10 Creative Milestone Gifts for Husband on 30th Anniversary & How to Make this Anniversary Different from the Ones Before

10 Creative Milestone Gifts for Husband on 30th Anniversary & How to Make this Anniversary Different from the Ones Before

Reinforce and heighten the love between you and your husband on the 30th anniversary with remarkable gifts. Learn some new tips on giving gifts to your husband on 30th Anniversary with this detailed enchiridion from BP Guide. There are a number of options to figure out what you can get for your man. Find out the symbols representing the 30th anniversary and how to use them to present the best gift to your husband on the 30th anniversary.

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How to Celebrate a Milestone Anniversary like the 30th

Give Him Milestone Gifts

Anniversaries are reminders of the bonds of love you both share, the promises you made to each other and the journey of life you have lived together. Milestones are just another feather to the cap of marriage that celebrates wedded bliss. Each year of marriage is significant with an appropriate symbol and gemstone.

Traditionally, 30th anniversary is associated with pearl implying purity, understanding and innocence. You can either gift the traditional way with conventional choices or combine tradition with modern themed items. In the modern scheme of gifting, a diamond’s characteristics of strength, endurance and eternity gem well with the essence of the 30th anniversary. Alternatively, gifting a jade would also be in line with the entire symbolism theme.

Give Him Creative Gifts

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Gifts, experiences or gestures of love are all welcoming and appreciated if they come heartfelt. When choosing a gift for your husband, use your inherent creativity and take a trip down the memory lane to review any particular memories that hold a special place in your hearts, perhaps your first date, or his proposal, a particular moment on your wedding day that you shared or other significant milestones in your relationship.

You can combine a symbolic gift for each year that you’ve spent with each other with memories attached to such instances. Even though there is a lot of thought and effort behind the selection of his gift, it is important to remember that the emotional value of the gifts may last long, however a gift chosen for practical purposes may be more effective.


Buying or creating a gift isn’t just that moving or enough. In today’s date each concept requires more thoughtfulness and passion and love than the money spent. If you end up buying something that may not be appreciated don’t be disheartened. You can always give him something handmade. Making a string of small gifts or creating something huge, whatever you choose to make, let it be simple and meaningful, and it will be more endearing than going for an expensive present.

Buying at a store is no longer the only way of getting a gift, you can create a gift for your spouse with just a few easy clicks from the comfort of your home or office and customize things for him with his pictures or engraving his name on them. You can also plan a romantic evening, a weekend getaway with a whole romantic set-up, arrange for couple spa session or any other relaxing activity together.

10 Milestone Anniversary Gifts for Husband on 30th Anniversary

Premium Wrist Watch

Most men are fond of watches, that too stylish and unique. When buying for your husband, it is important to take your time and find one that matches his personality. Watches come in all shapes and sizes are classified into different categories of sports, casual, vintage or luxury. The kind of watch you end up choosing should be based on the kind your husband would like wearing the most!

A unique time piece handcrafted from authentic and natural wood at Tsar, the tri-classic is a premium watch with multi-functional traits and feather-weight features. Sourced from Turkey, the walnut wood is symbolic of self-assurance and intelligence. Crafted on the Japanese quartz movement, the watch has hardened mineral glass with a butterfly clasp, a dial size of 30 mm and band width of 24 mm. The case size is 42 mm with 13 mm thickness. The display is analog and the dial is brown in color. The brand has some excellent review in terms of its durability and designing. The watch comes packed in a wooden box with a cushion for secure placement. Its visual appeal is remarkable and appropriate for both casual and formal occasions. Buy it for your husband for Rs. 6,100. Buy it here.

A little note to help him in maintaining his luxury watch would be quite handy. The watch should be wiped clean with a soft cloth around the band and the case. It should be serviced on a regular basis and kept far from magnets. Storing the watch in a safe place or a box is highly recommended to avoid exposure to dirt, sunlight and harmful chemicals.

Designer Watch Case

If he loves buying watches and struggles to manage them or keep them safely, here’s a luxury leather case to fit in his expansive watch collection. With provision to keep all watches upright, safe and elegantly displayed, the box has 8 compartments large enough with a cushion in each to hold varying sizes of watches in place. With considerable space between the lid and cushions, the case is made of high quality PU synthetic leather with a velvet lining. The designer case includes a 3 month warranty from the manufacturer and can be purchased from leatherworldonline.net for Rs.1,039.

Personalised Champagne Flutes

Engraved with both your initials and wedding date this set of 2 champagne flutes is beautifully designed to highlight the charm of white vintage, elegantly shaped with a well-built finish, the glasses would be an excellent addition to your husband’s home bar. For placing an order for these flutes, you need to provide you and your husband’s initials with your wedding date to be inscribed on the glasses. You can buy them off giftsmate.net for Rs.1,199.

Fashion Accessories Gift Set

Well-chosen accessories can take your man’s style quotient to another level of coolness. Choose accessories for him that complement his style of dressing. The ‘bewitching balance’ surprise box from peluche.in comes with this classic combination of navy blue, white and silver. The premium wooden surprise box includes a neck tie, a brooch, a lapel clip and a pair of cufflinks. All contents of this gift set are made of excellent quality material with impeccable finishing. The floral brooch is made of specially designed brass metal with an A grade rhodium plating. But this lovely set goes for Rs.2,499 from peluche.in.

