Creative Ways to Use Wrapping Paper Rolls for Your Gifts and Fun Hacks to Wrap Gifts if You Don't Have Any (2019)

Creative Ways to Use Wrapping Paper Rolls for Your Gifts and Fun Hacks to Wrap Gifts if You Don't Have Any (2019)

Finding the perfect gift is a job only partially done; wrapping and presenting it in a creative way requires a lot of work too. Good packaging can enhance a beautiful gift, and even make simple presents more fun to receive. So without further ado, dive right in and learn loads of creative uses for gift wrapping paper rolls, as well as where you can buy them or have your own customised wrapping paper made

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How Important are Gift Wrapping Paper Rolls?

It Revolutionizes the Presentation of a Gift

Can you even imagine giving someone a present without using gift wrapping paper rolls on it? We know you can’t because it looks super weird to simply hand over a product to someone. It looks super weird to do so. This is why gift wrapping papers are so important for any type of gifts. Whether it is something so small or something super large, you must pack them nicely with a gift wrapping paper.

No matter what kind of box it is packed in, the outer covering of wrapping paper completely changes the presentation of a gift. A very simple wrapping paper can also accentuate the beauty of a present, while the ribbons and other decorative pieces are added bonus on it. So, make sure that you pick a decent wrapping paper for any gift.

Wrapping Paper Actually Keeps a Gift Hidden

What is the meaning of a gift when its identity is completely visible to other people? There is no point of calling it a present when the other person already knows about it.

And this is why in order to call a gift, an actual gift, you need a wrapping paper to cover it up. For example, if you are giving someone a teddy bear then it will be easily visible with the lack of a wrapping paper on it. But with cute packing and decoration, the identity of that teddy bear can be hidden completely. And when it is a surprise, the excitement can be seen on the person you are giving this gift to.

Come On, They Look Cute as Hell!

You just cannot argue with the fact that gift wrapping papers look cute as hell when used on any type of gifts. And if you want something more amazing then you can go for the customized gift wrapping papers too. You have thousands of options while choosing these wrapping paper rolls and each of them is different from another. Eventually, the paper and decorations combine together to form a very pretty packaging of a gift.

Over the time, we have seen an increase in the options of these wrapping paper rolls and we just cannot decide which one is cuter. From going for a simple one to mixing and matching, no matter what you pick, a wrapping paper is always going to look uber-cute.

Gift Wrapping Paper Rolls Storage Ideas

One of the most common issue associated with these wrapping rolls is their storage. If you are someone who is quite into gift wrapping and decoration, then you would have been facing this issue from quite some time.

Most of the times, when you wrap a gift, you will end up with the entire room filled with the left overs of gift wrapping papers. With so many items scattered around, it can be quite hectic to put them together again. And this is why you must take a look at these basic hacks to store the rolls in a neat and tidy way.

Use a Shoe Organizer for It

We are pretty much sure that you never thought of using a shoe organizer for storing gift wrapping paper rolls. But this time you can do so and it does not even require any major efforts from your side.

Simply cut the bottoms of the shoe organizer racks so that they can contain the length of the wrapping paper rolls. It will work like a stand for these rolls and you will never have to face any issues while managing them.
Now, hang the shoe organizer at a place where it is far away from the reach of the kids but easily accessible to you. In the remaining pockets of the shoe organizer, you can store scissors, colorful tapes and decorative items. Simple yet effective life hack for the storage of wrapping paper rolls.

Use Transparent Boxes and Label Them

Ever wondered that what to do with the left over little pieces of wrapping rolls? We are pretty sure that you must have thrown them away thinking that they will be of no use. But contrary to this belief, these little pieces of wrapping papers can be really useful for small gifts.

In order to store them wisely, you can use transparent vinyl boxes with sliding mechanism. Label them so you won’t have to open each of them to find your relevant items. You can use these boxes to store so many wrapping items like ribbons, left over wrapping sheets, colorful tapes, tags and threads, paper bags and many more. It will turn out to be the ultimate storage solution for the wrapping papers and other decorative items of gift wrapping.

A Wrapping Station on Wheels

If you want to go for something simple then use a metal garbage bin and attach wheels beneath it. Store all your gift paper rolls in it along with the other small items related to it. This might not be a fully organised idea but can be really helpful in terms of accessing.

It will be very much entertaining for the kids as they will have a storage station on wheels which is quite fun and this bin can be taken to anywhere you want. Moreover, it is a simple yet effective idea to keep all the useful gift wrapping items in one place and that too in an organised and fun way.

Some Cool Gift Wrapping Paper Alternatives

As the time is changing, people are discovering new parameters of art and craft. And going by the trend, there are various alternatives to gift wrapping paper rolls available too. But the question is what are they are how we are supposed to use them.

There is no doubt in the fact that wrapping papers are the easiest way to wrap a gift and takes quite a less amount of time. But these alternatives will surely change your mind as they also look quite pretty and up your presentation game too.

Recycled Cloth Gift Bag

Did you even know that gift wrapping paper rolls can be replaced with some of the coolest options ever? For example, this idea of picking recycled old clothes for wrapping can be outstanding.

And as you are picking variety of clothes, it can add a texture as well as some beautiful solid colors to the presentation. No doubt the final result is going to be amazing. We are not recommending the existing clothes as it can be really expensive to give away your clothing just for the sake of wrapping a gift.

Instead, go through the clothes pieces which are either left over or quite old. Now you can either create a bag out of them or simply wrap them around the gift. You can use some decorative items to make the entire gift wrapping beautiful. The best part of this alternative is that you won’t have to spend a single penny on it.

Holiday Grocery Bag Wrapping Paper

Unfortunately, this trick is only going to work in the seasons of holidays. However, if you are creative enough to store the holiday shopping bags for later use then you can use them as wrapping paper sheets alternatives.

All you have to do is some paper cutting and folding. First of all, open up the holiday gift bags completely like a sheet of paper and now start wrapping them around the gift. Secure them with colorful tapes and use different decorative pieces to add the final touches. Do not forget to stick by the theme of the holiday you are choosing this gift for. For example, red and green for Christmas, colorful for Holi and many more. Another alternative to save some money for you.

Use Vintage Scarves for Wrapping

A vintage scarf is the ultimate alternative to gift wrapping paper rolls. It is easy to use as well as requires no investment at all. However, you really need to have one in order to use it. The sizes of these scarves vary with the sizes of gifts.

All you have to do is just take a vintage scarf and spread it on the floor. Keep the gift in the middle and grab the opposite corners of the scarf and tie a knot. Repeat the same for the remaining corners and there you go. If you want to secure it further then simply tie a ribbon on the final knot for that extra protection. For the creative approach, you can go for multiple scarf stripes joined together or you can decorate it with colorful stones.

Newspaper Gift Wrap

Something as peculiar as a newspaper can turn out to be the great piece of importance for the art and craft lovers. You can create a pretty newspaper gift bag without much effort which can replace the traditional gift wrapping roll easily. You can use the newspaper in two ways i.e. either create a paper bag out of it or simply use it instead of the wrapping paper.

There are certain things you must take care of while using a newspaper. Take care of the news printed on it, stay away from something offensive. A technology or business section is always fuss-free so you can go for that easily. Decorate the final wrapping with contrasting color ribbons like red or blue as they complement well against the black and white print of the newspaper.

Bonus Ideas for Gift Wrapping Paper Rolls and Where to Buy Them Online

It is the time to take a look at some of the bonus ideas that you can carry out with the help of an existing gift wrapping paper. You just need to put-in a bit of effort and you can totally transform the looks of even a simple gift wrapping paper. We have provided complete details of these ideas right below which also include some basic DIY tips and tricks too. If you are an art and craft lover, you will surely like them.

Customised Gift Wrapping Paper Rolls


When you have the perfect opportunity to customise your own gift wrapping paper roll then why to go for something else? With the help of some of the basic tools, you can simply design a roll containing your preferred pictures of texts all over it.

Use this special customized paper for the gift you want to give to someone special in your life. The final result will be printed on a sheet with glossy finish. The digital printing is going to look super artsy and this wrapping paper is going to stand out of all the other options ever. Design the wrapping paper, preview it and simply order it. This is all you have to do. You can order your customised gift wrapping paper roll from and it is going to cost you Rs.125 for 5 paper rolls.

Go Minimal with Simple Kraft Paper Rolls

Going minimalist is the newest trend which is especially popular among millennials. If you want to be a part of this spree then choose such gift wrapping paper rolls which are simple yet effective.

And looking at the trend, a plain kraft paper roll is not going to disappoint you at all. You can further choose whether you want the glossy finish or not. However, we would suggest you to go for the simpler version.
Once you are done with wrapping the entire gift in the kraft paper, add the final touches by using bamboo yarn to make a bow on it. Not only the entire packaging will look super different but will be quite minimalist, just like your taste. You can further add a few modifications if you want. You can buy Hitech Packers Brown Paper Roll from Amazon, where a 5 meter roll measuring 26 inches in width will cost you Rs.250. If you want to stock up, there are bigger rolls available too, as well as corrugated brown sheets which can be used in creative ways to wrap gifts.

Get Creative and Do-It-Yourself

When it comes to DIY and creative ideas with gift wrap paper sheets, you can bound them in figures and numbers. There is probably no limit to the DIY experiments carried out to create stunning gift wrapping papers. The basic idea that you can try out is to draw on the plain white papers in order to add personalised touches to the sheets.

All you need for this is some plain white or other colorful sheets and various colored pens. Draw cute animals, write messages or quotes, add layers of papers and cut them with stencil. These are some of the very basic DIYs to try out on your own. Apart from all, you can refer to various YouTube videos to get even more inspiration for gift wrapping paper rolls.

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The key word here is selective. You don't want to hang on to everything that looks vaguely interesting or nice. But it is wise to put away pretty wrapping paper that comes away unspoilt, interesting bags and materials that could lend themselves well to wrapping material and other knick-knacks that you could use as embellishments. That also goes for interesting wrapping paper rolls that you see in stores - if you see something unique, buy it, you may not get your hands on it again.