Still Looking for the Perfect Gifts to Give on Navratri? Here are 10 Ideal Navratri Haldi Kumkum Gifts for 2020

Still Looking for the Perfect Gifts to Give on Navratri? Here are 10 Ideal Navratri Haldi Kumkum Gifts for 2020

The festive season has already started in India. It is important for us to quickly decide the gifts for our friends, family and relatives. Our Gifting Guide will help you quickly appreciate the things you need to keep in mind during the festivals and also other important occasions.

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Perfect Gifts for Indian Festivities

India is a land of never-ending festivities and celebrations. Every household, every caste and religion has their own celebrations, and India being the land of brotherhood, celebrates every festivity irrespective of the differences in culture or region. These festivities are thousands of years old, but the celebrations and traditions are still being followed with utmost dedication and love. This is indeed the beauty of Indian festivities.

Finding the perfect gift for Indian festive occasions seems easy and often boring, as it is the same old stuff each time. However times have changed, our tastes have changed, and our gifts too must get a face-lift. This is where we play the part. This time make your festive gifting fun and interesting. We will give you a ride through unique gifting options that is sure to earn you a lot of brownie points and compliments.

Indian Traditions and Magnanimity

Indian festive traditions are designed to inculcate in us a feeling of oneness and remind us about the triumph of goodness. Each festivity has its own story and moral. No matter what the festivity or celebration may be, there is one tradition that remains the same which is being followed religiously: gifting. Gifting has been a part of Indian traditions since times immemorial. From a simple gift, a token of gratitude or being a welcome gesture to mark the importance of an occasion, gifts have always been exchanged. Gifts are truly cherished in our country, and have always been something that bonds people together. A gift of some sort is indeed mandatory when it comes to being an Indian. So, you get the gist, gifting itself is a beautiful tradition.

The Culture of Gifting

Just as we said, gifting itself is a tradition in India, and who are we to break traditions, if it is something that brings lots of joy and togetherness. Be it Diwali, Navratri, Dussehra, Onam, Eid or even weddings, gifts are mandatory. It could be a material or a monetary gift, and when it comes to the former, we are here to help, besides, selecting festive gifts is so much fun.

Gifting has been an integral part of the Indian culture, since times immemorial. It has been mentioned in ancient scriptures and is followed religiously even now. It is not just for thanking or acknowledging, but is also a way to shower love and adoration. It is just the gifts that have changed, but the feelings and thoughts behind it remain the same.

The Art of Giving Traditional Gifts a Modern Twist

Well, when it comes to gifting in the present day and scenario, there are no lack of options, but when it comes to festive gifting, traditions must be followed. The key is to find the right blend of traditions and modernism. When the gifts are given as per the occasion, and by keeping our culture in mind, it doesn’t matter if the gifts have a modern twist. Just keep it minimal, that is all that matters.

Tips to Find the Perfect Gift this Festive Season

We at BP Guide, are going to guide you in finding the perfect gifts for all your Indian festivities. We will give you tips, as well as our top ten gifting choices, with which gifting this festive season would be as simple as a walk in the park.

Scavenge through Trusted Websites

Firstly, and most importantly, when it is the festive season, shops and streets are filled with people on their shopping sprees. This is where online shopping makes life simpler, and sorts out all your troubles. Online shopping not only helps you get things at a cheaper price but also without the hectic walks and rounds. The tip here is to scavenge through good shopping websites. All the sites need not provide quality products, hence only shop from established websites and always wait for the festive sales and offers.

Gift as per the Occasion

There is no lack of reasons to celebrate when it comes to Indian festivities. Each festivity is different in nature, is celebrated differently and has a different backstory. Hence, the gifts must be different too. Always gift according to the occasion, and if that isn’t possible, gift something that blends in well with the festivity.

Stay True to Traditions

While surfing for a gift, you might come across various things, that could lure you in. But make sure to buy things that are true to our traditions and culture. For festive gifting, it is imperative that you choose things, that have its soul in our culture, and something that truly forms a part of the festivity.


Before gifting, have a budget ready. Indian festivities can become a bit overwhelming, and one single gift might not cut the demands of all the days of celebrations and the numerous friends and relatives around. Hence it would be great to decide a total budget, and plan ahead to buy the required number of gifts within the given budget itself. Festivities, must mark prosperity, you shouldn’t end up broke after the whole fiasco.

Our Top Ten Navratri Haldi Kumkum Gift Options this Festive Season

Here we give our best pooja or festive gifting choices. These articles can be gifted on multiple occasions and are extremely versatile. They stick to our traditions and are also perfect for all kinds of pooja or traditional occasions. Each gift is carefully chosen from trusted websites, to make everything easy for you. We are sure you would love each option we have mentioned.

Copper Pooja Thali Set

India has paved its way into modernism long back. But, at the same time, this beautiful country has held on to her traditions and culture. Every Hindu household in the country, has a pooja at least once a year. The number of poojas tend to only go higher, as there is no scarcity of celebrations and other festivities in our country. And every single pooja is incomplete without a pooja thali. This is one inevitable thing when it comes to traditional celebrations. So, this festive season, as a perfectly useful and thoughtful gift, present your loved ones a pooja thali.

The Agni 13 Inch Copper Pooja Thali Set from is the perfect choice of a thali. The thali is made with pure copper metal, in its authentic sheen. The thali has a traditional design and has a higher edge with a grill like design, for a perfect hold and balance. The thali also comes with various components that can be used in the thali itself or individually during poojas. It has two copper bowls, one four-bowl component with holder, a traditional lamp, a brass lota with spoon, a designer holder to burn camphor, an incense stick holder and a bell. It is the perfect gift as a return favour in any pooja or traditional festivities. The thali set comes in a compactly packed box and is priced at just Rs. 2,000.

Collectable Brass Idol


Sometimes, during certain festivities, you are required to gift unique pieces, that are a bit higher on the price range. It could be for a very close relative, or an situation, that calls for you to gift something completely flawless. That is where we speak about the importance of collectable idols. These idols are perfect to be kept in a mandir, or even to be kept for display. The only thing to be kept in mind, is that this gift must stand out from the rest. For such occasions, we have the perfect solution.

The Collectible India 11" Large Durga Idol is a great gift during Hindu festivities. This brass sculpture of Goddess Maa Durga would indeed make a great gift during Navratri or during pooja and other traditional functions. The statue is made in rare solid brass with turquoise stone work over the body. Goddess Maa Durga is considered as the mother of the universe and is believed to be the power behind every creation. Gifting Maa Durga is considered spiritual and lucky. This idol is the perfect gift for thanksgiving, anniversary, weddings and festivities. The idol is priced at Rs. 9,999 and can be purchased from Amazon.

Wooden Pooja Chowki

During festivities, gifting is a very important part. But we all wish to gift something unique, something that would be recognised and remembered. During festivities, when the gifts are related to traditions, and culture; the options are very few. But we will not let that stop you. This festive season, gift something that is uncommon, useful and thoughtful, also something that not everyone thinks of. It is a pooja chowki.
The Heman Solid Wood Pooja Chowki in Honey Oak Finish by Mudramark is a unique, yet simple gift. It is a square chowki with depth and width of 19 inches and a height of 6 inches. The carefully crafted details and traditional design is sure to take your loved ones to a different era, and also this wooden chowki is something that would last many generations. This chowki shall be perfect for any mandir and decor. Grab this unique piece from at just Rs. 2,849 only, and for a happy note, let us tell you; this product is available on sale. So, grab your chowki soon.

Exotic Pooja Bowl Set

It has always been a tradition among Indians, to offer food to their deity before it is consumed. Even if not followed every single day, giving bhog to the deity is still a part of our culture and religiously done during poojas and celebrations. During such festivities, special utensils are used for this purpose. These utensils are specially made for this purpose in expensive metals, preferably silver or copper. So, this festive season, gift your loved ones a Pooja Bowl set.

The Silver-Plated Exotic Bowl Set is an intricately designed set, specially made for poojas. As the name suggests, it is silver plated and comes with two bowls, two spoons and a beautiful tray to hold them. The set also comes in a beautiful red velvet box. This ensures that, after each use, your favourite deity’s utensils are stored properly, and is kept as good as new, exactly like when it was gifted. Grab this lovely bowl set from at Rs. 1,500 only. This website also provides great offers on bulk orders.

Antique Brass Diya


Festivities and diyas are inseparable when it comes to Indian festivities. The pooja itself starts with the lighting of the auspicious lamp. It has forever depicted the spread of light over darkness, i.e. the triumph of good over bad. No matter how modern our country has become, there are millions of households in which a diya is lighted every single day, and in some households, diyas are continuously lit for years. In such a context, it is always safe to gift a diya. Not just any diya, but a diya that is sure to hold one’s eye.

The Bird Brass Antique Diya from is an intricately carved traditional piece that is sure to tug at your loved one’s heart strings. It has a traditional peacock design and stands with a height of 6 inches. Made of solid brass, this diya is sure to beautify any mandir or showcase. One would love to light this beautiful diya, and you will always be remembered for your impeccable choice by gifting this unique piece. This lovely peacock diya is priced at Rs. 3,315.

Gold Coin

India and its love for gold is world famous. It is not something that recently started, but this love has been long stuck with Indians from times immemorial. Gold is also seen as a great way to invest some money. Gold is priced really high, and gifting gold as festive or pooja presents may seem a bit out of hand. But, before you rule out this option, let us inform you, there are ways to gift this precious metal in moderation but with the same status.

This festive season, gift your loved ones, a gold coin. Not whole sovereigns but in grams. And when you are intending to buy gold online, go for established jewellers, and this time we have chosen Malabar Gold & Diamonds. The 916 Purity 1 gm Laxmi Gold Coin from Malabar Gold & Diamonds with product code: MGLX916P1G is a stunning piece of gold. It has an intricate carving of Goddess Lakshmi and is also carrying a BIS Hallmark. This is a great investment piece for you and your loved ones, and gifting gold is a mark of prosperity and good fortune. This coin is priced at Rs. 4,009 and can also be further customised.

Netted Chunri

Seeing the beautiful face of Devi Ma, shall melt away all the sadness from your life. Gifting pieces to adorn the idols of deities, is considered auspicious in our country. And what is more fulfilling that seeing Devi Ma, adorned in jewels and garlands. This festive season, gift your loved ones or the temple a chunri to adorn your favourite deity from head to shoulders. Any ordinary chunri will not do, you must gift something unique and beautiful.

The Netted Chunri-Design X from Rudra Centre is an absolutely stunning piece of fabric. The chunri has golden sequin and thread work, that is completed with a thick golden border and golden tassels, providing a very traditional and elegant look. With the dimension of 89 x 46 inches, this chunri is perfect for festivities and prayers. It is priced at Rs.1,750.

Spiritual Painting


Festivities and extravaganza go hand in hand. But there are a few who are into minimalist lifestyle, and don't believe in the bling and flashiness. Finding gifts for these lovely souls can be a bit difficult. The gifts must be toned down but traditional at the same time, and this really seems like two extreme poles. But we have you covered.

The Devi Saraswati Wooden Relief Painting from is the perfect gift for these people. The painting is crafted stunningly by arranging wooden blocks of Jack-fruit wood, Margosa and Masonite Board. These provide the different shades seen on the painting. Framed in a wooden inlay, this portrait makes the perfect gifting article. Grab yours at Rs. 650.

Traditional Pooja Box


Just like poojas are an integral part of our culture, and are inevitable, the pooja articles too play an important role. These may be small or big, and may vary from one kind to another depending on the poojas and festivities. Thus, when it comes to gifting, especially for traditional functions, make sure to gift something that serves multiple purposes.

The Delhi Gift House Multipurpose Decorative Dry Fruit Gift Box from Amazon is a wise choice. The box is made of wood and is silver plated. It has compartments to hold various items, and can store everything from dry fruits to haldi, kumkum and ornaments too. This is not just a festive gift, but also a very useful gift on the whole. Grab this beautiful multipurpose box from Amazon at just Rs. 499.

Decorated Kumkum Holder

Haldi and kumkum, are inevitable parts of our culture. They signify purity and valour. And haldi-kumkum is itself a ceremony in our culture. Every festivity is incomplete without these two. Thus, when we talk about festive gifting, how can we forget a haldi-kumkum holder.

The Ornamental Haldi Kumkum Box JD002 from Pilgrimaide is a gorgeous metal haldi-kumkum holder with a stunning traditional design. It is a lovely piece that comes with two lidded holders in a tray. It has an additional bowl that can act like a diya. The lids are studded with ruby like stones, making it all the more attractive. Grab this lovely holder and gift away at just Rs. 1,669.

Tips for Gifting

Gifting during festivities, are slightly different from the normal occasions. Here we give you some lovely tips for traditional festive gifting to make things easier and more fun.

Carry Sweets

Sweets not only sweeten your tongue and tummy, but also relationships. And sweets are mandatory when it comes to Indian festivities. So, when you go to any festive celebrations, carry a box of sweets without fail. It could be anything, but a little sweet make everything better.

Go Traditional

Since it's time for festivities and traditions, feel free to go all traditional. From the fasting to food habits, and dressing, keeping everything traditional will give you a whole new experience, a completely different perspective, and will help you enjoy every single aspect its very own authentic way.

Read About the Festivity

When you walk in somewhere it is always best to walk in prepared. Before you decide to visit the place, or purchase a gift, read about the celebration, and a summary of the story behind it. It will give you a better outlook, and understanding of what is going on around you. Also, a little research greatly helps to pick the right gift.

Enjoy and Love

Lastly and more importantly, festivities and celebrations, are to bring people together, and magnify the bond. So, despite everything, it is just love that matters over all. Make the most of the celebrations, enjoy yourself and help others enjoy to the fullest. Happiness and brotherhood are all that matters! Happy celebrations people!

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