Wooden Docking Station

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Take away his organizing woes by gifting him this unique wooden docking station in rustic pine finish, which provides a stylish space for his daily essentials. In a portable size of 10 oz, it will fit in well in his laptop bag or luggage while traveling. It can be assembled easily and is compatible with most smartphones, other type of phones and iPods. With a tray in the front, it can hold a pen, stylus or a pencil, with ample space for a couple of watches on one side and keys on the other. The tray can also house USB drives, coins, and all small things that lie about scattered everywhere! The pine finish makes it lighter than a plywood finish and more eco-friendly. Priced at Rs.999, you can buy this docking station at amazon.in.

Recycled Coaster Set

Made from label cuts of genuine vinyl records, this set of 6 coasters will be a big hit if he’s a hardcore music fan. Double sided and laminated these coasters are water resistant and prevent any spill marks or damage to your furniture. Handmade in Philadelphia, each set includes an assortment of genres. The set is 4” in diameter and can be purchased from uncommongoods.com for Rs.1,292.

A Gentlemen’s Grooming Kit from Forest Essentials

Men’s skin and body care products should be easy and simple to choose. When looking for a set of things to cater to his skin and body care, it is important to identify products that are specifically for men with the highest quality of natural and organic ingredients. Their skin is usually 25 per cent thicker than a woman’s skin, has more pores, is oilier and perspires more! From the conventional norms of the shaving ritual, men’s grooming process has evolved over the years and now involves an overall management of skin and body care. A multi-purpose grooming kit can make his cleaning ritual an easy task.

If your husband is always on the move, then a travel kit would be more useful for him. Forest Essentials offers a stylish grooming kit for men with natural ingredients and blends from natural Ayurveda. Inspired by the sandalwood and orange peel series, the kit is inclusive of a facial cleanser (200 ml) which removes excess oil and impurities leaving the skin clean and fresh; the aftershave spray (100 ml) gives instant shots of energy with its calming basil extracts and licorice that tones the skin and cools it down; the shaving cream (100 gm) is rich in its moisture content and protects the skin from irritation making way for a smooth razor glide. The kit also includes a brush. Buy it at nykaa.com for Rs.3,875.

Bar Accessories Gift Set

If your husband is a high-spirited spirit-lover, then a bar accessory would be an ideal gift. With a magnetic bottle hangar he can organize his beers separately in the refrigerator. The bottle hanger comes with 3 strips which can be attached to the fridge ceiling, it has 3 m VHB adhesive magnets which are quite powerful and can hold 12 oz bottles with ease. With his beer bottles out of the way you will have enough space and more for other items. Priced at Rs.1,016 you buy this holder from globepanda.com.

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Combine the magnetic beer holder with a beer chiller which can come to use when he’s on the move and doesn’t have a drinks cooler. The Corkcicle Chillsner includes a unique beer chiller which can be inserted inside the bottle and keep it cold from the first sip to the last. To use the chiller, it needs to be frozen first for a duration of 45 minutes and then inserted firmly to create a tight seal. It is the perfect size for most long neck beer bottles. It is available at amazon.in for Rs.1,691.

Dual Foot Massager

With long working hours and minimal breaks, his feet would be sore and hurting and welcome a good foot massage. This dual foot massager from prezzybox.com works on the pressure points on the feet which can direct healing energies to other parts of the body, like the brain, stomach or the heart, making for a relaxing and calming experience. Inspired by the concept of Shiatsu, an ancient massage technique, the device aids in relieving tension and pain in different body parts through rolling of feet over the blue nodes on the massager. It requires 2 AA batteries, which aren’t included in the package. The massager is available for Rs.1,260 here.

A Scuba Diving Experience

If you both like exploring new things, registering for a new experience together can be a wonderful anniversary gift. India is rich with a number of magnificent water bodies which is absolutely worthy of being explored. Scuba Diving is a thrilling activity in the realm of water sports which gives you an opportunity to witness a beautiful variety of flora and fauna and the colorful coral reefs underwater. With a professional guide accompanying you, you and your husband will be diving underwater with breathing apparatus to help you breathe underwater.

You can plan a holiday around this beautiful experience. Tarkali in Maharashtra is one of the popular destinations for water sports. One has to undergo a certified training session before diving into the water for personal safety and security measures. An opportune time to visit Tarkali would be between Oct-April. You can visit scubadivingintarkali.com for more details.

Careful Planning and Execution Takes Time!

It is a known fact that finding a unique present for men isn’t really easy, and especially when they seem to have most things. With a little forward thinking, creative brainstorming and a unique collection of gift offerings it will be a sure shot winning streak for you. In the process of selecting an apt gift for your man, look for things that are technologically advanced in some basic activities like, printing pictures, or a unique add to his office accessories like an organizer or perhaps something that will help him unwind.

Categorising your husband’s personality will help you in identifying the genre of gifts to choose from. And with the world as your oyster, you can now order stuff online with competitive or free international shipping options. So plan ahead and get his gifts rolling in advance!

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Revitalize your love life with impressive gifts for husband on 30th anniversary

From gift ideas such as scuba diving to men's accessories, gift giving is all about the heartfelt process of delivering something worthwhile to your husband. A myriad of gifts can come in handy, but carefully thought out gifts will bring out the awe in your man, making him cherish you more and more. A 30th anniversary means you are completely fond of him, know him entirely and have spent a considerable amount of time with him. It is, therefore, in the right place that you deliver a gift that speaks out what he means to you. In case you are finding it difficult to brainstorm and find right gift, simply use the gift ideas laid out above and the 10 best gifts to give to your husband on 30th anniversary in 2018.