt.