What are the Best Boyfriend Gifts for 2019? Our Gift Guide for Boyfriends Helps You Find Unique, Creative, and Just Plain Cool Gifts for Your Beau

What are the Best Boyfriend Gifts for 2019? Our Gift Guide for Boyfriends Helps You Find Unique, Creative, and Just Plain Cool Gifts for Your Beau

You want to gift something to your significant other, and you have no idea what to get him. Should you go with something sweet and romantic, or something totally unexpected? We’re here to help you find a fantastic gift for your boyfriend, no matter what his age is!

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Finding Gifts for Boyfriends, A Labour of Love

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Even if you are new to this whole buy-your-boyfriend-a-gift-thing or you have done it a couple times now, you would know that it is probably one of the most confusing things in the world. You have to think about so many things then decide on one particular thing out of the thousands of options available and all while keeping a specific taste in mind. We understand how confusing (and, sometimes exhausting) it can be and, hence, we have compiled this article to help you through this. We have some great tips for selecting a gift, a list of the top 10 gifts for boyfriends and some uber-cool stuff that could help a great deal. So, relax and read further to find the perfect gift for your boyfriend.

Different Types of Gifts to Give Your Boyfriend

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Coming to think of it, there are so many things that you could gift him ranging from the simplest ones to the grandest gestures. There are a host of options available and some ideas might actually surprise you. When you go out there to buy a gift for your boyfriend, you will quickly realise that the thousands of things available are basically split into three main categories. These categories encompass almost all the different types of gifting options that you might consider for your boyfriend. The following 3 major categories of gifts for boyfriends are –

#1 Subtle Yet Sweet

This is probably the biggest category out there. The gifts in this one are basically sweet yet subtle. They don’t spell out cheesy stuff and might sometimes not even talk about love, romance and the lovey-dovey feelings that you want to share but will yet in a subtle way of their own convey the fact that you care. You can find different types of things of this kind, like, regular use stuff or clothing and apparel or even cards and stuff. If you both are not yet very open and comfortable then this category is probably what you should look at.

#2 All Out Cheesy

For the die-hard cheesy couples out there, this category has all the stuff that clearly spells out ‘cheesy couple alert’ in loud and bold. You can find stuff like couple apparels, red bold flowers and other stuff that will clearly tell him what he means to you. If you both are comfortable with each other (have probably been together for a long time) and you know for sure that he loves a cheesy little surprise then opt for gifts in this category.

#3 Romantic

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This is the sweetest category on the list and the best one for the old school, die-hard romantic couples that do not believe in subtle stuff and yet don’t indulge in cheesy displays of love. Maintaining a fine balance between the two, you can opt for classic gifts from the romantic category and they are sure to sweep your boyfriend off his feet. The best part about this category is that you can never go wrong with it, he is sure to love a gift out of this one.

Top 10 Gifts for Boyfriends

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If you have searched high and low but you are yet to find the perfect gift for your boyfriend, then don’t worry because we have you covered. We have some of the most exciting gifts penned down in the below list that is sure to steal his heart. The gifts are sometimes romantic, sometimes cheesy and sometimes just a subtle reminder of love; yet, they are all always spelling out love. Read further to see the top 10 gifts for boyfriends –

#1 Love Plant

Available on Flower Aura for just Rs. 499 this gift is a really quirky yet outright romantic in its own way. You would probably have never heard of it before and it will surely take him by surprise. This can contains a magic bean and if someone waters it for 7 days continuously then it grows into a beautiful plant that says ‘I love you’ or ‘I kiss you’. The can comes with a set of exact instructions so that it blooms out perfectly to spell your love. This could be a really cool gift for him; one that he won’t forget very soon!

#2 Love Thermometer

Well, we all often express how much we love our loved ones but how fun it would be if one could actually measure the amount of love someone felt for them? Well, this exclusive gift from Flower Aura brings to life the same idea at a price of Rs. 449 only. It is a love thermometer that is said to measure the love, one feels. This could be a nice gift for your boyfriend that will instantly put a smile on his face. It is also designed in a shade of pristine white with colour coordinated bold red hearts on it; and, the words ‘I love you’ scribbled right across it. It will come beautifully packed and with a ribbon tied around it, ready to be gifted.

#3 Unique Romantic & Cute Love Letters

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In today’s digital age where people express their feelings of love over a text or call, there are still some old-souls that love a nicely written letter that talks of love and ignites romance. If this sounds like your boyfriend then you might like to get him this beautiful bunch of 7 different letters of love from Oye Happy. You can get it at a discounted price of just Rs. 690 at Amazon India. They will make for a beautiful, romantic gift for your boyfriend on any and every occasion. The best part is that each letter is packed in a handcrafted envelope and you can simply give it without any much effort.

#4 Lalhaveli Brown Key Case

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If you are on a budget and cannot spend a lot but still want something romantic and borderline cheesy then you will surely love this keychain set available on Amazon India for just Rs. 245. It is a set of two cute little key-rings that has a cut-out of a heart on a rectangular piece of wood and a heart-shaped wooden piece on the other. The heart shaped piece fits into the rectangular piece and both can be used as separate pieces. You can keep one piece and he can use the other piece. You will both be reminded of the other whenever you look at your part of the set.

#5 Romantic Cute Cuddle Contract Love Letter Type Gift

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Well, what if you could make a legally binding contract with your boyfriend so that he would have to cuddle you, hug you or kiss you every day? Of course, there is no legal option for this but this exclusive gift from Oye Happy comes really close. You can send him a formally packaged envelope containing a hilarious contract that binds him to cuddles, hugs or kisses. The contract has funny terms and conditions as well. It is an interestingly unique gift that is sure to put a smile on his face. You can get it for a discounted price from Amazon India at just Rs. 450.

#6 Scuba Diver USB Night Light

If you want to get him something cool and trendy but also very useful then you will like this USB night light which will make working on the laptop at night easier for him. The night light is shaped in the form of a scuba diver and it works with any and every USB port. There are several other uses as well- like it can be used in any dark space. It has a cool scuba diver in black and white colour which gives it a trendy look. Priced at just Rs. 599, you can get it from Big Small.

#7 Travel Journal

If your boyfriend loves to travel and often goes on one of his spontaneous trips to different places across the map, then he would love this beautiful travel journal. Available on Big Small, priced at just Rs. 450, it is a beautifully designed travel journal with PU leather cover (in different colours, you can choose whichever you want) and a vintage compass engraved on the cover. It has 140 pages in total which will give him enough space to document his travel stories in words. It is the perfect gift for the travelling buffs.

#8 Message Bottle - Gift for Love and Friendship

If you are on a budget and cannot spend much on a romantic gift, don’t worry, this gift is just what you need. Available on Flipkart for just Rs. 209, you get a small, striking glass bottle with a wooden cork. The bottle has 7 different smiley pills and each pill has a message in it that spells love, care and understanding. It is a really cool gift to get for your boyfriend and will surely steal his heart away for good. You can also gift him something along with it like his favourite bar of dark chocolate or a bunch of red roses.

#9 Name a Star for Him

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You might have often told your boyfriend ‘how he is a star for you’; however, have you ever wondered how cool it would be to actually name a star on his name? Well, this beautifully unique gift from Ferns and Petals come really close to this starry idea. The gift contains a personalised name a star certificate, star coordinates, guide to astronomy, a star chart to actually locate the star in the sky and a beautiful gift card which will have a personal message that you can tell them to print. This gift is priced at Rs. 2,349 and you can purchase it anytime from their website or app.

#10 You’ve Got Mail

This is a gift that is sure to have him delighted. Available on Oye Happy for just Rs. 490, you can gift him a box full of lovely surprises including 6 postcards that have messages like ‘Will you be mine forever, please?’ and ‘Even when you are in a bad mood, you look cute’. The gift also has a tiny heart in a glass bottle along with a packet of crunchy chocolates. This will make for a nice gift for him on any occasion.

What Makes a Perfect Gift?

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You might have often heard the term ‘the perfect gift’ and wondered what exactly that means. It probably is a gift that the receiver would love for obvious reasons and is also in some way useful to him. It could also mean a gift that he would love and yet you need not burn a hole in your wallet while buying it. We tried decoding it and arrived at this little checklist that is sure to help you get the perfect gift for your boyfriend. The following are the top 3 things that make for a perfect gift –

#1 It Must Be Useful to Him

Whatever you get for him should definitely be useful. Nobody likes something that is more of a showpiece and has no use whatsoever. Also, if it is something that is useful in some way then he would value it more and be reminded of you whenever he uses it. It also easily makes your gift value for money and a nice reminder of your love for him.

#2 Keep it Trendy

Firstly try to filter the gifts according to his tastes and preferences. Then choose something out of the remainder that is trendy and in-line with time. Most people do not like outdated stuff and he might also appreciate something that is trendy and uber cool; unless he is a sucker for antique, classic stuff. In that case, you might like to buy him something that he considers ‘trendy’. It’s his gift after all!

#3 A Touch of Romance

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Well, this goes without saying. The gift should, of course, be romantic and convey your feelings of love and care to him. You can also add a couple more things to the gift to make it clearer. You can add flowers, chocolates or even a little card that spells out your love and feelings for him. This will make the gift more exciting and also directly tell him what you feel for him. It is up to you to make it cheesy, subtle or just classic romantic.

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Gifts are a way of showing appreciation to the ones you adore, be it close friends or family. When it comes to gifting the love of your life, the decision gets tougher. Little gestures matter. This does not really require an occasion. You can gift him on his birthday or your anniversary or for the recent success in his career or maybe just for the sake of gifting. Boys actually like gifts that are more usable and not show pieces or mementoes. Their casual life is their actual life and they love what is useful in their casual life.