Throwing a Party for Kids? Here are 10 Cool Ideas for Party Favors for a 10-Year-Old That's Going to Make Your Next Kiddy Bash a Hit (2019)

Throwing a Party for Kids? Here are 10 Cool Ideas for Party Favors for a 10-Year-Old That's Going to Make Your Next Kiddy Bash a Hit (2019)

While throwing a party for kids, an adult has to look after everything to make it a fun experience and there is so much to keep in mind, among all the other things, one of the most important things are party favours. Here, we have compiled a list of things which you can buy to give away as appropriate party favours to 10-year-old kids.

Tips on Party Favors for 10 Year Olds

Store Brought Favors

Whether you’ve planned a birthday party, a thematic party or any other special event, remember to send your little guests home with a goodie bag filled with fun treats. 10-year-olds or tweens, as they are popularly called these days, may no longer be interested in kiddie plays or finger puppets or play dough, but, there are ample age-appropriate favoursk87yyy you’d get them. You can go in for a variety of small favours in one large gift bag or one large item that the kids would flip over, ideally unisex, making it worth every kid’s while. Tweens love novelty items like mini Frisbees, personalized pencils, stickers, glow in the dark stuff, mini bubble bottles, mini slinkies or bookmarks, and more. All these, you can buy off of a store that sells birthday supplies or a local stationary/toy store for kids.

Keeping them engaged doesn’t require much time or resources. All you need to do is pick an interesting game or a puzzle and you’ll have the tweens busy for hours. Mini puzzle cubes, slide puzzles, paddleball games, miniature board games, and playing cards are popular favourites among 10-year-olds. If you’d like to purchase gender-specific goodies for the kids, then your party favors for girls can include small stuffed animals, slap bracelets, pinwheels, mini manicure kit, perfume vials, mini soaps, and body glitter, while for the boys, you can choose from mini vinyl footballs, key chains, mini flashlights, water guns, plastic sports bottles, and glow-in-the-dark slime.

Crafty Party Favors


With an appropriate budget in mind, allow your creativity to fly through when you put together goodie bags for the kids’ party. If you are a crafts enthusiast, then you can add a personal spin to the party favours by opting for homemade edible treats instead of store brought snacks or refer to Pinterest for an interesting assortment of cute & simple craft projects, where the kids can create their own party favour. The crafty party favours could include homemade cupcakes, cookies, trail mixes in quirky DIY custom bags; braided or beaded neckpieces or bracelets; homemade slime or hand-painted picture frames. Some other crafty favours could include making tie-dye shirts, pillowcase, popsicle stick monsters, or send the kids back home with follow-up crafts such as plant seeds, a DIY recipe with cute cookie cutters or rolling pins.

How to Organize the Best Party Favors

A good party favour can end your party on a high note and your little guests with a warm heart. Before you assemble goodie bags for the tweens, here are few tips to ensure your favours are better than the rest. Focus on quality and not quantity, which not only save you a heavy expense but also have your guests involved and appreciative of the favours. For instance, a paperback book would be an inexpensive yet valuable gift to the little recipient. Avoid putting your favours in a paper bag, instead of make the packaging a part of your party favour. You’d put items in a plastic popcorn container for a circus-themed party or a small flower pot for a garden theme event.

Kids enjoy things that they can enjoy indulging in during the party and take it back home with. For instance, if your party is science-themed, then you can include water bottles shaped like beakers, which could not only be used during the party but can be taken post the event by the kids. Other items can include glow-in-the-dark sunglasses, LED balls, inflatable guitars and more. Gifts that are personalized have an added effect on a kid. So, a personalized gift bag would be perfect with a custom-made cape, photo frame, etc.

Party Favor Ideas for 10 Year Olds

Magic Rubik Cube Puzzle Game

Rubik’s Cube is a puzzle in the guise of a plastic cube with multi-coloured squares, and the objective of the game is to twist and turn the squares such that each side results in a single colour. Miss & Chief Cube from is designed with a soft & smooth surface allowing the cube to turn with ease. Playing with the Magic Rubik Cube will help the kids with their logical reasoning capabilities, thinking skills & problem resolution. Measuring at 5.5cm in width, depth & height each, the Magic Rubik Cube Puzzle Game weighs at 73g and is priced at Rs.116 for one puzzle.

Cocomoco Kids Play Passport Kit

The Cocomoco Play Passport Kit is a pretend play activity kit, in which the Kids play virtual travel games to 12 different countries with the Cocomoco Passport and learn about their capitals, languages, flags, visas and monuments, all they need to do is paste the respective country’s stickers on their passports. Each kit includes 60 visa stickers, flags, languages, capitals & monuments of 12 countries and the Cocomoco kids Play Passport Kit makes for an ideal party favour for kids in a way that boosts their knowledge, enhances their interpersonal skills with social play, develops their critical thinking, rewards and encourages their curiosity and improves their visual perception. Measuring 18 * 1inches in width & height respectively, the Cocomoco kids Play Passport Kit is priced at Rs.175 and available at

Geometry with Geoboard

A fun learning game, Geometry with Geoboard is an innovative game of rubber bands and geoboard that helps kids understand some basic geometric shapes, by stretching different coloured bands around pegs, measuring 5*5 array Geoboard, making different shapes, counting their sides, corners and measuring their areas and angles. The kids can also make identical shapes in different sizes or change one shape into another by referring to the Activity Book included in the game set. Geometry with Geoboard includes a double-sided Geoboard featuring 5*5 pin array on one side and a 12 pin circular arrangement on the other side, 20 rubber bands and an activity book. Aimed at enhancing the kids’ understanding of basic geometric shapes, line segments, sides, areas, and angles, developing their problem solving & fine motor skills, the Geometry with Geoboard Game is priced at Rs.192 and available at

3 in 1 Eraser Sharpener & Brush Set

This 3-in-1 eraser, sharpener & brush set is cute party favour made of high-quality plastic and completely non-toxic and comes with a non-toxic, high-quality eraser. Easy to carry and use, the set is shaped like a watch, is available in different colours and measures 15*10*1 cms in dimensions. The 3 in 1 Eraser Sharpener & Brush Set is available at, priced at Rs.439 and comes in a set of 24 pieces.

Tooth Brush & Napkin Holder

Ideal for Kids, the Tooth Brush and Napkin Holder is a plastic set perfect for travel and can be used to keep their toothbrushes clean and in hygienic conditions. With cases available in different colours, storing a toothbrush in the case will prevent the brush from coming in contact with other items or dirty surfaces. The Tooth Brush & Napkin Holder set includes 6 pieces in each set, with each holder designed with a cute cartoon character. Available in sets of 6,12, and 24, the Tooth Brush & Napkin Holder is priced at Rs.599, Rs.1,099 and Rs.1,999, respectively and can be purchased from

Tic Tac Toe Game Set

An age old game that almost all of us have played in one form or another, the Tic Tac Toe Game is a classic game set also referred to as Noughts & Crosses and can be played with 1 or 2 players. The aim is to mark the designated empty slots with X and O in a 3*3 grid and the player who succeeds in placing 3 of his/her symbols in a horizontal/vertical or diagonal row wins the game. This game enhances the statistical and creative imagination of a child, developing the logical thinking skills, expanding the child’s analytical skills, as well. Measuring 12*10*2cms the Tic Tac Toe Game Set from Anindita Toys is made of non-toxic and child friendly material, priced at Rs.55. Available at

Desi Karigar Folk Art Wooden Pecking Hen & Rooster Paddle Game Toy

A pecking ball paddle with Wooden Chickens, this game toy involves gently swinging the paddle and watch the chickens peck. A classic wooden toy, the Desi Karigar Folk Art Wooden Pecking Hen & Rooster Paddle Game Toy includes a paddle measuring 4 ¾ inches in diameter and a 3 inch handle. This movable string toy is amusing to play with, all one needs to do is pull the string below and watch the birds’ necks move happily. Made in natural colors and shaped adoringly like pecking chickens the game toy has a stick in the center and is available with an attractive finish. Made with high quality and durable wood and measuring 20*13*3cm, the Wooden Pecking Hen & Rooster Paddle Game Toy from Desi Karigar Folk Art is priced at Rs.399 a piece and ideal for party favors and available at

Wooden Jenga Junior

Funskool’s Jenga Junior is a popular hit among the kids and offers them an unusual combination of skills and fun with a variety of wooden blocks that need arranging in a peculiar way without letting them topple over. The objective of the game is to stack up to the wooden blocks and create a story, as the kids continue stacking the wooden blocks the game improves on their power of concentration, also enhancing their dexterity with the removing and placing of the wooden blocks in a particular sequence. Measuring 20*10*4cm, the Wooden Jenga Junior Game from Funskool requires 1 or more players and includes 39 wooden blocks & a detailed instructions booklet. Priced at Rs.293 per game set and available at

Portable Invisible Magic Pen

Here’s a party favour the kids would enjoy thoroughly. An Invisible Ink Pen which can be used to write secret messages to family and friends, the Portable Invisible Pen from Birthday Poppers writes without the letters seem visible. They become visible only under a UV/LED light that’s on the pen’s cap. Measuring at 13cms in dimension the magic pen makes for a cool party favour for pre-teens and is available in multiple colours in a set of 20 pens. Priced at Rs.600 the Portable Invisible Magic Pen is available at

DIY Fidget Spinning Top Kit (Coloring & Gravity Spinning Learning Kit)

An innovative DIY educational toy kit, the Spinning Tops Kit from Funvention is crafted on lines of the age-old, but till date engaging toy, that keeps the kids wondering about its unique functioning. A spinning top is designed to spin speedily on the ground, resulting it to continue being in balance, while in motion at its tip, thanks to its rotational inertia. The Spinning Top Kit comes in the form of a puzzle with unique and designer spinning tops that the kids can assemble and paint the geometric surfaces to make it more personalized. These laser cut pieces when arranged together makes for a beautiful spinning top. The kids can use coloured pencils, markers, brush colours or crayons to add a bit of zing and style to their spin tops and due to their fine cuts, the assembly is completely glued less. The kit comes with a detailed and step-by-step instructions manual. The DIY Fidget Spinning Top Kit comes in a pack of 6 multicoloured spinning tops (ready to be assembled), priced at Rs.270 from

Bonus Tip: Pocket-Friendly Alternative Ideas for Party Favors

It is quite a possibility that in the humdrum of organizing your child’s birthday or special party, you overlook the party favor, but that doesn’t warrant you resorting to buying useless favors. Before you end up buying something that will go straight to a store room or in the garbage, courtesy of an overprotective or cautious parent, visualize yourself with the item in question and your child’s involvement in it. If you wince at the idea, its not worth buying. Here are some ideas to help you avoid making an expensive choice.

  • Edible Treats - Before you come up with small bags of flavored popcorn or gummy bears and colorful candies, its best to check if any of your little guests are allergic to any food items and then organize the edible treats.

  • Laughs Galore – Include something silly in your party favor, like a whoopee cushion which the kids would enjoy playing pranks on each other, laughing and being entertained for hours.

  • Utility Favors – Things like toothbrushes, bubble bath or other personal care items customized with the kids’ personal favorite characters is a good idea.

  • Reader’s Delight – A few favorite or bestselling books for a specific age group or ones that match your party theme would make for an interesting party favor .

  • DIY Garden Set – Real seeds to plant & grow with pop up miniature garden kits would make for great alternative party favors.
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